Walker agrees to appear in Socialist Telly Hartlepool debate. Williams invited, will be ’empty chaired’ if declines

Wil Walker face Williams – or an empty chair?

Thelma Walker, the former Labour MP and now Northern Independence Party candidate in the Hartlepool by-election, tonight accepted an invitation to debate Labour candidate Paul Williams live on Socialist Telly.

Walker accepted less than 15 minutes after Socialist Telly extended the invitation:

Paul Williams has not yet responded. He will be represented by an empty chair in the debate if he fails to take up the challenge. A date will be set for the debate as soon as possible, depending on the response or lack of it from the Labour candidate.

Viewers will be able to submit questions via social media during the broadcast that will be put to both candidates, assuming both participate.

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  1. An empty chair will do Paul Williams less harm than attendance. Thelma’s thumbs up and participation will cause many people to realise the extent to which Starmer, Rayner and Evans are changing Labour and making it irrelevant to large demographics and regions of England.

    Starmer is placing Labour in England in exactly the same predicament as Blair and Brown put Scottish Labour many moons ago.

    Sir Keir’s’s leadership destroys Labour and benefit no-one excpt the trilateral billionaires, their class advantage and the Conservative party.

  2. What are you gonna replace williams with if/when he doesn’t show… A ‘ken’ doll?

    1. A picture of williams in a heart-shaped frame?

      Whatever it may or may not be, iIm sure there’s a certain poster on here has got his knickers ready to hurl at the screen when the tory milf expert (Or at least it’s avatar) appears on screen.

  3. Here’s what happens when a pro-Establishment operator becomes the leader of Labour (credit to ducksoap)

    “A quick investigation by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate Of Constabulary (HMIC) into police behaviour toward people attending a vigil on Clapham Common for Sarah Everard who was murdered (allegedly by a police officer), in which only police officers were interviewed for evidence – no protesters, no eye-witnesses, no legal observers and no independent media were spoken to, reached a verdict today (30th March 2021) that wholly absolved police officers of wrongdoing…

    Read the rest of the blog article about this concocted whitewash which positions the public for the tories’ Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill and ever-increasing post-covid authoritarianism.

  4. Would any member of the Labour leadership get away with what Blair and Cambell got away with in 2005, imagine if Corbyn approved of these posters.
    The Labour Party’s 2005’s election campaign the Party attempted to smooth over the controversy that erupted over two election posters, one of which depicted opposition leader Michael Howard and shadow chancellor Oliver Letwin, who are both Jewish, as flying pigs.
    Protests resulted in the withdrawal of the poster and another depicting Howard with a swinging watch, interpreted to be Jewish characters Fagin from Oliver Twist or Shylock from Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.
    The Labour party said that the watch was meant to symbolise Howard as a hypnotist. [of course it did]
    So far the prime minister [Tony Blair] has escaped any connection with the posters but advertising sources said it would be inconceivable that he would not have approved the images, which appeared on the Labour party website as part of a survey to choose the best advert.
    “I’m not going to go into any issue about processes about who gave approval,” a Labour party spokesman said.
    A spokeswoman in the prime minister’s office said: “If the prime minister did make a decision regarding advertising he did it as leader of the Labour party and not as prime minister.” Peter Mandelson leapt to Cambell’s defence. Should both Anti Semites Tony Blair and Alastair Cambell be permanently barred from membership?

    One source who has worked on Labour’s advertising campaigns in the past said: “The accusations amount to a huge amount of bugger all. The story is a load of bollocks. It is just not New Labour. ”
    The party has withdrawn the images from its website and said the posters will not be used in Labour’s general election campaign after they were authorised by Mr Milburn three weeks ago.

  5. I watched BBC Newsnight last night & wondered how ‘political’ the BBC has become with its own bourgeois ‘Guardian’ agenda. I have many axes to grind with the Police but will ask the question “is it ever acceptable during a pandemic for large numbers of people to gather & what are the potential consequences?’ One demographic group is so confident that they are the ‘untouchable’ both by Covid & by Law & will be supported by MSM that they are immune from prosecution & care little if their actions endanger the lives of other generations. Emily Maitliss & Katie Razzall have their own agenda. Gender conflict is preferred to reporting the ‘class war’. Oranges are the only fruit available throughout MSM, promoted by the same organisations & journalists that work to destroy Socialism. The establishment is in conflict with the bourgeoisie & journalists rejoice, Police & Politicians are targeted for the first time.
    Some large public gatherings are actively promoted by MSM.

    1. Young people have had to pay the biggest price for Covid while the virus least affects them. Half of us have had at least one vaccination and I for one am thoroughly sick and tired of having my freedom curtailed by politicians, statisticians and behavioural psychologists. They are now talking about wearing masks and social distancing for another 18 months.

  6. “but will ask the question “is it ever acceptable during a pandemic for large numbers of people to gather & what are the potential consequences?’ ”

    I would ask you to go to any covid 19 dashboard and calculate the rate at which infected people die.

    Then ask yourself if such a low fatality figure is something which historically and properly would be called a “pandemic”.

    You might then investigate to see how the WHO had to introduce a new definition of ‘pandemic’ immediately before the supposed arrival of SARS-CoV-2 to the west (Feb 2020).

    I suggest to you that the same globocap players who are using the “free” press and (class) billionaire interests to destroy socialism (particularly in UK after Corbyn caused a slight strengthening of it there), might not also be using a health issue to affect a non-health outcome (A WEF/Davos Great Reset?).

    1. My post above was meant to be in reply to Steve Richards who asked the original question, but I posted it wrongly. ;-(

  7. I don’t do farcebook or twatter so could someone possibly ask these nitty gritty questions to both candidates or just Thelma and the chair;

    A simple yes or no.
    Do you agree that all privatization in the NHS should be ended ?

    Do you believe that anyone that commits the vile crime of rape should be held accountable no matter what position they hold in public life ?

    Taking into consideration your answers along with your assurances, campaign promises or pledges advertised by you to become an MP, would you sign an open and legally drawn up contract pre results of by-election that states if you renege, backtrack or even abstain on such that you will instantly resign as an MP ?

    1. Great couple of questions Foggy.

      Re Do you agree that all privatization in the NHS should be ended? It would be particlarly difficult for Williams as a rentier GP and follower of Brown and Blair who did more to privatise the NHS than any other prime ministers to say anything on the subject. What’s the odds that Paul Williams isn’t just in bed with a privatised arm of the NHS, bt also promising his bed-partners more opportunity in the future.

      FYI from today’s MS. Well worth a read and VERY illumnating (for me, anyway).

    2. Both are against further privatisation and both support removing the market from the NHS. I’m not sure Williams can be trusted as he supports Blairite arm’s length initiatives. However he would like to bring GPs in-house and make them salaried which is a great idea that most politicians shy away from supporting.

  8. Not got any tubs of lard ready then?

    Heh, this should be the normal every candidate should openly debate! iI they can’t be bothered/scared then empty chair them and treat them with the contempt they deserve.

    They want the damn job they should have to actually show they’re worthy of it! Not just expect votes because you wear the right ribbon…

    1. Aye, true grandad, but remember that to Paul Williams anything that calls itself ‘socialist telly’ is dangerous and adversary.

      He’ll no doubt think that everyone who watches it are ‘hard left trotskyist anti-semites’. Obsesive ideological zealots like him are convinced that they are the 99% ‘moderates’ and we are dangerous reds, small in number and only exist under a bed or two.

      Entryist neoliberals like Williams need extensive self-delusion and part of it (foolishly) involves under-estimating his enemies, i.e. democratic socialists.

  9. Interesting response from some to my original question. Let the disease take its course & let herd immunity cull the elderly & infirm. I’m alright Jack attitude shows me why so many Labour members voted for Sir Keir.

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