Breaking: left-wing writer and former ambassador Craig Murray sentenced to 8 months in prison – for article authorities did not ask to be taken down

Writer withheld names in sexual harassment case but state went after him anyway

Left-wing writer and former UK ambassador Craig Murray has been sentenced to eight months in prison on a ‘contempt of court’ charge.

The state went after Murray for articles he wrote after attending the 2020 court case against former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond, on the basis that his articles might have led to the identification of Salmond’s accusers. However, as Murray’s defence barrister pointed out during the trial, the ‘Crown’ had contacted Murray about one of the articles in early 2020 – but did not request that it be removed, suggesting that any risk was not considered significant. Salmond was acquitted on all accounts.

Murray himself claimed during the wait for trial that the prosecution was politically motivated – and pointed out that two-thirds of people who had learned the identities of Salmond’s accusers said that they did so from so-called ‘mainstream’ media. No ‘mainstream’ publication or journalist was pursued.

Murray’s legal team is preparing an appeal. Anyone wishing to contribute to his defence fund can do so here.

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  1. This sentence has been ”stayed’, pending an Appeal.

    A brief recap of what this case is about(cringe with me, at ‘Edinberg’) :

  2. The Scottish political ‘establishment’ and its media allies have been exposed in a shockingly bad way by the whole Salmond affair especially the legal officers and their departments. This prosecution of Murray is a disgrace. I hope a higher none Scottish court throws it out.

  3. Interesting case, and controversial background also. I have little faith in the appeal, considering the trial was a stitch up.

    The takeaway is it’s that little bit more evidence that the table is tilted. The game is rigged.

    Hopefully his stretch will be incident free.

  4. The establishment is becoming more authoritarian every day – and it will continue until people awaken to their chirades, whether they be the Covid ‘Pandemic’ power grab or the spycops Police Bill (and ensure CLPs manage to raise no confidnce motions on Sir Keir and Evans).

    1. You’re right there. It’s the whistleblowers and publishers they go after these days whil the guilty are treated as victims. Also you have security services mouthpieces like Bellingcat accusing all and sundry of spreading fake news while they pump out lies on a daily basis.

      1. Yup, the very second that the CIA and the American spy agency, NDA, succeeded in their intmidation of Alan Rusbriger (anf the once-liberal Guardian), the game changed. Effectively MSM and its editors became enforcers of the American deepstate agenda. (and the Covid/Corbyn Antisemism/ Salisbury lies started exactly on cue in celebration).

    1. Devastatingly sad news. It is only one of the many peculiar judgements. Craig has been standing up to the status quo for decades despite the most dreadful attacks on him. Jack Straw actually had the confidence to write that Craig bothers too much about human rights. That was Straw’s response to TRUE forensic and verified evidence by the York University, that victims of the Uzbekistan despots were boiling humans alive.

      All best wishes to The definition of Honourable – Craig Murray.

      ⚖️❓❌ ⚖️❓❌⚖️❓❌

      1. that should read – victims were being murdered by being boiled alive.


  5. Anonymity! A useful tool especially when making accusations however spurious. Anonymous accusations are the most favoured tool used by the Labour Party with endorsements by EHRC.

    1. And the army, security services and government. Whatever briefing a “senior source” gives the press, is never questioned, just presented as fact.

  6. This is shameful treatment of a decent man. Skwawkbox refers to Murray as left-wing. I wouldn’t say that he was left-wing, but I would call him a champion fo the truth. The powers-that-be can’t abide his honesty. There is a whole long list of examples.
    He kept on highlighting the human rights abuses in Uzbekistan when he was ambassador.
    He exposed the Salisbury/Novichok story that the government was spinning as nonsense.
    He campaigned for Scottish independence.
    He campaigned for the release of Julian Assange.
    He criticised the attempts to portray Salmond as a mad rapist.
    And above all, right from his Uzbekistan days, he just wouldn’t shut up when he was told to do so.
    And where are those great “advocates of press freedom” in the MSM? Not simply sitting on their hands, but rubbing them together.

    1. As he said himself “I cannot wear badges and pins” when he talks truth to power, but I suspect he’s as left wing as many here and he certainly knows his Karl Marx.

      He exposed the Salisbury/Novichok story that the government was spinning as nonsense.” A biochemist acquaintance of mine claims to have convinced Craig Murray that GCHQ’s part-specification of the ‘Soviet nerve agent”, Novichock was probably an exact molcular match of Monsanto’s Roundup®, the ‘powerful herbicide’ that is extremely toxic to all carbon lifeforms and is probably on special offer at Homebase or Wilkinsons or Tesco this very secon.

      Isn’t poorly-regulated capitalism a wonderful spectacle, soviet nerve poisons commodified by it and available to all at a value price!

      1. He has certainly been advocating only recently that the left needs to take back the Labour party

      2. A biochemist acquaintance of mine claims to have convinced Craig Murray that GCHQ’s part-specification of the ‘Soviet nerve agent”, Novichock was probably an exact molcular match of Monsanto’s Roundup®,

      3. Evidence for:

        “A biochemist acquaintance of mine claims to have convinced Craig Murray that GCHQ’s part-specification of the ‘Soviet nerve agent”, Novichock was probably an exact molcular match of Monsanto’s Roundup®”???

  7. The man will never be the same again after what is considered a short sentence.At is age incarceration hurts more and does much more physical and mental damage.The prison officers are machines and I hope that the appeal can stop this farcial sentence of so called justice..

    1. It’s legalised cruelty. What are we turning into? Any outrage is brushed simply off. It’s become so often that our humanity is under attack. The law is abnormal. Never mind new normal.

  8. As another poster has pointed out, I wouldn’t exactly say Craig Murray is a left winger, but is a champion of truth.

    He has been on the establishments target list, as well as the SNPs for sometime now as he calls out BS as he sees it.

    Will donate to his campaign fund.

    1. I wouldn’t exactly say Craig Murray is a left winger

      The Overton Window is subject to sudden movement at any time…

      Good luck with the appeal, Craig.

    2. Left, right and centre; doesn’t matter, it’s an injustice. God save Julien.

  9. During the original cold war, transparency and freedom to speak/publish facts was a key tool in the anti-authoritarian toolbox. Since the fall of the wall, we’ve adopted everything from territorial expansion, economic hybrid warfare, shutting down debate, deplatforming, uncritical reporting through to politicians all wearing little enamel lapel badges…..all copied from the evil totalitarian Communists.

  10. The primary purpose in this injustice is to send a chill wind throughout these islands – and abroad – giving pause to every blogger, every would-be whistleblower and every employee – still working or retired- who is considering spilling the beans and upsetting the applecart.

    The mainscream media will be obsequiously bellowing the “this is what happens to conspiracy theorists” news loud and clear to all four corners.

    1. Add the upcoming online harms law and stir. People are just refusing to see what is in plain sight. Lots of clever lefties with websites have no idea how bad things are and how truly bad they will get. We are not prepared but they are and Starmer is doing his job perfectly. Has Headroom offered any words of comradeship or even empathy. Course not.

    1. We know exactly what “Lady” Dorrian and her fellow lickspittles are, and it aint Lady and Lords.

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