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Exclusive: Coyne supporters ‘rig’ Birmingham council branch – then it votes 91% for Beckett

First declaration unlawful, then nomination meeting invite recommends Coyne – but members ‘run him out’ of meeting

Birmingham City Council Unite members have massively rejected right-winger Gerard Coyne in their nomination vote for the union’s general secretary election – despite the efforts of his supporters to first declare the nomination for Coyne before the contest had even started, then to use the invitation to the new meeting to tell them they should vote for him. Coyne’s campaign had boasted of its stronghold in the West Midlands and the number of nominations he would win.

Coyne’s supporters attempted to use a meeting in April to declare that the branch had nominated Coyne, even though the nominations period didn’t open until May – and without telling many members that the matter was even on the agenda. Understandably, the union annulled this result and a new meeting had to be arranged and took place today.

Birmingham bin workers, who worked with left favourite Howard Beckett to win two major disputes with the Labour-right-run council, complained that the meeting was arranged for 4pm today to make it hard for them to attend – as they start work at 4am.

And the invitation to the meeting contained a shameless attempt to persuade members to vote for Coyne – even referring to the original invalidated declaration:

But members turned up – and when a ballot was taken, Beckett received over 91% of the vote, with the remainder split evenly between Coyne and Keir Starmer’s reported second preference Steve Turner.

And to add insult to injury, members say that Coyne – who is based in the West Midlands and joined the meeting to try to persuade them to support him – was told to leave because his speech had been so poor.

One member said:

He was just talking and not saying anything. It got so bad that he was basically run out of the meeting. We didn’t care what the officials said, we were backing Howard.

Howard Beckett’s surging campaign has stunned rivals and has won well over 300 nominations so far, as his campaign social media accounts announced yesterday, including a humorous reference to the right’s panicked – and badly backfiring – smear-campaign against him. Birmingham City Council workers featured strongly:

Nominations close on Monday and must be reported by noon on Wednesday.

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  1. Becketts having to do the job for the Labour party now there is no Opposition party.ITs a mess all round and the Labour right wing are now entering unknown waters in attempting to destroy the heart and soul of the working class movement “The unions and especially Unite.I am sickened

    1. Joseph – ” Labour right wing are NOW entering unknown waters in attempting to destroy the heart and soul of the working class movement ”

      With eyes comparatively fresh, to me they are not a “Labour right wing”. They are Tory entryist. If they were “Labour”, they would not have sabotaged a TRUE Labour victory.

      They are doing as they have ALWAYS done. The “waters” therefore are not “unknown”. They’ve been in it AGAINST US for ages. Note well they had never offered Jeremy and Dianne even minor shadow positions, while, we offed them several over and over throughout the open sabotage and even at the very end offered Twatson a peerage. What was next? One for Hodge and Bliar too?&

      Neither Kinnock, Blair the war criminal, Mandelson, Hodge etc have made their nature and aim a secret. Many of them have been saying and hissing openly this very week. They were never challenged in any sustained way. As you can see, there is a super energised rage STILL of people saying, if we had done what any adult would have done eg immediately suspend Hodge for gross insubordination and bringing the party into disrepute, then the MSM would have attacked.

      That begs the questions: 1️⃣ Were they not attacking already? 2️⃣ Have they stopped?
      3️⃣ Is our aim to stop attacks from those who are NOT us and have different aims? Surely we should expect to be attacked. That’s life! And in life you defend yourself clearly and robustly as Beckett is doing. Which reminds me, well done to Mark Wadsworth in the courts. Question hands up all who think he will now be easily attacked again? WELL DONE!!!

      In any event, a child could tell the crazed defeatist that failing to act, makes matters worse.

      QUESTION – If we must continue appeasing for fear of being attacked, then what exactly is our purpose? Why are our MPs MPs?

      And Beckett is being attacked. Should he too refuse to respond for fear of the MSM or people walking out and other such pathetic drivel? Anyone who suggest that STILL is either showing the attitude and culture we must ditch OR are FRAUDS. I recommend people read up on just one case re tbe Spy Cops who infiltrated the environmentalists.

      They seduce the prey by pushing emotional buttons to appear sincere but NEVER suggest ANYTHING constructive. Their aim is to prevent the prey achieving their aims NOT to convert the prey. Think of it. Basic an uncomplicated. Why use any time to repeatedly scream with rage “WE HAVE NO CHOICE‼️” Think of it. The purpose is that we keep failing as we have.

      We can see daily people being “attacked” eg Dianne Abbott, Livingstone, Craig Murray, George Galloway, Marcus Rashford, ALL the black sportsmen and women, … the list is endless of people being attacked…. Prince Harry since he was a teen TO DATE. Andy Murray since a teen, until he won Wimbledon. Lewis Hamilton since a teen TO DATE. The Williams sisters, Mandela, Castro you name it. The idea that any person wanting success and change should be dominated by not wanting to be attacked, is so ridiculous, it must be from a fraud when presented with so much vitriol.

      Enough sincere people sadly do then succumb to the repeated “the MSM will attack” mantra. I met it immediately in my CLP “Left” groups. Of course i have no idea of Red Tory internal timidity. However i have seen no example of that. Has anyone?

      We must ask why anyone would put such vigorous energy into repeatedly telling us we have no choice? Think of it, so utterly illogical as it would mean that we have no purpose other than to hope for crumbs and complain. No?

      We must not be taken in by those who describe the doings of the entryist parasites yet scream WE HAVE NO CHOICE‼️ Then attempt to shoot down anyone who says we DO have choices. We must not be taken in by those who keep repeating the preposterous fraudulent drivel that if we respond as we should, then the parasites would have walked out etc making a media storm. Surely that would be a plus! No? Look at their repeated doings now!

      The fact is, we didn’t respond promptly. The questions are, what’s the result? And, what’s the purpose of anyone presenting the wrongdoings of our enemies, yet in an instant shrieking with bile – but we shouldn’t respond or they would commit the same wrongs they have always done and are still doing and will CONTINUE to do? For that is the logical meaning, i.e, our enemies will CONTINUE to attack. Surely the only logical action is to attack back with clear FACTS. We have a mountain of truths on our side. To fail to attack back keeps our defeats on tap.

      1. And exactly what platform would they ‘attack back’ with ‘clear FACTS’ on signpost? Oh, right, the MSM, who I’m sure would be more than happy to accommodate them and publish their ‘clear Facts’, and not spin them in some negative and detrimental way. And ditto the Jewish newspapers, eh?.

        So perhaps you could remind us what happened when Jeremy stated a ‘clear FACT’, and said that the scale of the problem (of A/S in the party) has been dramatically overstated by political opponents inside and outside the party and the media. Now let me think…….. Oh yes, that’s right, he was suspended from the party, wasn’t he!

        And needless to say – so that he could get his daily dose of (falsely) discrediting the left in for about the five hundredth time – he ‘replies’ to his chum Jokeefe at the top of the comments with a massive long post. Yet AGAIN. And of course it’s just what an ordinary normal poster would do – ie wake up in the morning, go straight on to the site, and type out a gynormous long post and, as such, post it at 7.55am, so that it’s there at the top of the comments section prior to – and ready for – when everyone comes on to the page to check out the article and the comments in the following hours!

        Oh, and out of the twenty-nine comments (at the time of writing), he has posted eight of them – ie more than 25% of them. And as I’ve said before, no-one but a paid shill posts five//six hundred comments a month, month after month after month! And practically ALL of them smearing the left and just repeating the same smears over and over and over again!

        But then Repetition is a subtle form of brainwashing, and just as the MSM and the Jewish newspapers repeated their A/S smears about Jeremy and the left membership on an almost daily basis, signpost repeats HIS smears of the left on pretty much a daily basis, all the time pretending that he’s one of us and on the left himself! Yeah, sure he is!!!

      2. Jewish Voice For Labour –

        That Leaked Labour Party Report –

        Craig Murray takes a view –

        Craig Murray, historian, former ambassador, human rights activist, has produced a stunning account of the revelations in the leaked Labour Party report and of their significance.

        “Murray draws two immediate conclusions, viz:

        *️⃣ Corbyn failed to be sufficiently ruthless in clearing out the quite extraordinarily right wing Blairites that he had inherited as Labour Party HQ staff; and

        *️⃣ Corbyn’s tactic of constantly attempting to appease the media on antisemitism was never going to work…”


    2. The majority of Unite’s members who voted in the leadership election voted for Starmer.

      1. SH it is out‼️ The object of your undimmed devotion the Coup plotter and Potato headed SIR Starmer claimed his dismal polling was due to the public not knowing enough about him. Rodney therefore decided to fix that with his forensic. Regaled the public with all his best points with simpering slush.

        GOOD! Hot off the press since SIR RODNEY KEITH Starmer exposed himself to Percy Morgan, enabling the public to see more of him… “his values”… “what he stands for” besides incarcerating Julian Assange and unjustly prosecuting so many innocent post masters… the litany is long … criminal, in my judgement.

        BUT SH it is out! SteveH, davidh et al!!
        Result of Morgan’s hagiography + Max Headroom’s exposure ? The public now know more of SIR Max Headroom. BETTER!!

        SIR RODNEY KEITH Starmer is now the MOST unpopular “Labour leader” of ALL time !!!

        Imagine, even more despised than Weapons of Mass Destruction war criminal and inveterate liar the sudden multimillionaire and multi luxury propertied Blair creature.

  2. Do we know how many nominations Coyne has? I can live with Beckett, Graham or Turner as Unite General Secretary, But if Coyne manages to get enough number of nominations then, we need a single left candidate to stand against Coyne.

    1. I think 2 😉
      Remember he was not supposed to be in the race in the first place, on The Fuhrer’s wishes so I doubt he would have been campaigning at all, on The Fuhrer’ Orders, because The Fuhrer did not want Coyne detracting Votes form Turner the only Neolabour Party “Real Socialist” Candidate. However they have to make it convincing so I guess he will have a vote here and there, like this attempt.

      1. Skellnelly…Theres few genuine left wing candidates around,why spread division where none exists between 3 left wing socialist candidates.Slagging off the Communist party also spreads division.I would hope that you will change this “atitude” but I would doubt it looking at your previous comments on here.Still I admire enthusiasm and energy but concentrate it on the Conservatives or neo liberal alliance candidates,but not comrades.

      2. Joseph you have your opinions and I have mine, neither are definitive, imposed or final. They are opinions.
        I’m afraid Appeasing Starmer and the Neolabour Party Tories will never get my opinions raised! Regardless of the Movement’s Name or The Person’s Personal History. That is the worst betrayal of THE PEOPLE, I can think of, for a prospective Union GS, keeping out of Party Politics!
        ,For me Turner supported by the “Communist Party” suggesting that working with The Neolabour Party Tories as opposed to tackling their every injustice head on is unforgivable and extremely short sighted. Appeasing The Neolabour Party Tories will extend 42 Years of Neoliberal Tory Hell indefinitely!
        Taking them head on, could split/reduce “Labour” PLPs and there could be a period of suffering, BUT the result will be a Neolabour Party Tory Parasite Free UK Labour Party or even a New Party For THE PEOPLE not The Elites/Establishment/Machine, never has there been a “war” without suffering!
        Never has the Movement more desperately needed a Person who is not only prepared to take The Neolabour Tory Parasites head on, but who knows the law and who knows their every slimy trick that they have in the book, from 2015 to 2020!
        Do you remember SB invited all 4 to a Hustings, Coyne never replied, Turner said he would do it only if he was alone and Graham said she won’t do it if Turner doesn’t, The hustings was for Beckett only as he was the only one with the guts to show up!
        Turner stung Beckett in the last Race at the final Hustings and with that killed “the nice” of Howard, just as The Neolabour Tories Abused the Kindness of The UK Labour Party 2015 to 2020 and now that Kindness is dead to them, we bite back and they have no Idea how to deal with it.
        Look Joseph Opinions are just Opinions nobody should expect others to hold the same opinions as them, that verges on Dictatorship. What I do think is that we all need to do is focus a bit more on what we DO agree on rather than don’t agree on!
        I have a feeling that with Howard Beckett bringing hope back to The PEOPLE, the spark will automatically set off the ‘melt in the middle’ centre of what we do agree over Let’s just keep the Dream, of ALL The PEOPLE Free in a Just and Equal Society!

    2. Maria, the “SINGLE left” candidate is HOWARD BECKETT “to stand against” ALL others.

      There is no need for a “But”.

      Vote for Howard Beckett ONLY.

      End of.

  3. Hilarious! It just proves to me once again that the Many were robbed at GE2019, time and time again we see this kind of vote/poll/etc pointing to a UK Labour Party/Movement dominance. I don’t think I have seen The Neolabour Party Tories win any like vote/poll/etc before or after GE2019!
    The good thing is that means in the case of Revolutionary Action we know who the many are, let’s hope we can restore this injustice in a peaceful and aggression free manner! Like Jeremy, Howard is offering HOPE, lets hope The PEOPLE don’t slap him down and hear their MSM brainwash instead of his actual words as quickly as they did Jeremy! People should also realise that this HOPE they bring in form of a spark is only as strong as we The PEOPLE keep it alive, if we throw all our toys out at the first thing we don’t agree with and forget about the 99.99% we do agree with, we kill hope!
    The Neolabour Tories already had their wake up call in 2017 and shown us exactly what a handful of Establishment connected people can do, we can expect dirt like we’ve never seen it before on the next few weeks!
    One thing I can’t stress enough is not to leave the Neolabour Tories, Electoral Commission or Civica unchecked/unsupervised with our votes! Somebody needs to set up a decentralised monitoring commission that will be glued to every Ballot Box and every Online vote in real time.

  4. You could not make it up! We got to be vigilant because right wing never fight clean. I think we need to do some concerted action informing people about events re unite GS election every day, such as Hustings, rallies, tv etc.

    1. Just as we did 2015 to 2020 we are all well versed in their dirty play, this time we are armed with bucket loads of their shit, to catapult all over them! We have no nice/kind left they killed it, we will play them at their own game and boy do we know it well!
      Their biggest failure is that they have not updated or improved on their tactics or Propaganda Quality! They are literally repeating themselves, only replacing Jeremy Corbyn with Howard Beckett. And we still have all our Info &Media Saved and ready to throw right back at them! If you’re on SM keep sharing! I am actually considering going back on Twitter just for this battle!

  5. Not another article on the next UNITE leader.
    Skwawky, apart from yourself and who ever gets the gig, what does it matter? who cares who is the next leader?
    Its a trade union. Its a relic of the last century. Like a museum or a heritage park. Nobody is interested.
    Skwawky, a bit of advice from an old man, the website has become an embarrassment, pack it in. Go and do something worthwhile with your life.

    1. hmmm Dick mackin, Hodge, Tawatson and others of your kind, show it does “matter”. They “care” so much that those “relics” emerged from their holes to pollute the airwaves smearing their filth.

      In fact i heard Hodge stress that the Unite Labour position is a very important one so that’s why it dug up emails, SHE hissed, from YEARS ago. Hodge croaked, hissed and seeped simultaneously. Quite a circus act.

      Since the Hodge-faced Twatson and Twat-faced Hodge et al are crawling about, what do you not know, which they know?

      SH’its plain, Hodge’s Twat Tom, Twatson’s Hodges including you, are upset.

      What better proof that the good people of Unite should vote Howard Beckett?

      I’m sure Howard welcomes your type’s disapproval, Dick


    2. Nobody is interested…

      Never ceases to amaze me how people like you think you speak for everyone when in fact you speak for no one but yourself.

      You should follow your own advice:

      [P]ack it in. Go and do something worthwhile with (what’s left of) your life.

    3. MacKinnon….you maybe had a bad night at the Lodge,but your comments seriously are more in tune with cavemen who never left the caves.Nowadays we have unions parties and on occasion sensible debate about the modern world and politics.Go back to your cave or lodge and try to understand how the world works.

    1. dick u just increased Howard Beckett’s nominations and support by at least 💯%. Keep posting, and pull Hodge and Twatson out again. The more they smear, the better Beckett does 🎉🌟🎉🌟🎉🌟

    2. Strangle the parrot? As in rub one out? Seems unorthodox…

      What would you suggest he does? Fawn over people with money? Raid expenses? Get involved with the darker recreational habits of the powerful?

      You need to up your game. The concern troll post above was equally pathetic

  6. It is interesting to see that the current results for the Unite General Sec nominations have been released.
    Steve Turner is way out in front and Howard Beckett is currently third with no realistic prospect of overtaking Steve Turner.

    Steve Turner is out in front with more than 420 nominations,
    Sharon Graham is next with almost 300,
    Howard Beckett is so far third with around 270
    Gerard Coyne has surpassed the obligatory 174 with 180.

    There are thought to be around 75 results outstanding, lunchtime tomorrow is the deadline..

    1. Are there any thoughts on what Howard Beckett will or should do when all the results are in tomorrow

      1. Yes SH, Howard Beckett should do exactly as Jeremy did INITIALLY at his leadership contest. Keep fighting to the end. Anything can always happen. Then if the “Left” is gifted another miracle, ie the members realising THIS TIME that we URGENTLY need leaders who will take no prisoners, they choose Howard Beckett. THEN we have hope. Hope is precious. Hope is vital. The “Left” must NEVER give up when the going gets tough. You of the Right Wing Tory entryist never do. We must learn.

        But all works for the best in the end. If i thought Jeremy was going to have an easy ride, i and five hundreds of thousands may not have joined. I certainly would not have bothered if all looked safe and super secure.

        Howard Beckett should fight to win. Reasoned bold clear evidence! Conviction!! He should communicate to people EVERYWHERE!!! Go OUTSIDE his usual audience. Radio radio radio.

        Twitter is an overrated closed shop. Bernie Sanders paid the price of that obsession with twits. So did Trump second time around. In my opinion, i hear that the Tories have comparatively skimpy and dire social media presence. Their regime is now screwing the country as they always have, but now as if on evil steroids.

        They took our victory handed to them BUT STILL they were not self-satisfied by an adoring IN CROWD. Social media gives many the impression that they are “doing battle” with opposing views with short funny angry barbs. We see the results of that.

        I bet Chris Williamson also felt he had support from a twitter following that was mainly positive. I’m guessing as i’v never clicked on twitter links presented here. But it seems a very misleading medium for politics. It seems to be a self-selecting band of keen fans “battling” with a few people like you SteveH, SH etc. THAT is NOT the arena for presenting transformative views. That could never be an effective means of REASONED debate. Quite odd that superbly knowledgable and capable people are devoted to the idea that one can persuade the general public with witty short putdowns etc.

        I doubt Fidel Castro, Mandela or any one who fought for, achieved and SUSTAINED victories despite the very definition of sustained aggressive attack after attack for decades, even considered that all they needed was to pop up now and then OR issue tweets.

        I hope Mr Beckett considers that. WE are the insurgents threatening the status quo. Cosy vibrant adoring in groups, however large is NOT dynamic politics in my novice opinion.

      2. windchimes – I share some of your views on twitter and I’ve never had a twitter account. However as for the left learning from the right well perhaps you should be asking yourself why they only have one candidate and the left currently have 3. As things stand at the moment Coyne has every chance of winning.

      3. SteveH
        Coyne has slightly more than zero chance of winning, by your own admission he will take votes from Turner

      4. Doug – What admission would that be. As for his chances of Coyne winning well he came close enough to worry Len last time and if the left’s vote is split 3 ways he has every chance of winning this time in a FPTP vote.

  7. Steve Turner has the mandate from “unite left and will win the election and make a good and honest leader of the unite union.Hes been in the front line of the union for many years and has a outstanding reputation for negotiations and years of experience including shop floor experience.Howard Beckett is more suited to Westminster politics were the Lawyers seem to thrive in a enviroment they understand.Becketts time will come,but not in the unite union.

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