Exclusive: Liverpool supporters’ union refused meeting with Johnson – ‘we can’t meet with someone who starves kids, writes for the S*n and made COVID a disaster’

Liverpool legend Bill Shankly (image credit: By cchana from London, UK, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=43900293

As public outrage grew over the planned exclusive ‘Super League’ of European football clubs, the chairs of the Football Supporters Association, the Arsenal supporters trust and the Spirit of Shankly union of Liverpool FC supporters were asked to have an online meeting yesterday with Boris Johnson.

The Liverpool group refused, saying that it couldn’t meet with someone who:

The group added that it realised a political response is good alongside fan protests and sponsor-boycotts and agreed to take part in cross-party meetings with sports ministers – but said this could not include ‘someone treating it as a publicity stunt so he can say he is working with supporters’.

The meeting procceeded without the Liverpool contingent.

One more reason to love Liverpool.

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  1. I know nothing about football, but good for them! I hope they say the same for The Clowns’ Side Kick, doesn’t he also write columns in The Sun? I am sure I remember something about Starmer and The Sun.
    We all know Blair Sold his Soul to The Murdoch, to create The “Labour” People of The Sun and Campbell/Mandelson’s “Labour” People of The Sun in Lambskin, until he had nookie with Murdoch’s wife and then promptly got spat him out, well sort of, almost, because he later became Godfather to the daughter who was already God-daughter to Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman who was relieved of Godparentage and the Child as given to Godparents Blair!

    1. Nice one, Paul! Knew I recognised Blott from somewhere!!

      Where was Blott and his SoS lot (Or any LFC supporter’s association) about the club (For a period since the late 1980’s – (So not the fault of one set of owners but a policy employed by several owners over several DECADES) buying up properties in the immediate area surrounding the barn…Sorry, stadium, and allowing them to go to wrack & ruin; thereby forcing those who remained to put up with the resulting grime and crime…


      I’m proud of the city of Liverpool. The club, along with the mindset of a plethora of it’s (mainly ‘wool’ support, can do one, for me.

  2. I always wonder what Shankly and Clough would have made of Ferguson
    Bill Shankly beat The Duke of Edinburgh to it when observing our fellow countrymen
    With 2 Scotsmen in your team you have a chance of winning everything
    With 3 you will win nothing

  3. Shankly said he was received more warmly by Everton rather than his own creation, once he’d retired…

    I digress… Here’s the Spirit of shankly in all its unadulterated ‘glory’…


    1. The Toffee
      Was sat in Gladys Street end with my brother in law (blue nose) when Newcastle scored, it was during the Keegan era, started jumping up and down and then got the alright lar, calm down, calm down
      Couldn’t help myself and told the two lads to fuck off
      I said its alright for you fuckers you’ve won something in my lifetime, we’ve won sfa
      They laughed, thankfully
      That was however many years ago, still waiting

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