Breaking: Pressure mounts on Labour as BAME MPs, activists and others write to Starmer, Evans and NEC about Liverpool mayoral selection candidate

Party’s actions leave it ‘wide open’ to accusations of a stitch-up

An array of Liverpool MPs and councillors, BAME MPs and activists along with other senior figures and groups from the Labour movement have ramped up the pressure on the party leadership tonight with an open letter attacking the party’s handling of the city’s mayoral candidate selection and the complete lack of transparency in the way three shortlisted women were arbitrarily removed and barred from standing – and demanding that the selection process be halted until this is put right:

Dear Sir Keir Starmer, General Secretary, NEC Chair/Secretary

We are writing to express our serious concerns about the way in which the Liverpool Mayoral Selection process has been handled, and to express our alarm at what looks like an attempt to railroad through a new candidate before we have answers about why the previous shortlist was scrapped.

Reopening the selection on the eve of ballots arriving with members, and preventing all 3 shortlisted candidates – Wendy Simon, Ann O’Byrne and Anna Rothery – from reapplying, is unprecedented.

Thorough fair scrutiny of prospective candidates, especially in consideration of the unique context in which this election is taking place, is welcome. That should not mean carte blanche to remove all transparency, fairness and accountability from the process.

The party must immediately provide clarity and transparency about why this has happened and why each of the 3 originally approved shortlisted candidates has been blocked, and those decisions must be open to scrutiny and challenge.

The previous shortlist included Councillor Anna Rothery who never held a Cabinet or executive role under the previous leadership and, if elected, would have become the first black woman mayor of a UK city. We are aware of reports that she is pursuing a legal challenge to the party’s decision to exclude her. Justice must be allowed to take its course before any replacement shortlist of candidates is imposed and, if Anna’s legal case proves that she was treated unfairly, she must be reinstated to her rightful place on the ballot. The party’s actions would otherwise appear discriminatory and further damage the party’s reputation and it’s standing with BAME communities.

As you will know, the Liverpool Labour Group and a number of Merseyside CLPs have carried motions criticising the way the process has been handled and calling for immediate transparency and accountability. This fiasco has caused extreme consternation in Liverpool, demotivating our members ahead of a crucial election.

Any decision taken on Labour’s candidate, while previously shortlisted candidates remain excluded without due process afforded to challenge those decisions, will be wide open to charges of a political stitch-up and therefore will not have the confidence of the Labour membership or the wider Liverpool public.

We fear that this would cause irreparable harm to Labour’s standing in the city and have a severe detrimental impact in the local and mayoral elections. We are therefore asking the party to change course as a matter of urgency and restore unfairly treated candidates to the ballot sheet for distribution on 8 March.

We look forward to your early response in advance of any further steps being taken in the selection process.

Yours sincerely,

Dan Carden MP
Ian Byrne MP
Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP
Clive Lewis MP
Zarah Sultana MP
Apsana Begum MP
Ian Lavery MP
Nadia Whittome MP
Richard Burgon MP
Claudia Webbe MP

Patrick Philip Vernon OBE
Lord Simon Wooley, Operation Black Vote
Jacqueline McKenzie, human rights lawyer
Lee Jasper, BAME Lawyers 4 Justice

Zita Holbourne, National Chair, Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC) UK
Sunny Lambe, Black Labour Movement UK

Jennie Formby, former General Secretary of the Labour Party
Howard Beckett, Assistant General Secretary, Unite
Sarah Wooley, General Secretary, BFAWU
Ian Hodson, National President, BFAWU
Jane Stewart, Unite National Women’s Committee
Sohayalla Wilson, Vice Chair, Unite North West BAME Committee
Pete Pascal, CWU North West BAME Lead & Equalities Officer for Mersey Branch
CWU Greater Mersey Branch
CWU Warrington Mail Centre

Merseyside BLM Alliance
BLM Warrington
BLM Leeds
BLM Stoke
BLM Sandbach
BLM Enfield
BLM Taunton
Calderdale Against Racism
Merseyside Caribbean Centre
Labour Party LGBT+ Network

Cllr Sarah Morton
Cllr Alison Clarke
Cllr Tim Jeeves
Cllr Lena Simic
Cllr Gerard Woodhouse
Cllr Ahmed Ali
Cllr Majid Dar
Cllr Azra Ali
Cllr Nasrin Ali
Cllr Amna Abdullatif
Cllr Amanda Pinnock
Cllr Munsif Dadd

Labour has been heavily criticised this evening after announcing a two-person shortlist of one 22-year-old right-wing man and one woman in place of the three barred women with half a century of council experience among them. The city’s Labour-run council had already passed a motion last Saturday demanding that Labour come clean about its actions.

Labour councillors and CLP officers are invited to add their signature here and lay members here.

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  1. SIR Starmer, let us hear your clear condemnation of racism under your watch. It must be clear and unequivocal.

    If you fail to act, it confirms to me that you Starmer are a determined racist🔴🔴🔴

    1. Prove me wrong SIR Starmer. Condemn and suspend everyone to date who have been accused of racism, bigotry and abuse towards ALL races and faiths in the Labour which you are now “leading”.

      Until then, in my book you are the definition along with your cabal, a racist and a racist enabler.

    2. “But…but…but the ONLY thing that counts as racism is antisemitism. And antisemitism is whatever we damn well SAY it is, you antisemite!”

  2. I see that there’s also the likelihood of a legal challenge regarding the appointment of an Israeli secret agent to the web “listening” post. No party has EVER had so many legal challenges from its own membership in the history of UK politics!

      1. SH do u approve of foreign entities interfering in the politics of this country as eg Massot❓❓❓

      2. windchimes – Do you? Then why on earth would you think I do. I presume that you intended to refer to Shai Masot.

      3. SteveH, you have FAILED to answer the question.

        Do you disapprove of foreign entities interfering in UK politics❓❓❓

      4. windchime – Of course I don’t, is this building up to some exciting got you moment. If you have any evidence to the contrary then I invite you to present it.

      5. Please see above thread. SteveH answered – of course he doesn’t to the clear question – “Do you disapprove of foreign entities interfering in UK politics❓❓❓ ”

        SteveH’s reply for the record – “Of course I don’t”.

        ie – “Of course I don’t” disapprove.

        SteveH is afraid to say he disapproves of foreign entities interfering in UK politics.

        It is effortless …stress free-for most posters to say i disapprove of foreign entities interfering in UK politics.

        Or even, of course i disapprove.

        Or even, course i do.

        The readers can all see the fear you SteveH have of saying you disapprove of the interference of foreign entities in UK politics.


      6. ie SteveH, is being deliberately vague re his answer⚠️⚠️⚠️

      7. windchimes – Oh my god, ‘you’ve got me bang to rights there’. 🙄
        For goodness sake grow up you childish numpty, who are you trying to impress?.

      8. Don’t waste my time.

        “His lawyers’ letter argues that either the party did know about Kaplan’s background, in which case it has shown a failure to consider the views of its Palestinian members, or it did not know and has failed to show due diligence.

        Hmidan asked whether the party undertook any risk assessment and what personal data of party members Kaplan will be able to access in his role. He said unless he receives satisfactory assurances from the party, he intends to refer the issue to the information commissioner and consider whether he will take legal action on the basis of unfair and unlawful recruitment.” From the Guardian.

      9. Joe Robson – “Don’t waste my time”

        For goodness sake get over yourself.
        If you’d given more information in your original comment I wouldn’t have had to ask for further details.

      10. SteveH, do u approve of foreign entities interfering in UK politics, eg Massot❓❓❓

      11. windchimes – Do you really think that your inane question was worthy of repetition.
        As I said above
        What have I ever said that would support your ridiculous insinuations.. If you think you’ve got a case then you are more than welcome to quote me in order to prove your point. Have fun.

      12. SteveH once again you fail to answer the question. Here it is again.

        Do you disapprove of foreign entities interfering in UK politics❓ ❓ ❓

        I do. I condemn it as i am sure the vast majority of posters and readers of condemn that interference and would be comfortable to say so.

        You are clearly afraid to condemn foreign entities interference in UK politics.

        Do you disapprove ? ? ?

      13. Are you fucking mad? People posting here are under no obligation to answer your questions or provide you with facts. You do this all the time, try and trip people up, find an excuse to change the subject yet you can never be bothered to do any research yourself. So what inevitably happens is a long drawn out pointless conversation that you use to close down the thread by sending everyone to sleep when you could have just Googled the original comment.

      14. And note lundiel how SteveH avoids giving a straight clear answer to a straight question. He cannot risk saying he condemns foreign interference in UK politics lest Shi Masot’s chums go knocking on his doors 😂😂😂

        For a mere minion like little SH it is a risk SHs won’t take.

      15. Oh look,.
        It’s Steve scum.
        The hard right wing troll.
        Fuck off Steve scum.

    1. JoeRobinson, the RECORD number of legal challenges joins another first. Margaret Thatcher’s devoted apprentice was the first UK Prime Minister to be interviewed by the police UNDER CAUTION while in office.

      While polluting further, an already polluted office, Anthony Blair the war criminal was INTERVIEWED UNDER CAUTION by the POLICE while in office.

      Another record fitting of the sordid cabal led by the disgraced, twice or thrice dismissed for dishonesty Peter Mandelson. Bliar, Campbellend and SIR Keith Starmer & cabal break records for being bad news. They always were bad news. They will always be bad news save for the mother of all miracles.

      We are not miracle workers. We need to use what is within our power at the moment eg MANY MORE LEFAL CHALLENGES to clean out the muck that is the Mandelson controlled cabal which only serves the “filthy rich” with whom, he smirked, that he “is comfortable”.
      or some such endorsement.

      The essence is in the word “FILTHY”


  3. The Labour Party has unveiled two new potential candidates for the Liverpool mayoral contest taking place in May, after the internal race was last week reopened with those previously shortlisted not invited to join.

    Liverpool councillors Anthony Lavelle, who represents Croxteth ward, and Joanne Anderson, who represents Princes Park ward and is not related to previous mayor Joe Anderson, have been picked by a panel after interviews.

    1. We can assume they are both from the antisocialist wing of the party, of course- and it goes without saying that Liverpool Labour forfeits any right to ask women and people of colour to vote for the candidate if it’s a centrist white man.

      1. kenburch – Like you I know nothing about these 2 candidates. Perhaps it would be wiser if you did some research before casting aspersions on them.

      2. Lavelle is a good friend of Johnathon Ashworth and used to work for him and Anderson has posted anti Corbyn tweets and has worked for Starmer.
        Nice try troll.

      3. kenburch – You can assume all you like but one of the candidates is a middle aged black woman who is a Toxteth councillor.

  4. Starmer is a racist piece of Shit.
    It is really that simple.
    Only the likes of Steve scum will support him.

      1. Calling BLM “a moment, not a movement was evidence”, since it’s not possible to reject BLM and still be antiracist. What he did to Rothery is evidence. His refusal to challenge the racist screed from the caller on London Radio was evidence. His insistence that no prejudice matters more than what the Labour Right calls “antisemitism” (to them, it just means not being a Likudnik) is evidence. His misuse of the disciplinary bodies to suspend and in some cases Jewish members of the party for antisemitism- It’s not possible to be Jewish AND antisemitic- is evidence.

        You simply refuse to accept any of the evidence you are shown.

        You’re going to unquestioningly defend Starmer no matter what he does, no matter how many inncocent and no matter how far to the right he moves the party.

        At the next election, you’ll be saying “it’s enough to ‘beat the Conservatives'” and you’ll insist that there’s a difference between Toryism and Blairism.

        Don’t think we can’t all see where it’s going to lead with you.

      2. kenburch – “”At the next election, you’ll be saying “it’s enough to ‘beat the Conservatives’””

        Glad u posted that prediction. It is on record and i fully agree with u.

        RE: SH it is obviously they will say exactly that. They have said as much of it already.

        Crucial though is this. There are thousands of decent sincere members and MILLIONS of the electorate, who are at risk of FEELING that way.

        The status quo relies on that “feeling”. ie Keep hand of nurse for fear of something worse.

        Of course when our party is held hostage by Tory parasites and used to commit Tory crimes, then logically one can’t be worse. To FEEL that one is worse is = beat us till we’re bruised and blue, but with red truncheons, red pitchforks and clubs.

        Coming to think of it Thatcher’s apprentices are the greater evils. Enabling them guarantees the pendulum swings from one horror to the next over and over.

        That swing must be broken once and for all. It must be TOTALLY broken. Halfway measures can’t cut it. We have seen that with painful clarity.
        🚫 🚫 🚫

      3. kenburch – I said credible evidence not that tired old crap

        Calling BLM “a moment, not a movement was evidence”,
        No it isn’t

        What he did to Rothery is evidence.
        You’ve no evidence he did anything to anyone and even if he was involved in the halting of the original selection process you have absolutely zero evidence that race had anything to do with the decision to re-run the selection process.

        His refusal to challenge the racist screed from the caller on London Radio was evidence.
        Letting the woman’s obvious bigotry speak for itself was far more effective than getting into an argument live on TV.

        His insistence that no prejudice matters more than what the Labour Right calls “antisemitism” (to them, it just means not being a Likudnik) is evidence.
        Has he, I don’t remember him saying that?

        His misuse of the disciplinary bodies to suspend and in some cases Jewish members of the party for antisemitism- It’s not possible to be Jewish AND antisemitic- is evidence.
        All of which took place under the Corbyn/Formby regime, did that make them racists. It should also be borne in mind that the current disciplinary procedures were put in place by Formby not Evans and the party leader has no involvement in disciplinary procedures.

        You simply refuse to accept any of the evidence you are shown.
        I’ve yet to see any credible evidence.

        You’re going to unquestioningly defend Starmer no matter what he does, no matter how many inncocent and no matter how far to the right he moves the party.
        No I’m not, I just want to see some credible evidence.rather than bigoted conjecture. Perhaps you should dwell on how many members and supporters Jeremy threw under a bus during his tenure.

        At the next election, you’ll be saying “it’s enough to ‘beat the Conservatives’” and you’ll insist that there’s a difference between Toryism and Blairism.
        I don’t see Starmer as a Blairite. A Labour victory would certainly mean an improvement in the life chances of those who are disadvantaged and vulnerable. It would also be a massive improvement on losing 61 seats.

        Don’t think we can’t all see where it’s going to lead with you.
        I think you are blinded by your own rather naive political dogma.

      4. Labour’s right wing has always been racist. That is what has always torpedoed those in the movement seeking social change. Labour’s imperialism was so extreme in 1950, when it introduced massive austerity measures in order to finance a Defence expenditure aimed at keeping in US good graces while preserving the Empire in Malaysia and Kenya, that it led to the party’s defeat in the 1951 General Election.
        As part of its racist contempt for indigenous peoples Labour’s right wing have always been enthusiastic Zionists- they were more responsible than anyone for the Nakba. Hence their deep hatred of Jeremy Corbyn and the great majority of working people who support the persecuted and terrorised people of Palestine.
        It is significant that the Churchill government of 1951 considerably reduced the swollen Defence budgets which Gaitskell (as much a creature of the US Embassy as Kinnock was to be) had used to justify prescription charges.

      1. It was politically motivated. Anderson has posted anti Corbyn tweets and used to work for Starmer at the CPS.

      2. lundiel – “It was politically motivated.”

        Isn’t everything, don’t be naive.

      3. SteveH – “lundiel – “It was politically motivated.”
        Isn’t everything”

        BULLS EYE SH !!!

        Politically motivated exactly like Starmer and the other coup plotters against Jeremy as soon as they realised he was going to get the required nominations. The a-S claims of SIR Starmer & the TWO COUP plotters against the membership, were and are politically motivated as you admit above to lundiel.

        Operation “Stop Corbyn” attacked Jewish and non Jewish people alike, of faith and none for “politically motivated” reasons.

        The internal report revealed that in great detail. You have now accepted that “everything” of your lots lies are “politically motivated” supported by SIR Starmer, Bliar & cabal. Take another day off.


      4. qwertboi – Although I accept that it probably wasn’t your intention some would quite legitimately consider that it is racist to imply a candidate is the ‘token black’. You should be more careful what you post.
        I would be very surprised if Anna stands as an independent, why would she want to throw her political career down the toilet?

      5. “I would be very surprised if Anna stands as an independent, why would she want to throw her political career down the toilet?”

        1 – Maybe because under Sir Keir Starmer, the entire Labour party is being thrown “down the toilet”.

        2 – Because she would almost certainly win by a landslide; and

        3 – Once the current ‘new management’ of the party is removed and replaced by more acceptable leadership, the option to re-incorporate into the Labour Party could be considered.

  5. And if his response is unacceptable, what then? A strongly worded motion at some national meeting or other? Refuse to club together for Keith’s Easter egg? Threaten not to send him a Christmas card?

    He’ll pay no attention at all to what lefties in the Labour Party say to him because he knows he can call their bluffs. And he’s right of course. When it comes to the crunch i.e. threaten to leave as individuals/organisations, they won’t do it. They’re all wind and piss and Starmer and the Labour Right know this.

    1. When will members learn the cult of new Labour 2.0 doesn’t listen. Certainly doesn’t care how many letters and motions you send in and who signs it.

      So have some damn respect and realise you’re hoping for a change of heart it won’t happen the only power you have is self-respect and get that back by leaving…

      Stop giving subs to scumbags and support to people with no respect for your views. Only by demonstrating that you won’t be a subservient supporter of there BS now all the membership leaving that they will care about!

  6. Would any of this Liverpool Mayoral nonsense be happening if the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic wasn’t?

    With CLPs effectively suspended as democratic organisations of members and the constraint of an annual party Conference also on-hold, Sir Keir and his of management-consultants-are-us appointee as GS, David Evans, are changing the party locks, typing up our eviction order and getting ready to call-in the bailiffs.

    This is beginning to look and feel like an illegal eviction – and members must occupy the party and stop the ‘new management’ from completing their illegal eviction of the Labour party.

    1. Something nasty, straight from the deep, dark imagination of the passport seller.

  7. Maybe just a coincidence…Lavelle was on a list of 600 councillors who called for Corbyn to resign in 2016.

  8. And that just about confirms that the demolition of the Labour party and the membership carrys on.Without a drastic change at the top Labour are effectively defunct as a Opposition party.Socialist mps and councillors its the last chance saloon,don’t rely on the legal profession to bring democracy to the party.

  9. To kenburch: your approval of BLM is worryingly unconditional. In the US according to the NYT (now strongly criticised for it’s totally ‘woke’ left wing stance) many African Americans are against BLM because it does not acknowledge the need for members of minority racial groups to encourage and support educational attainment as just one method of empowering those minorities both financially and culturally. Plus the movement there has been totally captured by the Democratic party with all the moral corruption that implies.

    1. If as you and the NYT claim BLM has indeed been captured by the Democrats, the NYT would be in full support. Once again you demonstrate your ignorance of what is actually happening to whom and by whom. Plain stupid.

      1. John Thatcher: I think you misunderstand the way US politics is changing. NYT is far to the left of the Democratic party whose power brokers on the Democrat National Committee (DNC) worry about their party doing a ‘Corbyn’ and adopting a raft of crackpot hard left policies which are proven not to work, and appearing unpatriotic thereby alienating their core blue collar vote. Once captured by the metropolitan elite and their wine bar socialist policies the DNC know electoral defeat is just around the corner. Just like the UK really

      2. The BLM is an American movement set up in reaction to Black Americans being shot by American Police. Watching multi-millionaire Premier League footballers ‘bend the knee’ to the applause of Gary Linekar has nothing to do with social justice & everything to do with MSM virtue signalling.

    2. And it has nothing at all to do with socialism. As a black communist I hold BLM with deep skepticism. Regards ☮️

      1. Like most movements of its kind it contains a broad spectrum of political opinion and positions. Its radicalism is latent, but there nevertheless. Whether it develops into a more useful movement will emerge in time. From what I have read there are people trying to make that happen from inside the movement.

      2. Alexander Scottish..What’s wrong with a Irish name at Pontins Holiday camp?Well it seems my surname O’Keefe is not allowed to holiday in pontins now.I applied after reading a article in the foriegn press.and it was confirmed.Can anyone believe it that in 2021 weve got back to No dogs No irish..and I assume no blacks?Well my wife and the rest of us will just have to make do with Koh Rong island in the bay of Thailand.I do not want to risk my young grandchildren to No “slitty eyes” at Pontins and slightly suntaned skin meaning a double whamy of No irish.

      3. Joseph – I am in complete agreement with you regarding the Pontins scandal. Their racist and cultural discrimination is absolutely disgusting. The EHRC let them off far too lightly.and It is disappointing that there is no mechanism for contesting their leniency,

      4. SH do u approve of foreign entities interfering in the politics of this country as eg Massot❓❓❓

  10. Yes, I suspect that even the full-of-entitlement (like a real tory) Sir Keir expected it to take longer than 11 months to make the party as dysfunctional as an opposition and government-in-waiting as Labour has become under him. Sir Keir broke Labour n less than a year.

    I suspect that he indicated that it would take nearer 30 – 36 months in his negotiations with his sponsors, the Trilateral Billionaires and likudist multi-millionaires.

  11. To try and cut through the noise, to those who say there is nothing we can do against this RW onslaught take a look at the implosion of the Tartan Tories
    Equally the utter corruption of cheap and nasties and the spivs and thieves behind them will soon face the music
    It’s no coincidence that Temporary Embarrassment has so many cases lined up against him
    My advice

  12. Cherry on the cake will be the forthcoming financial pandemic, this is the one where we end up owning everything by default

      1. Debt levels were unsustainable before Covid19, they are now a lot worse than they were 2007, this time there is no Brown/Obama to bail them out
        Only option is to write off debt and start again with a clean sheet
        The banks will fall into our hands and we will own everything by default

    1. Dougal, you really do need to put that pipe down.

      We’ll end up owning nothing because it will all be sold off; or worse still given away to the corporates and banks in the same way our medical records were given away to Amazon or whoever.

      And, like Hancock freely handing over OUR data to be monetized and profited from, not a dicky bird will happen to the rats that relieve us of the rest, neither.

      1. The Toffee
        The only thing they have left to sell are the Food Banks, they believe they are only popular because they are free
        Your spot on they will start charging and then sell them to great white peoples offshore pension fund

  13. Evans was hiired specifically to dismantle democracy in the party and purge the left. Having seen over 5 years how coniving, dishonest and manipulative the right at every level of the party can be it is a lost cause.

    1. The one does not necessarily follow the other bedroc. Evans was undoubtedly put in place to do the job he is doing, it is not at all certain he and those who control him will succeed.

  14. I think what is most interesting about the list of people who signed the letter are the omissions Neither Angela nor Maria Eagle signed it although they are both local MPs. They are just reaffirming once again what we all already know- they are a disgrace, totally self interested and couldn’t care less about the fiasco this election has turned into.

  15. Letting the woman’s obvious bigotry speak for itself was far more effective than getting into an argument live on TV

    Christ on a stick, you certainly excel in reviling and repulsing the electorate, you utterly clueless, useless toerag.

    1. Lundiel anyone reading that account of Starmers world should be very worried We are not just employing a black ops specialist in the Labour party,but have actually elected one to be leader of the Labour party.Thank God that he will probably never get in Downing street with his finger on the Nuclear button and that for many will be a huge relief.The jewish convert is a religious fanatic and a fanatic by any measurment.Hopfuly the PLP by now will be frightened enough to pull the trigger on his demented leadership..This knight is a very dangerous threat to the British state and the civilian population.

  16. Letter writers are the usual suspects, turn up to the opening of an envelope if it generates free publicity. They want to be in the spotlight and being involved in ‘fighting for social justice’ is a great banner to walk under while preening and stroking their own egos and feathering their own nests.

  17. Those claiming that Anna Rothery’s exclusion was racist have fallen victim to the idpol cult. Anna was excluded because she is a socialist who supports Jeremy Corbyn; Ms Anderson has presumably been offered up now because she will sing from the Starmer hymn-sheet – and conveniently happens to be non-white too, which will help to keep the idpol brain-donors at bay.

  18. Thank goodness Anna Rothery is not Anna O’Rothery as theres no way she would be allowed inside the Pontins Holiday camp..Mayor or not.The suntan wouldn’t go down to well either.

  19. It is quite possible and in some cases quite legal to discriminate against someone, but it must be shown to be on non racist or other discriminatory grounds i.e. requiring a woman to be responsible in a ladies underwear fitting section, the failure to give reasons for the three candidates replacement, casts aspersions on them which can only negatively impact their characters [they must have done something wrong, no smoke without fire etc]. Councillor Rothery’s reinterview probably only lasted a minute, when she said ‘ I am for the many not the few’ thank you Ms Rothery, NEXT.

  20. How many of us are watching the Scottish play this good morning
    Wee Jimmy is getting progressively more Krankie
    And if your a face reader has already told at least two whoppers
    Or am I the 9nly sad fuck, I’ll get my coat

    1. Are we also witnessing the implosion of the Royal family
      Will say it again when Betty boops we should be moving to say there is a better way to run this country

  21. Stop feeding the troll.

    Deny centrist dad the oxygen he needs.

    Do not reply!

  22. The Budget’s turned out to be a paint-drying moment (or was that BLM Sir Keir?). All the key points were ‘leaked’ already and hardly new.. And the Leader of the Opposition’s reaction statement will illustrate the desperate futility of having a member of the trilateral commission as the leaader of Labour.

    Talking abour desperate futility, can he be surprised at the latest poll giving the Cons 43 (+3) against Labour’s 36 (-2)?

    Probably not. The day will come (fairly soon) when Sir Lacklustre will fantasise aboutf achieving 36%.

  23. This Tory budget should just about finish the knight.whos reply was stale lacklustre and a performance to be forgotten,but not forgiven.I dont know why I stayed up a second night for that shitshow from the knight.But at least last night Bolton wanderers put on a brilliant performance and won 2nil against Oldham athletic….I don’t expect much and in that sense the knight never lets me down.

    1. Joseph
      Bolton and Bradford to get into promotion race, looking decent for rest of season

  24. Is members’ data safe?
    Palestinian LP member says he is worried about what Kaplan could be doing with Labour members’ data, especially British Palestinians and those opposed to the occupation of Palestine.
    The Question that should be asked is, are Labour party members lives safe, after Starmer employs an asshole spy like Kaplan

  25. The way things are going in the Labour party it would not surprise me if when BIbi Netanyahu loses the upcoming Israeli elections, Starmer might take him on as special advisor similar to Dominic Cummins.

    1. I think you’ll fond that Netanyahu will be fully occupied trying to keep himself out of jail

      1. Oh look.
        It’s Steve Scum, the hard right racist troll.
        Fuck off Steve Scum.

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