Elderly branch sec caves to pressure to deny story about Turner/Graham avoiding hustings vs Beckett. It’s still accurate

Supporters of both rival candidates using chair’s statement to claim original story false. It isn’t

On Thursday, Skwawkbox reported that, according to sources within West London Unite Community, two candidates bidding to become Unite’s next general secretary had declined to take part in a hustings against left candidate Howard Beckett. According to sources within the branch, both had said that they would take part in individual Q&A sessions, but not a joint event. Beckett had accepted the hustings invitation.

Now the elderly and frail secretary of the branch has issued a statement claiming this was not the case, which is being used by supporters of both Steve Turner and Sharon Graham to deny that it happened.

The story remains accurate.

It has been confirmed by other sources within the branch – who also reported that the secretary, who was not a source for the information, had come under considerable pressure and even bullying from supporters in other camps when the original article came out.

Skwawkbox stands by its reporting.

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  1. I wonder how long it will be before the comments are closed on this article as well.

    1. Because Sqwawkbox always so brutally represses your right to fully express your deflections.

    2. Who said that? Steve have Skwawkie been censoring your posts? Keep trying and I’m sure that you will eventually see your posts on here.

  2. The Pope’s a Catholic. Bears shit in the woods. And Labour Movement rightwingers say whatever it takes to pull the wool over your eyes.

    To wit, Keir Starmer the Unity Candidate

    Whatever it takes!!

    1. He’s definitely a force for Unity, but it’s with whom that makes one shudder.

  3. The article is unclear. Are we to take it that both Steve Turner and Sharon Graham will now be appearing at these televised hustings. Has Coyne also been invited and if not, why not and if so will he also be taking part on Monday’s hustings.

    1. It’s perfectly clear Steveh. Socialist TV is broadcasting a Unite Community hustings event on May Day bank holiday evening and all three GS candidates voiced intention to participate. Two of them (Turner and a woman one) now wish they hadn’t. They can see that Beckett is energising members and stimulating ideas, brave ideas, socialist ideas and ideas of extreme disappointment in Keir Starmer and his appalling ‘new management’ of the Movement’s plp. They want out – and so mount the shenanigans that SW describes above.

      Will they participate? Don’t know, but it almost doesn’t matter any more. For them, it’s a lose-lose decision. If they participate they’re going to look piss-poor and irrelevant to the appetites that Howard Beckett is stimulating in members. If they don’t, they’ll look cowardly and unfit for election. Lions and Donkeys come to mind.

      1. qwertboi – Your ‘interpretation’ appears to be somewhat at odds with SB’s reports.

    2. I think I’ve worked out why Coyne wasn’t invited to these hustings, the devils in the detail.

      All the candidates [still] attempting to gain the required number of branch nominations have been invited to a live online hustings

      It appears that Coyne’s surprising success at gaining nominations has already put him well out in front and excluded him under the above criteria.

      Launching his marketing campaign, Mr Coyne – who already has greater than 200 nominations, in keeping with his supporters – informed Sky Information: “Unite members and reps are crying out for change, no more of the identical.

  4. Turner- I will only do it if I can do it alone! [Piss Scared]
    Graham – I will only do it if Turner does it! [No Leadership]
    Coyne – *Tumbleweed* [Who!?]
    Beckett – Any Time, any Place You Name it, I’ll be there! [Feck it! Vote Beckett!]

    Mmmm! Looks like there is inly one possible Leader in that bunch!
    More ‘Fecken Vote Beckett!’ Than Feck it! Vote Beckett! He certainly is no second Choice!
    Just best make sure the Voting and Counting in Secure and Uncorrupted!

  5. Why the sources within the branch aren’t named?
    Are they officers within the branch?
    How do we know they are branch members in the first place?
    What we have is the Secretary of a branch denying that this is the case. However, Skwawkbox replies is that the news is correct and that the branch Secretary is being bullied.
    On what evidence?
    Has the branch Secretary complaint of bullying?
    Why didn’t Skwawkbox checked with the Secretary in the first place about the accuracy of the story, before printing it?
    .Please Skwawkbox provide evidence for example:
    1- has a complaint been logged with Unite over the alleged bullying of the branch Secretary?
    2-Any emails/text from Turner and Graham refusing to attend a hustings with Beckett?
    Somehow I expected better standards of journalism that to print as news unreliable innuendo.

    1. I do wonder how much the Branch Secretary appreciates being cast as a weak, elderly and frail person who doesn’t have the strength to stand up to bullies.

    2. I find the coverage of the millionaire Lawyer from Belfast biased and embarrassing for the Squawkbox.You are trying to make Steve Turner a long time trade union man supported by the bulk of the left wing and the Communist party of Britain and endorsed by many socialist blogs and newspapers just another right wing enabler.You are entitled to use your influence,but most sensible people will judge the Lawyer on his actions not what he says.Another lawyer for the left and another con.

      1. I do judge him on what he has said and his record I also judge the other candidates the same way. If you want to offer some evidence that only you are privy then please do so? otherwise I suggest if you want to throw crap around you go help out our farmers.

        I personally don’t care if he is a lawler I judge a man on his character has he made mistakes? Yes, has he tried to apologise and constantly stand up for the little man hell yes!! What do I see in these other candentes? Just more sadness from the cult of new Labour 2.0 middle of the road BS at best and blatant right wing junk at worse yes Labour really needs more of that not!

        Well I suppose it will put the final nail in the coffin and people might accept that socialism is dead in Labour the right wing cancer has seeped into every facet and there is no chance of ever getting rid of all of them.

        So I will support anyone that offers a chink of hope currently if you don’t want to fine but don’t cast aspersions withothing to back it up!

      2. Nope, sorry but the party needs more briefs and mouthpieces. Look how useful they were during the media, Blaire,and A/S scams? Priceless, oops, pardon me , expensive.

    3. Sigh, The usual right wing whatism strikes again. As for why the source wasn’t named when the hell has a journalist ever been stupid enought to name these sources? So they can be singled out for retaliation, abuse and knowing this cult of new Labour 2.0 kicking out the party on spurious trumped up charges. That’s why FFS!

      The other candidates aren’t blinking stupid or I hope not at there level in the union and so there will never be any texts or emails direct from them. They have staff to originase this stuff and that’s who will either send apologise. Why they won’t attend or as in this story only if x happens will they attend. So why demand something that is impossible to be produced? Unless you are deliberately trying to pick holes in the story in the belief this will convince some people there is some sort of coverup and it’s all lies….

      Oh and who is the Branch secretory meant to complain about? They like cowards everywhere will be anonymous or late night silent phone calls. Emails and or texts from unknown numbers or throw away accounts that can never be conveniently linked to anyone. It’s always the same sad right wing scumbag playbook of abuse and lie from this cult of new Labour 2,0 currently sadly.

      I expect this BS from our paid shill. I hope it’s just a case of useful idiot questions, but sadly my faith in people involved in Labour is at all time low currently.

      1. Disabledgrandad, Steve Turner started The Labour Assembly Anti-Austerity in 2013 at a time in which the Labour Party was very much in favour of “austerity light”. Thus, for those of us that opposed austerity even before Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour Party in 2015, Turner has a proven track record of supporting good working conditions, protecting workers rights and denouncing austerity.
        We need a smart General Secretary that can think bigger than Party politics, that can advance the rights of the workers, that can persuade by putting plausible arguments. Steve Turner has been instrumental in persuading a lot of people that austerity is a political choice no a must have.
        Where is the track record of Howard Beckett? All Beckett is doing is very much opposing Starmer but Starmer isn’t in government, isn’t he? What attacking Starmer is going to give to the British workers?
        I would like for Howard Beckett to stand for the position of Labour MP at the next General Election in a safe Labour seat and then to stand for the leadership of the Labour Party. I see Beckett as far more suitable for the position of Labour Party leader than for General Secretary of a Trade Union.
        All the people here that are attacking Steve Turner as a “right winger” clearly they haven’t been following British politics for very long. Otherwise, you would realise how moronic it is to suggest that Turner is a right winger.

      2. Maria, “We need a smart General Secretary that can think bigger than Party politics, that can advance the rights of the workers, that can persuade by putting plausible arguments.” How is it that a Man who knows the Law, from Working Class background, not perfectly fitting that GS Desired Qualities of your way over the top of Turner?
        How come Starmer pulled RW Coyne out as not to pull votes from Turner, (cocked up by Birmingham MP), surely it would be better to have as many LW Candidates to split the LW vote supposedly 3 ways and the supposedly one RW candidate gets 100% of ALL RW votes?
        Why did “United” Left boot all Supporters of Beckett?
        Can you Provide Bona Fide Turner Support from any “Left Wing” uncontaminated by Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories, ie not FAKE Momentum, Labour List, Owen Jones, Novara Media or any of the other Thatcherite Neoliberal “Socialists”?
        And Reversely can you show me their Support/Unbiased reporting for Beckett, Graham and Coyne all together?
        Interesting that Beckett is by far the most Popular Left Candidate and it is really only Skwawkbox who is passionately backing Beckett, what is wrong with that? – How much more track record do you need?
        Perhaps Steve Turner is still true to his “Left Wing” roots, but his allegiance with his Führer Starmer and his Starmerstuppen stinks!
        I think most Socialists are being anal about his PERSONAL achievements almost like The Working Class must never under any circumstances do well for themselves. The idiotic notion that Socialists in 2021 are not allowed to own property or be landlord is madness! Is it not better if Socialists who do well, scoop up property before the Capitalist Tories of either Conservative and Neolabour variety!?
        SB has not named the sources for what reason!? There is only one reason and that is the FEAR instilled by the Dictatorship of a 90/95% Thatcherite Neolabour Party Tory PLP! They could loose their Jobs at a drop of a hat, never mind speaking to Skwawkbox about their Opposition to Steve Turner, Howard Beckett!
        We need someone who will take on any wrongs against the People who is not afraid to stand up to Starmer, Johnson or the Israel Lobby! AND he knows the Law so against Mr “Don’t you dare to get cold feet!!!” someone without Law will be nothing more than Playdough! We need a GS who is not afraid/polite/trusting in humanity to dive into their gutters after them, when they want to take it there! There is only 1!

      3. skellyknelly ….and the Communist Party supports Steve Turner

        BRITAIN’S communists have backed lifelong socialist Steve Turner to be next Unite general secretary.
        The party’s political committee has endorsed the United Left candidate to replace Len McCluskey as the union’s next leader when the contest begins later this year, noting his contribution to the working class struggle from his time as a bus conductor to being assistant general secretary of Unite.
        The committee highlighted Mr Turner’s lead in campaigns to preserve manufacturing and develop green jobs, his battles against racism and inequality, his organising of young workers and his leading role in negotiating the furlough scheme during Covid.
        His fight for lay member control and decentralisation in the union were also noted, along with his commitment to a democratic manifesto, drawing ideas and contributions from lay activists throughout Unite.
        A passionate fighter for his class, he believes that only a socialist society can deliver for our people, the committee heard.
        The Communist Party called on all communists, socialists and trade unionists to support Mr Turner.

      4. Each to their own I guess, I guess the Communist Party will be Anally Fixed on the “Landlord Issue” which really I would support if we lived in a society where there was a house for every person who needs one, we don’t. I am astonished that The Communist Party is advocating a candidate who props up and is supported by Thatcher’s Neolabour Party Leader The Führer of “Don’t you dare to get cold feet!!!”! Very Surprised indeed.

  6. Oh dear, oh dear. Journalists frequently quote sources. When they quote sources they do not name the sources unless they have been authorised to do so. Many sources ask for anonymity. Reputable journalists will only quote sources if either they have information from a source who has a history of providing accurate information or, where there is no such long history, it is possible to get corroborative information from a number of independent sources. Swawkbox appears to have confirmation of the account from more than one source so it is perfectly reasonable to run with the story. My guess, Maria, is that Skwawkbow has been asked by the sources not to name them; and there is nothing wrong with that.

    1. Goldbach, what about providing evidence? Have the sources provided any evidence in the form of email/text that Steve Turner refused to appear on a hustings with Howard Beckett?
      We have the Secretary of the branch refuting that this has happened, who am I going to believe? The Secretary of the branch or anonymous sources that are not providing an iota of evidence apart of what they are saying?
      Then the Secretary of the branch is being bully, has the Secretary of the branch made an statement in this regard? Any proof that any one has submitted a complaint to Unite for investigation of the alleged bullying?
      Come on, we have for years the MSM telling us that the Labour Party is a nest of antisemitism, that it is institutional. Hence, Goldbach are you saying that it must be true since people are saying it? Please, let us have some rigour and don’t start publishing things just because some people happen to be saying things without first checking the accuracy of the story.
      Clearly, the source isn’t the branch Secretary as published here. Shouldn’t the Skwawkbox seek to have contacted the branch Secretary before publishing the story? Why he/she wasn’t contacted in the first place?
      Who has said that the Secretary is being bully? Has the Secretary of the branch confirm that he is being bully? Otherwise if he hasn’t, why the Skwawkbox is running the story?
      I am sorry but this isn’t serious journalism.

  7. We all have choices. I don’t rate BBC journalism so I don’t watch the BBC news. I used to put in complaints but all I got was a response saying “Oh no, no, no, perish the thought.” If you don’t rate Skwawkbox then you have the option of not reading it. Your choice.

    1. Hear! Hear! I binned all of the Mainstream 6 Years ago, not that the damned noise box ever intrigued me much, not looked back for one moment. There are as many and more decent Documentaries, Independent Radio Channels on the internet. We see enough of the MSM trash on The indie Media to keep us up to speed with their Spin and Lies!

      1. skellynelly
        Russia Today attracts a lot of specialists in their fields who cut through the BS

      2. Hi Doug, I normally keep an eye on RT, PressTV and in the past Al Jazeera, I found they actually gave UK News better than UK News itself, Al Jazeera seems to have Americanised, RT a bit to Trump like, but as you say many of the people offer decent narratives and well researched, The same with Press TV there are few ME and UK reporting that puts it down how it is, but like everything even UK Indie Media you have to research and think for yourself. It is all such a bloody mess it’s a wonder people can still report on the bastards running the show, before the ink dries they’ve changed everything, that is very Goebbels Fear Propaganda! and they are all at it!

  8. So Karie’s going to get rid of Headroom. Should’ve used her powers during GE to help us win. That rag is worthless even as a rag, insiders told me.

    1. Karie Murphy was the person put in charge of the 19GE campaign, the last thing we need is more of the same.

      1. Wow. I never knew that Karie Murphy was the one behind the second referendum nonsense. You live and learn.

      2. goldbach – “Jeremy Corbyn’s chief of staff Karie Murphy and a number of other ‘LOTO’ staff are to move to Labour’s Southside HQ to oversee Labour’s campaign in the coming election.

        A Labour source said:
        As we ramp up campaigning ahead of a general election, we are maximising the use of the resources we have to ensure we are successful. Karie will drive this crucial work from HQ, as she did during the last election.

      3. Aha! So she was charged with administering the campaign rather than making the decision to advocate a second referendum. Not even Moses would have been able to chart a way out of such a pickle.

      4. goldbach – I’m surprised that you didn’t know that she was running the campaign. It was well publicised at the time, as was Murphy’s disastrous strategy of ignoring the polls when deciding on the allocation of campaign resources.

      5. I apologise. My sarcasm clearly went over your head.
        Still, it represents a nice diversion from the intrigue surrounding UNITE?

  9. Dear gods and fairies, what will these people do when the Hard Left and The Hard Right actually rise! Imagining that Democratic Socialism is “Hard Left” and Thatcher’s Neolabour Tories are “Centre Left” is going to come back and bite them on the arse so bad!
    The only “Hard” that Democratic Socialists do is put up a Hard Fight against The Injustice and Inequality against ALL THE PEOPLE!
    I wish someone could point out the “Hard Left” Actions or Policies of The “Hard Left” Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party! AND Point out the “CENTRE LEFT” Actions and Policies of The Führer Starmer and his Starmerstruppen! AND NOT Talk and Spin, let’s see, so far the Führer broke all his Election Campaign Promises, sworn allegiance with Johnson for the sake of “Adult Politics”, Denounced Black Lives Matter, Refused to deal with Anti Black, Muslim, Arab, Asian, Traveller Racism in and out of The Party, “Don’t you dare to get cold feet!!!”, etc, etc, etc and let’s quote Starmerstruppen Commander Reeves: “We’ll make it harder than the “Tories” for Benefit Claimants than The “Tories”” who have only claimed 100s of 1000s of lives due to their benefit system, plunged many more into poverty and homelessness!
    Yeah I reckon Thatcher’s Neolabour Party Tories, with whom Steve Turner swore allegiance and to whom Steve Turner believes the GS should keep out of Party Politics and only speak when spoken to, even though those Neolabour Party Tories’ decisions/policies are affecting The so called “Working Class” Directly! MMMMM! Yup, “Very Left-Wing” indeed! so I reckon Thatcher’s Neolabour Party Tories, are about as “Centre Left” as Britain First!
    When WILL THE PEOPLE wake UP!?
    Are there REALLY only so few of us who see what is going on!? Not Conspiracy nonsense, but going ons, but actually happening in front of our eyes!?
    Old but still relevant!

    1. It appears that Coyne already has enough nominations to guarantee his place on the ballot paper.

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