Video: 10,000s’ spontaneous Corbyn chant. Spine-tingling #Glastonbury2017

Already at Glastonbury this week, there was the amazing sight of dancers at a ‘silent disco’ breaking spontaneously into the now-famous ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ chant that began when he appeared to 20,000 Libertines fans at Tranmere Rovers’ stadium during the General Election campaign:

There have been reports of similar outbreaks among street crowds, at union conferences and other events all around the country. But one of the most spine-tingling – or spine-chilling if you’re a Tory – sights and sounds you will see and hear took place on Friday night during the Glastonbury performance by music legends Radiohead, when tens of thousands of fans broke into the chant in a darkness lit only by stage lights, mobile phone screens and glo-sticks:

The audience will have been a mix of young, middle-aged and older people – Radiohead are an institution that has been around long enough to have fans of widely-spread ages and Glastonbury attracts young, old and in-between.

But Glastonbury these days is an overwhelmingly middle-class event and for these people to be buzzing with hope and excitement over a politician is unprecedented.

And the terror that will strike into the hearts of Tory supporters is probably why so many are rabidly trying on social media to dismiss the remarkable phenomenon of a 68yo Labour politician not only inspiring tens of thousands at a rock concert but also being prominently billed as an attraction in his own right:


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  1. What’s he gonna sing?

    I’ll go for ‘Go now’ by the Moody Blues 🙂

  2. Really feels like the true Labour movement is getting somewhere now after years of struggle.

  3. My daughter was at the front of the crowd, and phoned me to get on to the internet to watch Jeremy Corbyn – it was an inspiring speech, and my daughter and her friends loved it!

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