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‘Everyone working together in 2017? Well that’s a laugh.’ Beckett shows how to deal with ‘ridiculous political stunts’ (video)

Beckett’s masterclass in taking no crap or prisoners when smeared

Howard Beckett showed how it’s done – and why the union and the movement need him as Unite’s general secretary – last night in just one of several viral sections of his Newsnight interview:

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    1. Hodge slithers out of her hole to smear Beckett. That’s enough. Tells us all we need to know.
      Beckett is the man we need.

      Vote for Beckett.

      Support Beckett.

      Nuff said.

    2. What a pathetic piece of Right Wing Tory Propaganda! Tom Watson and Dodge the Hodge’s acting may have fooled a handful of really stupid Murdoch Gutter Press/Guardian Readers, by the looks of Twitter they did more of a Promotion that harm, sad sacks of shit!
      This time round however, they are playing with fire! We have far more on ALL of them, than they could attempt to trawl up on us in a lifetime, all saved from 2015 to 2020!
      I wonder who would have access to those emails and part of this coup!? I know who I suspect, Mr Up The Neolabour Party Tories’ Arse, The only “REAL “Socialist”” in the GS Race, NO! Not Coyne the other one, the Appeaser!
      Who cares!?
      They looked like the Clowns that they are!

  1. The arrogance of the MP what’s her face is typical of the right wing who think they have an entitlement to power. She went on to News Night with the sole intention of trying to smear and make a show of Howard Beckett. Instead, she was made to look foolish.

      1. That is subjective

        Err, no it isn’t.

        15:34 of the link you provided.

        Mcdonagh: ” I’m sorry Mr Beckett, you only get to do what you do because your members paid their subs”

        No hypocrisy there, or looking like a total gobshite then, eh, soft ollies? Not that you’d understand, being of limited capacity to appreciate and/or recognise such idiocy.

        Again “I don’t know if you know john Stoliday, but he is a labour party LIFER …he’s worked in the party his whole life… And when he was FORCED out (By who?) there was a standing ovation from every staffer in the building…He thinks it’s absolutely legitimate to get him sacked”

        I mean – what the absolute FUCK is she prattling on about? John WHO? FORCED out by WHO? WHAT building?

        No mention of Walker, Wadsworth, Williamson, et al….What about that one what retweeted the green’s tweet? Or the one what liked some track by the Jam or who/whatever?

        And THEY were all ‘legitimate’ targets, no doubt to mcdoughnut; who merely showed itself up to be nowt but another self-serving, centrist, cryarsing, hypocritical shithouse.

        So you know what you can do with your ‘subjective’, idiot.

      2. Toffee – I’m not the one who feels that he has to write an essay to justify my opinion. I would encourage people to watch the whole video and then reflect on the impression of Howard that most viewers would have been left with when Emma Barnett ended the interview where she did.

      3. steve you seem to be quite blind Howard was brilliant in putting the MP and the presenter in their place .They looked stupid.

      4. SteveH
        Your not defending them, surely
        There is nothing subjective about Red Tories and the Internal Report
        ‘Your in the wrong party’
        Should be repeated Ad Nauseum until we drive every last one of the fuckers out

      5. Doug – I’m not defending any of the parties, I just don’t happen to think that Beckett came out of this as well as you obviously do.

      6. Steve H @ 05.02PM

        I can only speak for myself, but sometimes further explanation for your posts would be welcome.

        I could be shooting myself in the foot here, by inviting more of your blather, but – for example – what is ‘subjective’ about someone, quite blatantly lying, and being called, on their lies?

        Everyone listening and watching knew she was lying and because of her sense of entitlement – was not expecting to be called on them. She was. She was embarrassed – if she had the wit to be embarrassed.

        Deference is dying. The quicker it’s dead and buried, the better.

        Today, I hope the comments on social media, have given all three right-wingers pause for thought. Lie, in the future, and you may be called on it. …but I doubt it, somehow.

      7. Get over yourself centrist dad. McDonagh, posho MP for Mitcham Surrey made herself look ridiculous, axe grinding about a three year old email that won’t go anywhere. She illustrated the chasm between her and working class voters and was assisted by Barnett in trying desperately to make something out of nothing. Howard’s parting shot of “you’re in the wrong party” has been today’s talking point in my circle. Everyone loved seeing McDonagh desperately repeating ‘mansplaining’ when she was lost for words…..subjective my arse.

      8. SteveH
        I’m not a cheerleader for Howard Beckett, he is not as plain speaking as i would like, but compared to the others and the BBC, he was the mutts nuts

      9. SteveH, All views are subjective, depending upon how observant and knowledgeable the viewer is. It was quite obvious that McDonagh, supported by Barnett, had only one intention, which was to smear Howard Beckett, hoping that the average viewer would not detect it through lack of knowledge. Howard Beckett provided the viewer with information which defeated MvDonagh’s smear, in fact because of the intervention by Barnett, he let her off lightly.

    1. The entire thing! That presenter assaulted him without so much as a greeting, vile thing that she is! It is 2015 to 2020 all over again, one would think that they would at least get an updated Luntzspeak Assault Method!
      Let them come! Their entire campaign blew up in their faces shortly after 2020 and now it is just smelling of rotten eggs!
      That “MP what’s her face” with her pathetic spiral notepad sheet, literally trembling with fury and then followed by that plasticised fake ‘smiley’ face breaking out of the fury is worse than her attempt at anything worthy a moment’s airtime what a pathetic TW@T!
      TF The Neolabour Party Tories are the Few and We The Many!
      I guess even if we were the Few and They the Many that statement would stand based on IQ count alone, they really are not the brightest buttons!
      This time round there is no Kindness left to be abused or taken advantage of, that makes one massive difference that they are too apathetic to even consider!

      1. The Hodge tries to smear Beckett. SH it is clear agrees with the Hodge. Howard Beckett therefore needs no other validation.

        Beckett’s the man!!!

        No more debate needed. Howard Beckett is the ONLY smart choice to lead Unite.

    2. Yes, Howard Beckett turned up and “MADE” her look foolish. Good thing he was not afraid of being attacked. Brilliant that he did not believe there was no point, no choice etc etc etc. What a joy!!! There’s hope!!!
      Well done Howard Beckett!!!

  2. Watched it live last night….I gotta say, I was mightily impressed by Howard.

    Mightily impressed!! No wonder centrists and out-and-out ‘rags are shitting themselves.

    Vote Beckett.

    1. Same here toffee. very impressed By Howard Becket He is brilliant, Emma Barnet is pretty useless to say the least.

      1. Correct.

        As soon as Howard told the pair of them about what they were saying on the platform they were on, barnet at least got the message…Perhaps the producer was screaming down her earpiece, I couldn’t say – but she was tamed.

        Mcdonut didn’t. I thought Howard played a blinder by allowing the shrieking harridan to continue before putting her in her place with aplomb; safe in the knowledge he’d got mcdonut’s number.

        How I wish it’d been the likes of that godawful mouthpiece philips, or even pederast enabler hodge itself.

        And I bet neither (plus many others) would show to a future discourse, if invited…

        Vote Howard.

  3. Just shows with people like her in the party, who needs enemies, to borrow an old saying. It just tells us that we got to be vigilant. And what is she doing trying to interfere in an independent organisation’s business. She is defo too much.

  4. Howard Beckett has given me hope. Hope is very powerful commodity, one that is lacking in much of our present existence. Howard gets my vote!

  5. Perhaps my memory is kind of hazy. The only working together in 2017 I can recall was Hodge and her cohorts working together towards a goal of ABC.
    So this week we have Hodge reporting the union to the police.
    Last week we had the awful Neil Coyle reporting Corbyn to the Sandards Chair over the GoFundMe page set up for Corbyn.
    What will next week bring…another right winger MP reporting a left member for attending a Kill The Protest.
    Shameful lot they are.

    1. When will those morons get it into their heads that that go fund me has nothing to do with Jeremy, it was set up without his knowledge and the money belongs to us, the people who put money into it! Yes it is for Jeremy’s legal costs as they occur and they will still occur why else would Coyle have an issue with it!
      In a sense one has to feel sorry for those Neolabour Party Tories, it must be awful to live a life with not the slightest understanding of Solidarity! They simply cannot understand how we are still just as United as we were 2015 to 2020, sure their division tools have taken some, and we bicker about XYZ, but is that not what Socialists do? Bicker! However when it comes down to it we would not see one of us left behind nor the red flag on the floor in the hand of a fallen Comrade! Then after the Battle we will Bicker some more! They hate us for that.

  6. She will try her utmost too stop him from winning the Unite leadership. She even went on LBC to spread her venom…i had to switch to another station. She’s like a dog with a bone and is probably losing sleep scouring his tweets and FB posts from 1975. Her and Tom Watson are full of hatred. I thought he was giving up politics and focusing on becoming a weight loss/ fitness celebrity. He’s obviously missing the shitty world of labour sewer politics.

    1. Self entitlement with these MPs. Probably also losing sleep that if Beckett wins he may push re-selection. Who can forget Hodges behaviour in 2017 attending a CLP meeting to try to stop them from deselecting her. Which apparently she broke LP rules in doing so.

  7. McDonagh was one of the people – along with the editor of the Jewish Chronicle – who started dissembling the black propaganda falsehood/smear about anti-capitalists being anti-semitic. Here’s a couple of clips from a Daily Mail article at the time:

    Some hard left Labour factions will never be able to take anti-Semitism seriously because it is a core part of their anti-capitalist beliefs, one of the party’s MPs has claimed.

    Siobhain McDonagh said that hardline entryists into the party had a mindset ‘to be against capitalists and to see Jewish people as the financiers of capital’.

    “Because it’s very much part of their politics, of hard left politics, to be against capitalists and to see Jewish people as the financiers of capital. Ergo you are anti-Jewish people.’

    She added that while not all anti-Capitalists were anti-Semitic there was a ‘certain strand of it’ among people who were ‘not Labour, have never been Labour, but we now find them in our party’.

    EVIL is the ONLY way to describe the likes of McDonagh and Pollard et al….. totally, totally evil!

    1. PS They aren’t just evil for smearing and demonising Jeremy Corbyn and the left, but ALSO because it was all part of their agenda to sabotage Jeremy’s leadership and his chances of winning a general election – ie their agenda to subvert democracy!

      Just as McDonagh and Hodge and the Blairites are doing yet again NOW!!

    2. And in case anyone didn’t see it, here’s a link to a JVL article last week regarding Pollard:

      On 28th May Jeremy Corbyn tweeted on the occasion of Victor Orban’s visit to Downing Street, urging Johnson to challenge him on his Holocaust revisionism, antisemitism, Islamophobia and more.

      In response to this tweet Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, responded with a grotesque, vulgar and abusive attack on Corbyn calling him a Jew baiting racist…

      Yep, fascist scum never miss an opportunity!

      1. Jewish Voice For Labour

        That Leaked Labour Party Report

        Craig Murray takes a view

        Craig Murray, historian, former ambassador, human rights activist, has produced a stunning account of the revelations in the leaked Labour Party report and of their significance.

        “Murray draws TWO IMMEDIATE CONCLUSIONS, viz:

        1️⃣ Corbyn failed to be sufficiently ruthless in clearing out the quite extraordinarily right wing Blairites that he had inherited as Labour Party HQ staff; and

        2️⃣ Corbyn’s tactic of constantly attempting to appease the media on antisemitism was never going to work…” “.


    3. Yes, from this we can see a glimpse of what the antisemitism scam is all about, fear and hatred of the working class who in a struggle against cuts, hire and fire, casualisation and austerity are forced to challenge rampant capitalism. So not much of a stretch for the Tory enablers to label all of these working people as antisemites that need to be dealt with by the police or even the army.

      1. Do you remember when her and Co leaked to Nick Ferrari thousands and thousands of “Antisemitism” cases. He in turn passed the files onto Cressida Dick, who set up a whole unit to investigate said thousands and thousands of ‘Labour’ neglected “Antisemitism” cases.
        Months later The MET forwarded 6 POSSIBLE cases to CPS out of the thousands and thousands of neglected cases, not to mention wasted Police time and man power, to as far as I am aware actually see 1/550K members Charged for an “Antisemitism” related crime! AND he was not even a member of the Labour Party any more!
        So the reality of all that Antisemitism Hysteria and the reason why no other REAL Racism, ie Black, Islamophobia, Traveller, etc, would be considered as relevant by “labour”, amounted to 0.00017%!
        Racism is illegal, prosecutable and 0.00017% of Racism is NO Crisis! A Woman who receives more Racist Abuse than all the Women in the HoC combined, Is a CRISIS by itself and deserves HYSTERIA! Especially when a good proportion of that Racism came from accounts who were Screaming Fake Antisemitism Hysteria for neatly 5 years Non Stop and the GS of the Party sends out letters to members ALL ABOUT “Antisemitism” and Fuck any other Race/Peoples/Cultures! Just imagine being Diane Abbott and receiving that piece of shit Racist Supremacist letter!
        And in the meantime Dianne Abbott is still continues receiving the most horrendous and vile Racist threats and attacks and there wasn’t even so much as a whispered ‘boo’ into a down feather cushion! This is despicable and Racist and the abuse of Antisemitism is the most vulgar kind of Antisemitism imaginable!
        They should all be charged with Racism, Antisemitism and Wasting Police Time!

      2. Skelly, there was just ONE file, and it contained 45 cases of alleged anti-semitism – ie 45 complaints of alleged anti-semitism – so where exactly do you get the ‘thousands and thousands’ from?! The following article – and it was covered right across the MSM and Jewish newspapers and beyond – was published on the 4th of September 2018:

        ‘Met chief says police to examine incidents of online Labour anti-Semitism’

        Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick says the force will examine a file of dozens of incidents of online anti-Semitism by Labour Party members to consider whether anything constitutes a hate crime.

        The file, of unknown origin, was passed to the country’s top police chief by LBC Radio, and Dick said she would hand it to her experts to see whether crimes have been committed…..

        Mak Chishty, who formerly dealt with hate crime for the Met police, told the radio show that he had reviewed all 45 anti-Semitism cases within the dossier…..

        So where did you get these ‘thousands and thousands’ from Skelly, when it was in fact only 45, the figure that was mentioned right across the media?!

        The amount of misinformation and disinformation being churned out by posters on this site is really quite staggering. Funny how people don’t check things first!!

        And why do you say ‘Do you remember when her and Co leaked….’ etc. I assume you’re referring to McDonagh, right? The reality – which you don’t appear to have any connection to! – is that it was passed on to Cressida Dick by Gideon Falter, the chairman of the Campaign Against Antisemitism, and the file was undoubtedly passed on to the CAA by former anti-Corbyn staffers who stole (copied) a whole cache of cases just prior to leaving, and deleted the originals. So McDonagh herself didn’t leak the file.

        FFS skelly, your post is just B/S dis/misinformation from start to finish! Yur getting to be a compulsive liar just like signpost!! And it is odd – as on numerous OTHER occasions when someone has posted disinformation – that NONE of the regular all-day every-day posters ever pulls them up about it!

  8. McDonagh complaining employee Stolliday was forced out of the party who was that popular he received a standing ovation.
    There was another party member/representative of the party who was very popular too. Yet when it came to the likes of McDonagh their popularity was irrelevant. They were only interested in getting rid of him.

    1. There was a few of them, which one are you referring to and who was in office when they were unfairly got rid of.

      1. SteveH, ALWAYS pa-trolling the site….. every single day for the past four years or more!

        Yeah, but it’s just a hobby, innit Steve!!

      2. Why don’t YOU name one?

        In the meantime, we can have a sweep to see who you pick.

        I’ll go for berger, seeing as she was ‘hounded out’ wasn’t she, wee fella?

      3. Toffee – A rather strange choice in this context. If you want to waste your time playing guessing games then please feel free to knock yourself out.

      4. Then how about you provide a definitive and concise answer for a change, moron?

      5. SteveH
        Sorry I thought it would be obvious who I was talking about….Corbyn

      6. I presumed that you were referring to someone like CW that JC and JF threw under a bus.

      7. Dearest! Sometimes you are such a tit! How does a Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party Work? The Leader takes control of all decisions or all decisions go through the right channels, be that Members, CLPs, NEC, Conference or PLP!?
        What was the Proportion of PLP when Jeremy was the Leader?
        80% Parasite Neolabour Party Tories vs 20% Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party! You cannot put decisions like that on Jeremy you know full well that kind of decision had to go through channels!
        I wish he didn’t play by the book! I wish he was a bastard and got rid of every Neolabour Party Tory! I wish called for Sanctions on Israel and Recall of the Ambassador, every day! I wish he called for Zionism to be recognised for what it is a Terrorist, Supremacist, Apartheid Ideology! I wish that he Disaffiliated and Expelled every Zionist/Pro Israeli Group/Movement/Project from the Party! I wish he did not trust and that he did not look for the good in people!
        So much I wish he did/did not do. However, I think everyone of us knew deep down inside that Jeremy was never going to be PM no matter what the Electorate thought they voted! I know he would have made the most incredible PM this Union has ever known. I hope what is happening to Howard is slightly opening your eyes and mind to what happened to Jeremy.
        That is one of the reasons why there has to be a secure method of voting, but that has deliberately been withheld from The PEOPLE by Corruption. Unless anyone can convince me that every Military File, MI5/6 File, Police File, Government File is 100% hackable and without any detection, there will be no way that anyone can convince me that our Votes can’t be done securely and with the ability to cross reference and check where your vote landed at a later stage! We are not some backwards unsophisticated backwater we are Britain FFS! Yet 650 Polling Stations’ Ballot boxes go completely of radar for 10/20/30 minutes as one of the 3 volunteers, the Returning Officer loads our votes and then takes the Ballot Box/es for a ride at 22:00 in their OWN PRIVATE UNMARKED CAR ALONE to the Counting Centre Tell me are we really that naive to think that that is Secure OR a Good Idea!? If we insist on a primitive X in a Box method shouldn’t we at least ensure that the Top 3 MPs/Candidates go for a ride with the Returning Officer to the Counting Centre?
        Extra Info is food for thought based on previous rhetoric.

      1. Knew I’d heard the name stolliday bandied around from somewhere…

      2. Yeah but Stolliday received a standing ovation. Who’s to say half of those who took part in this weren’t glad to see the back of him.

      3. 80% Neolabour Party Tory PLP Dominance and 100%/99.9999999% Neolabour Party Tory Audience probably had had more to do with the Standing Ovation than The Man/His Actions!
        I think Gary Glitter [out soon!!!] would get a standing ovation at the “secret underground Jimmy Saville Association”! Speakers/Performers usually attract fans to their performance so standing ovations are natural occurrences for the most!

  9. Hodge a one person wrecking crew of the Labour party a liar and bigot, should have been expelled years ago, Margaret Hodge — who has been leading a crusade on this matter. She had personally submitted 200 of the complaints, but these were not 200 separate individuals.
    They concerned 111 people, and 91 of them — 91 out of 111 — turned out not to be members of the Labour Party.
    So, the 20 Labour Party members with a case to answer notwithstanding, Hodge was one of those most responsible for false and exaggerated claims against the Labour Party over anti-semitism.

      1. Yes all hell would have broken loose, but Hodge would have had to justify her false claims, Corbyn would have been seen as the innocent party, but what happened, Formby gave way making it open season on Corbyn, his political career was over and anyone and everyone piled in on him. He should have stood his ground, difficult yes, but his failure to do so is why we have Starmer the Apartheid supporter in power backed by Hodge et al, the rest is history
        The investigation was opened after a row between the Labour grandee and Mr Corbyn in parliament, during which Dame Margaret allegedly accused her party leader of being a “fucking racist and antisemite” and said he did not want “people like me” in the Labour Party.
        It was dropped after a backlash from Labour MPs, including allies of Mr Corbyn such as John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, and Jon Lansman, chair of the Momentum campaign group.
        Journalists were briefed that the probe was abandoned after she expressed “regret” to Labour chief whip Nick Brown for the way she raised her views, but Dame Margaret strongly denied the suggestion.
        In a letter from her lawyers Mishcon de Reya, posted on Twitter by Dame Margaret, the firm accused Ms Formby of an “entirely disingenuous” attempt to save face over the party’s climbdown.
        “She did not express regret – in those words or any others,” the letter reads. “As you are aware, our client will not apologise for her conduct or words, as she did nothing wrong,” it said. “You have entirely misrepresented our client’s discussions with the Opposition Chief Whip in a cynical attempt to save face in your necessary climb-down.”
        Gideon Falter, of the Campaign Against Antisemitism, said the decision to drop the inquiry against her was a “humiliating capitulation” by the party.

      2. Harry – I think that Hodges is an odious individual but my impression was that Labour backed off when Hodges got lawyered up and made it clear she was prepared to fight it out on the courts.

      3. Harry, you assert that because the LP backed down on disciplining Hodge it made it open season on Jeremy, implying that had she actually been disciplined the smearers would have stopped their smearing. Of course they wouldn’t have! As I’m sure you know, the saboteurs all piled in – including Hodge herself – with the line that JC was trying to silence his critics who were standing up to him about anti-semitism.

        And Hodge didn’t just happen to come out with what she said on the spur of the moment. It was ALL planned – ie her and her fellow saboteurs contrived the whole thing so that the LP would have no choice but to discipline her, and saying such a thing was obviously going to make headline news, as it was designed to do of course. And they knew that as soon as she was told she was going to be disciplined they would all pile in, just as they did.

        And my point in referencing THAT particular episode was to make the point that if the condemnation and (faux) outrage was such as it was for saying she was going to be sanctioned, it would have trebled in intensity if they actually HAD (although I have no idea what that would have actually amounted to, but probably not a lot), but if at any point she had been expelled – as you assert she should have been – there would have been a tsunami wave of condemnation and (faux) outrage, with dozens and dozens and dozens of MPs and Peers threatening to resign the whip unless she is reinstated.

        And THAT’s the whole point: THEY – his enemies – hold all the cards, which of course includes the MSM, who not only give an uncritical platform to his enemies, but ALSO play along with all the lies and distortions and falsehoods and smears.

        It DIDN’T just suddenly become open season because they didn’t discipline Hodge, it had been ‘open season’ pretty much from the outset, and would have continued to be whatever had happened to Hodge. The idea that the smearers would have stopped their smearing for any reason – ie anything that Jeremy or the LP could have said or done – is just an absurdity!

      4. “Craig Murray, HISTORIAN, former ambassador, human rights activist, has produced a stunning account of the revelations in the leaked Labour Party report and of their significance.

        “Murray draws TWO immediate CONCLUSIONS, viz:

        🅰️ *Corbyn failed to be sufficiently ruthless in clearing out the quite extraordinarily right wing Blairites that he had inherited as Labour Party HQ staff; and

        🅱️ *Corbyn’s tactic of constantly attempting to appease the media on antisemitism was never going to work…” .”

        🅰️➕🅱️ = ❔ ❔ ❔


    SteveH03/06/2021 AT 11:41 PM
    Howard showed us all what he’s made of


    SteveH04/06/2021 AT 5:45 PM
    , I just don’t happen to think that Beckett came out of this as well as you obviously do.

    One backsliding, snivelling little shitehawk. Not for no reason, the object of almost universal derision.

    1. Toffee – I suppose that all depends on how you interpret “Howard showed us all what he’s made of”
      Did you miss my response to skellyknelly “My own bit of ‘constructive ambiguity’”.

      1. Oh I’ve seen it alright, soft ollies.

        Posted at 3:23pm TODAY. POST-BRIEFING.

        Whereas last night you posted off your own vat… Best not let your ‘handler’ see it, eh? 🤫

        Ordinarily I’d say that you’re full of shit.

        But everyone knows that anyway. Everyone but you, that is.

        Now go away, div.

      2. Toffee – ….and have you ever known me to say anything positive about Howard Beckett.

      3. “Siobhain you should be extremely careful of what you say on live TV”
        Can’t be much clearer than that and it shut her up.

      1. All too easy baz.

        Hes every bit as piss-poor as this toerag government. He fucks-up his own fuck ups, and does the same when they’re pointed out to him.

        The type of imbecile that’d walk into a bar with a pile of shit in his hands and tell everybody how lucky he is that he didn’t step in it.

  11. SteveH04/06/2021 AT 6:52 PM
    Really? 🙄
    You’re very easily satisfied

    Almost as easily as you grass yourself up, soft shite.

    Oh, I forgot… I’m not very clever, am I, wee man?

    But savvy enough to spot your bullshit from a few parsecs, though. 😏

    *Awaits one of your pitifully shit attempts at a comeback, or failing that, checks the wee stevie reply bingo card*

  12. Perhaps Right Wing Labour should keep its nose out of a Unite election? It’s the same old has beens? never have beens? cushy careers for them, crumbs for working people, Right Wing Labour political lightweights? Whilst many of us diverse working class fight daily for oppressed people I heard a Right Wing Labour MP got her Unite branch to nominate Right Wing Coyne then put a levy on every member of the branch of £5 to his campaign, this branch had 3,000 members so £15k! My working class SOCIALIST Unite Community branch which nominated Howard (with 81% of the vote) today donated £100 to Howard Beckett’s campaign. We’ve seen it all before, it’s what did to Jeremy Corbyn but perhaps Howard is a Star! I will VOTE BECKETT!

  13. I thought Howard took the right approach to Hodge and her theatrics. No point in trying to placate a smear, the point of the smear is to discredit. Hodge would never be placated, no point in trying. PC

  14. If your looking for a real labour leader? Beckett is that leader, now bloody wake up people.

    1. Exactly Andrew!!! At last someone who realises we can and MUST stand up against the MSM. Clear and robust. No pussyfooting.



      1. Signpost NEVER misses an opportunity to deceive readers of skwawkbox! On at least a couple of occasions recently, for example, he has fraudulently cited the fact that Jeremy won two leadership elections, as evidence that the MSM isn’t so powerful and influential, and done so knowing full well of course that just about EVERYONE on the left knows that the MSM is the Establishment’s propaganda machine, and so they were NEVER going to be influenced by all the lies and falsehoods.

        As fo standing up to the MSM – ie the smears and falsehoods – THAT is exactly what the LP did in response to the Panorama black op, and look what happened! And look what happened when Jeremy said in a statement that the problem of A/S in the party has been dramatically overstated by political opponents inside and outside the party!

        Given that Howard Beckett is on the left AND dependent on the votes of left-wingers, then just like Jeremy in the leadership elections, the right-wing and the MSM can smear away all they like, but it won’t deter any left-wingers voting for him. The EXACT opposite in fact!

      2. Allan – Being popular with LW activists is one thing but the question is are there enough ‘left wingers’ in Unite’s wider membership who are prepared to vote for Beckett?
        It shouldn’t be forgotten that Coyne came close to winning last time. Close enough for it to worry Len so much that one of the first things he did was increase the nominations criteria to try and lock Coyne out of future contests.

      3. “Craig Murray, HISTORIAN, former ambassador, human rights activist, has produced a stunning account of the revelations in the leaked Labour Party report and of their significance.

        “Murray draws TWO immediate CONCLUSIONS, viz:

        🅰️ *Corbyn failed to be sufficiently ruthless in clearing out the quite extraordinarily right wing Blairites that he had inherited as Labour Party HQ staff; and

        🅱️ *Corbyn’s tactic of constantly attempting to appease the media on antisemitism was never going to work…” .”

        🅰️➕🅱️ = ❔ ❔ ❔

      4. I mean no-one on the left who was planning on voting for Howard Beckett is going to change their mind as a consequence of him saying that Priti Patel should be deported, for example, and they no doubt completely agree with his sentiments:

        Howard Beckett: Patel laws ‘disgusting’ says union boss after Labour suspension

      5. Steve: Why did you post a reply to my comment that has ABSOLUTELY zero relevance to what I said?!

      6. Allan – You were the one saying how dependant HB is on the LW vote. I am just questioning whether there are enough on the left (a vote that could be split 3 ways) for HB to win. I have my doubts.
        As I said above being popular with a few left activists doesn’t necessarily mean that rank and file members will vote for him.

    2. Andrew
      Now that would be ironic
      RW change rules at conference to allow non PLP leadership candidates
      Step forward HB
      Two seconds while i check me keks, I think I just pissed myself laughing

  15. Is Margaret Hodge’s daughter, Lizzi Watson, still Deputy Editor of BBC News programmes?
    How could Howard Beckett assert that the BBC had a bias???

  16. When you consider that Emma Barnett was the person who conducted that obnoxious interview with Zara Mohammed, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, on Radio 4, it is clear that this is yet another example of the BBC acting in a partisan manner. Barnett’s antipathy towards Mr Beckett was clear. It was an attempt at a fit up, and it was good to see the response.

    1. I seem to remember Barnett was also the one who tried to demean Jeremy Corbyn when she asked him a question and then told him to look up the answer on his mobile phone.

  17. Thank you Steve H for the Newsnight link. Watching Howard Beckett defend himself by attacks from ‘cousin IT with lipstick’ & ‘Mansplaining complainer McDonough’ was entertaining along with Nick Watts summary.of the state of the Labour Party & those trying to undermine Unity. Suspending Jeremy Corbyn indefinitely will certainly do the trick.

    1. lundiel – Are they quoting any odds on Starmer finding any policies before he departs?

      1. goldbach – Will you be contributing to Labour’s policy review?

      2. Do they allow anyone to contribute, including former members of the party?

      3. …. or have they already decided on the “policies” and are they conducting a public relations exercise?

      4. goldbach – You can make up all the excuses you want but if you don’t make an attempt to contribute then any complaints you make about the policies that immerge not representing your views will ring a bit hollow.

      5. Don’t bother with the policy forum it’s just pretend democracy where you give your ideas on chosen subjects. It has as much value as writing to your local paper. Think about it, what can you say? I want to pay more tax because I want services to be restored to 2008 levels? That’d go in the bin, if they even read it. Political direction has already been chosen: low tax, economics in line with those laid out by Annalise Dodds, patriotism, no change to foreign policy. The only sort of comment that might be claimed as proof they are listening is something like make St George’s Day a national holiday or some such nonsense.

      6. I’ve tried and tried and I am led to the conclusion that “lundiel” is correct. Either the website is so ill designed that it is unfathomable, or this is not what I understand as a consultation.
        In my experience, consultations follow a fairly standard set of procedures. A small group produces a draft policy document. The document is circulated to interested parties/membership. Comments and proposed amendments are received and, where appropriate, incorporated. A final document is then presented for adoption (or otherwise) by whatever body has this responsibility.
        I could find no draft documents on the LP website. I found links to things that “people are talking about”. I also found a link to “make a submission”. I found headings of topics that people were being asked to consider, but those “topics” were expressed in the strangest wooly language. I have to suspect that “submissions” are pretty unlikely to be read because to do so would be a task that would require a massive number of wo/man hours; so I must conclude that the things I have said unlikely to be read by anyone at the LP.
        Surely it would not have been beyond their capacity to produce draft consultation documents covering:
        Foreign Policy
        Climate Policy
        Economic Policy
        Housing Policy
        Workers Rights
        Taxation Policy
        But maybe I’m wrong there. Maybe it is beyond their capacity.
        A thought strikes me – maybe I’ll go back into the “consultation” and suggest that they circulate the 2019 manifesto as a consultation document.

      7. Sparklingly brilliant goldbach.

      8. goldbach – I’m a little disappointed in you, I thought you would have appreciated being invited to contribute at an earlier stage in the process as well as the processes being put in place to encourage the membership to contribute their ideas before rather than after the consultation documents you speak of are formulated.

      9. As usual centrist dad ignores the stand-out issue “I have to suspect that “submissions” are pretty unlikely to be read because to do so would be a task that would require a massive number of wo/man hours;” and carries on as if everyone thinks “what a great idea, I should get involved”, when in fact it reeks of being there to provide false evidence of inclusiveness.
        We are well aware the party is having financial difficulties right now, so either they’re expecting very few submissions or they’ll file them in the bin. Also, by adding another layer of brain storming, they’ve delayed any actual policy by another year or so.

    2. Jesus! The thought of bearing another week of Easter Island head is an abomination… Nevermind another 18 months of the terminally useless gawp.

  18. Starmer’s not there to win elections. His only purpose is the internal organisation of the party to make sure that Corbyn can never be repeated. In order to achieve this he has to limit the losses he will incur and balance the anger of MPs who are going to lose their jobs against convincing the rest to stick with him.
    The policy review harks back to two previous ones: Kinnock’s and Blair/Mandlesons. Though Starmer states he’s not looking back everything he says points to him seeing the new Labour years as the template on which to build. Everything is going to be thrown at building a ‘popular base’ outside of party and unions. This means liberal economics and social conservativism, in other words, the vote of the right wing media.
    It is our job to see that he fails.

      1. No centrist dad, it’s you and those like you who are Tory enablers. The Labour party used to be open and democratic, now it’s anything but. They won’t even release an independent report they commissioned even though they controlled the terms of reference. Who can be surprised that the Tories stay in office when faced with the most authoritarian opposition party?
        Release the Forde report. It’s time to clear the air and get some transparency back. Then we’ll talk about support.

      2. But stammer didn’t say it. Lundiel did.

        Name one toerag policy stammer’s opposed.

        You won’t, because you can’t, because there isn’t one.

        Name a policy stammer’s introduced/ propsed that is of benefit to the working people, at the expense of the corporates.

        Again you can’t, because there isn’t one.

        But you have pledged your unflinching support for stammer, and stammers bragged BRAGGED about his support for the ‘rags

        So, who’s boris’ useful idiots again?


      3. Oi dad! You’ve got some comments to reply to. I know you always go to extremes to the last word and have even “programmed your computer (turned on notifications) to let you know when a comment is made” saddo. So get your arse here and answer goldbach’s excellent contribution.

      4. lundiel – How sweet of you to miss me so quickly, I hadn’t appreciated that you were hanging onto my every word. You can catch my reply to goldbach above, I do hope that you didn’t get too anxious whilst waiting for it.

      5. You should be so lucky. We all know you have a compulsion to answer comments because you are an obsessive saddo who’s “programmed his computer to inform him when he gets a reply”.

  19. Another reason mcdonut made a knobend of itself….

    She said stolliday was ‘forced out’. Then she said Beckett thought it ok that stolliday was ‘sacked’

    Now, I don’t claim to be an expert, but as far as I’m aware you get sacked if you’ve broken some rule or other….

    Silly arld mare.

      1. Yep. A bit like England last month. Only Wales bucked the trend. No idea why…

      2. Toffee – The answer to that is obvious, what do the parties who did well in the three nations all have in common.

      3. goldbach – Have you watched Keir Starmer’s interview with Piers Morgan yet. If you missed it you can catch the repeat tonight at 22:45 on ITV.

      4. Yes. What has happened to Morgan? Such a softball interview. Why would he steer clear of asking about politics to ask questions that he knew Starmer would be able to answer. We already knew he hadn’t had the easiest of upbringings. What we didn’t know was what his political vision is and how he would seek to achieve it. Not a hard question for a leader to answer.

      5. Centrist dad. Being as you are so impressed by Starmer’s background, playing it for all it’s worth even though his dad owned a business. You must be over the moon about Sajid Javid whose dad was a bus driver. He trump’s Starmer.

      6. lundiel – Have you got something against the skilled working class.

      7. From what I’ve read, Starmer senior ran a small tool manufacturing business. If that’s correct, then that means that he would have been lower middle class.

      8. …….. and a goldfinch is really a magnificent creature, you know.

      9. goldbach – My apologies, I missed the auto correct error.

      10. Accepted. Many years ago a computer once corrected a friend’s name from Margaret to Margate.

  20. How long until the wee fella comes on to try to palm us off with “That article is subjective” or other such shabbite?

    1. Toffee – It is gratifying to be told that you are still obsessing about me. As well as occupying your waking thoughts do I also intrude into your dreams.

  21. ,b>SteveH07/06/2021 AT 2:11 AM
    Toffee – The answer to that is obvious, what do the parties who did well in the three nations all have in common.

    Yep. it’s obvious alright.

    They haven’t got a gutless, clueless and spineless ponce called keith stammer leading them.

    SteveH07/06/2021 AT 2:01 AM
    Toffee – It is gratifying to be told that you are still obsessing about me. As well as occupying your waking thoughts do I also intrude into your dreams.

    Where to start…?

    Ok. Nobody told you. You either went looking for it, or your computer must have alerted you to when I made the post; which would make YOU the obsessive, wouldn’t it, soft ollies?

    Alerting others to your future postings is merely a sign of your predictability and beyond-pub-bore personality. Not something I’d congratulate meself on…But then again, I’m not an abnormality, unlike you.

    Infatuated with yourself and the other twunt. you honestly believe that criticism and vehement dislike (bordering on abject hatred) of you both is some sort of licence to congratulate yourself(ves) and actually brag to yourself that it’s so.

    Your narcissism and puerile imbecility know no bounds.

    1. Toffee – Many will conclude that your constant trolling and your self declared “vehement dislike (bordering on abject hatred)” of me indicates that you are the obsessing about me.

  22. Get you – woth your cryarsing about my alleged ‘Constant trolling’ 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    *Pauses for breath*


    Have you heard yerself? As soon as someone calls you out on your crass imbecility, you start whining. You sound EXACTLYlike that siobhan mcdonut. Not surprising in the least, though.

    1. But no doubt that that, too, is ‘subjective’ , eh?

      I reckon more would agree with me that you’re a cryarsing, anti-socialist hypocrite; than with you that I’m a troll.

      1. Toffee -…..and yet here you are again after first begging me to post. .

  23. Who begged you to post?

    That’s right…Nobody.

    Just about everyone on this forum’d be more grateful to you if you’d just do the off, never to return. you irredeemable fuckwit..

  24. Well now, it appears the gobshite who has freely confessed to finding going out of his way to get a rise out of me, as exhilarating’ has gone rather quiet, when fronted with a few home truths.

    Although he has been seen still desperately trying to polish the turd that is stammer’s alleged ‘working class roots’ further up the thread.

    He must have shed bitter tears when thatcher told of once having to eat spam for Christmas lunch, during WWII, if he thinks his dear keith had it hard…

    1. Toffee – It is hypocritical of you to obsess about Starmer’s class origins, when you didn’t express similar concerns about Jeremy’s.

    1. Toffee – I clearly stated above that you had failed to express any concerns about Jeremy’s class origins.
      Which begs the question.
      Why are you now hypocritically obsessing about Starmer’s class origins when you appear to have been completely unconcerned about JC’s very obvious middle-class origins?

      1. It’s you who always bring up Starmer’s alleged working class background and Starmer himself mercilessly milks it at every opportunity. I’m sure there are some working class people in Oxted Surrey but s business owner whose son went to s fee paying school is a lot better off than the vast majority of the working class.
        As I said, it’s only you and Starmer who make anything of it, the rest of us want to know what his policies are and when he’s going to release the Forde report. We don’t give a shit about his background.

      2. lundiel – But you are the one who started banging on about class on this thread, Check it out for yourself if you don’t believe me.

      3. I have never needed to express concerns about Corbyns working class roots as he’s NEVER claimed to have any.

        Stammer HAS, and HE gets ridiculed because of it.

        Now, brains, explain how is it Corbyn gained votes in working class areas and your so called working class hero spunked them, hmm?

        For someone what practically begs to be accepted as working class, stammer hasn’t a fucking clue how to win them over, as shown last month.

        …Because no self-respecting working class person will wear thr utter shite that emanates from him or his lackeys.

        That’s why.

        You have to be criminally fucking stupid to believe stammer.

        Yet YOU do.

        Nuff said.

      4. Toffee – The fact is that the working class vote deserted Corbyn in droves at the 19GE, more of them voted Tory (by a significant 15 point margin) than voted Labour.
        More ABC1s than C2DEs voted for Corbyn.
        Labour would have been decimated without the middle class vote

      5. Oh no you don’t. You brought up his talk show appearance. And he was fishing for sympathy and bigging up his working class creds. Class is what he and you attempt to shamelessly exploit.

      6. lundiel – Your interpretation of the program is entirely yours and bugger all to do with me. The fact remains that you were the one who started prattling on about class, not me.

  25. And I don’t recall Corbyn harping on about his working class upbringing, neither.

    Do you?

    1. Another self-own of a claim from the wee fella.

      Now he’s claiming I obsess about stammers origins…

      Lad, you’re the swooning schoolgirl telling everyone they should watch the interview with moron so we can ‘learn’ about it.


    2. Toffee – You are right JC didn’t harp on about his working class roots, he’d have been ridiculed if he had tried to claim that.

      1. But stammer has, you total nincompoop. He’s as working class as I am martian ffs.

      2. Toffee – Is there a reason why Keir shouldn’t be proud of his roots. His family and upbringing are part of who he is.

      3. Toffee – I’m not the one who has to resort to uncouth ranting.

      4. He was brought up in Oxted for fucks sake. People from leafy Oxted don’t have any interest in learning about class struggle, they are interested in making money, business and networking their way up the ladder. Jeremy Corbyn’s background is irrelevant, he is a dignified and humble man who lives simply and is much loved by many, many people.

      5. lundiel – You have some strange attitudes for someone who claims to be a socialist.

      6. Dear God… The fuck is your major malfunction??

        Pretending you’re someone that you’re not is NOTHING to beat your chest about.

        It’s fucking trumpian style bollocks.

        No wonder he’s compared to Kim Jong un ffs

        You and them twats on twitter will be claiming he was born in a stable in Bethlehem next…

      7. Uncouth ranting?? From the bollockitecthat goes out of his way to annoy me, and finds it ‘exhilarating’ ??

        Even the pope would take a fucking craft knife to you if you spoke to him like you do me.

        Told you many times before – if you treat me like a prick, you’ll get spoken to as one.

      8. Toffee – I treat your comments with the respect That I think they deserve.

      9. I am a working class woman who lives in s council flat in a tower block. My Socialist ‘attitudes’ aren’t open to discussion by the likes of you.

      10. lundiel – So you claim your working class credentials on the basis of where you live but you say Starmer can’t proudly claim to have working class roots on the basis of where he grew up and his parents.

      11. lundiel – That’s a bit childish, is that really all you’ve got to offer.

  26. Still finding my alleged obsession with you and your dear benighted one gratifying hmm, bellend?

    Still find that going out of your way to get a rise out of me, is exhilarating?

    Keep going soft shite; watching you squirm and portray your own pitiful shortcomings on others is most entertaining and enlightening. 👍😉

    The gift that just keeps giving. 😏

      1. Says the whopper having his arse handed to him for the cunteenth time.

        And even though it’s a daily occurrence, you still can’t predict it. Else you’d have found a way past it.

        But it just keeps happening because just about everyone over three can see you coming, little fella

        Off you pop to gnaw away your furniture in your frustration, soft lad.

      2. Toffee – Thanks for the affirmation. You’ve become a bit of a joke in my eyes, a boring and predicable parody of yourself

  27. Toffee – I treat your comments with the respect That I think they deserve.

    Nope. You think your better than everyone else. You think you don’t have to explain your reasoning to us mere plebs.

    And that’s why you get owned time-after-friggin-time 🤫

  28. lundiel – You have some strange attitudes for someone who claims to be a socialist

    As if you and Keith know the first thing about socialism…

  29. You can read the transcript of Keir’s speech to the GMB 2021 conference here

    In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be setting out the next stage of Labour’s plan as we build toward the next general election. I’ll be out across the country, talking directly to the British people. And I can assure you that work – and building a more secure economy – will be central to that.
    Labour is, and always will be, the party of work. And the party of working people. I want people to know once again that under a Labour government they’ll earn a decent day’s pay from a job they are proud of. That we’ll end a race to the bottom on rights and standards. And that we’ll rebalance our economy, so it works for all parts of the country. And so it’s focused on the long-term, not short-term shareholder gain.
    In the last year, we’ve taken a number of really important steps on that journey – and in particular I want to thank Andy McDonald for the way he’s led the Taskforce on Power in the Workplace. And I’ll be working closely with Andy and Angela Rayner as we continue to drive that agenda forward. But if we’re to achieve everything we want for this country and for this movement, we’re going to need your help.
    This party was born out of the trade union movement. And it’s only when we work together – as we have in the last year – that we can stand up for working people. Stand up against this Conservative government. And set out the transformative change Britain so desperately needs.
    That’s the task ahead of us – and I’m looking forward to achieving it with you. Thank you.

  30. lundiel – You can delude yourself all you want about how much difference Howard Beckett’s letter made.
    The simple fact is that Keir has been highlighting Fire & ReHire fo some time now including in the House of Commons, visits to picket lines and speaking out about the subject at last years TUC conference.

      1. lundiel – Oh dear, you’re getting desperate.
        It was HB who declared war on Keir Starmer not the other way round.
        Keir and Angela (unlike some) are behaving like grown ups and appear to have now settled their differences. I have no concerns about them being able to work together constructively.

      2. Oh DO shut up, you fucking plum.

        Ten promises…. Every single one reneged on within six months.

        Every. Last. One.

        What’s your answer to that, then, imbecile?

        Not remotely interested in anything else. Just your answer.

      3. Toffee – If you want to present some credible evidence to support your assertions then by all means knock yourself out.

      4. SH it is out‼️ Your potato eyed and potato headed double COUP plotter SIR Starmer claimed his dismal polling was due to the public having no idea who he is. Rodney therefore plotted a fix with his forensic. I hear he regaled them with slushy simpering.

        GOOD! They’ve sussed the dip stick out. SIR RODNEY KEITH Starmer exposed himself to Percy Morgan, enabling the public to see more of him… “his values”… “what he stands for” besides incarcerating Julian Assange and unjustly prosecuting so many innocent post masters… the litany is long … criminal, in my judgement.

        BUT SH it is out! SteveH, davidh et al!!
        Result of Morgan’s toe curling hagiography + Max Headroom’s exposure? The voters now know more of SIR Max Headroom. BETTER!!

        SIR RODNEY KEITH Starmer is now the most unpopular “Labour leader” of all time !!!

        Even more despised than Weapons of Mass Destruction war criminal and inveterate liar the sudden multimillionaire and multi luxury propertied Blair creature.

      5. What a stupid childish comment. “It was HB who declared war on Keir Starmer not the other way round.” So it’s tit for tat and not remotely ‘grown up’. Yet ‘Keith and Angela’, who you used to go on about like a demented puppy are supposed to have kissed an made up? Shows just how much you know about the great game. Not heard much from Angela lately. I’d be willing to bet she’s just biding her time. Starmer’s enemies are mounting up.

      6. “Political scientist Richard Wyn Jones is under no illusion that Sir Keir and Ms Rayner are locked in a battle similar to that of their predecessors Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson.”
        No more squirrels or dead cats centrist dad, the wheels are coming off.

  31. Are you trying to tell us stammer hasn’t reneged on his ten ‘pledges’ soft lad?

    Name one – just one – he’s stuck to.

    But you won’t, because you can’t, because he hasn’t. But you want us to believe he has. You’d by Chaucer’s biro if stammer was selling it, you really are that much of a g.awp.

    We’re not all as fucking hopelessly gullible and servile as you, moron.

  32. Not heard much from Angela lately. I’d be willing to bet she’s just biding her time

    You could put an enormous amount of cash, possibly equivalent to the national debt on wee fella’s answer being: ‘We’ll have to wait and see’

    OR: ‘You are of course entitled to your opinion’

    OR: ‘”Where’s your proof of this”

    Or on any one of his default answers…

    ….And you’d only win a penny.

  33. “I have no concerns about them being able to work together constructively.”

    They’ve had 14 bleedin’ months of ‘working together.

    Name something – just a single thing – ‘constructive’ they’ve achieved – and don’t bother replying with anything else.

    Again. We know what you’ll attempt, because you have nothing. You ARE nothing.

    1. Reading back through the nonsense it is clear that he does it for kicks toffee and we rise to the bait. Unfortunately, I rather enjoy slapping him down, just as he must enjoy the power of being able to get a ride out of us. What to do? Ignore him completely or carry on?

      1. May as well carry on showing the little sicko up for all to see because he hasn’t the self awareness to see what a gobshite he makes of himself, post-after-post. Wee Stevie’s obviously somewhere on the autism spectrum.

        And if that’s viewed by the wrong’un as indulging him, then so be it… But only in his own warped little mind.

      2. Yes. I think an awkward, solitary boy who would argue the hind leg off a donkey turned into centrist dad haunting left wing sites for pleasure.

  34. To return, once again, to the original story – earlier I posted a comment. The comment is there to be seen (at least by me) with the note “06/06/2021 AT 1:15 PMYour comment is awaiting moderation.”. I assume that it is still awaiting moderation, yet it is there to be seen. Very strange.

    1. Did you post more than one link in the moderated post, goldbach? Or check/uncheck the ‘save my name/email/website’ box?

      The last one sometimes puts me in mod mode if I switch between phone & computer and forget to check the box. Usually it only takes a few minutes to appear, though.

      1. There were two links. I left the box ticked.
        Should I conclude that two links renders the comment blocked?

      2. I have assumed that it was the two links that blocked my comment, so I’m having another go with just one link.
        Here it is.
        “To return to the original story – Given Emma Barnett’s keenness to attribute all manner of wrong doing on the basis of emails received, it’s interesting to note the content of emails that she would appear to have received.

        Maybe she’d just forgotten about it.”

      3. As an afterthought, if you want to comment on my “08/06/2021 AT 5:01 PM” comment, be careful what you write. It would be sensible to offer no prospect of litigation.

  35. The standout news so far from the Boundary Commission Report (released yesterday) is that Ian Lavery’s seat may be no more.

    1. Given that there will be significant changes to constituency boundaries, and that this will necessitate the formation of new CLPs and the reallocation of the membership to those CLPs, this would be the ideal time to have a contested selection process for nominations of candidates in all constituencies.

  36. It is interesting to see that the Unite General Sec current nominations results have been released.
    Steve Turner is way out in front and Howard Beckett is currently third with no realistic prospect of overtaking Steve Turner.

    Steve Turner is out in front with more than 420 nominations,
    Sharon Graham is next with almost 300,
    Howard Beckett is so far third with around 270
    Gerard Coyne has surpassed the obligatory 174 with 180.

    There are thought to be around 75 results outstanding, lunchtime tomorrow is the deadline..

    1. It will be interesting to see what Howard Beckett does tomorrow once all the results are in.

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