Socialist Campaign Group of Labour Councillors denounces party’s detonation of Liverpool mayoral selection and demands candidate reinstatement

SCGLC demands reinstatement of barred candidates so that members can make their choice

The Socialist Campaign Group of Labour Councillors has issued a statement denouncing Labour’s decision to bar all three shortlisted women councillors from selection by members as the party’s candidate in May’s mayoral election as ‘unjust, undemocratic and possibly unlawful’ – and as an affront to both the candidates and Labour members.

The group’s statement says:

In a tweet accompanying the statement, the group said:

The denial of members to exercise their democratic choice deeply undermines the bonds between decent, hardworking members and elected representatives of the Labour Party. We stand in solidarity with the candidates, and demand that members are given their proper say.

Highly popular left candidate Anna Rothery is taking the party to court to seek an injunction banning Labour’s groundless attempt to block her candidacy.

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  1. At last. It’s about time that any of the ‘Socialist’ groups within Labour did something useful.

    1. Jack, or some other troll on here, say exactly THIS every single time the SCG or socialist MPs (or as in this case, councillors) does something!

      And the moment I clicked on the article I knew – given the headline – that one or other of the shills on here would be saying something derogatory about the SCG group of councillors, and lo and behold – as the shills so often do – JackT gets the put-down in first in the comments! And just nine minutes after the article was posted and notification sent to subscribers.

      And one of the other shills on here gets in a snide and false remark about Jeremy in his post a bit further down, and in response to someone says:

      ‘The last chance saloon was Corbyn despite being a weak leader…..’

      Joe is lying through his nasty little shill teeth. I wonder how many people could – or would – have endured the incessant smears and vilification and demonisation that Jeremy did for four years or so, which many left-wing commentators agree was unprecedented in its hostility and its scale and intensity. Oh, right, but Jeremy’s a weak leader!

      Fuck off Joe you nasty piece of shite!

      1. I just did a search on skwawkbox re >socialist campaign group<, and the VERY first article that came up in the list of results (posted a month ago) had EXACTLY the sort of comment I expected to find – ie a derogatory and false assertion – by a poster that was smearing them on more-or-less a daily basis, who goes by the user-name of 'disabledgrandad'. Here's what he said about them:

        Oh, they suddenly found their voices, have they?

        Pity they could not care a toss about the x-leader, the membership of Labour being endlessly attacked by this cult of new Labour 2.0. That has taken over the party silence on that…

        But they are talking tough! Wow, I am so impressed NOT… This makes a few headlines wag your finger then go back to silence is not good enough!

        There craven acceptance of this right-wing take over of Labour shows there so-called socialism is very shallow..

        Needless to say, DG is well aware that they have spoken out on many occasions defending Jeremy AND criticising and condemning Starmer and Co, and DG is lying through his nasty little teeth!

        And I just found the following by the Okeefe shill a couple of weeks before:

        Can I hear the rush of the Socialist group of mps standing in “Solidarity” with the CLPs and Corbyn….thought not just the sound of rats running away.

        Yep, everytime the SCG speak out about whatever, the fucking shills who infest this site would have readers believe that it's the first time that they have, OR, as with Okeefe's Big nazi-type Lie, smear them as cowards (as he's done on dozens and dozens of occasions in respect of Jeremy since he started posting on here about three months or so before the 2019 GE!).

      2. Allan – Don’t you think you might be exaggerating just a touch, there only 10 article on this website that are tagged #SCG.

      3. Is THAT the best you can come up with Steve! ALWAYS monitoring the site all day long every single day like the good little fascist piece of shill-shit you are! And given that you DO – and you read every single post that gets posted in every single thread as such – you of course know that I was referring to the SCG and ALSO individual members of the group, of which there have been dozens of articles posted on skwawkbox.

        But needless to say, you shills don’t need to wait for some related article to be posted by Skwawkbox/Steve Walker to do your Left-bashing, and do it in practically every thread anyway. I mean that IS what you are paid to do after all, isn’t it!

      4. Allan – I responded to your comment with all the care, attention and respect that I thought it deserved.

  2. How many members does The Socialist Campaign Group of Labour Councillors have?

      1. George – I couldn’t find any info either, which is why I asked. Surely someone out there must know.

    1. Redveg You are being a little bit optimistic with 2024,The last chance saloon was Corbyn despite being a weak leader he was a socialist and we had power within our grasp.No one is going to vote for a second rate tory tribute band and with the knights record,its never going to happen.Hows he going to inspire people like corbyn did?..So far hes bored everyone to death with his stupid face talk and ideology of the past..Unless there is a time machine to take us back to the 90s he will probably be the last leader of the Labour party.He can then take his big fat pension and retire to stolen Palestinian land to join friend’s and pretend promised land.

    2. How many SCGLC members? Not sure SteveH, Email its founder, Brent Councillor Jumbo Chan and ask him, or maybe ask Richard Burgon MP.

      How ever many it is, there will soon be more now that many party members are being very selective about who they campaign for and support.

      1. qwertboi – Are you worried that the outcome of the May elections might not suite your agenda.

    3. Says a bean counter. No substance, nothing to add.

      What is that appalling stink?

      Oh yes, the stench of trolling.

      1. Nemtona – How disappointing, I was rather hoping that you were going to add something of substance to the debate. Does this mean that you also don’t have a clue how many members they have.

  3. Solidarity to Anna Rothery in taking the Labour Party to court for its outrageous behaviour in barring her candidacy for the post of Liverpool mayor.

    I left the Labour Party in total disgust some months ago. Starmer has reneged on those who voted fo him to carry forward Corbyn’s legacy, is acting as Johnson’s useful idiot in Parliament, making war on his own party members, rather than the Tories. What a snake in the grass. He must go if we are to have any hope of a government with any semblance of a progressive agenda in 2024

  4. Detonation??

    Removing them from the list without giving a reason is harsh enough (for some people) but it’s a bit draconian to blow them up!! 😋

  5. It is time to stop whining and whingeing about what Starmer and his Right Wing Dictatorship is doing to Labour the Party of Starmer and Co ARE NOT LABOUR, Everyone who opposes this Dystopian Tory Hit Man ARE TRUE LABOUR so my suggestion to all the Decent Socialist Labour MPs Grassroots Activists and Party Members call time on this Party for the RICH, Give The LOTO Office Proper notice of Your intentions that all Socialist Members intend to Form a New Party and All will be Leaving En Masse on the Date Given I can think of no Better Name for this New Party THAN OLD LABOUR but all choices to be made will be taken by the Membership I would only add this one Caveat NO RIGHT WING POLICIES WILL BE TOLERATED.

  6. So you denounce the cult of new Labour 2.0 right-wing Topry lite BS games being played out in Liverpool. Now what you go back and ignore everything else happening in Labour? Stay silent and still stay a member despite being treated like you don’t matter?

    You must see now no matter how you protest nothing will change? So again I ask why are you staying in this cult. It’s not a party that whould follow rules and have respect and we certainly don’t have that.

    So please stop sending in protests, motions etc the leaders don’t care about them they have NO effect and your wasting your time. It’s time for actions rather than words and if you keep on supporting this cult and helping them then don’t complain because it won’t change…

  7. That will really worry the Starmer Lot – a good strong Letter from the SCG.
    ( Quaking in their boots – from Laughter )

    Don’t they realise that they will all be de-selected by GS minions before next GE for “Embarrassing” the Labour Party?

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