Breaking: Rothery ‘to seek injunction’ if ‘chaotic’ decision to deselect is not overturned

The Liverpool mayoral scandal of the deselection of all three prospective candidates for Labour in the city’s mayoral election has led Anna Rothery, the left’s favourite for the candidacy, to state publicly that she will take the matter to court if the decision is not overturned.

Rothery’s statement says:

Like many people across our city and our movement, I’m shocked by the Party’s chaotic handling of the selection for Liverpool mayor. Instead of a positive, unifying campaign for our city, we are faced with what looks like an undemocratic failure of process.

I stood because I know our city needs a socialist mayor to clean up local politics, deliver a local Green New Deal and leave no one behind. I am humbled by the support I have received as someone firmly rooted in our trade unions and community groups, and who wasn’t part of the previous executive.

I welcomed the deviation last week from the formal NEC process to include more scrutiny of candidates but not to remove transparency and accountability from the process. I hope party HQ sees the outrage its decision has caused across our city and the harm it is doing to our party’s reputation and changes course. 

If the decision stands, then I will be left with no choice but to challenge it legally.”

The SKWAWKBOX understands that Anna Rothery will seek an injunction if the decision is not reversed. The party’s actions, which have been carried out without explanation and without even informing the candidates before Labour members were told of the u-turn today, have caused immeasurable reputational damage to the three shortlisted women

As Lord Mayor of Liverpool, a councillor and a community campaigner of long standing and good name, Rothery clearly needs to defend herself against the party’s assault on her reputation and the ongoing mismanagement and briefing around the process by Labour right-wingers and a small pseudo-left cabal with a track record of stacking selection processes.

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  1. She is right to seek an injunction if the circumstances are as reported here. There’s nothing worse than condescending interference in local politics by those who ‘know better’ and stick their nose in when they don’t like an outcome because ‘it’s for the good of the local party’. The reasons for the candidates being deselected should be published, if it is to do with alleged corruption and financial malpractice it should be clearly stated and Murkeyside police should be informed. There is no excuse for this.

  2. “a socialist mayor to clean up local politics”.

    All power to you Anna. The psychopathic shenanigans that Labour right are responsible for here makes your candidacy and eventual election all the more necessary.

    Go Girl, Go – for their jugular and victory!

  3. Finally, someone on the left of the labour party fighting back. Anna, should ignore all of the self-righteous hand ringing about unity

  4. My god, it really does look like the Starmer and Evans duet is really trying to bankrupt Labour with all these mounting court cases !!

    1. I think they have made a big mistake. This is Liverpool, the heart of Socialism, and our comrades will not the let right wing impose another Labour in name only careerist on them . They got their eyes opened with Ellman Berger etc and will never let it happen again.

      1. Smartboy, I hope you are right and Liverpool stands up and be counted. If necessary support Rothery to stand as an independent and elect her Major.

    2. They need to go…or Labour will cease to exist. It goes without saying that no “Labour” mayoral candidate imposed on Liverpool against the will of the Liverpool Labour rank and file can possibly be distinguishable from whoever the Tories or LibDems select as candidates there.

      There is no excuse for the Starmer/Evans “only nonsocialists can be Labour candidates-to hell with what party membership wants” policy. It isn’t gaining votes for the party from anyone anywhere, and it can’t produce anything different from Toryism if the candidates Starmer/Evans (“Kevid”?) approve of are the only ones allowed.

      Would anyone even WANT a Labour government if no one to the left of Margaret Hodge was a part of it?

      1. Anna needs to get this decision overturned or else come GE 2024 ALL current socialist/ true Labour left MP’s will find themselves going through the same thing.

      2. Hodge? Is she the one with a vice for a pillar or the defender of our children. Or is she stilleto? Are they all in the party. Check their subs!

  5. Labour Party for me is a lost cause and I cannot find the strength to continue to fight the RW it’s over for me. I contribute to a lot of LW media morning star, the canary & LW blogs etc my health is not good & there is never any good news regarding the LP, I regretfully will have to cancel my subscriptions and my days on Twitter are going to be over or a least put on hold for the foreseeable future.
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Steve @ Skwawkbox for all the information and hard work you have put in getting the information out to the wider public but my health comes first I had a scare rushed into hospital on blue lights HR of 300 plus AFib given drugs nothing worked they had to give me a cardioversion under anaesthetic (electric shock to the heart) I also have aortic stenosis copd plus numerous other conditions I’ve been told no stress & have come to the conclusion the LP are not worth dying for.
    I will still be keeping my monthly donation to the Skwawkbox though as
    I like reading the sometimes heated comments/arguments on here.
    Keep Safe everyone & be kind to each other Hilary x

    1. Be kind to yourself dear hilary 772013. Your health certainly comes first. Hope you are getting the excellent care you deserve.

      Thanks for all you have done before newbies like me have come along.

      I know my posts are often a bit intense. But i respect those like you who have tried your best. That’s all any of us can do. And no secret, it’s a super tough gig. Exhausting physically and mentally though urgent and fascinating in equal measure.

      Do follow your doctor’s advice. Cut out stress as much as possible. Include as much as you enjoy as possible especially music.

      Detox from the current affairs for a while. Get as much fresh air as possible. And of course, connect with all those who put you in a calm positive state of mind.

      The fines quality wishes to you +++


      1. Hope u r doing well hilary772013. Hope u have now asked to speak to someone eg the SHO or Registrar from the Cardiology – Electrics team for their opinion.

        ps u r entitled to get as much info re your condition and what may help.

        Best wishes and thanks for your thanks,

    2. ps ask questions. get a significant other or friend to advocate for / support you. Alas fact, is u get better care if it can be seen that others care for you and can express themselves knowledgeably and politely. That should not be how care is allocated / prioritised but sadly, that is how it is… the complexity of human nature as you have observed in politics.

      I expect you have been shielding re Covid-19, as u mention COPD and A-fib etc.

      Won’t go amis to ask to speak to someone in the Cardio Electrics team … pref the Registrar. Ask questions as you may already be doing and of course politely as you obviously are.

      All in the end IS well.


    3. Hopefully you will be able to return to the fray later hilary. Take care.

    4. Hi Hilary, I’m betting you’ll be back. The reason you were here in the first place is you don’t like to see injustice and once it’s in you ……
      Take care.

  6. Hilary……..May I offer some hope with regards to AF. I have suffered from it for many years until it got to stage where literally every time I attended my GP surgery I was immediately taken to A&E flashing blue light & all. Just B4 Xmas 2019 my HR was at least 170 bpm most days & eventually I was taken into hospital for a pacemaker. Now every day a steady 60 beats per minute; but I often feel a little tired & irritated by some comments on Skwawkbox. Keep fighting Hilary, my wife tells me that my heart is my least vulnerable point.

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