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Beckett inspires Unite membership surge, even though it’s too late for them to vote in this election

Hundreds tweet to say they have joined union because of Beckett – surely the tip of an iceberg

One of many Twitter conversations about why people are joining Unite: Howard beckett

Hundreds of people, perhaps many more, appear to be joining Unite the Union inspired by leading left candidate Howard Beckett – even though most of them know it’s too late for them to vote in the ongoing leadership election.

Below is a small selection of those commenting on Twitter about their decision to join and why – who are likely to represent only a small number compared to those joining and not choosing to use Twitter to announce it – citing Beckett’s vision, passion, calmness under attack and status as the only real current opposition:

Beckett continues to withstand massive attacks and huge pressure – not only from the Labour right but from those within the notional left who have their own agendas and interests in seeing him out of the contest.

But those who want the hard-right Gerard Coyne defeated really have only one option: back Beckett, the candidate who inspires people enough to join the union to be there with him even though they won’t be eligible to vote for him.

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  1. Howard Beckett definitely inspires me big time+++ We cannot afford to waste this miraculous opportunity🌹🌍💥🌹🌍💥🌹🌍💥

      1. SteveH u definitely need to be BUT SH it’s impossible for u without a spectacular miracle by Doug’s dog😆😆😆

      2. Starmer’s whole “strategy”, such as it may be, appears to be this: he is trying to target voters who support the NHS and the welfare state and are more pro-trade union than not, but who hate activists, idealists, and any notion that Labour should have an actual vision of a different, better world- people who, he thinks, would vote Labour but ONLY if Labour’s implicit attitude towards the Left is “we don’t like peace campaigners ’round here”.

        It would be a brilliant strategy, but for its fatal flaw:

        voters like that DO NOT EXIST.

        If they did, Keir actually WOULD have had Labour “twenty points ahead”, even with the supposed “vaccine bounce”.

    1. Miracles don’t happen outside of storybooks, windchimes ! The tactical cretinism of the various daft fans of each of the three contesting ‘Left’ candidates is pitiful to witness ! The three way Left vote split will almost certainly let in that vicious Right Winger, Coyne. All this competitive sectarianism by the different Left supporters of the three (remarkably similar) Left candidates simply sums up the endless tactical childlike naivety of the current , saviour-seeking, Left. UNITE is quite likely now about to fall into the hands of the most craven Big Business owned corrupt Union Right , and you still think that empty Left posturer, multimillionaire property owner, Beckett, is the new ‘Corbynesque, Left Messiah ? Tragic stuff.

      The grown up thing would have been for the Left to have fielded ONE candidate. But personal careerism by the three candidates, and Left sectarianism, has once again most likely fucked things up.

  2. Singpost, I don’t have a problem with Beckett been the Unite GS. It is encouraging all these new members joining because of him.
    Unfortunately, most would not be able to vote at all. I am able to vote and unless Beckett is the only left candidate I will not vote for him, because I know my Trade Union and most members are not as left as Beckett is. Sad perhaps but it is the reality.
    I would encourage the three left candidates to negotiate who stand for the position. Realistically only Graham and Turner can win standing alone against Coyne. I am afraid many members faced with a choice between Coyne and Beckett will vote Coyne.
    What i would encourage Beckett to do is to extract a promise from both Graham and Turner that they would do their best to support a change in Unite Contiitution. Hence, the next election for Unite General Secretary would be fight under STV rather than first past the post.
    Better to wait 4 years and them be able to stand without fear of losing the GS to a right winger. Than have three left candidates splitting the vote and risking to lose the position of Unite GS for the foreseable future.
    If Coyne wins I fear that he will follow Starmer’s lead and close down Unite Community branches that are the ones that are overwhelmingly supporting Beckett.

      1. Says the man who wants Labour to move to the right of the 2017 manifesto, and thus cease to have any reason to continue to exist. There simply isn’t any large group of voters who want the Tories out, but would ONLY vote for a party that keeps left activists out in the cold and where all decision-making power is held solely by the leader and the PLP. That kind of voter simply doesn’t exist.

      2. The more people uncover about Sir Rodney Starmer, the less they trust him. Little tools, medium sized tools and big ones all to deceive.

      3. The only reason you could possibly want Unite to have a General Secretary sharply to the right of McCluskey is that you want Labour to reduce itself to the dead zone of the “centre-left”, I.E., sectarian Blairism. You don’t get it that the may results prove that moving Labour further right can never lead to the Tories being ousted.

      4. kenburch – What on earth are you blathering on about. I simply want Unite to have a leader who wants to run Unite for the benefit of its members rather than one who sees the office of GenSec as a stepping stone to further his personal political ambitions.

      5. “I simply want Unite to have a leader who wants to run Unite for the benefit of its members rather than one who sees the office of GenSec as a stepping stone to further his personal political ambitions.

        No person would express that particular opinion about any candidate for GS they opposed. A political machine or interest might, but not a person who sees himself as part of a community or group. Your language gives you away steveh.

      6. qwertboi – Don’t be silly.
        I note that despite your faux outrage that you have studiously avoided addressing the point I was making about about Beckett

      7. steveh: “qwertboi – Don’t be silly.”

        It’s not silly to notice how the the ego you are driven by is self-imoportant and a little bit conceited.

        Your co-enterists (the neoliberals in Labour, the “Labourright”) do, afterall, share the same ‘tory entitlement’ as the less creditable Conservatives in our opposing camp.

    1. Maria, we must not continue to direct our choices based on as you say above “FEAR”.

      On another matter re: SIR Rodney Starmer: “overplayed his supposed working class credentials when friends and colleagues have confirmed to me that realistically he is anything but.”

      “Starmer admitted in an interview in 2015 that he had no evidence for this”; this being that he was named after Hardie.

      Those, good people are only two of a long list of dubious claims Rodney would prefer hidden from the public.

      There’s more

      1. It is alleged that far from being a humble tool maker, SIR Rodney Starmer’s daddy Rodney OWNED his OWN tool maxing firm – The Oxted Tool Company in Surrey.

      2. windchimes – Starmer’s daddy Rodney OWNED his OWN tool maxing firm – The Oxted Tool Company in Surrey”

        You mean like 1,000s and 1,000s of other skilled apprentice trained people he was a sole trader. Big deal, what’s your point.

      3. SH it’s obvious u pretend not to know. Sir Rodney Starmer is not as he tries to portray by deliberate omissions and comission.

        Rodney in fact had a well off middle class childhood. His parents were well off enough to afford not only piano, but recorder and flute lessons as well. So many lessons that he was able to attend the Guildhall School of Music Saturday School. That is no mean feat. One has to be very gifted OR as i believe in Rodney’s case, had the benefit of parents well off enough to PAY PRIVATELY for one to one tuition, furnish him with instruments and many assets not easily available to the working classes he pretends to be his background … eg a quiet place to practise, support and encouragement INCLUDING ferrying to and fro lessons.

        Nothing is wrong with having the above considerable advantages including enough SURPLUS money. What’s wrong SteveH / davidH / SH is Keith’s PERSISTENT attempts to deceive the electorate in so many ways. He allows myths about him to pollute the public’s assessment of him. Take allowing people to believe he was named after a great person of substance Kier Hardie, despite him having ZERO evidence of that = deceit.

        Someone who allows little untruths to linger without correction will as we know (even you) DELIBERATELY fail to correct more serious untruths when it suits them.

        Even re him being the inspiration for “Mr Darcy” yet ANOTHER myth. The author i believe made that clear.
        What more myths to expose about your Keith ? ? ?

      4. Singpost, I agree on your assessment of Starmer. I don’t support Starner at all. Turner support for Starmer is not as solid as you are implying to be.
        True, Turner isn’t a firebrand like Beckett is. But he would stand the line and defend British workers jobs, he will fight for a build back better industrial strategy because this is what Turner has done for the last 40 years. I know this because I have been side by side with Turner on more than one picket line.
        Have you heard about the victory of the Sparks campaign? The electricians won the action after a 15 week campaign ensuring that their jobs are not deskilled, that they don’t lost their jobs to semi-skilled workers in the future. Turner organised this campaign as he has organised many before.
        This is why lots of industrial branches voted for Turner and why Turner is in the here and now the best candidate to keep Coyne out of gaining Unite General Secretary position.
        I don’t know you Singpost, but I guess that you work in a “profession” or a “white collar” job as opposed to a “trade” For you is very easy to say don’t make your choice based on fear, because your job isn’t on the line. The majority of Unite members come from the “trades” as opposed to the professions or white collar work. The majority are blue collar workers that see their jobs disappearing, that are desperate for a just transition, for the creation of newly high value jobs and Turner offer them hope. They don’t have much time for the firebrand speeches of Beckett, because Beckett talks about supporting everything but in doing so, they don’t see him as focusing on keeping them in good stable employment.
        I admit that an element of fear is driving my vote. But this isn’t the case among the majority of Unite’s members. They are not going to vote for Turner because of fear, but because they honestly believe that Turner as Unite’s GS offer them the best chance of carrying on being able to afford their mortgages, food on the table, clothes on their backs, afford yearly holidays in the Costa del Sol or Benidorm and a good Xmas with presents for their kids.
        Perhaps pedestrian for you, but for most of Unite industrial members this is what matters to them.
        You don’t believe me? Join a picket line with Unite banners and ask members for their opinions of Howard Beckett? Don’t be surprise if the reply from many is Howard who?

      5. Maria, thank you for your spirited reply. It confirms the essence of what i’ve been saying. In short, as you admit – a climate of “fear” after as you admit “40 years” of Turner’s efforts. “15 weeks on a picket line” in the case you cite above. You cited another picket line yesterday and admitted like the one above that the wider public is unaware.

        i.e. picketing for FOURTY years OUTSIDE government. Yet STILL in your posts today and yesterday you urge patience. Eg above four more years. That is akin to what i heard after GE 2019 i.e. “It would take thirty years”. Anyone would think the Labour party started fours ago. As you say Turner was doing what he’s doing for “forty years”. Forty years is a VERY long time to be unknown. The successes you cite are indeed crumbs and not a loaf.

        More over, were they loaves, have you ever tried to eat even a crumb, while being afraid?

        All people including “trades” people, who work for a living are working class. In fact some trades people are well paid and ALWAYS in demand eg plumbers, electricians, etc. BUT the decline in our industrial base, as predictable and predicted by Clement Atlee in the 1960s, started from then to date THROUGHOUT the efforts of Turner as you describe.

        All working classes need a change from that sense of precarious desperation. ALL including professional workers. Even now maternity leave is only now being talked about. Many extremely well paid women have had to give up that work because the deleterious work culture which benefits only the stratospheric tiny fraction of the one percent, crushes all of us. The status quo ill serves ALL but the one percent. Even during Covid-19, the vast wealth of the one present has soared even higher. A tragedy during the status quo, has been exploited by the one percent by deliberately starved of support to make the easier to gobble up by the venture capitalist hedge funds.

        As ever i only meant to keep his short, so please accept my apologies. But even four more years of precarious living for trades people does not cut it. They deserve better. You deserve better. We all deserve MUCH better and there is no reason to “wait” even longer, “hold back” etc THAT is the essence of our plight.

      6. Two plus WHOLE months before the vote!!! If Jeremy had pulled out he would never have won the leadership in the first place. Sadly he was surrounded by sad pathetic defeatist, appeasing fly catchers with tons of honey. He let himself down. They let him down. But the REAL tragedy is that collectively they let near six hundred THOUSAND members down and even more grievous the largest vote share in the 2017 General Election since 1945.

        And now we know that other than the retired, the 2019 Manifesto despite being presented all at once in a few weeks, every day a NEW announcement, despite that which took ZERO notice that “the many” are not searching for our every visitation and utterance, … despite those glaring deficiencies, STILL we got the largest vote-share amongst those in work. And if i’m not mistaken, the largest vote share of under thirty fives.

        It is the blindness to “the many” outside the political bubble, these endorsement by the public are not even acknowledged as they should be, let alone with the VITAL necessity of reiteration. Why? It seems to me there’s a trembling OBSESSION with what a few people think or MIGHT do. Always trembling and fearful, NEVER one jot of confidence except to stamp out ANY prospect of a different approach. Repeat the same crumb hunting of FORTY FIFTY or even SIXTY years.
        Remarkable to me. It is neither knowledge nor intelligence. Culture … ATTITUDE is the problem. Group Think.

        Always we have the Right Wing and our risk averse crumb seeking fly pampering mice badgering people to pull out. And despite Jeremy winning the leadership, STILL it appears people learn ZILCH. Are they for real???

        I’m sure lots of people ALSO told Jeremy they were “disposed to” him etc. Yet encouraged his confrontation averse weakness. How could a team fail to change to determination to seek out only agreeable crowds??? Anyway the crunch time is TWO MONTHS AWAY!!!

      7. windchimes – No you numpty the crunch point is less than 3 weeks away when the ballots go out.

      8. Maria V I agree on your assessment of Starmer. I don’t support Starner at all. Turner support for Starmer is not as solid as you are implying to be.

        Would it not be better if Turner expressed this – or at least a disapproval / disgust at the Knight’s anti-democratic management??

    2. 3 leftwing candidates and if they unify that person might beat a Watson, Pottymouth prodigy? Not good when you look at it that way.

      1. We should stop attempting to “unify” around a fog. We must be clear about where we stand. Then, we can weigh options. The false pursuit of trying to dilute everything as soon as one even sniffs an opposing view is pathetic and not professional behaviour. Credit to Maria btw for that. That is how we improve as individuals and as a group. I refer to DEEP improvement.

        If even Howard should give up now, and he should’t, he has ZERO bargaining power. The vote is over two months away. The result affects ALL of us. That’s why Hodge and Watson have emerged to smear. That is a benefit to us. It shows what they fear.

        This contest must be conducted IN THE OPEN. No backroom stitch-ups.

  3. I salute Squawkbox for the fight to keep Beckett in contention for leader,but it’s getting silly now.Steve Turner has the lead and the support of the left wing and unite left,Howard Beckett needs to stand down and let the candidate Steve Turner take the position of the nominated candidate for leader of the unite union.ITs beggining to look like clutching at straws whilst the baggage blaming the left wing for nobbling Beckett..This election is becoming increasingly difficult for a united front against the Establishment and calling names does not help unity and only shows that their are those who cannot aceppt the writing on the wall that Steve Turner has earned the right to represent the unite union and fought a clean election and is now way out in front as the leader of unite union.

    1. Well said Joseph!! Somehow I believe most people here that support Beckett are not going to have a vote. They have tried for weeks to persuade me (I have a vote) and they haven’t managed.
      I don’t like Starmer, I don’t have a problem with how Beckett sounds, but I am voting for Turner and no Beckett. Shouldn’t that tell them something?
      They can carry on wanting for water to run uphill, it is never going to happen.

      1. Maria – “They can carry on wanting for water to run uphill, it is NEVER going to happen.”

        Study that statement and anyone can diagnose the chronic ailment of a sufficient number of “the many” which is THE key factor that preserves the status quo. ‘Our fate is NOT in the stars, but in ourselves’.

        That KEY factor is that a sufficient number NEVER believe that many things CAN be done, despite the nearly INFINITE lists THROUGHOUT history proving exactly that.

        “Water” Maria, has been made to “run uphill” by various methods for ages. We even boat uphill. There is almost ALWAYS a way to do things, to change things, to improve.

        Oh how they laughed when some smarty pants suggested fire, the wheel, sailing, sailing west around the world to the east… oh how they laughed their heads off at the ridiculous idea of falling off the edge of the earth.

        They laughed too at flying, flying even higher, going to the moon… mars… electricity (it would never catch on, they snorted … the list is endless, that is until we meet those who by nature and the weight of nurture, sincerely believe nothing can be done except to be ruled by fear and misguided hope …like the battered wife. Even the most brutalised laugh at the ridiculous suggestions that THEY could change their circumstances.

        Maria, as per my responses to WFM, SteveH davidH SH, it is not my aim to convert you. A man / woman convinced against his / her will, is of the same opinion STILL. My aim is to present my observations, analysis, suggestions, ask questions and get answers to benefit ALL who believe that spectacular changes are possible despite fearful naysayers.

      2. Yes Signpost, water can run up hill with a lot of engineering. Somehow, I don’t believe we have many engineers supporting Beckett.
        The industrial branches where the engineers are, don’t support Beckett.
        Water doesn’t run naturally does it? In the same way Unite branches have spoken and Beckett is almost 200 nominations ahead of Turner and with by far bigger weights.
        Hence, time for you to accept that the majority of Unite branches have supported Turner and that is a FACT.

      3. Maria Vazquez – “Water doesn’t run naturally does it?”

        Exactly. And those who are not defeatist, not perpetually timorous, not terminally obsessed with what they believe CAN’T be done, DO what the “fear” filled always achieve. FACT.

        The “fear” filled are ALWAYS behind the curve. ALWAYS tangled up by their failure to realise that THROUGHOUT history, achievements come with POSITIVE confidence. They learn from mistakes. They don’t settle for whining for crumbs for “FORTY YEARS” as you admit. People like you don’t. You are always behind the curve.
        Did you pump out same re: Remain?
        Did you pump out same re: Starmer?
        Are you not now pumping out same cowardice AGAIN re: Turner?
        Did you ever expect great things from Ummuna, Owen Smith, Harriet Harman, Uvette Cooper et al?

        Bet you did as i recall you whining on about how smart you feel Mandelson is, how smart you feel Blair is, and how you feel Clive Lewis is a good choice for leader because the media would not attack him, on and on always the lowest expectations, the greatest cowardice presented as “strategy”.

        Do you ever learn from your REPEATED failures? Reread your own posts. Always cowardice, fear, defeatist quotes, ALL spun as the best YOU feel the “Left” can expect.

        I love your persistence. That is a superb quality. What a shame it is tied to unremitting timorousness and the LOWEST expectations… ALWAYS. Re read your own posts. WASTED energy.

        Bet there is not a SINGLE brave idea from you. Not one to date, which AHEAD of the curve supports anything. Persistence, stubbornness, knowledge, reading are of no positive value when you are persistently backing those you feel will hide “behind the scenes” or “won’t be attacked much” ALWAYS settling for crumbs but with lots of passion.

    Turner and Graham are ‘plugged in to the party machine’ and can and did hoover up nominations. Beckett is a grass roots candidate and can expect strong support in the ballot and he’ll mount a strong campaign. Everything from now on depends on whether Turner/Graham supporters actually bother to vote.
    There aren’t three left candidates, Beckett is the only left candidate, there’s not a great deal of difference between Turner and Coyne because both will work with Starmer. They’ll probably turn the union inside out looking for antisemites.

    1. lundiel – Surely you aren’t claiming that Len’s little protege Beckett doesn’t have a platform.

    2. Lundiel, whatever but Beckett will split the vote and I bet he isn’t going to come first in the race out of the three left candidates standing.
      I can guaranty you that Turner’s supporters will come to the ballot, their jobs depend on it.
      Plus, Beckett is the only left candidate according to you, you are entitled to your opinion but it doesn’t make it fact.
      Wow!! according to you their isn’t must differences between Turner and Coyne because they both will work with Starmer. Keep repeating this BS Lundiel and some unite members maybe be persuaded to vote for Coyne, if they start to believe your nonsense that Beckett could actually win the election.

      1. Maria I notice you have repeated on a number of occasions that Turner supporters jobs depend on Turner winning. I find this puzzling. What makes Turner unique from other union reps and why wouldn’t the other candidates fight for these particular jobs?

      2. lundiel, didn’t you know that Turner is the superman, doing super things for FORTY YEARS. We now are meant to believe that Jeremy winning the Leadership would have been impossible without Turner… yes… Was superman taking a break that meant Jeremy having attracted the largest party membership in Europe, prioritised not upsetting our enemies? Wonder then, what was Turner’s advice to Jeremy throughout his tenure as leader to date❓❓❓

        I’ve never heard of Turner’s super powers till now. Now we know why those who have NOTHING to offer were handed back control of the party – Super Invisible Silent-man Turner with his band of fearful crumb seekers, like timid little mice always waiting for another crumb.
        NEVER the whole feast.

      3. “Wonder then, what was Turner’s advice to Jeremy throughout his tenure as leader to date❓❓❓”
        Don’t know it’s all getting a bit silly. However, I do know he advised Starmer to vote for Johnson’s Brexit deal.

    3. “They’ll probably turn the union inside out looking for antisemites.

      The ‘antisemites’ in question being any democratic socialist who holds any opinion critical of capitalism in any regard and to any extent.

      Just as the Establishment becomes more authoritarian, the neoliberals in Labour (‘the Labour right”) become their masters’ image.

      And yes, lundiel, there are not three definite left wing candidates for GS; two of them look like tokens with history – but flimsy substance

    So those Beckett supporters must know by now that he has been suspended from the Labour Party. Which means he couldn’t continue sitting as a Unite delegate on The Labour Party National Executive Commitee on behalf of Unite members. Because of this, Unite have had to give his place to another Unite Delegate. Now, the bottom line is, he has lost his voice on that very important forum. The next issue is….if he did manage by a fluke to become the next GS of Unite (a massive if) he would not be allowed to attend LP Conference either, under Labour Party rules. As has happened, as long ago as I can remember, Unite has a large significant amount of delegates attending Labour Party conferences with their GS that vote and put forward Unite members motions. So if Beckett supporters think that he can make any difference to LP Leadership or deal with Starmer they will be very much mistaken. He has now lost his voice regarding Labour Party and its policies etc (NOT THAT Labour Party issues are what a GS position is about, all though Beckett has tried to persuade members otherwise)

    Now let’s look at the real reason we need a Left wing GS

    We need someone that has lots of Industrial experiences right across the board in Unite workplaces and in the Community and for our retired members.

    Beckett and Graham both fail on this count. She has some experiences but nowhere near what Steve Turner has. Beckett has none, he has only attended picket lines etc. recently for photo shoots. He has experience legally as he is a lawyer so should be clued up on Settlement agreements and Tribunals but NOT from the shop floor working with the members to get the best outcomes. Steve has been doing this for years and has worked his way up. He has had many successes over this time and his work with members and reps and convenors shows this. He also set up Community Branches who are a big asset to the members in joining the picket lines and marches and demo’s. The other two have NOT got this on their CV’s. He also started up The People’s Assembly and is Chair of it. This was a massive achievement and grows all the time taking on the Government.

    The first round of the GS election was for all candidates to get at least 172 nominations to get their names on the ballot paper…

    Now here lies the big problem. Steve Turner got a massive amount of nominations from branches. Graham came second but a lot behind Steve. Beckett came a poor 3rd.

    What would and should normally happen to keep Unite Left would be for the 2nd and 3rd place candidates to stand down. This being because the only right wing candidate had also managed to get on the ballot Paper.

    Going back to February Beckett arrogantly said that the right wing candidate would not get on the ballot paper but if he did that the 3 candidates would then have a discussion so there would only be one left candidate. But he kept stressing this wouldn’t happen and if it did could knock him down with a feather.

    Now we go on to Sqwarkbox. For whatever reason the owner of it has come out in force supporting Beckett and stirring up the pot with misinformation. He has become so obsessed with Beckett winning that he has badmouthed the other candidates on several occasions.. could be because he is facing bankruptcy courts soon, who am I to guess!

    The rules state that candidates have to show respect to each other when campaigning. But like all elections there appear to be no rules to stop rags like Sqwarkbox badmouthing and feeding lies about Steve Turner to gain votes.

    What amazes me is that some people repeat these smears and lies without checking out the facts….

    Sounds so familiar to how Starmer became Leader of the Labour Party. So please think on don’t let’s follow the Labour Party by becoming a right wing Union like majority of unions have.
    If the two candidates that came 2nd and 3rd stand down we can beat the right winger easily. But if the left vote is split 3 ways then the right winger will win……Starmer would be very pleased with that I’m sure as there is only one candidate he is backing despite lies floating about otherwise… . . Sorry to go on but it had to be said.
    This is a very critical time for Unite the Union and we mustn’t let it slip into right wing hands. Especially because of what the government is like today with Johnson and Co in charge. Steve Turner 4 Unite General Secretary 2021.

    1. Yep, you’ve succinctly summed up the looming disaster very well, Pat Roberts. UNITE looks ever more likely to fall into the greasy hands of the corrupt Labour hard Right trade union bureaucracy now – entirely due to Left tactical stupidity and sectarianism – and the unbridled self-interested careerism of the least likely to win two Left candidates, Beckett and Graham. It looks too late to avert this disaster now !

    2. Thank you Pat. Lundiel, signpost and others are really starting to sound like the fanatics that were in favour of the People’s Vote, because:
      1- it was going to happen before a General Election
      2-they were going to win the vote and remain in the EU
      What they go for their troubles Is
      1-A tory government with a much increased majority
      2-A disastrous Brexit
      .Now we have the parallel scenario
      1-Beckett should not stand down because Beckett is the only true left candidate
      2-Beckett will win the election and become the next Unite General Secretary.
      If Beckett doesn’t stand down and starts supporting Turner
      1-Coyne will win
      2-The labour party machine will go even more to the right.
      Some people don’t learn to separate fact from fiction and believe their own fairy tales

      1. Maria i’m quite stunned by you presenting me as one of the Remainiac fanatics. I was and remain one of the few who said quite clearly that Remain fanatics were enabling Jeremy’s enemies. You must know that. So it is utterly disgraceful of you Maria Vazquez. Especially considering that you were one of the Remainiac fanatics who badgered Jeremy into adopting YOUR failure to learn swiftly who was backing Remain and “People’s Vote” … as if cats voted before.

        Mandelson, Blair Iraq WMD, Starmer, Straw, Hodge, Ummuna, Berger, Ellman, Owen Smith, Tons of tories in their OWN party too and ones like Starmer in ours. Yet people like you failed to join the dots. It is a shock that you could sink to SH type attempts to mislead. He shares your enthusiasm for Turner, but how could you scrape the bed of deliberate mischaracterisation as SteveH does❔

        YOU Maria Vazquez supported Remain. You go back to the twelfth century to cite a simplistic quote. The quote has little merit in fact. Worse yet it reinforces the battered wife syndrome. Yet to failed to learn from the far more recent Clement Atlee’s views re joining the earlier stages of what morphed into the EU. He predicted that morphing AND the decimation of British industry by so doing.

        Tony Benn and Jeremy maintained that view until people who fail to learn pressured him to adopt the most ridiculous illogical contortions. Did you support Sir Rodney Starmer too? Wise after the event? Behind the curve you are.

        Disagree yes. I welcome that as i’ve said before including today on However, never… NEVER deliberately mislead. That’s a red line.
        You have now sunk with a dirty trace
        to depths beneath contempt.

        Only WFM, RH, the boatman and SH i thought would do something low as BE a Remain fanatic YET have the brazen dishonesty to claim someone who wasn’t was, just to prop up your spirited but poor arguments for Turner. THAT shows desperation. Vacuous in worthwhile substance but confirming frenzied schemes full of fear, timidity and a poverty of positive conviction spun as strategy.
        🟥 🟥 🟥

      2. windchime – Could you quote some examples of these attempts to deliberately mislead that you accuse me of.

      3. windchime – It is now well over 24hrs since I asked you to substantiate your accusations against me. Are we to take your lack of response as an admission that you have crossed your own red line to “never… NEVER deliberately mislead.”.

      4. Funny you should mention Brexit Maria. It was Turner’s poor advice to Starmer that he should accept the Johnson Brexit deal that made me discount him as a political heavyweight or strategist. Starmer made a pig’s ear of it. He should have said “I am a solid remainer and I would like to rejoin the EU, but the people decided otherwise so I reluctantly abstain on Johnson’s Brexit”. This would have distanced him from it and kept his own reputation for honesty and integrity in tact. As it is, Starmer threw remainers under a bus, showed himself to be untrustworthy and Turner lost any credibility for giving him rubbish advice. The pair of them are careerist self seekers.

      5. Singpost, It appears that you are missing the point I am trying to make.
        I know that you weren’t supporting the People’s Vote but right now you are acting like the “remain fanatics” (your words) believing in your own fairy tales, just like they did. I am sure many of them were honest in their opinions too. Many of them truly wanted Corbyn to be the new PM and though supporting the People’s Vote would make it easier to win the next General Election. FACT they were wrong.
        I am sure you know too, I never supported the People’s Vote despite wanting to remain in the EU, because I knew what was coming: a Tory government, a bad Brexit and further privatisation of the NHS.
        What I predicted has happened.
        Like “the remain fanatics” you believe that Beckett should stand, because he is going to win and became the next Unite General Secretary.
        It isn’t going to happen no matter how much you believe is going to happen. This is the comparison that I am making:
        The “remain fanatics” believed in their own fairy tales, and now the Beckett fanatics believing in their own fairy tales too.

      6. Did you support Jeremy from the beginning❓ Did you support Leave from the beginning❓ Have you ever supported a victory from the beginning❓

        People like you FROM THE BEGINNING supported EVERY single FAILED position based on perpetual cowardice.

        I ask again, did you support Jeremy from the get go❓ Did you support Blair from the get go❓ Did you agree with Mandelson from the get go❓ Did you support the repeated appeasements❓

        You are now supporting Turner supported by Luke Akehurst, Labour First, Owen Jones who undermined Jeremy. Do you EVER join the obvious dots❓Tell us what you supported from the GET GO. Not after the events
        Go on, tell us . . .

    3. “If the two candidates that came 2nd and 3rd stand down we can beat the right winger easily. But if the left vote is split 3 ways then the right winger will win”
      Possibly, but I think conditions are very different this time and each candidate deserves their say before the membership decides. Last time round Coyne had the support of every member who disliked McCluskey (and by definition Corbyn). So he had the Tory vote plus the Labour right vote plus his own supporters. This time the Labour right vote is split while Coyne, Turner and Graham are standing, that’s why Coyne is calling stitch up and Turner supporters are desperate for Beckett and Graham to stand down. Turner would walk it in a straight shoot out with Coyne. But everyone deserves their say. The union is best represented by fair and open selection.

      1. Could not say it better myself lundiel. 🌹🌞🌹🌞🌹🌞

  6. “Too late for them to vote” ? What was the deadline for membership for voting ? Was thinking of joining Unite Community but might not bother if I can’t vote…

  7. Beckett has in my view the best class analysis: £350 per week for strikers – evens up the capital v labour battle. More Unite workers to support the millions of precarious workers – fights back against the Tory Neo-Liberal drive for cheap labour. A Unite TV – counters the Right Wing monopoly of the media. As a Unite member I will be voting in my view for the only real socialist in the contest, Howard Beckett. He wins on IDEAS as the others like Right Wing Labour offer nothing. The Right of Labour robbed us of the Corbyn dream and condemned millions of diverse working people to continued Tory Poverty. But perhaps re supporting Howard, it’s a case of as ELO sang (we need to) “Hold on tight to your dreams.” Solidarity!

      1. exactly lundiel!!! With Turner’s supporters including Luke Akehurst, Jack Dromey, Labour First and Owen Jones, what more do people need to decide who is for us and who is against us❓❓❓

        Incidentally at the Politics Festival a few years ago, when challenged re Owen Jones’s undermining Jeremy. Jones admitted he was wrong and said he apologised to Jeremy. Jones is v pleasant in person, but what is the virus that infects those people❓❓❓ I’m mystified and saddened. I’m only saddened because of the mystery. Can’t bear mysteries. Ever since childhood, it was why? why? why?
        Why not ask why❔

      2. lundiel – I wonder why SB isn’t allowing comments on his latest post.

  8. Pat Roberts hits the nail right on the head.
    I’ve been a workplace activist in one of the constituent unions of unite for very many years …. Also a Regional Council Chair/President.
    I am a member of United Left and will be supporting and working for Turner.
    He may not be perfect – But support for Turner will keep our union in left hands.
    Anything else is self-indulgence.

    1. johnsco1 – “He may not be perfect – But support for Turner will keep our union in left hands.” Really ?

      How many said same about SIR Rodney Starmer ? ?

      How’s that going ? ? ?

      1. johnsco1 – “hits the nail right on the head”

        of the “Left’s” coffin.


      2. signpost, are you saying that Beckett is perfect? So please explain under what charge is Beckett going to take Boris Johnson to Court over the 150K deaths caused by Covid-19? Criminal negligence? Manslaughter? What?
        Boris Johnson as the PM has Crowd immunity, I would like to have Johnson facing a jail sentence, but I know it isn’t going to happen.
        Now do you expect Unite industrial members that paid nearly £15 per month in levies, unlike Unite Community members than pay less than £3 per month (I believe) to vote for Beckett so that he can squander their levies in making his lawyer and barristers friends richer? I don’t think so.
        As to the £350 per week strike fund, this is something that I like and most industrial branch members would like too. The problem is Beckett is promising all sort of things (like taking Boris to court) that industrial branch members are wary of him and see the trick: Beckett is trying to get himself and his barristers and lawyers friends richer that they already are by steering conflict.
        Industrial members know that winning or losing, lawyers and barristers always get paid and it is our levies that are used for paying them. Go and talk to the miners if you don’t believe me.

      3. Maria Vazquez – “are you saying that Beckett is perfect?”

        Doing a typical SH. It is to deceive. When did ANYONE saw Beckett is perfect” ❓❓❓

        That’s TWICE within 24 hours, a deliberate introduction of a lie.

  9. Howard Beckett is making me realise that Unite the Union occupies a special place in the Labour Movement.

    The largest and most radical affiliated trade union, I am going to leave the LP and join Unite Community so that (as a ‘feelance’ worker who has to run a limited company to generate income), I can:

    * Exhibit class solidarity and be part of something wonderful, communitarian, democratic and socialist at the grassroots;
    * Leave the Labour party and the right to resist the neoliberals inside Labour . Leeds NW CLP’s executive is atrociously loyal to the anti-democratic friend of the billionaires that is the current leader of Labour|) and maintain notional ‘supporter’ status instead LP ‘member’ status – which will make hardly any difference given Starmer’s anti-democratic control freakery.

    Sure it’s too late to vote for HB this time – but, if I could, I’d not vote for Turner or Graham: they’re like 24/7 mask wearers who know that Covid19 currently exhibits a 99.8%. (and, thanks to ONS data, can be seen to never have been lower than 98.27%) survival rate: not people to respect or trust in.

  10. Interesting responses to my comment above.
    So there is no misunderstanding – I’ve nothing to prove in terms of left activism.
    I have been a trade union fighter on the front line for much of my working life.
    Most of it in MSF – One of the unions that merged to form Unite.
    For some years, I was a branch secretary and was a convenor for 6 industrial factories across England and Scotland.
    The members put me there year after year because they knew which side I was on.
    I left MSF briefly, when my job changed, to join the NUM …. Only to rejoin Unite a few years later.
    Sure – Unite plays a pivotal part in the Labour Party.
    Have you only just discovered this !!
    Maintaining a left leadership in Unite is critical – Especially given the poisonous leadership at the top of Labour today.
    Most important – Unite is pivotal within the trade union movement.
    Millions of workers in this neo-liberalist world need strong trade unions to organise and protect their interests.
    Yes – And to provide a political voice for their members.
    The Labour Party is dire at the moment …… If there was any credible alternative, many of us would have gone there.

    Needs of the hour …
    1. Elect Steve Turner as Unite GS
    2. Get rid of Starmer and Evans in the Labour Party.
    3. Solidarity with those left activists suspended from Labour.
    4. Replace the entrenched right in the Party with left fighters with a proven track record.
    5. Build the organised left in the unions and the party.
    Optimistic I know …. La lucha continua

  11. Lot of argument here about Turner’s right to be next Gen Sec. If that is your wish fine. However I’d like someone to answer this question – which I posed to Turner’s no. 1 fan Owen Jones – why is Starmer’s campaign group backing Turner and telling Coyne to back out of election? I think I know the answer to this question but I am not getting anything on here that fills me with confidence that folk KNOW this is happening behind the scenes. Why is Turner not saying one way or tother as to What he thinks about Starmer’s Labour. I haven’t seen him challenging Starmer’s weakness: his support for Tory policy, his support for Tory Covid strategy? Now he is saying he wants less Union input? Can someone give me an answer to all this?

    The only person I believe is worthy of voting for is Howard Beckett as he is the only person I have seen challenging this corrupt Labour Party. Give me a reason to think otherwise. And please no silly ideas that Mr Beckett is a closet Hard Right candidate waiting to shaft the members.

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