Patel’s £77,269 expenses on ‘Beautiful Brows’

Home Office procurement card reveals list of shocking spending

Priti Patel’s Home Office procurement credit card bill has revealed shocking – and shockingly expensive – spending on what appears to image enhancement for the disgraced Home Secretary.

Patel, who was forced to resign as International Development Secretary after ‘off book’ meetings in 2017 with the Israeli government to discuss giving UK aid funds to the Israeli military and yet was installed as Home Secretary by Boris Johnson and not sacked despite a payout to a senior civil servant over repeated bullying allegations, appears to have spent more than £77,000 just on eyebrow enhancements, as well as £30,000 to a company called Global Beauty Products – though the company also reportedly produces PPE now.

Patel has also apparently spent £2,000 on an ‘independent diet consultant’ – who also works for the government in the Environment Agency.

This news, first broken by Byline Times, comes at a time when the Tories have taken control of huge parts of Liverpool City Council on the premise that it hasn’t been providing ‘best value’.

Update: the Tories have used right-wing attack site Guido Fawkes to insinuate that they were buying PPE. If it was as simple as that – a possibility mentioned above anyway – they could easily have said so in response to Byline Times’ enquiry instead of using a Tory site with questionable integrity. They didn’t.

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  1. This whole charlatan crew (aka government) are specialists in spending other people’s money in decidedly suspect ways.

    “The Secretary of State spent vast quantities of public money on pandemic-related procurements during 2020. The public were entitled to see who this money was going to, what it was being spent on and how the relevant contracts were awarded.”

    1. rather than a jeremy corbyn led labour government, blair, mandelson, starmer and repeat coup plotters enabled the abominable government of patel enabling johnson.

      1. its a disgrace Whatever she must have large eyebrows. This woman is called home secretary. She is a vain ignorant bully. She has so far cost the Tax payer thousand’s. The right wing of Lp the Blair’s Mandelson’s alone with Mann Streeting Woodcock Berger Smeeth Hodge The Labour Governance unit are all responsible for what we have ended up with. A bunch of lying inhumane flag waving sycophants.

    2. one year on, zero scrutiny of those multi billion covid-19 contracts.

      meanwhile, noticed serco involved in the 2021 census. snouts in every trough.

  2. one percent max for nurses. no money tree. austerity. thirty seven billion on ppe mostly to chums. decent pension to women unaffordable. that’s the story of a johnson government sir k starmer fails to oppose. johnson – patel’s re employer, encourager, enabler, endorser to abuse public funds and the pm mandelson, blair and starmer “worked night and day” to bring to power, rather than jeremy corbyn.

    1. Is that the Jeremy Corbyn that you’ve falsely discredited in literally hundreds of posts since you started commenting on here a couple of months or so before the 2019 GE signpost?!

      1. Shut up man. Are you claiming that Corbyn is above criticism, wind your neck in and start talking sense.

      2. Er, no John, what I’m claiming is that signpost is a fucking fascist shill – ie a black propagandist working for the Establishment.

        So what did you think about the Big Lie signpost invented about the guy who spotted Dominic Cummings in Barnard Castle during the first lockdown last year taking legal action against Cummings, and doing so so that he could then discredit Jeremy by comparison?

        Do me a favour Jono, and fuckaway off please. OK laddie!

        Yeah, normal posters post the same thing every single day! FFS!!!

      3. Allan – Why do you continually seek to foster arguments about Jeremy Corbyn where non existed before.

      4. For anyone who hasn’t seen it before, here’s a direct link to the post in which signpost dissembles his Big Black Lie:

        i’m no fan of the potter woman as she did not support jeremy. she had the means and great ability but declined. anyway, she is providing lots of money to help the excellent marvellous glorious Mr Lees to pursue legal case against cummings. this is the sort of ACTION we needed and need. ROBUST ACTION. Clear robust thought. ZERO APPEASEMENT. It has never worked. It has not worked. It will never work.

        Party funds should have be used to pursue every single slander in court……

        PS And when I questioned signpost about it in a thread a couple of days later, he denied that he’d said it, accused ME of making it up, and then – at length – finishes by saying that I should seek help.

        Yep, he’s a nasty piece of fascist shit posing as a left-wing supporter of Jeremy’s whilst denigrating him on an almost daily basis, along with the left in general!

      5. Further down the page at 3.09pm signpost says the following in a post in ‘reply’ to Carlene:

        patel understandably feels she is untouchable. our system is broken. the justice / judicial shameless absurdity… all broken. there has been a failure to nip abominations in the bud, so to speak. monstrous eggs are left to hatch. there is a laid back attitude of those in high command on the “left” satisfied with being right, eg only saying the right things infrequently to the general public, apparently expecting adoration for being right but putting zero effort in actually bringing the right to pass.until that changes there will be more intense cutting disappointments and too many more pritti patels.

        And then a bit further down at 3.55pm he posts the very same thing more-or-less in a ‘reply’ to lundiel:

        … of course that means our response must never be to keep heads down, stay silent, hide most of the time and allow monstrous eggs to hatch. defeatism and appeasement always ends badly. they encourage more wrongdoers, wrongdoing and undiluted wrongness eg pritti patel…..

        Yep, being the shill that he is, he looks through the comments until he finds one that he can ‘reply’ to so that he can get his daily dose of discrediting in – ie include in his ‘reply’ – and then finds another comment someone has posted further down the comments so that he can REPEAT his discrediting of the left in yet ANOTHER ‘reply’!

        So when did all this ‘failure to nip abominations in the bud’ and ‘putting zero effort in actually bringing the right to pass’ etc and all this keeping heads down and staying silent and hiding most of the time begin signpost? Was it PRIOR to the 2017 GE in which Jeremy came within a whisker of winning, or in the following months, or if NOT, when was it exactly?

      6. Since when did calling out a lying fascist shill amount to ‘fostering arguments’ Steve?

        In case anyone is not aware of it, when – on one occasion – I drew attention to the fact that signpost had lied through his teeth about the guy who spotted Cummings in Barnard Castle taking legal action against Cummings (so that he could then discredit Jeremy by comparison), Steve responded with ‘Who cares’, and THAT tells you ALL you need to know about SteveH!

        I wonder why signpost feels the need to repeat this stuff practically every single day, and often in multiple threads on the same day Steve. Any thoughts?!

        Yep, one shill coming to the defence of ANOTHER shill, as SteveH so often DOES!!

      7. NVLA – …and yet you’re the only one who gives a toss,

      8. Ooops my 1:23am comment should obviously have been addressed to Allan Howard

      9. Reply to Allan Howard
        I have posted previously that Signposts not Windchimes is not genuine. He claims to be a socialist while attacking Socialists often very viciously, he posts comments (usually with no substance- just a series of childish insults) replies to them himself two or three times so readers have to scroll past paragraph after paragraph of irrelevancies to get back to the subject under discussion. By doing this he is controlling genuine debate on this site
        I have also noticed that he sometimes gets into an “argument” with others such as Steve H (who doesn’t appear to me to be genuine either). These arguments mean that there is post after post from them and working together they are able stop discussion of the issue Skwawkbox has raised. Also people get bored and don’t bother to scroll past these posts so genuine posts are not read because of these tactics
        In my opinion it is absolutely clear that Signposts not Windchimes is not a Socialist and is actively working to undermine the Left on this site.

      10. Smartboy, Yes, and time and time again signpost is the first to post a comment AND within two or three minutes or so of the notification of the new article being emailed to subscribers (in other words, he is ready and waiting for a notification to arrive in his mailbox, skims through the article and then quickly composes and types out a ‘comment’ so that his post will appear at the top of the comments, and he has done so on literally scores of occasions, and it’s no coincidence that SteveH just happens to be the second-most prolific ‘first poster’, and was in fact the most prolific ‘first poster’ prior to signpost starting to post on here a couple of months or so before the 2019 GE!).

        And on the occasions that signpost DOESN’T post first (he obviously realises that if he did it TOO often, skwawkbox readers would begin to wonder about him), he more often that not posts a ‘reply’ to the first poster so that HIS post will be the second one, and has done so on scores of occasions ALSO. Given that, on average, he posts about six hundred times a month or more, then I have no doubt whatsoever that he has LITERALLY posted the first comment or a ‘reply’ to the first poster/comment on hundreds of occasions.

        He – or she – obviously works for some outfit like the so-called Integrity Initiative and, as I’ve said before, the PTB realise that just about EVERYONE on the left knows that the MSM is their propaganda machine – both black AND white (‘Maggie’ and ‘Dave’ v ‘Welsh Windbag’ and ‘Red Ed’, for example) – and so the only way to manipulate what they – the left – think and believe is to have propagandists infiltrate left-wing blogs like skwawkbox posing as left-wing JC supporters and do their dirty work from within, so to speak.

        I mean what genuine poster on this planet comes out with a phrase such as ‘jellied weakness’, as signpost did on numerous occasions in respect of Jeremy! Or fabricates stuff so that he can discredit Jeremy, as with his Big Black Lie about the guy who spotted Dominic Cummings in Barnard Castle taking legal action against Cummings.

        Needless to say, I have nothing but total and utter contempt for propagandists – ie the scum who lie and fabricate and distort so as to deceive people….. the MSM (and ALL the other groups and organisations and individuals who conspired in the black op against Jeremy and the left during the course of the past five years or more), and the paid shills who infest social media and blogs such as skwawkbox so as to poison the minds of left-wingers.

      11. Allan – ……and you’re the only one who can spot the conspiracies, we’re lucky to have you. 🙄

      12. I just this minute refreshed this page, and I did so because I was 99.999% certain that SteveH would have posted some disparaging comment in ‘response’ to my post above shortly after I posted it, and so he DID! He left it for thirteen minutes before posting it, but you can be ABSOLUTELY certain he saw my post more-or-less as soon as I posted it. During the course of the past fifteen months or so since Jeremy announced he was standing down and especially since he DID stand down *AND* the full-time shills such as signpost really kicked in with their smearing of Jeremy and left-wing MPs and the left in general and *I*, as such, started calling them out, SteveH has posted a disparaging ‘reply’ on literally dozens and dozens of occasions, and practically always within several minutes of me posting my comment. But perish the thought that he’s a paid shill/propagandist!

        I wonder how long he’ll leave it before ‘replying’ to THIS post!

      13. Allan – What wise words, as I said above we just haven’t appreciated your talent for exposing the conspiracies

      14. By the way Steve, I couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t ‘reply’ to Smartboy’s comment regarding signpost and yourself???!!

      15. Allan – Why would I waste my time addressing such drivel.

  3. The dietary advice seems to be working, her most prominent feature appears to have shrunk.

    1. If she loses any weight then she will have to give up her place in the Wombles tribute band that she has fronted for some time.

      1. I can sort of see the need for dietry spending. At the risk of being sexist, she must have the fattest arze in Westminster, not sure if Pickles is still there? but I don’t see why we should have to pay for it.

    2. I can’t imagine how an eye brow fee can be £77,000. Maybe it’s a polite cover for some other medical procedure?

      1. A possible brain transplant that went wrong or to create a brain devoid of empathy

  4. The sad and ridiculous thing about this sorry saga of corrupt ministers is, Starmer and MSM will probably ignore all this.

    1. they will ignore it all. they are all ok with “all this”. especially starmer. the ethical desert starmer is utterly desperate to please “the few” who crave even more power and wealth.

    2. Millions of kids in poverty and hungry and Patel spends all of that on beautifying herself with something she clearly doesn’t even need.What a truly despicable human being she is.with a very ugly mind.I doubt very much that its even legal and it certainly shows the contempt she has for even a basic understanding of whats moraly being a Home Secretary..Imelda Marcos all is forgiven.

      1. Centrist Dad is loosing it…three times today and forgotten who he’s commenting too…ps he thinks everyone is Toffee or Joseph.Must be all the overtime hes putting in for the knight…!Get some rest steve I know how this time difference can make you a bit loose and wobbly.Just remember that quote you make on bot sentinel “The biggest room in my house is improvement” …youve a long and difficult road?

      2. The very worst kind of supporter then: partisan, without scruples or morals, a careerist party man who changes his aligience along with his clothes.

    1. The very worst kind of supporter then: partisan, without scruples or morals, a careerist party man who changes his aligience along with his clothes.

      1. goldbach – My apologies I lost track of which thread I was on and thought frank was commenting on the Liverpool issue.

      2. lundiel – On the contrary I started to comment on this blog in support of Jeremy and I continued to do this throughout his tenure. The difference now is that I support the elected leader of the Labour party and despite being unable to offer a credible alternative you don’t.

      3. The very worst kind of supporter then: partisan, without scruples or morals, a careerist party man who changes his aligience along with his clothes.

      4. lundiel – I joined a political party not a religion worshiping some deity. I liked Jeremy’s policies and I accept be had many, many obstacles to overcome but unfortunately in the end he lost the trust of the electorate and there is no way back from that.

      5. SteveH
        “lundiel – I joined a political party2
        The Conservative party.
        Or was it the BNP?

      6. Centrist dad speak with forked tongue.

        You spent many a post trashing Corbyn and what he offered. You sang about Irk Streamer long before he took control.

  5. Am I reading this right, she spent over 77k of what, public money on her eyebrows, and 30k on another beauty company that now does PPE ‘enabling her to do her job more sfficiently’ and they think nurses should be grateful for 3.50? I hope this gets on the front pages.

    1. u have carlene. it is what happens when despite gross insubordination, outrageous breach of standard international protocol, you conduct diy foreign policy with foreign entities, and yet are not prosecuted, allowed to stand for public office and given not just any position but a senior cabinet position.

      patel understandably feels she is untouchable. our system is broken. the justice / judicial shameless absurdity… all broken. there has been a failure to nip abominations in the bud, so to speak. monstrous eggs are left to hatch. there is a laid back attitude of those in high command on the “left” satisfied with being right, eg only saying the right things infrequently to the general public, apparently expecting adoration for being right but putting zero effort in actually bringing the right to pass. until that changes there will be more intense cutting disappointments and too many more pritti patels.

      1. That’s right signpost, ‘redirect’ blame to the left! I mean THAT is what they are paying you for, isn’t it – ie to discredit the left on this site on a daily basis!

      2. There is no left and right Allan. It’s top and bottom.

        What counts is collectivism or nominalism. Signpost hasn’t shown a nominalist streak.

      3. NVLA – Could you give us your definition of “nominalist”.

      4. Already have, long ago.

        Go search for it

      5. NVLA – I’ve looked and you are mistaken. You have never defined nominalism’ anywhere on the pages of

  6. Strange situation we’re in. The corruption in Liverpool is tiny compared to this lot. Where’s the commissioners to oversee the government.

  7. £77k on eyebrows??

    No fucking chance Patel can pass this off as: an oversight

    Shoulda spaffed the dough on doing summit about that rictus grin that’s seemingly ironed onto its grid.

    1. If Patel were a Labour Home Secretary she be the most hated woman in the country…..the woman who stole people’s holidays and took away their freedom, probably forever. Anyone think things will be back to normal after 21st June?

  8. What kind of country has a unified establishment media that reports on a hitherto peaceful demonstration repeating a false press release that is an outright to lie (police received serious injury, broken bones etc) but subsequently fails to correct the lie leaving the public with the impression that the demonstration was a riot?

    1. lundiel, as a rule, whenever as eg immediately after the cressida dick led murder of jean charles de menezes as he say reading on a stockwell tube train, the msm starts “gilding the lilly” eg the victim of state brutality or murder has their character questioned from the get go, or as per recent marches, claims of police broken bones etc, we should take it as given, the authorities are lying. how many times do we hear presenters preventing callers saying anything negative about “the few” claiming the wealthy or establishment person “is not there to respond” etc. they are ultra vigilant, yet for many the same presenters are keen to have them slandered. the purpose of the msm especially the bbc, guardian, express, times and the sun, is to be liars for the establishment and to hide state crimes. of course that means our response must never be to keep heads down, stay silent, hide most of the time and allow monstrous eggs to hatch. defeatism and appeasement always ends badly. they encourage more wrongdoers, wrongdoing and undiluted wrongness eg pritti patel, k starmer, hodge, mandelson, margaret beckett and margaret thatcher’s most foul deposit blair the war criminal.

  9. Anyone think things will be back to normal after 21st June?

    Only in terms of daylight hours getting shorter. And politicians getting their snouts further into the trough.

  10. The phrase that really gets my dander up is “best value”. It is newspeak. It means cheap-jack worst value. Some bloke comes round with half a load of tarmac that is left over, council has to buy from him because it is “best value” and, 12 months later, the potholes are back with interest. As for Patel, isn’t there the teeny-weenyest suspicion that she could possibly be a little anti-Muslim?

    1. She might have seen something nasty whilst in that Israeli bunker.

  11. Steve H…recently said in the bot sentinel Centrist Dad that Liverpool needs to be taken over and why are they complaining over corruption.He also on another comment called the Bristol protesters a bunch of wan.ers .ITs amazing that he can get away with it.,but I think it must be one of those Fawkes type sites were hes allowed to foam at the mouth.And of course he can happily slag the good people of his former home now he’s sought assylam in his Caribbean bolt hole….Tatty bye Stephen Hall from Bristol city.

    1. Joseph – I am not Steve Hall and I have no association with this Steve Hall/centrist dad that you keep obsessing about. I don’t and I have never lived in Bristol, I live in a northern mill town.

      1. joseph – You can believe what you want but being able to prove it is entirely another matter. I have made my position clear and I am 100% certain that you will never, ever dig up anything linking me with this individual. Someone who I didn’t even know existed before you started your silly obsessions.

      2. They are laughing at you.

        Nothing will change until the pitchforks and torches get dug out.

        They are already anticipating this possibility.

        Meanwhile the opposition supports them…

        Off topic, did anyone else get the letter from Irk Streamer asking for switching to postal votes? The bloody Tories own the privatised postal vote operation…

      3. NVLA If they are then that gives us all an insight into their sad immaturity,I don’t really care, I simply wanted to make it clear that I am not Steve Hall.

      4. More than a bit late with the protests centrist dad…

      5. If the cap fits……’Centrist dad’ has just the right balance of cheesyness and total lack of self awareness needed for a nom de plume tailored for you. The man who instinctively believes everything he’s told by the MSM.

      6. lundiel – You are more than welcome to try and prove me wrong if you think a comment of mine is untrue.

    2. One thing is for sure Joseph, wherever little stevie hails from he, remains the snivelling professional liar with whom we have become all too familiar here.

      1. John – Please feel free to substantiate your accusations with some evidence that I have lied.

      2. John Thatcher I can vote for that and also dump his deflection politics and name changing when hes lost the argument or the plot

  12. When you think that people are dying of starvation in this country due to benefits being cut, inefficiencies in the Universal Credit system etc and that decent hard working people are having to suffer the indignity of queueing up at a food bank in order to get food for their families, when you think that what we paid for this woman to have her eyebrows enhanced would enable approx 100 homeless people to get off the streets and into a private rented bedsit or small flat it really does make you see how totally uncaring Tories are. Unfortunately our PLP is not much better – many of them shamelessly milk the system too. For this reason Labour won’t much to say about Patel – after all people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  13. 77k on brows what a fucking joke these corrupt twats are i no where my tax money has gone too now

  14. £77k ………… you might have understood if it had been Denis Healey, but £77k for a paint job???????

  15. Not-so-pritti like all of her kind are stuffed to the gunnels with Treasury handouts. Please please please join me in a Civil Litigation Action versus these fascists. Is there a civil rights lawyer who truly believes that which he/she represnts and would help us deliver the citizens from these parasites? Organise now!

  16. £77000! I have to work 3 and a half years to get that. Scandalous doesn’t even begin to cover it.

  17. Here’s some further details plus an amusing selection of tweets

    23 December: £669, Rachael’s Kitchen Limited
    This is the firm that owns the Rachael’s Cupcakes brand
    September: £5,415.90, Primark
    15 June: £849.50, SportsDirect
    2 April: £864, Hair There and Everywhere
    This appears to be a hairdressing salon
    6 April: £30,000, Global Beauty Products Limited
    This firm runs the store ‘Beautiful Brows and Lashes’, but also appears to sell personal protective equipment (PPE)
    6 March: £2,022.64, Neptun Qtu Tirane
    This appears to be an electronics store in Albania
    9 March: £1,040.69, Folkestone Garden Centre
    12 March: £3,774.29, Pollyana Restaurant
    13 March: £919.81, Entertainment EB
    March: SP Beautiful Brows: £77,269.40
    This company appears to be run by Global Beauty Products
    26 February: £3,952.76, Pollyana Restaurant
    27 February: £900, The Magdalen Arms
    This appears to be a pub in Oxford
    24 January: £2,000, Claudia Lamb Independent
    It seems as though Claudia Lamb is a diet consultant

    1. Interesting! What do we make of £2000 for Albanian electronic equipment? Something recommended by her friends in the IDF?

      1. Fuck off.
        You sad pathetic centrist twat.
        Steve Hall.

      1. Right.

        So because he’s too much of a frightened surreptitious coward to put up, we should all accept his word?

        You accepted his word on his ten pledges that took him just a few weeks to renege on each and every one

        …And you don’t even question that.

        You’re every bit a snidey little twat as stamner himself. Do get thee to fuckery out of it, hypocrite.

      1. Ok plums, bane a promise of the ten the slimy one has stuck to?


        Then shut your fucking cave, idiot.

      2. Toffee – I’m not at your beck and call. You are the one making all the claims you provide the evidence. If you want to illustrate how in your opinion he’s broken his pledges then nobody is standing in your way. I’m sure that somebody out there will be interested in what you have to say.

      3. Oh, you’ve already provided the evidence through your shithousery, sunshine.

        And if I’m not at YOUR beck and call then dont you fucking dare make demands on others like you always do with your ‘provide evidence’.

        Evidence can be found in the post I’m replying to, so don’t even entertain the idea of asking again.

        Because even when I have done in the past, you’ve still tried pathetically to worm your way out, you rodent. You do it with everyone. You’re some sort of mental defective; most definitely retarded.

        Why not make yourself useful and give a struggling psychaitrist a job for life, you irksome little shite.

    1. Well discovered! We await an explanation from the Home Office – if they aren’t too terrified of getting involved. Where did this not insignificant chunk of money go?! If there was PPE bought where is it now? Was it personal for the Home Secretary and buddies? But more importantly who got paid?

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