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Video: thousands, mostly maskless, gather in London. Strangely there are no riot police with batons

Can you say ‘double standards’? Establishment excuse of social distancing for action against protesters collapses

Footage of huge crowds at the gates of Buckingham Palace have been marked by the glaring absence of aggressive police action to disperse them. This is, of course, unsurprising – but it does make a mockery of the claims of Establishment apologists that the use of riot police against protesters and police aggression toward women holding a vigil on Clapham Common was justified because of the pandemic:

While those holding the Clapham Common vigil and most of the protesters beaten by police in London and Bristol were wearing masks, few of the mourners gathering because of the death of the queen’s husband were masked.

Nobody expects riot police dispersing mourners outside Buckingham Palace, though it might reasonably be asked why there appear to have been no attempts at all even to make people at least spread out – but the excuse for the use of violence against Clapham Common mourners and peaceful free-speech and anti-racism protesters was just exposed as the cynical spin it always was.

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  1. Who’s that old geezer? Is he a relative?
    Maybe Prince Andrew has aged since his recent troubles…

    1. I don’t know, but I thinks he’s been at the Bristol Cream since way too early!

  2. Oh please God let this insanity end. I understand the need to belong but we have surpassed anything North Korea could hope for. There were already four programmes on the royal family scheduled for tonight and that was before prince Phillip upped and died. The royal family aren’t even in residence at Buckingham palace. Mass hysteria has been generated.

    1. I think we went past that mark during the crusades! I reckon North Korea needs to pull something quite spectacular from their hat to beat our even recent Human Rights history! Then again that is Mainstream Behaviour and they just need a snap going to church or smiling puppy eyes and ear to ear, and all is forgiven!
      Look at Alan Duncan Nr1 target of Mossad “The Lobby”, yet he spoke to Jeremy Corbyn and Chris Williamson like pieces of shit for raising far less of an alarm to this! Will we see groups of 50 to 100 angry Zionists Protesting Antisemitism in London against Duncan’s Claims!?

      1. ‘The Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) has been responsible for pushing the UK to adopt disproportionately anti-Palestinian and pro-Israel policies, former Conservative MP and government minister until 2019 Alan Duncan says.’
        He goes into more detail about the interference of pro-Irael lobbyists on Britain’s public life and negatively influencing the county’s foreign policy.
        I wonder if the Guardian will be reviewing his memoir in which he makes these statements

      2. It is all very, very strange how he just piped up out of the blue, ‘on his own’ and after attacking anyone on the opposite side of the isle, for even the slightest concern raised.
        It is mad! I struggle with this one, he knew this info while attacking and denigrating Corbyn’s leadership and all that while being Minister of State, I wonder how withholding such knowledge at that sensitive level stacks up against legally!? By 2019 the Zionist Regime Interference had an extremely adverse effect on British Politics, the outcome of two General Elections (In the favour of his Party) and he withheld said knowledge until now! He can’t say he did not know, because we all seen ‘The Lobby’!
        Well I guess it will just vanish or get very, very interesting!

      3. FFS, SkellyKnelly, I think your insoucient (and no doubt intendedly humorous) claim that North Korea is somehow ‘behind the UK’ in its human Rights violations is utterly distasteful. The bourgeois democratic UK is no paradise, but the hereditary stalinist dictatorship of North Korea is hell on earth for the vast majority of its citizens – and particularly the hundreds of thousands of slave worker prisoners in its network of concentration camps/’reeducation centres’ – some of which are multi-generational concentration camps .

        Mind you, with your tiresome non sequitur introduction of the ‘Israel/zionism’ , diversionery, meme into an article specifically about covid and policing, and deference to the UK monarchy, you are either , a troll knowingly intent on discrediting the left with the insertion of this predictable stuff, , or just an all-too- common self identifying ‘Leftwinger’, who is actually just a slogan-spouting moron obsessed with Israel , at the expense of any other of our globe’s many, many, oppressed people – including the unfortunate people of North Korea – barely surviving under the brutal stalinist tyranny of its now hereditary ruling elite..

      4. I think you are just a tad Anal jpenny I will not justify myself to you, who do you think you are!? I can see by your Stalin and Israel frothing and use of Wikipedia that you are a Zionist curiously you appear protective of the Honour if the left, quite bizarre as a Zionist, especially talking about North Korea!
        Anyway, sorry you don’t like my comments, may I suggest you take them with a pinch of salt.
        NB! For future reference, I will only reply to non toxic comments!
        Stay Safe

    2. Spot-on lundiel.
      “The royal family aren’t even in residence at Buckingham palace. Mass hysteria has been generated.”

      The mas hysteria is ATTACHING itsel to Phillip’s death, but it is bbc- and msm-generated HYSTERIA about the health issue we are all grappling with, COVID-19.

      Phillip’s death is acting like a fuse – and blowing it at least reminds the usually masked, socially distanced and “vaccine” -medicated masses that they are meant TO FEEL THINGS and be human.

      But not too much – or the lockdowns will all have been for nothing (and we might become critical of a very corrupt Government which is syphoning public funds to a handfull of billionaires and sponsors)!

      1. The mind boggles at what Boris is up to under cover of this excellent distraction..

    1. Who cares. All this royalty adolation and milking of the scenario of a 99 year old ill guy passing over to me is somewhat weird and shameful, also without any relevance for my life. He will be missed by his family and friends.
      But what about the 140000 lives lost to covid, the lives of children lost in Palestine and Yemen, the lives blighted by poverty and other social inequalities in this country. These lives need celebrating and remembering as well as being a lesson we need to learn from their suffering and passing: treat people humanely with compassion and natural respect. Unless we do, nothing will change and the life will get poorer and worse.

      1. Sabine,totally agree and it makes me shocked and saddened that there is a substantial amount of peasants that support the establishment monarchy and theres nothing we can do to change that.I left the Labour party because I thought of the treatment of Chris Williamson and many others under a nominal left wing administration.The final nail was that so many could knowingly vote for a knight of the realm who represented the worst of the broad church brigade that I realised have been a cross to struggle with.over half a century.I now realise that We in this United kingdom are just that and I now believe that swimming against the tide at my age seventy is a substantial waste of the short time left.Goodbye to all of that British Empire and all of that British propoganda and helo to the real third world.Still Bolton wanderers won last night and its onwards and upwards and thankfulness for small victorys.

      2. I think its a shame he just missed out on a letter from the Queen
        If he had stayed alive would he have given the Queen one when she hits 100
        Is that the protocol
        Just asking

      3. I doubt he would’ve been capable, even with a blue pill! 😂

  3. HOLD THE FRONT PAGE: 99 year old male dies of… old age.

    First time this year?

    COVD Covid covid. PANIC panic panic. Get your jabs. Get your jabs. Get your jabs.

    It would take around 3,000 people to become ill with covid for one of them to die. Go to a Covid Dasboard (e.g. WHO ) and see for yourself

    This wretched Goverment (and the MSM) are using a health issue to achieve something altogethe un-announced and probably sinister.

    1. A tweet yesterday quoted from a report from chief medical officer that “70% of third wave victims predicted to be people who’ve had two vaccinations”. It’s never going to end.

      1. Yes, the supposed-caccine has gone from a means of reducing infection and reducing the severity of any subsequent illness, to (as mRNA drug therapy scientists warned) possibly having no effect on either, and even – G”d forbid – facilitating immuno suppression.

        I pray to heaven that democratic socialists committ themselves to understanding the evidence that cannot be suppressed on SARS-CoV-2 and recognising when ‘the narrative’ is wrong or deceptive.

        It is literally our lives, liberty and future that are at stake.

  4. I was watching this blast from the past last night with dinner and I was was horrified by this video as I was when it happened.
    Anyway this video makes us understand how long the War on The Different has been going on, and even for centuries before this, it has nothing to do with left/right, etc etc, etc it is being or having a difference to the mainstream, toeing the line. It is Fucking Frightening how different the Law works when you’re in any way shape or form different from the Mainstream!
    Do yourself a favour watch this it’s only 30 Minutes and towards the end is the most shocking part, of just how extreme police brutality can be!
    It also makes you realise just how many Right Wing Charities like the National Trust has no Place in getting Support from The People, Really no charity does, they have all become Neoliberal Money Laundromats for Offshore stashing! They treat their Staff and “Clients” appallingly. There are one/two who still do good, but it’s worth research before making any donations.

  5. The is absolutely NO justification for an unelected head of state, in fact it’s a MYTH to think we live in a democracy – mrs lizzie windsor MUST give her consent BEFORE any law can be passed and she has REFUSED over 1000!

    The French and Russians did the right thing with theirs – execution!

    I will NEVER bow down to anyone and the ONLY titles I acknowledge or respect are Dr., Professor, Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms!

    1. I think my country got rid in a less forcefully manner: we exported them. Good riddance. And no we do not want them back!

    2. “I will NEVER bow down to anyone and the ONLY titles I acknowledge or respect are Dr., Professor, Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms”… as my absolute equal, in every way.
      My personal philosophy is that I will respect every Human as my Equal, regardless of Race, Gender, Religion, Age, etc, etc, etc! Until they give me reason to avoid contact or defend myself. As much as I hate religion, it is not my place to disrespect a person’s right to practice it, I would however like to see all religions rated 18+, therefore children can learn from their parents behaviours if they want to practice that same religion when they are adults.
      I hate when people think they deserve respect purely because of age or ability, many sages claim to learn more from Children than Teachers. I have seen some extremely rude disabled people making their conditions an entitlement and the irony is that if elderly respect children as their equal, they will have a fruitful, rich and rewarding relationship with that child, if they demand respect, they will instantly loose all Respect! If people see a disabled person, they are more likely to ask if they require assistance than if they act like an entitled dick!
      I would love to live in a world where we do not have labels, we stop seeing colour, size, age, etc and only know each other as Fellow and Equal Humans, not even sex just Human. All the Labels should only live on your Medical Records and Criminal Records nowhere else.

      1. We in the Jordi tribe of Northumbria are raised to believe we are no better than anyone else
        Equally there is no one better than us

      2. Wonderful! We are all one thing a Human Being and nothing else, ‘Anyone’s’ tags are their problem, nothing to do with me, to me we are all but one thing Human, an Ape, mostly a really stupid Ape but nonetheless all Equal in every way, I think that I am coming up North! I just need a little stone hut, a fresh water stream nearby and internet connection the rest can be done naturally, :):):)

  6. ‘Service for one’s country’ is something that Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro gave. The accumulation of riches by a dynastic family who claim to stay out of politics is an olygarchy by consent.

    1. Hugo Chavez an interesting guy, his daughter who is never known to have had a job had accumulated over $2.5Billion US by 2017. Venezuelan starving masses are truly grateful for Hugo and his legacy.

      1. More bollocks from the racist bonehead. You have decided to stop pretending you are a member of the Left then PC, I suppose that is some sort of blessing.

      2. The Danger is when people get their “Facts” from the MSM and MSSM, they can easily be turned from Generally Sound People to MSM/MSSM Mind Controlled Cyborgs!
        We can all easily fall into that trap, best is Trust no one until you have researched what they said for yourself it’s a pain, but we’ll have to make it habit. If you ever look at MSM it is frightening, really frightening.
        Look at the “Gorilla” on BBC, There was no humour to it, none whatsoever, I am sure The old girl has said many, many actually funny things in her time, but it is normalised in the MSM now, there are no more consequences for the mainstream!
        Israel and ICC, just refuse to go, it’s maddening that that is even optional! Obviously immediate and instant admittance to Guilt on all charges, but USA and Israel have removed the Power of the UN/ICC they mean nothing now and are completely powerless, as much as I believe Anarchy is a good thing, I would not like the “Ruling Classes” and Governments to be able to act lawlessly with their Money, Bombs and Tanks and right now USA and Israel are acting completely lawlessly! Very worrying indeed!

      3. María Gabriela Chávez, the youngest of three daughters, was undoubtably close to her father, but the rumour that she is obscenely wealthy was started by a right wing radiojock in Florida in 2014 and repeated incessently by the likes of Daily Mail, Fox News etc..

        MOST people know it to be completely false.

        I’ll copy paste a wiki paragraph to this end:

        “On 15 September 2014, the American moderator María Elvira Salazar, through her program on a small local television station in the US state of Florida, made a series of statements about María Gabriela Chávez’s “fortune”, where she presented a withdrawal receipt dated 07/20/14, against an account belonging to “CHAVEZ MARIA GABIRELA PDVSA”, with the sum of 736,992,001 USD stil “available”, in “FRABZ FEREDAL BANK”, between other accusations. This financial institution doesn’t exist, but started further unproven statements about Maria Gabrielas “fortune”. [6] [7] On 7 August 2015, Diario Las Américas published an article on its website entitled “María Gabriela Chávez podría ser la mujer más rica de Venezuela” (María Gabriela Chávez Could Be the Richest Woman in Venezuela). In it, the newspaper said that Chávez holds $4.197 billion in her bank accounts in Andorra and the United States, more than Venezuelan businessmen such as Lorenzo Mendoza and Gustavo Cisneros.[4] On 10 August 2015, Eva Golinger sent a letter to Diario Las Américas acting as Chávez’s lawyer, demanding that the newspaper “desist from defamation of the character and reputation” of her client and “issue a complete and just retraction (…) of any defamatory assertion,” affirming that Chávez was a victim of defamation and that she had suffered damages from the article.[8]” –

        Shame on you Plain Citizen.

      4. Your lies, and you have been exposed. Chavez’s only failure was in allowing the Venezuelan European parasite class to coexist and keep their stolen wealth. Democratic mixed economies are never allowed to flourish, America and Europe see to that.

      5. I see that you are well acquainted with Venezuela, and must have talked to a large number of people when you were there. Was this during Chavez’s presidency or later, after Maduro took over, Clearly you speak Spanish too. Very impressive.


        In July 2014, deputies Abelardo Díaz [es] and Homero Ruiz [es], both of the Copei party, alleged that María Gabriela Chávez was involved in an irregular contract with the Argentine company Bio Ar S.A., which consisted of the purchase of rice and white corn overpriced by $15.5 million under the agri-food agreement between Venezuela and Argentina.

        On 15 September 2014, the American moderator María Elvira Salazar, through her program on a small local television station in the US state of Florida, made a series of statements about María Gabriela Chávez’s “fortune”, where she presented a withdrawal receipt dated 07/20/14, against an account belonging to “CHAVEZ MARIA GABIRELA PDVSA”, with the sum of 736,992,001 USD stil “available”, in “FRABZ FEREDAL BANK”, between other accusations. This financial institution doesn’t exist, but started further unproven statements about Maria Gabrielas “fortune”. On 7 August 2015, Diario Las Américas published an article on its website entitled “María Gabriela Chávez podría ser la mujer más rica de Venezuela” (María Gabriela Chávez Could Be the Richest Woman in Venezuela). In it, the newspaper said that Chávez holds $4.197 billion in her bank accounts in Andorra and the United States, more than Venezuelan businessmen such as Lorenzo Mendoza and Gustavo Cisneros. On 10 August 2015, Eva Golinger sent a letter to Diario Las Américas acting as Chávez’s lawyer, demanding that the newspaper “desist from defamation of the character and reputation” of her client and “issue a complete and just retraction (…) of any defamatory assertion,” affirming that Chávez was a victim of defamation and that she had suffered damages from the article.

  7. Don’t worry, I hear they’ll soon be an interview with somebody who used to live next door to Phillip’s favoririte auntie. A sure sign it’s losing its legs.

  8. Nobodys suprised,IN much the same way as in NIreland,so called “Loyalists” have been rioting for over a week and the PSNI who are supposed to be different than the former RUC have stood by despite being pelted and bombed by the mob.Now the mob have moved into Catholic areas and started attacking the Catholics.Police responded to catholics protecting their property and their families.Police use water cannon ,gas and batton rounds on the Catholics.All sounds very familiar and a blast from the past.Unionists enraged by the border issue and the good Friday agreement are doing the usual attacking the Natives and enforce suppression by the para\military police force.Same back to the Orange future and most of it down to old fashioned establishment reply.Not again,and not ever..!Conservative and unionist party for the colonial rule of Ireland on behalf of the Crown.

  9. It’s a blessing that most of the British police are not armed. Does anyone doubt that if they were, far right Tories and in particular Priti Patel, would defend them if they shot members of the public during a protest, exacly as we have seen in other countries?

    The BBC would then go out of their way to find people to justify the indefensible as they are doing now in an attempt to idolise a royal scrounger and someone who had made racist comments.

    1. GEEEZAS! NO! Britons are of Volatile, Explosive, Insane, Bunch of Alcoholics, clinging onto a rock and a 1/4, floating in the English Channel and Irish Sea! The lot is us! We REALLY can’t be trusted with weapon normalisation/legalisation,
      Lets stick to bouncing about, fist rolling and cussing at each other, much safer! :):):)

      1. Skellyknelly, I seem to remember Bozo the dangerous clown saying something equally derogatory about the British working class – but he meant it.

      2. I don’t classify and include all British, me included and I meant it :):):)
        For humorous purposes of course.

        PS you feeling a bit volatile right now Jack? :):):)

      3. Who was it who declared the British Army to be composed of the ‘scum of the earth’

      4. I distinctly remember the Freemasons having some control over the Police and consequently banned from the force, I have a feeling they gradually crept back in and it would not surprise me if they are occupying the British Army also.
        It is frightening! I also remember some Military Generals or the like saying they would rise against Corbyn if he got into Office. That really is worrying considering The Military and Police are training grounds for For Underground Far Right Militarised Gangs all over Europe! Doesn’t bear thinking about!

      5. Wellington after Waterloo made the remark about British soldiers being scum? Many were ‘pressed’ into service so he was probably right!
        Met Commissioner Mark tried to stop Freemasons in the CID in the early 70’s when he sacked two thirds of them for corruption but quite probably that wasn’t the first attempt? But I THINK they only have to disclose membership rather than it being a sackable offence.
        The 1968 Coup to rid the nation of Harold Wilson included Freemasons but also newspaper owners (Cudlip) and military. I’m not sure many believe the story that when Mrs Bowes-Lyon (Queen Mother) was approached to be the front girl she said “Not today chaps” or something similar. ‘Darlings’ maybe?
        Freemasons have always had a political edge. In the 18th and 19th centuries they were persecuted by reactionary monarchs and governments for their liberal opinions, The fact they swore an oath and were very secretive worried people. Neither the Nazis or the Stalinists would have them. Without a doubt many police are “on the Square” as they used to say.
        My dad was one and ended as a Grand Master of a Lodge and used to call them the “Mau Mau” (because of the oath I guess). They are meant to help fellow members but that is an area no doubt more familiar to corrupt politicians who can ‘talk in confidence’ and silence is imperative if asked questions about fellow members; that was the great virtue.if you were a little corrupt or dishonest. You can see how it fits into police culture. It is a sort of Mafia but without the creditability; their absurd outfits and rituals have made them figures of fun

      6. I used to naively believe they were just Quakers with weird handshakes, a rolled up trouser leg and a boys clubhouse. I guess as it goes, of all the underground Societies we have The Masons are pretty mild in nature.

      7. They’re interesting because they are Internationalists and there are Lodges all over the World yet often/always they are hyper-Nationalistic. Their politics is hard right. I don’t know if they are exclusively white (which would make them more like the K-K); somebody can tell us? To Brits it’s a bit like an extension of the Golf Club and Pub but in some places it has a more sinister reputation. The Duke of Kent is/was Head Poncho in UK so they lost their radical anti-monarchical views.

      8. Sorry Doug, misunderstood, did you mean The Duke of Wellington’s Quote? Mind you that is what The Machine does, creates poverty, Poor Lads [*aka Establishment’s Scum of the Earth or Us*] cue up, to go and have their heads blown off for pittance those lucky enough to come back with a leg or two missing are soon spotted begging on the Streets sooner than later! The Mental Healthers fill the Prisons! It is a sick game but it has become a 2 sided coin attracting The Far Right Scum of the Earth.
        Black Sabbath – War Pigs keeps coming to mind!

    2. ……..even if you have to go back 52 years to find a quote from a person who said that she said?

    3. There’s a book of his comments
      My favourite is
      What do you do, to a Scottish person
      I’m a driving instructor
      Bloody hell how do you keep them sober long enough to teach them to drive
      Racist and funny, which is the best Itrubute ‘m going to manage

  10. Skellknelly “PS you feeling a bit volatile right now Jack? :):):)”

    Only when I see the likes of Bozo or Starmer on the TV, other than that I’m quite placid – unless I’m in a drunken stupor 🙂

    1. :):):) Yeah me too :):):)
      At least I only see them pair on Media like this, No TV for years, thank goodness, would’ve cost me a fortune for new Tellies all the while, especially if I had one since 13 Dec 2019.

  11. The ridiculous and nasty ‘joke’ about the Ambassador like a gorilla and the hysterical laughter of the BBC Presenter tells you everything you need to know about Britain in a few seconds.

  12. Why is it that the majority let us down and make us feel angry 😠?Maybe theres a message from the people who stand outside the palace and worship a pseudo Religious monarchy dreamt up by a syphilis inspired,obese dictator in the fifteen hundreds and still sees his “masterpiece of anarchy” alive and well in 2021.. “The ayes have it”

  13. I wonder if that very strange gentlemen in the even stranger uniform has been made aware of the Uniforms Act 1894 ?

    He’s clearly quite potty and In all honesty I can’t see how the grieving family might be comforted by his appearance or the presence of so many others – disturbed maybe. The family must be greatly relieved that they are not there.

  14. “April 11 marks two years since one of the world’s most important journalists was silenced when Metropolitan Police officers stormed into the Ecuadorian embassy and subsequently arrested and imprisoned Julian Assange on the United States’ behalf.

    “It has now been two years of incarceration, isolation and psychological torture, all for exposing war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, the same journalism for which Julian has been applauded all over the world for and nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.” – WikiLeaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson

    Vigils are being held this weekend to mark two years since Julian Assange was arrested and incarcerated in Belmarsh Prison.

    Maybe the baton-carrying riot police will be absent from these too?

  15. “White BBC panel laughed as queen described comparing foreign ambassador to gorilla – black panellist’s reaction says it all”………let’s go back 52 years to find a white BBC panel laughing @ the queen comparing a foreign ambassador to a gorilla? Now I am no royalist & I believe that the French & Russian Revolutions showed us what to do with royalty, but describing 3 or 4 people sat on a garden bench on a sunny day in 1969 as a ‘white panel’ casts doubt on Skwawky’s powers of observation & description. Having seen the footage, I have no recollection of hearing the queen say those words, only someone saying that she said them. More ‘woke’ culture desperate to reinforce prejudice.

    1. Steve. You can watch and hear her say those things on google, The Daily Mail clip is still there.

      1. I will not be an apologist for the queen or any other Royal & I do not doubt that she did;say the words but I question the manner in which it is now being reported, besides how could anyone doubt the Daily Mail? My problem is with the emotive wind up with a ‘white BBC panel’ that is not white & not a panel. The conjecture betrays the bias of those who have their own agenda. & it seems the ambassador in question was a white American but if I say that I am an apologist?
        The Guardian is often reported to be the newspaper of choice for most London based BBC employees. It is not difficult to notice similarities between the BBC & the Guardian’s editorial stance eg anti-Semitism; Justice for Julian Assange & Socialism. Most dominant ideologies are shared by most MSM outlets & what is indisputable is the promotion of Neo-Liberal woke culture, both in Britain & America..

  16. Jesus
    Who let Andrew out to sing PP’s praises
    ‘My father taught me everything’

    1. It’s his big come back moment, all is forgiven. It’s his nephew they hate.

      1. Never let it be said that a death can’t be used by the unscrupulous. On the back of it they’ll give Harry’s jobs to him. A good example of how modern Britain works.

    2. So very liberating to see a different narrative on here to the rabble rousing majority that still worship their Monarchy.IT goes hand in glove with poverty and inequality and is the sword of the third world in contolling the peasantry..I certainly don’t believe that a vaccine against C19on the recommendation of such people who control the narrative and hate the working class would be smart especially when they the establishment conservative and unionist party have murdered hundreds of thousands of “my kind” and two of my vulnerable brothers in care homes.No Vaccine passport for us,and so its carry on in the jungle and look out for the many incurable disease here in Cambodia that still are rampant and getting worse here in the third world.

  17. Good morningg Joseph O’Keefe. Just a quick one. It is great to come across another BWFC fan. I follow the team too and am really happy that they are doing so well, as is my other ‘local’ team VfL Wolfsburg. I used to have a season ticket for all the home matches. So I have seen matches when Colin Todd and Sam Allerdyce were the trainers.

  18. Supporting Bolton wanderers is a Labour of love and forgiveness,!I started as a kid watching Bolton under Bill Ridding at burnden park.with crowds of forty thousand up to eighty thousand for a local derby.Much changed when I left Bolton and I have never settled anywhere long more than a handful of years.Bolton is for me a memory of happy times when things were good and we all knew each other and attended the local St Joseph Catholic
    I school.Then the Cotton industry collapsed and we all as a family left for Surrey and a completely alien life.That was 1962 .and I have never settled long but I am finally home in Cambodia.

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