Kim Johnson claims Rothery not popular in Liverpool – then Rothery named in list of city’s inspirational women for International Women’s Day

Liverpool MP throws shade at black candidate barred from mayoral shortlist by Labour – who then receives support from black groups as well as nomination in #IWD2021 list of city’s inspiring women

Liverpool Riverside MP Kim Johnson – criticised last week for a lack of solidarity with Cllr Anna Rothery after Labour shamefully barred her and two other women councillors from the selection to choose the party’ mayoral candidate – told the Guardian on Friday that Rothery was not popular among the city’s black community:

Most of the high-profile voices coming to Rothery’s defence came from outside the city, she said, noting that Rothery had few supporters among black-led organisations in Liverpool.

Later the same day, Rothery was named by Explore Liverpool as one of the city’s inspirational women for International Women’s Day next week:

Rothery has also received support and testimonials from city figures, including black socialists:

A letter demanding Rothery’s reinstatement to the shortlist was signed by an array of MPs, councillors, union figures and more, including Merseyside BLM Alliance and Merseyside Caribbean Centre. Merseyside BLM Alliance also issued its own extensive statement in support of Rothery when she was cut from the shortlist:

The statement was co-signed by BLM groups from around the country, including Merseyside Alliance for Racial Equality.

Rothery, meanwhile, is planning an International Women’s Day ‘sisterhood and solidarity event’:

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  1. If NW Labour won’t allow anyone but the two anti-Left candidates it accepted as its revised shortlist to be considered by Liverpool Labour voters for nomination as their mayoral candidate…could they do the decent thing and simply NOT nominate a mayoral candidate at all?

    After all they’ve done so far, and since neither of the people they’ve deigned to allow Liverpool Labour members to vote for could possibly be capable of earning either the support of those members or the voters in the city overall, and having discredited the Liverpool Labour name so badly it will take decades to rehabilitate it with anyone in the city, NW Labour and their lackeys on the Liverpool need to just get out of the way of the people.

    1. Starmer won’t stop purging the “Left”. It was always the intention. Get dishcloth Starmer to try wiping away the “Left” then plop him in the Lords. That’s why we must do everything in our power to make them lose their seats. Yes they will go to another gravy train in the “consultancies”, “charities” and vulture hedge-funds and morgan-stanley, goldman sachs etc.

      let them go. they r not of us. they are parasites 📛📛📛

      1. We could describe how we are eaten alive by parasitic maggots like Starmer and Evans throughout the rest of history and NOTHING will change.

        Until we rip up the roots of rot, we will persist in swinging on the pendulum of repeated exploitation of “the many” by the willy waving metropolitan careerist set and the 1% guard rats.

        The rest of us must rip out the rotting myths at the roots and dump them.

        The creature which slimed the following, is an eg of the parasitic maggots which feasts on those who STILL parrot the spin that it is “charismatic” etc. NOT in my book!!! It reeks of smirking stench and drips with deadly slime. Yet sincere well meaning people STILL regurgitate SPIN eg it is “charming” “smart” etc etc … Until perfectly inteligent people PURGE that dross fed to them their will be no progress for the “Left”.

        Just that purge alone will reap immediate crucial results.

        ANYWAY , as ever , only meant to ask a question, but i know i get too intense at the puzzle of not how long will it take not for the myths to be crushed, but when will good decent people realise that crushing them amongst ourselves is the first step.

        Eg, SH’s output never frustrates nor depresses me. We know their game. It’s their choice, not ours. We should practise defending ours. Learn to spot and knock away their scams. We will meet the exact toss-pottery at CLPs and on the MSM.

        ANYWAY again… Which odious creature excreted this slime –

        “I am afraid I tried to do the minimum we could with the minimum expenditure. I understood the risk, but it just didn’t seem to me that the ‘panpanic’ was quite justified.

        “And in those situations, everyone is so risk-averse that, unless you take care, you end up spending a fortune to thwart a crisis that never actually materialises.”

        HINT – A satanic horror from
        some most hellish of hells doing it’s purpose.

        It’s purpose??? To corrupt, to soil and deceive.


  2. Points well made kenburch. I think local party has no alternative now to publicly go completely against London Labour diktat. Start campaigning for anyone but official Labour candidates. This is beyond a joke.

    1. He seems to be nothing more than just a paper candidate who has been put up to give the impression that members are being given a “choice”

      1. Agreed. I think the best idea is for all Labour members to back him. That way, the idiocy of those choosing him to stand is exposed, along with the Starmerite faction’s hatred of anyone who doesn’t support Keith’s bizarre and sole obsession with his much more talented predecessor.

  3. The Labour party are in a “Witchunt” There are no longer any rules and members must come together in the power of the working-class movement.ITs us and them.ignore suspensions keep mtg and have your own conference….They want a fight give it to them. “You Have The Keys” Change the locks.You Fund The Labour party…change the locks….think about it and understand that you own the Labour party not these Cuckoos.

    1. Joseph, if we had even as few as one thousand like you who understand the change of attitude needed, the Right Wing would be crushed within and outside Labour.

      It’s not rocket science. Any new person getting involved would see the culture within three months.

      Outside the “Left” political bubble, ie those who guard the bubble and their control of it and their hypnotised into paralysis activists, outside that bubble, i challenge anyone to reveal if they have EVER seen the “Left” attitude and culture in ANY organisation including groups for leisure, that has sustained CONCRETE results. Achieved and sustained CONCRETE aims with the same extraordinary timid, defeated, victim, unchanging attitude.

      I remain astonished by what i have seen and read. The super glued rust of the timid defeatist culture, is extraordinary. In every other area of living, any organisation with that culture would die and disappear out of sight, out of mind. Very few would know it ever existed.

      But, on the “Left”, somehow that attitude of “can’t do” and must not upset the Right Wing, is drummed in. New members are expected to stay silent, then eventually say nothing or nothing new. Just join in the busy moaning brigade and mention books, talks, articles which others have wrote, yet learn nothing. People who seemed nearly dead spring to aggressive life to intervene in chats to say they are not going to listen, yet keep interrupting to scream their “can’t do” mantra.

      I cannot believe they are all plants / infiltrators. There is a distinct appeasement victim culture…. come together to agree there’s nothing we can do. Post to say X will fail, Y will fail… and posting with obvious anger… weird big time!!!

      In the “Left” CLP groups the focus is to find meaning and feel worthwhile, NOT to drive the parasites out nor even take back power. “We must convert them” was the automatic retort to any attempt to even curb the Right Wing Tories. Yet every single displacement hobby horse is jumped on. The latest is Kashmir. The further the better. We could write a motion on that without treading on Right Wing toes.

      Think of it, the poor have been subjected to the very sharp unjust justice system for ever. That causes a vicious cycle of other problems. How much has anyone ever heard of any sustained focus on such a basic, by those on the “Left” with easy access to the media???

      WHY? Because the “Left” controllers, ensure that all is limp. Don’t upset the Right Wing. Hoping for crumbs and being self preening, self-serving careerist metropolitan social groups.

      Think of it. When last did you hear anyone from the multitude of other “Left” political parties, using their public platforms and access to the media??? I bet, they too are also doing lots of reading and desperate to give “the grassroots” tutorials on “patriarchy”.

      And, it is not for a lack of ability either. Someone, maybe Toffee, ages ago gave me more info on Len McCluskey. I was praising his always excellent radio interviews, infrequent but excellent. Twice the Communist Party leader was on radio in 2019. Again superb. Logical, assertive, substance, AND there was no need to raise the volume or be irritated by barely audible mumbling, and swallowing. There was no flat dispiriting delivery. Nasty MSM audio technicians could reduce the volume of a speaker, but it is a much bigger task to make someone sound as if they felt zero urgency or interest in their own words.

      But where are the Union speakers, in between industrial action??? Despite being excellent, they too vanish. That suggest to me that they too at the very HEART of the “Left” have zero regard or sense that they need to be heard frequently. Change is a never ending process. The end of some industrial action is not a full stop. We the “Left” are the insurgents. We must ALWAYS be on the march, on the front foot dismantling the myths. The platform is there. The platform is here.

      The failure to use the platforms as often as needed is ALSO due to an inward looking, bunker, careerist, “eye rolling” attitude to wrong doings of the Right Wing. The never before seen persistent “eye rolling” suggest to me – there they (RW) go again, breaking rules again Heigh-ho… we have to focus on the May elections or X motion (as damp. limp and useless as all the others).

      MEANWHILE – 11:36 Sunday 7 March 2021 – Twatson is on radio claiming that the inteligent etc Starmer is struggling with the Red Wall because, by implication, they rejected what went before in the 2019 Election. He was careful not to mention 2017, when as we all know, he Twatson, Starmer and the rest of the vile cabal were disappointed that despite all their sabotage, Labour under Jeremy, did as well as it did.

      As ever, expect no one from the “Left” who will use their EASY access to the media to rebut that Twatson BULK BUY of lies.


      1. Although I usually don’t respond to the garbage Signposts usually posts I feel I have to make an exception in the case of his 11.43 post above.
        In this post he says that
        the left has achieved nothing
        we have a timid defeated victim changing culture
        we have a cant do attitude and are the moaning brigade
        our Clps have the need to feel worthwhile
        we jump on every displacement hobby horse thats going
        we have no substantial focus on poverty
        our speakers are useless
        Nobody could read this vicious attack on the Left and believe this poster is a Socialist. He is not genuine and is posting on this site in order to undermine us and control our debate

      2. Why read “garbage” Smartbot??? U r a nasty wicked fraud or useless to the “Left”. Anyone who cannot see the ridiculous noise of the “Left” on issues elsewhere, moaning about the Right Wing without addressing things WELL within our choices right here now.

        And it is not rocket science to see in your deceitful post the exact language linguistics and style of White Flag Man. Are u one and the same or has the crazed Can’t do / Don’t do fanatic your mentor❓❓❓

        Piss off or get your controllers to deactivate you. Despicable fraud. I’v encountered your EXACT type in the “Left” CLP groups here. Your language and manner is EXACTLY similar. You’ve been only recently activated a few months ago, to my knowledge.

        But take a free hint like SH, i’m not one of those who can be deceived by you. And if even u were not an infiltrator, it matters not a jot. Like White Flag Man nut and the splinter sucker outer you have never once suggested anything constructive. You deceive by moaning. Moaning is NOT constructive. It is pure defeatism. Bunker victim hood. Hoping for the Right Wing to throw a crumb.

        But i don’t think u r dumb or sincere. U know full well your instructions – Keep the left passive and complaining. Piss off back to your controllers.

  4. The Tories(spit!) have taken on the NHS, as their – ‘NUM Moment’.

    Labour have taken on Liverpool, as their – ‘NUM Moment’

    Defeat the NHS, and defeat Liverpool – the other Unions, and the other Labour strongholds will fall into line.

    Easy, isn’t it?

    Almost as though, Johnson, Cummings, Starmer and Evans had sat down together, for a slap-up meal in Granita, and to thrash out political strategy.

    Join a Union, today!

    1. And they’re fine with the fact that “defeating Liverpool” means Labour ends up standing for nothing at all but…defeating the Tories in name and getting “their turn”. Starmer and Company utterly reject the idea that elections are supposed to actually make a difference in the lives of ordinary people.

      1. “ordinary people” are on the extreme outer periphery of the interests of Starmer & co. At best a source of plunder. At worst an intermittent inconvenience.

  5. From many years of observing, at a safe distance, the workings of the NW Labour Party, none of this is a surprise.
    Right wing, sectarian, incompetent except in achieving aims not aligned with those two terms, the left persists in not organising itself in order to correct the situation.
    The levels of sheer, crass stupidity that these Liverpool councillors are showing says it all. But this is business as usual. How do such numpties get selected?
    With honourable exceptions, how many of our Labour councils are, politically useless?
    It’s interesting that one of our national leadership wannabes, Lisa Nandy, wants councillors to have a strong presence on the NEC. It would consolidate a right wing presence and control.
    As the country will soon start to find itself in the dangerous waters of mass unemployment, poverty and exploitation on scales not seen for 90 years, on current showing, a right -led Labour Party will not come out of this with any credit or credibility.
    Functional irrelevance is the best path to PASOKification, the fate, ironically, that Corbyn kept at bay, and who’s 2017 and 2019 manifesto policies would chart a clear sensible route away from.

  6. Whether you have a personal opinion about Anna Rothery or not, it’s blatantly evident that whilst the treatment of all three of the Mayoral candidates has been a major contributing factor to this “shitshow” of a process, her treatment in particular, including adverse public comments from a Liverpool MP, has been appalling and her deselection, without reasons given, defies aspects of Natural Justice.

    An injustice to one is an injustice to all.

    Let’s all back Anna Rothery in her fight for justice.

    We have a fight on our hands and we have to stand up an face the enemy, The Enemy Within.

    They’ve managed to manipulate themselves into powerful positions, so now it’s ‘jobs for the boys’ and their ‘chosen ones’ in every position of power throughout the Party, from top to bottom, including, if they’re allowed to get away with it, Mayor of Liverpool.

    What a situation we’re in, it’s like having burglars in every room of the house, but these burglars don’t want to steal the furniture…they want to steal our house.

    And they’re aim is to force our whole family out and throw all our furniture on the street so they can install their own.

    Don’t let these bastards kick us out, let’s stick together and room by room, kick the burglars out.

    1. Good post Terry Clarke. “Let’s all back Anna Rothery in her fight for justice.”

      For this to be possible, she’d need to stand for Mayor on a non-party ticket. I’d welcome it. She’d make sure that she’d be seen as a “breakaway” Labour candidate.

      Hopefully, the strategem would be seen for what it is (would be): a challenge to Starmer’s anti-democratic Labour.

    2. Yup nice speech and like all the stay and fight brigade real light on how to do this? I am alwase suspicious of this because I wonder the motivation first of the author of the message. Maybe there geniene but moe and more we see just paid shills to convince people to keep on paying and supporting the cult.

      So please explain how your going to remove 95% of the PLP and god knows what percentage of backroom staff, committees and everyone else involved in this cult say again 95% I guess?

      Because let me tell you you’re kidding yourself this cult is like cancer stamp it out in one part it will hide and grow in another and then take over when your backs turned. I am sorry Labour is dead they have destroyed all it was accept that and move on!

      We have a simple choice split the party and end up again with hidden cancer waiting to take over again or set up a socialist Labour party. That has real teeth to prevent right wing cancer from ever taking over and any signs of not being a socialist we have to kick them out. That is the only way. This stay and fight your just fighting blind and have no chance we tried that 2 times now and this cult of new Labour comes back and takes over.

      Do you have 20 years to waste to end up again with a right wing briefing against the leader again and every dirty trick being used like with JC? Because that all staying and fighting will achieve more of the damn same!

      I don’t see why my Grandkids should still be making the same dang mistakes and still having Tory scum in charge this way!

  7. “Sisterhood & Solidarity Event on International Women’s Day”. Gender & Racial Solidarity…….. a frightening thought.

  8. Anna Rothery was probably well aware why she was barred from standing, first question from panel….have you had any endorsements from prominent Labour politicians, Anna.. yes Jeremy Corbyn, the panel in unison ‘NEXT’
    What strikes me as unforgivable is the way the Labour party do not give reasons for barring the candidates, leaving the electorate to think the worst of the trio, no smoke without fire etc, as in the antisemitism fiasco, peoples characters are dragged through the mud for years with no recourse to due process. The Labour party are a bad mannered and ruthless party who care little for their members feelings, I would not contribute a plugged nickel to them.

  9. Kim Johnson, Dame Louise Ellman’s replacement as MP for L’pool Riverside, is maybe practicing a bit of divide and conquer here. “Wrong type of black woman”, “not popular”, “few supporters among black-led organisations in Liverpool”. The woman appears shameless and should maybe have a little chat with herself.

    Until today the only thing I knew about her was that she resigned as Angela Rayner’s PPS so she could vote against the proposed Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill. But now she’s showing loyalty and obedience to our appalling leader of the Labour party by being a “useful idiot” in Starmer and Evans’ war against party members, democratic socialism and local democracy.


    1. qwertboi, no sure that Kim Johnson is showing loyalty to Starmer. The panel that decided to eliminate Anna Rothery as candidate for the Mayoral election in Liverpool has a very strong Momentum’s flavour. Thus, it can be argued that within the left their isn’t unity in its support for Rothery.
      Then their is the small matter of Rothery insisting that Don’t Leave Organise disinvited Esther Giles for an event that was going to discuss Freedom of Expression within the Labour Party. Giles is presently suspended from Party’s membership because as the Secretary of her CLP allowed motions in support of Corbyn and critical of Starmer and Evans to be discussed and passed.
      Now who on earth is Ann Rothery to label Ester Giles as transphob? What is exactly that Esther Giles had said for Rothery to refuse to share platform with Giles on Freedom of speech within the Labour Party.?
      I don’t know Ann Rothery but good political judgement she hasn’t. Clearly she didn’t get the irony of barring Esther Giles for speaking at an event on Freedom of Speech.
      Hence, from my point of view and as someone that support trans self id, it is Ann Rothery that should have a chat with herself, she is the one that appears shameless. Where is Ann Rothery solidarity towards Esther Giles? Where is the principle that an injury to one of us is an injury to all when it comes to protecting Giles right to speak?
      It is Esther Giles that have been suspended for the Labour Party for standing up for the rights of the rank and file members to debate and pass motions even when the are critical of the present leadership. I don’t know the woman and I can be wrong but to me Rothery appears like a carearist willing to jump of whatever she sees as beneficial.
      Nevertheless, I support Ann Rothery case to find out why she has been dismissed and taken her case to the Courts for determination. She should be allowed to continue in the panel of candidates and allow Party members in Liverpool to determine who they want as their candidate. I am totally against this sort of behaviour.
      Kim Johson MP has every right to express her opinion with regard to Ann Rothery, Kim is after all a black resident in Liverpool and entitled to voice her opinion.
      Kim Johnson resigned from her position in the Shadow front bench to vote against CHIP, how dare you imply that Kim Johson MP is a “useful idiot” for Starmer and Evans? All I see is socialist woman standing by what should be the highest principle for any socialist: the defense of Freedom of Speech, shame on Ann Rothery. for denying Esther Giles this fundamental right.

  10. Given the 22 year old probably hasn’t a chance. That only leaves twice bankrupt Ms Anderson who’s only been a back bench councillor for two years. WTF is going on?

    1. As was the case in the Kinnock-Blair era, the Labour leadership has decided it would rather throw control of Liverpool to another LibDem-Tory coalition- whose policies would, now as then, be indistinguishable from a straight up Tory majority council- than allow Liverpool’s socialist majority to prevail. Never mind that Kinnock’s defeats in 1987 and 1992 were exclusively his own fault and that there was no one in any part of the country who’d have voted Labour in a GE but ONLY if the Liverpool left was crushed- and never mind that there are no such voters now.

  11. The fiasco of the Labour party,is already spreading to the MSM who along with the libs and Torys will have a field day with the new candidates who have been thrown into the ring with one baby face lavelle having little experience of any sort and Miz Anderson being blasted for being a persistent bankruptcy.Liverpool’s being handed over to the opposition on a plate by HQ whos witchunt for anyone left or smiled once at Corbyn are out.The Labour party have lost already and even if they invite the previous candidate back its all too late.I can see Liverpool being dropped into the days of Trevor Jones and the libs if Stammer and Evans have their way.This shambles was planned and executed by HQ and the lotto office to get rid of a problem city for Stammer and Evans.

    1. It’s funny you should say that. I was only thinking earlier that Starmer/Evans see Liverpool as too leftwing. Plus let’s not forget Corbyn appeared to be very popular in the city. So the option of losing or maneuvering the ‘right’ candidate in for mayor is a choice they have made.

    2. Yep, as you say, Joseph, willful self harm by the Liverpool and NW Labour in-crowd has probably handed the Mayorship to some Lib Dem or nominally ‘independent’ alternative. Better than some ‘Leftie’ should win, to the Labour Starmerites though !

      Liverpool, despite its long Labour heritage, has always been systemically corrupt at Labour cronyist machine levels – opening up electoral opportunities for the equally corrupt two-faced Lib Dem types occasionally. The only time Liverpool Labour wasn’t stewed jn corruption was in the 1980’s when Militant (RSL) were dominant and running the council (even if Degsy Hatton was always a bit personally ‘wide boy,’ dodgy) . Of course , then , as now, the national Labour Leadership were quite prepared to see another party in power in Liverpool rather than socialists. And then, as now, the (admittedly deeply sectarian, and hard to like at a personal level ) socialists of Militant running the council found themselves isolated and betrayed by supposedly ‘Left brothers in arms’ – like ‘red’ Ted Knight and ‘red’ Ken Livingston – who had pledged to fight the then Tory government budget cuts with their councils too – but cravenly reneged and left Militant Liverpool Labour to be smashed alone . Today the utterly cowardly refusal of the rest of the PLP Socialist Campaign Group to refuse the Labour Whip as long as Jeremy is suspended is all too reminiscent of the regular lack of socialist principal of too many prominent career Lefties every time there is a need to stand up for basic socialist principles of solidarity.

      Mind you, if, as Maria Vasquez says, Anna Rothery is yet another of those pathetic trendy identity politics dominated Left Liberal beliefs followers , who goes along with the current disgrace of ‘no platforming’ any woman, particularly feminist socialist women, who dare to demand the basic right to debate the complex ‘Trans’ issue , with a focus on protecting long fought for female rights – then I personally would see no point in having such a shallow opportunist as mayor either.

      1. jpenny, what would it achieve if the SCG refused the Labour whip etc? Absolutely nothing of course. But then you NEVER miss an opportunity to smear them do you – ie try and smear them in the eyes of readers of this blog.

        And just to be clear – given that you assert that they should refuse the Whip as long as Jeremy is suspended – are you saying that they could refuse the Whip, and THEN, if Jeremy then had the Whip restored, THEY could then stop refusing the whip?

      2. No socialist feminist endorses the TERF canard that “trans women are just ‘men in dresses'”. Why are you fighting for someone whose entire agenda is to try and persuade Labour to be anti-trans? There’s no possible way to square TERF arguments with any form of socialism, because socialism cannot be socialist if it endorses any form or social exclusion.

  12. Seems Rothery is more than a modern day politician. She is clearly a rare breed. Someone who actually cares about their constituents.

    She should run as an independent. It will be Liverpool’s loss if she doesn’t.

    I hope more people like Rothery get the chance to prove themselves. Unlikely in the Labour party sadly

  13. If there is no legal remedy, then ONE of them should stand as an independent with the full backing of MP’s Unions, members and supporters
    Light fuse step back and wait for explosion that announces the start of the civil war

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