Socialist Telly has passed 2.5m viewers. If you want to help it move to the next level, here’s how

A few simple actions by supporters will move Socialist Telly on further and faster

Socialist Telly passed 2.5 million viewers this week – an achievement that is entirely driven by its supporters. During the four months since its launch, the station has evolved from basic Zoom-based discussions to include interactive live shows, often covering unfolding events and topical developments, as well as adding variety and depth to its content. It has also brought quality scientific insights to key issues that are often denied to viewers of ‘maintream’ media, while giving working class and ethnic minority people a strong voice on the key issues of each day.

If you would like to help Socialist Telly move on even further, there are a few simple actions that will make a massive difference in both the reach and impact of its programmes. Take a look and do what you can.


  • Follow Socialist Telly on YouTube by hitting the ‘subscribe’ link on either the channel’s homepage or under any of its videos
  • But don’t just subscribe: hit the notification ‘bell’ icon and select ‘all’:
  • And don’t stop there. Choose a few of Socialist Telly’s recent videos on YouTube and select the ‘share’ option underneath each one. Share to your social media – or, as good and perhaps even better, copy the link and paste it into updates on Facebook, Youtube and your other social media platforms with a message saying why people should watch it. YouTube’s algorithms love when people share its videos elsewhere – and will make Socialist Telly content visible to more people as a result.
  • Don’t forget the most basic, too: hit the ‘thumbs up’ icon under Socialist Telly videos so YouTube knows the content is relevant and popular. Again, this will see it promoted into more people’s feeds and suggestions.


  • Facebook’s ever-changing algorithms have an insatiable appetite for comments. Shares of a post on Socialist Telly (and Skwawkbox) are important to get it seen by your contacts – but posts with lots of comments are seen by even more people when they check in on their Facebook feed.
  • Follow the Socialist Telly (and Skwawkbox!) Facebook page – but when you’ve followed, make sure you set the page to be one of your priorities for your feed. This will help you not to miss anything, but will also boost the pages’ standing with the algorithm and, again, get it seen by more people.


  • The end of Periscope today (31/3/21) will see Twitter using its own media ‘studio’ to handle live streams and catch-up content. This, along with the greater number of live shows that might be responding at short notice to political and social developments, makes it very important that if you follow Socialist Telly and Skwawkbox on Twitter, you go to their Twitter profiles and hit the ‘notification bell’ next to where it shows that you’re following those accounts:
  • This makes sure that you will be notified whenever a new post or video is published, even if there hasn’t been time to tweet a trailer or promo to let you know it’s coming. And when you see it pop up, make sure to share it.

Just following these simple steps will help to ensure that both you and others get to see more of what Socialist Telly (and Skwawkbox!) is doing – and the collective action will help build an exponential effect on reach and impact to take it to the next level and beyond.

Thank you for your continued support!

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  1. Censorious Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are all part of the establishment, and if they decide you are not behaving, they’ll ensure we don’t get to see the content you’d like to bring us. Be careful who you laud / big up / embrace…!

  2. I really think that you should have Decentralised Open Source Alternatives for those of us outside of the MSM/MSSM.
    Example Twitter – Mastodon, Facebook/Twitter – Diaspora, YouTube – PeerTube! They are all self hosted meaning a bit of extra work and self moderation, They are all a bit of a learning curve user and content provider, but isn’t it worth taking our lives out of their hands!?
    Not many people are using it, because nobody is taking the leap to provide decent content. It is much like The UK Labour Party, I am sure we have all come to realise by now that The UK Labour Party is Dead and it’s occupiers The Neolabour Party are a dangerous polar opposite political party entirely with a polar opposite ideology, but still for the sake of ease, comfort and fear no one will admit it and no one will make a move, so we just pretend ourselves into another 41 years of Neoliberal Tory Hell! If we don’t take the leap into decentralised self hosted Social Media now we will all eventually end up in very dangerous situations for our views and opinions!
    The Time is Now!

    1. If Socialist Telly can simultaneously exist on the three platforms mentioned, could it not also put itself on one of the decentralised Open Source alternatives that skellyknelly alludes to? Increasingly, left wng people and scientists and activists censored by them, try to avoid the poweful platforms.

      1. If I remember correctly they are all ‘Automatable’ via apps and extensions. People are scared of the Self Moderating, that they will have to keep an eye on Posts etc, that is no Heartache as plenty of people will be happy to form an open source moderation group.
        It is however the fear of the leap, but if no one starts no one will go, people should not complain about Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter, YouTube, Google, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc if they are going to continue using them for convenience and fear!
        I always think of the Brave Wildebeest in these situations. They know they must cross the river to get to the grasslands in the yonder, but they know the river is full of very hungry Nile Crocodiles so they edge and edge for ages and suddenly they get the courage and go en mass, some gets eaten by Crocodiles but the vast majority go on to finally eat the most delicious and nourishing grass. If we don’t go we will all “die” if we do go a small number will “die” for the many to survive.
        Raise the Crimson Standard High!

  3. I’d wager the viewing figure could be even higher when former Labour MP Thelma Walker explains why she’s standing in Hartlepool against Labour – whether the Labour candidate, Paul Williams, fresh from losing Stockton South, another ‘red wall’ seat in 2019, shows up or not.

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