Aberconwy CLP overwhelmingly passes no-confidence motion demanding Starmer’s resignation

First Welsh ‘CLP’ to do so – and third in UK on a single evening – also calls for change to leadership election rules

Labour members in Aberconwy last night became the first Welsh ‘CLP’ to declare their absence of confidence in Keir Starmer and to demand his immediate resignation as Labour leader. The CLP passed the following by a 12:1 margin:

No confidence Motion

Keir Starmer Aberconwy CLP believes that the election result in Hartlepool is a disaster for our party. Instead of winning back voters in key working-class areas, we are losing further seats to the Tories.

Aberconwy CLP believes that this is the result of the rightward turn taken under Keir Starmer’s leadership: abandoning class-based policies, and instead resorting to flag-waving and appeals to big business.

Aberconwy CLP notes that Starmer has also spent more time attacking grassroots Labour Party members, than he has attacking Boris Johnson and the corrupt Tory government.

For all these reasons, Aberconwy CLP declares that it has no confidence in Keir Starmer. We call on him to stand down immediately, and for a leadership contest to be set in motion – so that the membership can elect a new leadership that will fight the Tories on the basis of a bold socialist programme.

Two CLPs in England – North Devon and Liverpool Wavertree – passed similar motions on the same evening. Aberconwy members also called for a change to Labour’s leadership election rules to allow for a binding vote of no confidence in the party’s leader to be held at annual party conferences:

Rule Change Motion A Challenge to the leadership – leadership election

At present, with an incumbent in place, a left wing-candidate challenger would be required to get support from at least 40 MPs (20% of the PLP) to get onto the ballot paper. It is extremely unlikely, even in supposedly Socialist Party for a left-wing challenger, to get the required support.

If the incumbent were to stand down, however, then – according to the rules – a candidate would only need 20 MPs (or 10% of the PLP) to get onto the ballot. This is entirely possible for the left to achieve. The problem is: it is highly unlikely that Starmer would choose to stand down.

The only way to resolve this is to push through a rule change saying that there is an automatic vacancy if the leader has faced a successful Vote of No Confidence (VONC) at a party conference. Such a rule change is possible, and does not contradict the ‘three year rule’. If such a rule change is successfully passed, it would come into practice immediately.

The closing date for rule change motions for this year’s annual conference is 11 June 2021. Aberconwy CLP therefore proposes the following changes to The UK Labour Party Rule Book:

Chapter 4, Clause II:2 of the Labour Party rule book Rules change to Chapter 4, Elections of national officers of the Party and national committees. Under Clause ll:2 – Procedural rules for elections for national officers of the Party: Election of leader and deputy leader. Between 2A (The leader and deputy leader shall be elected…) and 2B (Nomination), insert a new clause 2B on ‘Vacancies’, as follows:

Chapter 4, Clause II:2.B: “A vacancy occurs either when an incumbent stands down; or has faced a successful vote of no confidence, carried by a simple majority at a national conference of the Party.” Renumber subsequent paragraphs.

Members in three CLPs have now come forward to say that Keir Starmer is the problem, not the solution – and to demand his immediate departure. How many more will add their voices to the call before Starmer’s acting general secretary David Evans again tries to gag members and assault their right to freedom of speech.

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  1. I see no joy,
    I see only sorrow,
    I see no chance of youe bright new
    So stand down stammer
    Stand down please
    Stand down stammer.

      1. Further to a post re voting parasites out, i did advise avoid Limp Dims AND Greens. Immediately thought poss harsh on the greens but now seeing this re the London Assembly.

        Though it may be a productive / fair alliance re vote share, while the Khan Keith Campbellend Mandelson contrived Bliar enabler gang may v well be a sulk, Note Well as eg Biden Clinton, the Greens may not be as they seem.

        However as the URGENT aim to rid us of the deadly pest in our party, we must think carefully to deploy our votes. We must also withdraw ALL ‘silently’ withdraw support from the parasites. By ‘silently’ i mean, there is no dignity or integrity in letting pest know who or where u r. We are in the main ‘ordinary’ members ie not MPs, Counsellors or an ex Leader who have EXCELLENT platforms. For us, just withdraw support.

        Re meetings where we do have votes, they should be anonymous / private ie not shoe of hands as you can be picked off by the parasites. Of course we also have suspicions re certain voting companies but needs much. It appear Evans has some connection with one of them. However voters votes should be anonymised. If that is breached then litigation should ensue.


      2. Bleeding hell the if we stick together we can vote ’em’ out brigade is back in I see. They never quite have the answer to how to get rid of 95% of the PLP and the backroom staff. When we have NO rights to vote them out? No ability to select candidates as this cult of new Labour has consistently demonstrated with their famous parachuting in right-wing true believers and this shortlist of one BS. If by some magical event we get back to a left leader all that will happen is JC attacks version 2 constant briefing by the cult members, attacks in the press. Anti-Semitic accusations we have all lived through it we know the vile playbook.

        So we could play it your way keep on giving these scum our subs that they will triumph as belief in their cult! We have no voice to shout NO not true currently and not likely in the future. All but a couple of so-called left MP’s are worthless gobshites that have their token protests in the media and then toe the line the rest of the time. No fire in their bellies, no real conviction! Just make it look good and keep on collecting that salary… So we can -play the slow change game but I am 51 disabled in poor health I don’t have another 20 years to play the slow change game you recommend and why should my grandkids be in a f’ing Tory paradise for that long FFS!!!!

        NO the only way we will get rid of this shower of scummers is real change and that involves giving the people real hope real socialist policies as in 2017 & 2019 manifestoes! From a socialist only party one with NO dissenting briefing right-wing membership allowed or tolerated. Any games like that are subject to immediate termination of membership or instant calling an election if it’s a sitting MP.

        The membership makes the policies and runs the party the PLP is only there to advise and has no power! The membership CLP’s and regional conferences set policies and agendas we employ Good spokesmen that respond instantly and intelligently to right-wing attacks using guidance from the membership. Same with the leader that is the only way.

        This stay and fight BS is dishonest you say we’re dreaming of talking about a new party? Well, at least it’s not a socialist nightmare like staying in this cult. I repeat my grandchildren should not have to finally see a socialist party help and heal this country your way! Do we have that long to wait for your way? How much of the country will be left. The NHS will be gone, no workers rights, Tory control of parliament absolute and living in a police state… No thanks!!!

    1. ps. could imagine the wall to wall coverage of the death and destruction raining down on the comparatively defenceless Palestinians were it Trump in office❓❓❓

      I posted immediately after Biden was declared President that the UNIQUELY peaceful four years will end. Non stop wars will resume. Thus again predictable and predicted.

      The most vulnerable pay the heavy price of our naivety. Many got caught up in the anti-Trump hysteria based on his words. Now we have the actions of BIDEN endorsing and supporting the most obscene bloodshed EXACTLY like Blair in Iraq etc.

      Inteligent and knowledgable people should not be taken in by the same MSM propaganda we criticise. Now instead of unhinged words we have unhinged MURDEROUS ABOMINATION of raining bombs on innocent men women and children.


  2. I am happy to see these, but for me it looks like Heir Starmer is Planted by The Elites/Establishment/Machine and his Duty and Purpose is to get rid of the 10/15 Democratic Socialist and create an Equally Corrupt, Equally Thatcherite Neoliberal come Neoconservative Party, Equally Anti Socialist, Equally Anti-THE PEOPLE, Equally Run BY & FOR The Elites/Establishment/Machine, Equally Warmongering, Equally Greedmongering, Equally Anti Free-Speech Party to remove all CHOICE from THE PEOPLE, just like the USA! A vote for either is no different to the other! Just the Colour Red or Blue, no difference in Policies and Actions!

    1. Meant to also say, it will take some serious doing to to uproot that Bastard, he’ll be protected from here to Timbuktu and back around the other way! He will be our Trump, no matter what he does, he’s going NOWHERE!

      1. Where’s Trump now❔ How’s he doing❔ Where’s Biden❔ How’s he doing re the raining of over One THOUSAND bombs on the Palestinians, driving them from their homes and an evil ground incursion❔❔❔

      2. Netantwatu is another Trump, look at what he for away with! Where in your life have you heard the USA’s Chihuahua [IL] yapping at the ICC that they will just do as they like, with absolutely no consequences! Even their personal Fraud cant seem to stick!

      3. BIDEN – “And one of the things that I have seen thus far is that there has NOT been a significant overreaction,’ he said. ‘The question is how WE get to a point – they get to a point –where there is a significant reduction in the attacks, particularly the rocket attacks”.

        The capitalisations are mine to emphasise the nature of the likes of Biden, Blair, Mandelson, Starmer, Clintons, Obama etc. SADLY decent sincere “Left” people regard those parasitic evil monsters as different from the status quo guards in the Republican and Tory Parties. NO! They are the same!! And THAT has been the trap that afflicts the “Left”. Until we recognise that fact fully and develop the confidence in our convictions and that it is WE who must govern and implement them, we are doomed.

        NB after half a century, how many MPs or Union leaders can you name who REGULARLY speak up to the GENERAL electorate to promote defend and normalise our views?

        The last time i asked such a question some one presented as if a triumph of approx three instances of articles in approx FIVE years. Thus underlining my point. Yet the same weird individual is whiner in chief of the MSM’s repeated lies.

        Note well even on the excellent where no decent “Left” public figure could say they are unwelcome, how often have you read ANY contributions from them?

        🚨🥀🚨🥀🚨🥀BIDEN – “And one of the things that I have seen thus far is that there has not been a significant overreaction,’ he said. ‘The question is how we get to a point – they get to a point –where there is a significant reduction in the attacks, particularly the rocket attacks”

      4. Biden, Netanyahu and lackies in the UK claim that Israel has a RIGHT to defend itself.

        Under International Law there is NO such right of self defence for an occupier such as Israel. In fact, the opposite is the case. An occupied nation has the right to oppose the occupation including the use of force if necessary. The occupier has an obligation to treat those whom it occupies with respect and never to inflict any sort of mass punishment against those who practice their legal right to oppose.

        Israel, the USA and others are characterising the violence as a war between Jews and Arabs/Palestinians. This is false and antiSemitic, designed to hide the truth. It is a ‘war’ between ZIONISTS and Palestinians. There are many many Jews who abhor the treatment of Palestinians by the Israelis. Israel is committing yet another war crime.

  3. Hmmm…. Guess which local branch is going to be found to be riddled with anti-semitism next!

    1. The motions and more should continue against EVERY SINGLE PARASITE squatting in the Labour Party. They neither deserve our respect nor support nor votes.

      They MUST go‼️‼️‼️

      1. Nah, let them stay. They have nothing to offer. Give them the last of the carcass. Now about that new party? It’s time.

      2. There have been and are many “new” parties. Quite a raft of them recently… ask Ummuna, Soubrey, Berger, Smeeth, Ellman, SWP, Communist Party, SDP, etc.

        LEARN from the parasites. The infest for good reason. It is difficult for us. The difficulty is the extraordinary craving to treat parasites as if they are desirable… that we can “work with them”, “unify with them”, “convert them” and other such embarrassing pathetic white flaggery. We have the vivid evidence now that it does not work. It never has. It never will.

        We need MPs who are prepared to learn. It is attitude that is absent. Good intentions may be abundant but counts for nothing if we hope against all evidence and debase ourselves hoping for crumbs. We must banish those failed attitudes and avoid all who foster them.

        Four years is more than enough to learn and change, but FIFTY??? That is inexplicable.

        We are not buddhas in some Nirvana. We are humans in an imperfect world. Change happens when those with conviction make change rather than limply hope change comes from empty threats.

        NB those who make the empty threats hoping to get milk from pigs, are ALL comfortably off. The do not need change. They are quite happy to jump to champion a million worthy cause over decades yet have not one single success re ANY of those causes. They delude themselves re South Africa. They were mire a hindrance to the South Africans. Mandela and his companions liberated themselves.

        Curiously rampant amongst the “Left” is a “Saviour complex” ie the same as the Empire attitude many of “Left” claim to despise.

        In addition, it is clear that those in whom many put their hope, are quite content to stay in the clouds but for infrequent visitations to an adoring crowd with whom they already agree. ZERO SUSTAINED effort is made to normalise and DEFEND our aims to the GENERAL public. Note well EVEN here on how many times have you seen even a paragraph here from an SCG member?

        I rest my case. A new party with the same defeatist culture will go the same way as the last four years have gone. We got an opportunity DESPITE the MSM etc. We FAILED to use it as it should have been.

        Remarkably the most energised crazed frenzy of a handful is to scream there is nothing we can do.

        That begs the obvious question? Why do they scream? And why use so much time and fierce energy to say there is nothing we could have done differently? Surely if it is true that we are hopeless victims at the mercy of x y and z, why not use time and energy to do something else?

        So i part agree with you. “They have nothing to offer” but we must not give them our party. Neither you nor i are carcasses. Even the dim Bliar and overrated Mandelson realises that. Shiny suited grossly overrated Ummuna Berger et al didn’t.

      3. ps shame on me, as ever i should reread before sending. Please excuse the many obvious errors eg The instead of Their. Mire instead of more. We are imperfect. 💐💐💐

      4. OK signposts, good points. I won’t harp on. You’ve articulated your position more than adequately.
        Do you remember that Mandela/Wembley do. He arrived with Boyo. I watched him sitting next to our son of topic and his demeanor during his brief visit was not one of a person at ease. If anything he looked as though he was remembering the good old days back in Robben Island. If any man could sniff a fraud it was President Mandela r.i.p

  4. Wasn’t it ‘the left’ that changed the rules to protect Jeremy from repeated challenges to his leadership. One rule for them etc etc…

  5. To return to the topic – This presents them with a problem. How long can the junta keep a lid on this? Too many resolutions makes them look weak. Too many suspensions makes them look weak. Ditching Starmer makes them look weak. The only way is for him to soldier on, but how long can a speak-your-weight machine keep on saying nothing of substance, covering up the lack of vision, the lack of policies and the lack of personality?
    Whilst out for a little walk today I bumped into a friend who’s in the LP. He’s a lovely gentle young fellow in his early sixties and I’ve never heard the mildest of curses come from his lips before. He’d voted for the android. I shouldn’t have asked but, when I did, his response would not have been out of place on the football terraces in the 70s. and it lasted for about 15 minutes. He says that the majority of the branch feels the same. If that is replicated across the country the message will get through.
    My guess is that, unless the “leadership” start having a vision and policies rather than Mandelson’s inane spin, Starmer will find that, in 2022, he has pressing family reasons why he must reluctantly step down. Later than that and it’ll be too close to the next GE to do another rebranding.

    1. SM – Are you having a laugh, The article that you’ve linked to more or less admits that it is a load of bollocks and little, if anything, more than propaganda

      “This is a biased article. We don’t like Starmer, that’s obvious, and his supporters could doubtless pick through the smallprint of the above pledges and find a few small areas in which he’s stepped up.

      1. Dead popular is Keith, isn’t he, wee man?

        Done wonders for membership numbers, eh?

        Massive lead over de piffle, eh?

        Oh, that’s right….MY voice doesn’t matter.

        So what about the voices of the current three CLPs, and those who have had their NC votes undemocratically dismissed?

        They’re party members…

      2. Thanks. I like a good laugh first thing in the morning.

      3. We’re all biased; we al don’t like Starmer and his CIA-approved pasokification of Labour. But, nevertheless, Sir Keir is a thoroughly dishonest and immoral person.

    2. Superb forensic take down of Starker’s crude con job. A child of average intelligence of age 10 could see the compelling analysis presented.

      1. Myatt – “A child of average intelligence of age 10 could see the compelling analysis presented. .

        Whereas someone who is mentally more mature and a little wiser wiser wouldn’t be quite so gullible and would see it for the load of bollocks it is.

    3. Does Starmer advocate Peace & Human Rights in the apartheid state of Israel? What about a one state solution in the land of Palestine where all people can share national identity & basic human rights equally. The irony of Radovan Karadzic being moved to a British Prison for the ethnic cleansing of muslims in Bosnia. Next candidate for the Hague for war crimes…….? Keir Starmer prosecuting?

      I still have a basic problem that I can’t resolve in my simple mind; is Jewishness a religion or a race or is it both? If it is a religion, then anti-semitism is not racism; if it is ‘racial’ then how does one convert to another race? Is there a Jewish Race & can you become part of it by converting to a religion? Why should a country have its own private terms of reference to justify its very existence? Is it then acceptable for this country to discriminate against the indigenous population on grounds of race &/or religion? Why does the Labour Party forbid a member expressing an honest opinion about Israel being an apartheid state & why is this Orwellian concept supported by the EHRC? The imprisonment of Julian Assange for the crime of journalism appears to be part of the same control promoted by Western MSM that conveniently provides us with our new moral compass.

      1. Superbly put Steve Richards. You are possibly one of the first people to question that which i have since childhood. Think of it, not u, u obviously have. How is it that the same people who happily live in New York, London, Manchester, etc amongst a multiplicity of people, races and religions, parrot for well over three decades the preposterous idea of a “Two State Solution”❓

        Surely it is out of PRECISELY the same box of tricks of the same forces which drew straight line borders across Africa and the Middle East in particular. I have always felt it a ludicrous proposition. It maintains the pernicious MYTH that there is some essential unique fault in the people.

        ALSO pernicious is the MYTH that the enduring bloodshed done by the occupiers is due to the occupied who have ZERO means of defence.

        But the biggest or most potent MYTH is that the strife is due to “the many” ie “the people”. No‼️

        The people are pawns abused and abused by the “One Percent” here in the UK, USA, Egypt, Saudi Arabia etc.

        Just as here, ENOUGH of the many are roped in to the myths propagated by those whose ONLY concern is WEALTH, POWER and CONTROL. Religion is only used as an effective stimulant / catalyst of “DIVIDE & RULE”. It works spectacularly. It always has. Note when a small country made much of the world “PINK”.

        It always will as long as ENOUGH of the many fail to pause and consider as you have.

        IF it were possible to click one’s fingers and make ALL the oil and gas disappear from that region and all the precious materials from the Congo, Mali, Yemen etc on which we depend, the strife will vanish from that region IF another SPOT becomes of geopolitical value.

        ALL is wealth, power and control. Those who rain bombs obviously could not give a fig about religion except to make desperate people do desperate things.


  6. Triumphant Labour in Wales does what we ALL want to do – win elections and get rid of Keir Starmer

  7. Hope u r well alexanderscottish.
    Jeremy will be deselected. I predicted that as soon as Members chose to be taken in by Starmer. Jeremy gave Starmer a post. Gave him one again after 1st coup. Gave him one again after 2nd coup. Never condemned, Berger, Hodge, Ummuna, Coyle, Ashworth, Blunkett, Mandelson, Blair etc. In fact he rescued Ashworth, he spoke publicly to defend Ashworth & Watson. At very end he recommend Watson for a Knighthood. He never gave ANY of that public support for his friends of over forty years. About five weeks ago, he STILL called Starmer a freind etc.
    We are in a dreadful position now because of Jeremy going out of his way to “Do everything they asked”.

    Question – what is the point of protesting to those in power who have ALWAYS stuck to their own agenda, yet when we had a one in a million opportunity, EVERYTHING was done to appease warmongers and liars??? What sort of integrity and decency is that. What sort of integrity finds “something more important” to do, than vote to impeach the war criminal Blair???

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