Rothery’s manifesto for Liverpool shames Starmer’s pallid pitch

On the day Keir Starmer was lambasted for his dreary ‘paint drying’ speech about the economy and for attempting to crawl up the nether regions of big business, Liverpool’s Anna Rothery published a manifesto for the city’s mayoral contest that showed the Labour leader what ambition and vision for real change look like.

While Starmer’s ‘plan’ essentially consisted of some buzzwords and a ‘recovery bond’ that would allow huge corporations and wealthy investors to enrich themselves even further at the expense of ordinary taxpayers, Rothery laid out a plan for transforming the city’s governance that includes:

  • genuine ‘levelling up’
  • a rigorous clean-up of local politics
  • a plan to build decent, council homes
  • a local ‘green new deal’
  • grassroots democracy to empower communities
  • bringing council services fully back ‘in house’ and
  • abolishing the executive mayor structure that was imposed on the city without its consent, to return to a more transparent and accountable leader/cabinet model

And all this in a proudly bright red, eye-catching manifesto – none of Starmer’s ‘let’s hint at being Tory really’ purple:

Small wonder Rothery’s supporters fear that the party’s decision to delay the issuing of ballots and re-interview all three shortlisted prospective candidates is cover for an attempt to scupper Rothery’s candidacy. She makes ‘Dear Leader’ look bad by showing what a Labour vision looks like.

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  1. Doesn’t take or require a mayor to do those things.

    What have we got councils for?

    1. It’s good to see that Rothery is on board with current Labour party policy and Liverpool Council’s Labour group has already announced that they will hold a referendum on whether to retain the directly elected Mayor model or not. They are going to let the people of Liverpool decide.

      1. “It’s good to see that Rothery is on board with current Labour party policy…”

        The problem is that under Sir Keir Rodney Starmer, no-one knows what Labour Party policy is.

        The billionaires’ lackey and his marketing consultant GS appointee seem to be of the opinion that their decisions are Labour policies now they have suspended CLPs, postponed Conference and set Arraf Kaplan onto anything and everyone who resists their magisterial authority (and the forensic covid bond idea has fair-exhausted them, anyway).

        Closing-down discussion in a democratic party doesn’t even strike these autocratic stalinists as unusual or anti-democratic.

        They are destroying Labour, collapsing its membership and making Woollyhead Johnson look relevant and topical – just as the billionaires ordered. Shame on them both!

      2. qwertboi – It is not anyone’s fault but your own that you are not better informed.

    1. Socialist policies aren’t possible under EU rules. Nothing to the left of Blairism can be done if you can’t nationalize, can’t raise taxes(or in this case, rates) and if you have to have a balanced budget at all times.

    1. If she’s a transphobe, Giles is not part of the Left. The TERF position is about nothing but paranoia an hatred, because there is nothing trans women ask for that is a threat to cis-women, and because trans women ARE women.

      1. Look at her platform. It is that which shows that she is, genuinely, of the left. The matter of whether men who choose to be regarded as women are women or men is a matter of interest to very few, among whom I am not one.

      2. And that’s a FACT is it
        Methinks not
        Have the decency to accept it is at the very least debatable, concentrate on how you persuade those who are not as certain as you
        But whatever you do accept we are on the same side, together we stand divided we fall

      3. We get enough of this bloody nonsense elsewhere, we don’t need it on this site too kenchurch.

  2. Anna will have the whole of the labour party against her, she needs our backing

    1. No chance of her getting too much support from our glorious leaders. She discusses class!

  3. Wealth trickles floods up not down.
    Those with least income immediately spend it, boosting the economy from the ground up.
    That’s where investment needs to go.
    A “recovery” bond says “I’m desperate” – like a debtor begging for a loan to pay its creditors.
    Everybody knows the neediest borrowers pay the highest interest – except Starmorrhoid the fucking imbecile, apparently.

  4. IF this entire re-interview stratagem IS an attempt to scupper the wonderful #AnaRothery4Mayor campaign and it succeeds, the campaign should nevertheless run. It would give Liverpool a chance to tell Sir Keir Rodney Starmer and his GS appointee that they are not buying any of his insincere, meaningless patter, and disillusioned democratic socialists the opportunity to do more than “stay and fight”.


    Who is on a journey like that?

    SIR Rodney Keith Starmer according to his own strategist.

    SH, any comments?

    “Like glass of water” instead of “a cocktail.” “Wooden like a piece of 4 by 2”. Someone who had a chat with Starmer felt Keith was “a creep”. They thought Starmer would say anything to anyone to deceive them. I’d never heard that allegation before, but after 10 seconds i could understand why that was the impression Keith oozed.

    Whatever, Keith WAS “on a journey to nowhere”. He has arrived.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    1. windchimes – Oh dear. Why would I waste my time engaging with your inane ramblings.

    2. with all the famed, over estimated MSM support, lots of money sloshing about, support from the most sordid and wicked perpetrators of apartheid in Palestine… against Johnson the overseer of over 120,000 excess Covid-19 deaths, SIR Rodney Keith Starmer is 16points behind. The Labour party parasitised by the over waxed bollard SIR Starmer is behind the Blue Tories.

      With the glittering advice if the winners Mandelson, Campbellend & Bliar Starmer is “on a journey to nowhere”, “a glass of water”, “a piece of wood”, “underwhelming”, more foreskin than forensic, more bollard than bright, not even a weather cock… just a lifeless one… a trophy and emblem of the MSM which should convince some of the MSM omnipotence. Run!!! Hide!!! The MSM smears and attacks are coming to get you.

      1. windchimes – Still not mastered basic arithmetic yet?
        The latest polls both show Keir Starmer’s nett approval rating to be 5 points ahead of Johnson’s.

      2. not true. Keith behind SIXTEEN points. 📉📉📉

      3. SteveH, guess what? Starmer with the famed powerful MSM support is not only less known than Jeremy but recognised by fewer even than… u can’t even guess, no one can – Dominic Raab. Yes SH DOMINIC RAAB that household name! SH it is Starmer who is less known than Raab. The all powerful MSM and “winning” Tories Bliar & Mandelson FAILED to make which political “leader” seen as worthwhile and fit to lead. Failed to prevent their tool ONE YEAR ON, remaining less known than Hancock???

        SH it is Starmer. Starmer, the beneficiary of the all powerful MSM. Some still have not studied the GE election results map. They would see that your Mr Remain Starmer orchestrated the the obvious impending defeat in ONLY the traditional heartlands. My post here, until the very minute polling closed warned of it. But it seems obvious that some, in addition to Mandelson, BELIEVED that the heartlands have “NOWHERE ELSE TO GO”.

        You see that same attitude made plain every time the raising of taxes come up. Your hear noises all over saying “the rich will leave”. Ergo squeeze the poor “they have nowhere to go”.

        “The rich will leave” is another myth. Were it otherwise then there would not be hectares of multi million pound haunts here. There are already many places with almost no tax. How come the rich don’t remain there and conduct business. Because the can’t. They make their wealth here. They gorge on the many here. They exploit the many here. Life is quite sterile in the tax havens. Tax them i say. See if they have any other place they would rather be. Also, the obvious, the Scandinavian countries populations are doing quite well, thank you very much. They’ve been EXTREMELY happy and gloriously served by proper taxes for generations.

        BUT alas, as ever, these basic rebuttals to the myths are almost never heard by our great and good. Too basic? To fundamental? Lacks the frisson of bleating about the injustices far away? The basic need to demolish myths and the ABUNDANT opportunities so to do have been and continue to be squandered. Why???

      4. “windchimes – Still not mastered basic arithmetic yet?
        The latest polls both show Keir Starmer’s nett approval rating to be 5 points ahead of Johnson’s.”

        Arithmetic skills are neither here nor there when you don’t provide any data to support your claim.

        No – we shouldnot be pleased the lackey’s approval rating because in terms of voting intention, Labour remains 6pts behind the Conservatives on average.

    3. So WHO was it that had this chat with Starmer signpost, and when and where did they have it?

      Signpost literally has an addiction to making things up….. like the time he claimed Robin Lees was pursuing legal action against Dominic Cummings. It was a Big Lie, concocted so that he could praise Robin Lees for taking ‘ROBUST ACTION’ and then denigrate Jeremy Corbyn (who he was obviously alluding to) for NOT doing so. And when I questioned signpost about it in a thread a couple of days later, he denied that he’d said such a thing and accused ME of making it up, and then finished by saying – at length – that I should seek help. And on one occasion that I related all this in a post about four or five months ago, SteveH posted a ‘Reply’ shortly afterwards saying ‘Who cares’.

      Yep, one of them concocts something, then denies that he did and accuses me of making it up, and then says that I should seek help, and the OTHER one couldn’t care less that he did that. Needless to say, they are both completely devoid of integrity, but then THAT is an inherent characteristic of fascist shills. Here’s a link to signpost’s Big Lie about Robin Lees (in case you’re not aware of it, Robin Lees is the guy who spotted Cummings in Barnard Castle during the first lockdown):

      And the link below is to my post a couple of days later in another thread in which I questioned signpost about it, and then his reply in which he denies that he said that etc.

      1. Allan – I must admit to being more than a little bemused by your feeble attempt to link me with windchimes.
        I guess at the time I was just expressing my irritation with you repeating the same thing over and over again (and here you are again) as if it was some really big deal.
        I was as bored then as I am now with your WFM act, your conspiracy theories and the endless repetition of your petty little spat with windchimes.

      2. Allan – I’ve yet to see anyone supporting your quest, does anyone care?

      3. The fruitcake is at it again …grr… opps..shill….sock puppet…fascist…piece of sh..t…fking liar….and you know it!..grr..grr help!

  6. It may be some kind of ‘lawyerish affectation’ but every time Starmorrhoid is asked a question, no matter how predictable, an inward-looking expression crosses his face as if it’s something that’s never occurred to him before and he has to consider his response.
    Maybe he’s trying to convey non-verbally that he’s ‘giving the question the respect it deserves’ – but whatever the reason he looks like he’s constantly dissembling.
    Pause for reflection shouldn’t be necessary in an interview with a journalist. As a politician he should be anticipating every question and ready with every answer.

    Initial conversations with lawyers tend to go like that – client explains situation followed by questions and a pause before lawyer gives an opinion – all perfectly reasonable and expected given the amount and variety of law that exists and the fact that the lawyer had little idea what the client wanted.
    Maybe Keef really is still in lawyer mode – more worryingly, maybe that’s his limit – maybe politics is beyond his abilities.
    As I’ve always said, lawyering requires much memory but little intellect.

    1. Note well – more rate Mr/Ms “Don’t Know” than rate SIR Starmer.

      ALSO – In yet another poll, after a whole year stinking out Labour, Starmer is not even the most well known in HIS Shadow Cabinet… by a long margin. And get this, PURE JOY, a whole year on and Jeremy is by miles STILL better known than SIR Keith.

      SIR MAX Headroom powered by WFM’s night terrors, MSM smears.

      Coming to think of it, day terrors too. A nusiance but deserves pity and urgent help. But we can’t force people to accept help. It won’t work unless they accept they need help. Self awareness to sense that they are screwed in wrong. Not their fault. And i doubt an infiltrator. Yes, i said it. It’s improbable that the sinister forces would use such material… unless some novel bluff / method.

      BUT back to point – with FULL forces that WERE behind Starmer, up to the aim of deceiving the membership then carrying out instructions to use their suspend and expel “UNIFYING” method, SIR Over Waxed Bollard-head Starmer is less known than even absent and silent Jeremy. And that’s after the over waxed Starmer was MR REMAIN as Dianne Abbott called him. AND after his stint as a-S hunter. After ALL Starmer’s foreskinsic expertise, all powerful help of WFM’s MSM monsters under his bed, over and around it too, SIR Starmer is stale limp toast, … to be thrown out for the chickens with veg peelings … NO‼️ Stop ‼️ It’s not toast. It will kill the chickens! It’s SH trash. Right Wing trash. Don’t put that in the chickens’ food‼️ That is UNFIT for the chickens. Unfit!!! Unfit Tory Trash!!!

      BoxOfSkwawk – isn’t it something how SH shamelessly tries to mislead the readers ??? Wonder how many checked as you did? We must check, search out facts, investigate, reflect and ALWAYS read to be ahead of the curve on what matters. Once and for all crushing myths. Crush the myths maintained by the MSM AND the MYTH of the omnipotent MSM that leaves us no choice but to hide. Crush cowardice churned out in crazed curiouser and curiouser cant by the can’t do brigade. One should retire to his boat as he promised. The other desperately needs to realise he needs help.

      1. windchime – It’s wonderful that you’ve got so exited over the results of one poll. I note your point about name recognition but this proved to be a two edged sword. In JC’s case name recognition obviously didn’t correlate with support.
        We went into the 19GE with a substantial majority of the electorate (roughly 2/3rds) actively disliking Jeremy Corbyn.

      2. Remainiacry plotted by Mr Remain SIR Starmer. FACT🏓🏓🏓

      3. ps u must know it is several polls and not one. sadly many unlike Box of Skwawk will read your post and believe u. The polls are there for all to see though they should always be taken with a pinch of salt. These recent ones reflect what i hear. Starmer was a laughing stock yesterday… and today. He was ridiculous. Mandelson and Bliar stitched him up good and proper. He has no judgement of his own. He was always an establishment tool.🟧🟧🟧

      4. windchimes – As I’ve said before, I’m not the one constantly trying to undermine Labour’s electoral prospects. The vast majority of the polls indicate that as far as the electorate are concerned Keir is doing much better than Jeremy did against Boris and that he is much more popular with the voters than Jeremy was.

      5. SteveH, your controller Mandelson is has blocked u out of their loop, OR u’re bluffing. Starmer will be gone within FOUR months and 11 and 1/2 hrs. Who will the next place warmer be??? hmmm . Eagle has been rewarded with her trinket at tax payers’ expense. Who else is desperate for a bauble ??? Will they too swiftly grow to love the power ? Who is prepared to beg ” i STILL feel i’m the best person to lead the party” ? ? ? 🟩🟩🟩

      6. windchimes – You appear to be saying that given the complete absence of a credible candidate from the left (have you found one yet?) then Keir Starmer is the best person to lead the party.

  7. “Closing-down discussion in a democratic party doesn’t even strike these autocratic stalinists as unusual or anti-democratic.”

    So says Quertboi in relation to Anna Rothery and the re-selection.

    It’s a shame Anna didn’t have that advice in her head when she chose to insist on the no-platforming of Esther Giles at the broad left so-called “unity” meeting.

    I just had this from an old friend, a very senior member of the Labour Party in Bristol, a centrist who is absolutely not a Corbynite:

    “Esther Giles and I probably don’t agree on lots of stuff that divides the labour party right now, but I’m sure we do agree on lots of stuff that is really worth fighting for in the country and the world. She makes a huge contribution to debate and understanding, framing action.
    I’m really ashamed that she has suffered from this behaviour which is bullying: not a new behaviour, regardless of the neologism of “no platforming” , and not only found within the identity politics arena.
    This is why we have Citrine and standing orders. Everyone who colludes in managing meetings that silence people and ideas is just such a bully. Whether they have been running a trade union or community group for too long, or are a “trouble shooter” for a political party or are setting up false narratives with all the power of the corporation or government behind them.
    We share a duty of care for the changes we want to achieve and that is vested in our behaviour towards each other.”

    1. I thought I’d read that Rothery had simply refused to share a platform with Giles? Is that not correct?
      If that was the extent of it, and if you call that “no-platforming” I strongly disagree – everyone has the right not to share a platform with anyone for any reason.
      Not saying she had a GOOD reason, just that she had the right, and that an organiser has the right to choose between them if two people, or one of the two, refuse to share a platform.
      The fact that one refuses doesn’t put the other in the right, but none of this affects the rights and wrongs of the disagreement itself.

      If it’s the disagreement I think it is, I believe fewer people are disadvantaged by reserving female toilets for genetic females.
      There being no answer that satisfies all, for me the utilitarian argument wins, but it’s not for me to decide. It’s for women to decide.
      Although in my view it’s massively unlikely a transitioning person would be a threat to females, I’m not one of the shamefully large number of females who’ve been abused by males.

  8. Grace Blakeley in Tribune
    Goes through Temporary Embarrassment like a dose of salts

  9. Windbag apparently doesn’t read much: “Life is quite sterile in the tax havens.”
    A number of US states are now tax havens.
    Capital movement/flight and concealment of assets are being made easier all the time.
    More than ever socialism needs to think and act globally or be defeated by a teenager with a laptop.

    1. Go back to your boat. MucNiven. u promised u would. Or was it just one of your many lies eg u don’t read my posts? u skip past? they’re too long yet like the other SH it always responds. Sh s full of sh.

      Fact – The UK is awash with multimillionaires and billionaires. Why?

      Fact – I’ve actually been to a few tax havens INCLUDING in the USA. They were extremely sterile to me. But to each his own. We have different tastes and standards and you clearly lack all.

      Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland to name a few ALL have taxes much higher than here. Have u been? Doubt it. If u had, then u would know and understand that they do in almost ALL metrics, amongst the best in the world and better than the UK.

      Further – the bulk of the tax haven parasites who long to be here, are not from the Scandinavian countries.

      SIR Phillip and LADY Tina Green who have only given up their Dorchester Suite since being more exposed as scroungers, business wreckers asset strippers , because they are now regarded as social pariahs even by their kind. They, at least Phillip has a place in the US but it is not beyond the wit of woman nor man to tax turnover and ban tax exiles from conducting business here. Other US states are NOT tax havens eg California and New York. Is there capital flight from there Mr Know it All David MuckNiv???

      You can only deceive the ignorant. Be gone vile fraud!!! Go suck out splinters from your eyeballs as only you can do. Oh and next time u open your metaphorical gob here, have knowledge b4 u speak. This is to transform the “Left” not as to drip your usual can’t do. Piss off as u said u would back to your boat… or is that a lie too❓❓❓

      1. p.s. to readers NB when MuckNiv jumps in and what he jumps in to say and how he says it.

        Scrutinise his pattern. Has he provided a clear suggestion of what we can do or vague waffle out of our gift ie other countries which he himself says have tax-havens?

        Surely the aged fraud must know that we have Tax Havens too.

      2. ps if anyone ever gets the time, have a search. i’m sure you will find that David McNiven and SteveH, davidh etc have always posted in the exact same way. Never a clear suggestion⚠️⚠️⚠️

      3. windchimes – Or in other words you’ve been unable to find any evidence that supports your rather silly assertions.

      4. The lack of clear suggestions bit does not apply to u SteveH. U r clear. U openly support Max Wax head Bollard headed Keith. So apologies to u. Though the effect of u, Shill Hunter and David MuckNiven is the same ie keep Socialism down. U by promoting the sabotage of the “Left” in an open way. The other two by only finding fault with constructive suggestions. Yet presenting none of their own in the case of Shill Hunter and vague twaddle by the only one who can suck iron splinters from his own eyeballs without a mirror to boot! McNiv is superlatively tough and the best at all things and ps if anyone ever gets the time, have a search. i’m sure you will find that David McNiven and SteveH, davidh etc have always posted in the exact same way. Never a clear suggestion⚠️⚠️⚠️ knowledge of all things surpasses all on everything 😂😂😂

      5. windchimes – I support the Labour Party and its aims as defined by Chapter 1, Clause IV of the rule book.

      6. Apologies SteveH not u re knowing everything and sucking welding splinters out if your own eye and other magnificent exploits … legendary like legendary headlocks from which no one has ever escaped”. U r quite open that u support the saboteur Starmer. U r not trying to pretend to support the “Left” with discouraging wind. U r openly Right Wing trying to sustain the deceit by your lot. On the other hand Shill Hunter is perpetually afraid. We don’t get a chance to choose our nature. MuckyNiv however is just an empty dick. Impotent of worthwhile ideas and determined that the “Left” remains ineffectual. He’s more dangerous i think as u r obvious but some might fall prey to McNiven’s wet blankets and regular misinformation.

        ps check latest polls Starmer us worst performing than all the party leaders. How powerful is the MSM and the Zionist… more powerful than telling traditional voters your democratic choice to choose Leave deserves to be frustrated because “they have nowhere else to go.”❓❓❓ Anyone could look at the GE and Ref results maps to see that. Five years is more than enough to see that. 🟨🟨🟨

      7. Been meaning to say this to WFM but other things come to mind. BUT – at primary school, children… CHILDREN would say boldly to anyone who taunted with words – “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

        I even seem to recall that if taunts continued, the taunted would respond with just “sticks and stones.” Think of it. If children no more than 7 or 8 could treat words as little to hide from compared to physical attacks, how is it that chronologically old people like WFM are slow to learn that ? Also, if we all know of the physical attacks suffered and suffering by millions across the globe … in, Apartheid South Africa, Apartheid Palestine, USA, the Amazon, the Congo and right here in the UK, then what poverty of self reflection allows people who parade themselves as champions of the many in need of championing, yet urge us to not make a fuss, keep our heads down, be afraid of the MSM etc ❓ ❓ ❓

      8. Bit windy to work up the mast today dickhead – and I didn’t promise you a fucking thing, you deluded little twinky.

      9. MuckNiven 14th February –

        “I no longer give a fuck – I’ll be busy with boat work from now on.”

        Muck Niven as ever a splinter sucker outer fraud and easily exposed liar.⚠️⚠️⚠️

      10. Splinter sucker outer from his own eye fraud and liar just like it’s SH ill hunt the hunt. Not one suggestion, yet enraged by those of others very sinister and weird. You know it all twerp, RH on leave, Sh ill hunt, and newly activated to help u all out Smartbot, can only fool those who refuse to scrutinise. Sh ill hunter WFM is obviously very unwell so can be excused. He’s exasperating definitely but there’s no shame in psych problems. We would not be ashamed of a broken leg or diabetes etc. But u, RH, and Smartbot are clearly not mentally unwell… in the accepted sense. You three know what u do. Your are determined that the “Left” remains frustrated. Your scam is to keep the “Left” with non productive whining to distract us from what we can do. You succeed and i doubt if anyone has ever exposed your fraud before.

        It’s not rocket science to discover that all of u combined have never once said what the “Left” can do now. A quick search would reveal the contradictions in WFM’s attempt to cover his cowardice re the elderly man he left to the mercy of thugs on the gents toilet floor. Similarly a quick search revealed your promise to go to your boat and stay there. What adult sulks off like that. U probably expected a chorus of oh please don’t go Mr Splinter Sucker. Please don’t go, we will miss the vacuum that u are. What will anyone do with out someone to suck up splinters … when u’ve finished sucking the ones from your eyes 🥲🥲🥲

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