Trickett blasts Starmer’s sickly speech – with a 10-point plan of actual policies

Starmer proposes ‘recovery bond’ that shores up Tory austerity lie and would make corporations even wealthier. Trickett lists ideas that would actually improve the country

Trickett’s platform puts Starmer’s drab conformism to shame

Backbench Labour MP Jon Trickett – who has been outspoken in his criticisms of Keir Starmer’s dire performance and conduct as Labour leader – has blasted Starmer’s dreary and unimaginative ‘policy’ speech today, with ten points of actual policies that would make life better for the vast majority of people in this country.

The best Starmer could come up with, as he tried dully to climb up the rear end of big business, was a ‘recovery bond’ to ‘allow’ the country to afford a post-COVID recovery. This was a clear reinforcement of the austerity lie and patent nonsense in a country that has plenty of cash, just badly distributed.

Trickett made his opinion of Starmer’s visionless speech and its failure to tackle the real issues this country faces very plain:

But he didn’t stop there, tweeting his own ten-point plan for a real recovery:

Investment, growth, the restoration of a real National Health Service and concrete financial assistance for those hit hardest by the pandemic – combined with curbs on the power of huge corporations, taxes on those who can easily afford it and a ban on the tactics many are now using to enrich themselves further at the expense of workers.

It’s not rocket science – Keir Starmer has no excuse for failing to come up with a similar plan – but it is inspirational. And it does address the real problems of inequality, exploitation and cronyism that have blighted this country under Tory rule.

Keir Starmer is not fit for the position he now occupies – and his supposed ‘big’ speech today, of which many said the highlight was when Labour’s own live feed of it crashed, does nothing but confirm that.

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    1. Agreed thalia campbell✅✅✅ Starmer must go and IS as good as gone🎉🎉🎉

      1. None can trust Starmer who promoted and perpetuated the a-S lies. Starmer was bad news. Be IS bad news. He remains bad news EVEN for the Right Wing parasites⚠️⚠️⚠️

    2. Four months three days max!!! Start your stopwatch🎉🎉🎉

  1. Spot on✅✅✅ Not the behind the curve vague twaddle that offered nothing by the bollard Starmer. Furthermore, every single policy put forward at the GE approved by Jeremy were sound. Why did Starmer sabotage tbe win? Why did the war criminal liar endorse Cummings’ Johnson?
    Trickett is Labour and sound+++
    Trickett is prepared to stand up and speak out🎉🎉🎉

    1. Starmer, Bliar, Hodge, Ellman, Berger, Lammy, Straw, Blunkett, Coyle, Coyne, Twatson, McNicol, Campbellend, Reeves, Hayter, Knifer in the front the thug who failed to ever defend Dianne Abbot who had more abuse than ALL other MPs combined according to Amnesty International, Harriet Harman, Owen Smith, Streeting, Ashworth et al EACH have the blood of One Hundred and Fifteen THOUSAND EXCESS DEATHS due to Covid-19.

      They enabled the Tories🟥🟥🟥

    2. Indeed. Didn’t ‘unity candidate’ Starmer win the leadership on a pledge to maintain the policies developed by his predecessor most of which feature in Trickett’s ten points?

      1. precisely qwertboi✅✅✅
        Starmer is a liar. A saboteur. And believes like Mandelson that “They need not FUSS about the Working Class because they have NOWHERE else to go”.

        Until we absorb that message and realise that it should be repelled with all our collective might, many who need change will continue to believe that. We must once and fo all note the parasites out! Stop being hoodwinked. ⚠️⚠️⚠️

      2. … once and for all DRIVE the parasites out! V odd typos… hmmm v strange. Never mind.

      3. u r absolutely correct qwertboi. just look at the desperate attempts right here on of some to discredit from the get go ANYONE who anything constructive that goes to the heart of the “Left”s generations of crushing by the Right out and INSIDE the party.

        Quite obvious. It is like the many women fleeced out of thousands by people they have never even met on dating sites… especially “religious” ones. How are so many otherwise competent people deceived??? I believe it is because the deceivers push certain buttons / triggers. The victims never check for coherence… consistency. In politics, the victims never demand substance ie ACTION. What CAN be done. Always be suspicious of those who NEVER say what you can do NOW. Always ask them, what they suggest?. That’s a reliable test. Request a concrete suggestion. Try it. It always works.🌺🌺🌺

      4. Self-serving parasites preferred Tories steal a General Election than Labour win it. ALSO though our manifesto was too substantial all at once, it contained EVERYTHING that would have stood us in good stead to fight this pandemic. We would have prevented the excess deaths. We would not of outsourced BILLIONS worth of contracts to parasitic scrounging chums. We would have been well on the way to have adequate digital infrastructure. The idea of denying food to children would not have even entertained as an idea. The list is endless. Starmer, Bliar, Campbell et al coordinated by Mandelson all lacked the integrity and the JUDGEMENT to see that.

        I condemn them with out reservation. The have the deaths of 115,000 approx Covid-19 deaths to date on their claws. To them, over a MILLION Iraq deaths were not enough on top of all Bliar’s other deaths of other invasions.

        They were as Albright, they thought “… it a price worth paying” to serve the global industrial military complex. The think like that and say it boldly the “wipe their mouths and think they have done no wrong”.

        We must not work with those horrors of ethical and moral depravity.

    3. The ‘Covid_Recovery Bond’ idea of Starmer and his Blairite advisors is presumably meant to evoke memories (VERY dim memories , given their wartime past) of those ‘War Bonds ‘ that were particularly popular in the wartime USA ? Unfortunately since the deeply conservative Starmer and co suggest an interest rate ‘commensurate with other market returns on investments, and similar to National Savings (Premium bonds) returns’, (ie, practically NOWT) such bonds would be on no interest or use to even hard pressed oldies (like me) with no way to earn any interest on lifelong savings in the current disfunctional capitalist market !

      The real purpose of this completely crap idea is surely just to reinforce the ‘sensibleness ‘ of future NuLabour economics, ie, just interested in supporting businesses – not, for instance in refinancing the NHS or local government , or buildiong council houses , after 10 years of vicious austerity. And the entire ‘Covid Recovery Bond’ gimmick is really just saying , “NuLabour is soooo fiscally responsible we won’t borrow from the international money market” (even though global private investors are so desperate for a safe haven for their cash that they are actually PAYING the likes of the German Government to take their cash in return for proper, normal, GOVERNMENT bonds (‘ guilts’ – ie, long term debt that is essentially interest-free at present – what an opportunity for a government to build productive, particularly ‘green’ infrastructure and social housing) . Instead Labour wants to encourage its citizens to WITHDRAW their cash from current spending (hence badly damaging a consumer-led recovery), to hand to the government ! When in fact a government with a sovereign currency can both create new money (within limits – even with the current hugely expanded covid-caused National debt), and , as already said, borrow from the market at essentially interest free rates.

      The UK press are pretending to take this economically illiterate guff seriously – but only because it marks out NuLabour as actually MORE fiscally and monetarily conservative than the currently massively free-spending Tories themselves ! What a shower of tossers Starmer’s Nulabour are !”

      1. The Recovery Bond is an insult to ordinary people. “Our society needs much greater resources. In the old days the Government would raise it but Labour believes there’s plenty of dosh in the working man’s pocket – so come on Pay Up! Hike the Tax on the rich? That’s Communism, isn’t it?” The money raised by a Bond would cost more than any other method when market rates are tantamount to giving it away. I wonder if Starmer told anybody else but his plan to make US pay for the recovery? Do you hear that sound of scurrying? It’s shadow front benchers trying to keep away from media microphones. WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT!

      2. oops, yet another typo … Government bonds are of course known to investors as ‘gilts’, not ‘guilts’ . Some sort of Freudian slip that .

      3. starmer will never appreciate the substance of jpenney’s analysis above, thanks. and in any case if he did, he’ll need mandelson’s permission, crib sheet and prompt to say so in anybody’s hearing. ideal tool of the establishment starmer…, very dim but believes his controllers when they tell him he’s a candle in the wind. bad enough to be bad news but dim n damp as well??? toe curling. laughing stock this evening even amongst all his msm blowers of smoke up his fundament. i even felt a tinge of embarrassment and pity for starmer … for two minutes…. angela eagle comes to mind. prepared to humiliate themselves for baubles … trinkets … sir lord lady dame this and that … v v v odd 🟣🟣🟣

  2. The man is a financial clown. He wishes to help those who’ve made the most from the pandemic. Any savings accrued by ordinary people will be put to good use with a much needed holiday and spare a thought for all those who’ve no savings and no jobs. The maggot wants to give people who’ve done alright out of the pandemic a yet unknown rate of interest for their savings….. he’s a Tory. And where’s his personal toady on this blog, Steveh?

    1. lundial
      The savings bonds are clever for simple reason as soon as interest rates go up the financial system implodes
      To big to fail this time, Methinks not

      1. doug, lundiel is correct. even if we live a long lives, we’ll all be very dead b4 interest rates rise again. in fact it underlines the lie of needing austerity, because money has been dirt cheap for at least the last 15 years and will continue so for another ninety nine years possibly

  3. Someone please tell me, is this the Trickett that was reported to being totally against Unions to the point of hatred for them? I ask because I have absolutely zero trust in any labour MP these days, all I see is games for the lead up to Starmers next installed replacement. Some help is required

    1. He’s a cross between a weathervane and a happy dog.

      Grow some balls man.

    2. ‘is this the Trickett that was reported to being totally against Unions…?”

      Probably! Inaccurate reporting and misreporting of Labour is widespread.

  4. I just came across starmeroid’s speech. What did he actually say? Sweet FA as far as I am concerned. No policies just blablabla. It was to be expected.

    1. It just dropped in my inbox from head office. Pure tosh hoping to deceive. Vision free. If he had any idea of vision, he would have supported Jeremy. 🌺🌺🌺

      1. So within THREE minutes of Sabine posting her comment signpost posted a ‘Reply’ to her….. Yep, being a paid Establishment shill/black propagandist he monitors the site every single day. Funny, isn’t it, how someone supposedly gave HIM a Like , but NOT Sabine – ie at the time of writing HE has one Like and she has none, as if anyone would give HIM a Like, but NOT Sabine!. It’s so blatant! And the shills do it all the time!

        And further up the page in his 4.15pm post (in ‘Reply’ to quertboi, and shortly after qwertboi posted his comment), signpost says the following:

        ‘u r absolutely correct qwertboi. just look at the desperate attempts right here on of some to discredit from the get go ANYONE who anything constructive that goes to the heart of the “Left”s generations of crushing by the Right out and INSIDE the party.’

        Signpost doesn’t mention me by name (for a change!), but he is of course referring/alluding to ME, albeit fraudulently. He implies that HE is constructive when he is in fact the very opposite, and is forever posting detrimental and bogus stuff about the left – ie socialist MPs, the left in general, the left-wing members of his alleged CLP, and ESPECIALLY Jeremy Corbyn. A couple of days ago he posted the following:

        ‘….. the “Left’s” preparation is a big problem. Always being reactive rather than active. Always being caught on the back-foot. Bloviating about Kashmir and everything else but almost zero concern with the urgency of basics right here right now. Harsh truth not useless pap.’

        The ‘points’ he makes are of course fraudulent and spurious and DON’T fit with the reality, as the result of the 2017 general election in which Jeremy and the LP came within a whisker of winning AND had the biggest increase in Labour MPs in decades makes crystal clear.

        Funny. isn’t it, how in the days after Jeremy announced he was standing down (as of when a new leader is elected) signpost was insisting that Jeremy ‘MUST STAY’! And yet ‘the left’s preparation……..’

        Signpost is a fraud who mendatiously trashes the left on a daily basis, and who concocted a Big Lie about Robin Lees ‘pursuing legal action’ against Dominic Cummings so that he could then discredit Jeremy – who he didn’t mention by name but was obviously alluding to – by comparison. And when I questioned him about it in a thread a couple of days later he denied that he said it AND accused ME of having invented it AND then finished by saying that I should ‘seek help’.

        Who but a nasty little fascist black propagandist shill does THAT?!!

      2. Robin Lee’s, whoever he is, was pursuing legal action’ against Dominic Cummings and quertboi?
        Sorry Alan, you’ve got me.

      3. Oh lundiel, the more you say the more you give yourself away for the fraud that you are. Obviously I was responding to YOU, but inadvertantly put quertboi by mistake. And you know it!

        So nothing to say then about someone who first concocts something – which is there in black and white in the post I linked to – so that he could then discredit Jeremy by comparison, and who then denies that he said it when I questioned him about it AND accuses me of making it up, and then finishes by saying – at some length – that I should ‘seek help’?

        No? Thought not! Hmm…..

      4. Look, I think you’re making something out of nothing Allan. We all support JC on this blog, except SteveH, but that’s not to say he didn’t make mistakes and wasn’t given the best advice, not least in accepting the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism.

      5. with pleasure timfrom 💊💊💊
        i’m hoping the significant others of the ‘nothing can be done’ fanatic, get him helped some how. I’m not a psych so have no more ideas re how to help him. Doubt now if it’s a plant. Just a cult member personality. Not his fault. There was a doc on Radio 4 a few years ago about ex cult members describing their involvement in the 60’s. They were almost all professional men and women. Articulate and confident. Seems the prob included a desperation to find meaning and feel worthwhile. The cult they joined could not provide meaning and was of negative worth. There was a total mismatch between what the cult leader did with what he said. They saw him do horrible things but the idea then of accepting that they were living a serious mistake was a huge hurdle to jump.

        Read about Jim Jones, the American who was given land by Forbes Burnham to build a commune. They like all of cultish natures are so desperate for perfection, they “invent” it… ie concoct it within their imaginations then hammer it into others. They lose their minds, can’t endure the idea that they are dangerously wrong. Jim Jone’s worshipers eventually queued to drink cyanide made out of potatoes or cassava. Doesn’t matter which. They were unable to step back, reflect on what was around them and question themselves. They lacked the instinct … the nature to consider evidence and ask, am i wrong?

        They are all now very dead.


  5. The headline in The Guardian says it all:

    Labour ‘must work with business’ to create fairer society

    Since when does an entity concerned with making profit have any interest or desire to ‘create [a] fairer society’?

    1. exactly PW. The puzzle to me is how so many within the “Left” and totally sincere, have been hoodwinked for so long by the likes of Starmer? I keep searching for an explanation… the core cause…

      No confidence of convictions? Low expectations? Prepared FOREVER to wait for a crumb from the Right? Self constructed distraction and displacement? Seeing self-defence as confrontation? Unwilling to take risks? Best being the enemy of the good? Unrealistic fog of perfection? Being correct is sufficient so no need to to work to bring it about? ??? What exactly are the causes of the “Left” being stitched up over and over by Mandelson, Blair, Knife er in the front Jessica Phillips who don’t even bother to hide that they are determined to “undermine us”… that they are “waking up every day thinking of new ways to undermine” us?

      What makes so many STILL, despite decades of close contact with the creatures implore those without the close contact to “WORK AROUND zzzzxzzz zzzzzzzz or zzzzzzz”

      or “UNIFY WITH…”

      Someone please explain.

      1. Because they think they’ve got nowhere to go? They’re stuck, unable to bring themselves to leave and at the mercy of the Right. They have no confidence in themselves. Leave and start again? “Oo No, we couldn’t do that! Say it went wrong?” You hear it every day now. “Stay and fight!” Hmm, stay snd get buggered! It’s sad but also pathetic.

      2. So given all these faults (which signpost has concocted!) isn’t it odd how Jeremy and the left came so close to winning the 2017 general election. And he would undoubtedly have won but for all the smears and demonisation, which trebled in their intensity AFTER the 2017 GE *precisely* because Jeremy came so close to winning.

        Signpost is a black propagandist full-time paid shill who concocts faults in respect of the left so as to discredit them in the minds of readers of skwawkbox, and he repeats them on a daily basis – and has done so in literally hundreds and hundreds of posts since he started ‘commenting’ on here shortly before the 2019 GE – because repetition is a form of brain-washing, as ALL black propagandists are well aware!

        As Lenin said (and Goebbels and Hitler said the same) if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth……

        ‘A lie repeated often enough becomes accepted truth.’

        When signpost says that ‘they’ – referring to Blair and CO – ‘wake up every day thinking of new ways to undermine us’ he is having a laugh at readers expense because THAT is precisely what HE does!

        As for what ‘Paul’ says, I would imagine that left-wing MPs are well aware of how Chris Williamson fared in the 2019 GE! Any new left-wing socialist party would be trashed from the outset by the MSM, and no doubt labled the Corbynista Party whether Jeremy was involved or not, and YOU know it, or did you somehow miss what happened during the four-and-a-half years that Jeremy was leader!!

      3. Fearing the MSM to the point of surrender isn’t a good approach IMO. Of course they will go on and on about Corbyn and trash every word. THEY’ll invent stories – as always. But to keep duckiing every time they have a go is absurd. Leveson Part 2 must be done, it’s time for a show down, it really is!

      4. Paul – “But to keep duckiing every time they have a go is absurd.”

        That is obvious to u and me, but needs repeating by others.

        ” ABSURD “. Great word. Shows the power of collective effort. We hear, understand and say things with different words.

        “ABSURD” to claim to be a champion for change yet refuse to stand up to the “smears” of the MSM… and that is despite seeing that Mandela, Muhammed Ali, Rosa Parkes, Martin Luther King, ALL the black football players and sports men and women… Venus & Serena, Lewis Hamilton… every single one survived to TRIUMPH despite MSM abuse and abuse from the general public. I remember when Andy Murray too was subjected to nonstop criticism until he won Wimbledon. I cannot think of a single great achiever who REALISED their aims without facing down abuse.

        Even Obama, i’m no fan, but to give Jack his jacket, to the very minute b4 his wins, the MSM and public were abusive OR saying ” I’m not racist BUT, the people weren’t ready for a black president”. He won TWICE. Trump also faced non stop attacks from almost ALL the MSM except Fox who turned on him at the end. Yet as absurd as he seemed in many ways, he was not so absurd as to believe that ducking and hiding from the media WORDS was something to be weeping and cowering about.

        All the greatest achievements come from reflection, self assessment, learning, a preparedness to improve and COURAGE to defend ones convictions. Even when Mandela was imprisoned, you could read about him now and sense that he still had a presence. He was there EVEN when locked up. And when he was freed he was ALWAYS there. PRESENT. Speaking up for what he believed. Defending the people who put their hope in him. THEY were his priority.

        He faced physical danger and death threats. He and his close associates and HIS MANY turned up and spoke up, it is recorded.

        It is extraordinary that White Flag Man SUSTAINS nothing but an energetic abusive campaign for us to remain unchanged and refuse to speak up for what is correct , for fear it upsets the MSM.

        What is that if not “absurd”❓❓❓

      5. Leave and start again? “Oo No, we couldn’t do that! Say it went wrong?” You hear it every day now. “Stay and fight!” Hmm, stay snd get buggered! It’s sad but also pathetic.

        Indeed, Paul. The following is a passage from the introduction of R.A. Florey’s The General Strike of 1926:.The Economic, Political and Social Causes of that Class War; John Calder (Publishers) Ltd., London; 1980. It seems little has changed:

        “In the General Election of 1924 the Conservatives had an overall majority of more than 200 seats, won on Baldwin’s plea for a ‘sane, commonsense government’, and the added motive of the Zinoviev letter. ‘The fear of the socialist party [i.e.Labour] was then very real, and the wilder speeches of their wilder men was taken as proof.’ In fact the Labour Party had even in 1924 lost sight of its original aims and objectives, and was being led by a man who three years after the General Strike became premier of a coalition government. The day after this was formed a Labour colleague remarked that he would now be finding himself popular in strange company. The former Labour leader, Ramsey Macdonald, replied ‘gleefully rubbing his hands: “Yes, tomorrow every Duchess in London will be wanting to kiss me!”
        One socialist writer in 1926 posed the question: ‘Are we not indeed a middle-class party, with middle-class leaders, who can shake as good a leg in any drawing rooms of the great?’. Certainly J.H. Thomas the railwaymen’s leader [and Labour MP] had then for years been moving in upper class circles…He lived on the Astor estate, and often shared Lord Derby’s box on National Day.”

        J.H. Thomas, by the way, was the leader who basically betrayed the miners just prior to that strike.

      6. Paul, perhaps you could remind us all what happened when Jeremy DIDN’T ‘duck’ and defended his record on combatting A/S in the party by pointing out that the problem of A/S in the party has been ‘dramatically overstated’ by political opponents inside and outside the party and the media. Yep, he was suspended, and then had the whip withdrawn shortly after being reinstated three weeks later. And THAT of course exemplifies what happens when you refute or try to combat the lies and falsehoods.


        When the MSM have total control of the narrative – which they HAVE of course – then they can ‘transform’ a life-long anti-racist into an ‘Existential Threat’ to British Jews, and the left-wing membership into bullies and thugs and homophobes etc, and anti-semites of course, just as they DID. You know THIS, and yet you dissemble your garbage about how ‘Fearing the MSM to the point of surrender isn’t a good approach IMO’. Yeah, right, refute the lies and get attacked and vilified and demonised and suspended!

        In the following Sun article there are about a dozen people fraudulently vilifying Jeremy for speaking the truth, all of whom were a party to ‘dramatically overstating’ the problem in the first place.

        And perhaps you could remind us what happened when Jeremy DIDN’T ‘fear’ the MSM et al and the LP put out a statement condemning the Panorama hatchet job?!

      7. Yes Jeremy meant what he said when he talked about ‘kindness in politics’. He did indeed take a Christian approach of turning the other cheek. It didn’t work partly at least because he was stabbed in the back by his own colleagues and because his enemies are utterly ruthless and immoral. Presumably this experience has given food for thought? You learn from experience – but he was absolutely right to do it the way he did!

      8. Paul – “He did indeed take a Christian approach”.

        In my opinion, he most certainly did not. Read any of the Four Gospels. Throughout Christ speaks truth to power. He confronts the High Priests and all the other big wig hypocrites. He did it OPENLY and FREQUENTLY. Christ BROKE the Jewish rules and gave a humane view of the Sabbath.

        He made a whip and DROVE out the sellers making the Temple a den of thieves!

        MOREOVER – Christ stood with the disposed DESPITE “smears” from the powerful religious leaders. He also helped his followers in PRACTICAL ways not just words.
        Water to wine. Feeding of the twelve thousand etc etc etc.

        Ask Jeremy yourself. Jeremy will tell u he is NOT a Christian. His treatmeant of Chris Williamson, Jackie Walker, Ken Livingstone, George Galloway THOUSANDS of members and Mark Wordsworth was and is certainly not Christian. Ask them.

        One might assume he treats his and enemies of Socialism in a Christian way. I beg to disagree. There is not a single example of Christ going out of his way to rescue, save, protect, STRENGTHEN and therefore ENABLE wrongdoers. If you can find a single example in the Four Gospels, then do let us know on

        “You learn from experience” –

        Yes, we can and must learn from experience One Hundred Percent Agree✅✅✅

        Quite odd the hours and time which a few use to argue and campaign AGAINST learning “from experience”.

        Again if you can suggest a single example over the last almost five years to date of Jeremy or ANY of his team demonstrate that they “learn from experience”, then please share.

        “but he was absolutely right to do it the way he did!”

        It is his right to CHOOSE to act he CHOSE and CONTINUE to choose.

        All of public life is about learning, insight and judgment. In my judgement “he was absolutely” wrong “to do it the way he did!”.

        We have the evidence.


      9. … with the dispossessed… 🌸🌸🌸

  6. Labour’s live feed did not crash. It turned over to see what was on the other channel.

    1. Yes.

      Refuse that party your time, effort and vote, because is patently obvious you will only enable the corporations to take priority over you – the individual.

      And preferably don’t withhold or spoil your paper, neither. Actively find out what your independent candidate’s policies are, and ‘lend’ them your vote; especially if it’s anywhere to the left of the labour candidate in your ward. (Which should be every stammerist candidate).

      1. Good advice, thanks. Sir Keir’s bad leadership and policies will – in my constituenct at least – probably benefit the Greens.

        In my constituency, the Greens performed impressively well in 2015. Oncce Jeremy did his magic and became the massively-elected leader of Labour, local Labour parrty membership went through the roof and, at GE2017 for the first time in decades, a Labour and cooperative party candidate took the seat and the poor Greens lost 85% of their local vote.

        Now that “Unity Candidate” Starmer is Leader and collapsing the left in Labour and Labour’s credentals as a radical or progressive party with the electorate, local Greens are telling me that they are picking up support. Of course, you’d expect them to say that, but I know that some former local Labour members are actively promoting greem socialism on line.

        Keir Starmer is doing more damage than we give him discredit for

  7. The first thing the Tory/Lib Dem Coalition did re Austerity was to give tax cuts to the rich and big business TO PROTECT THEM FROM AUSTERITY (some millionaires got an extra £110k a year) and Austerity was and is only for diverse working people ie YOU! Then the Tories realised it left a bit of a hole in tax revenues so increased VAT so guess who made up the difference er YOU! Then to add insult to injury we found out that Big Business used this upper class welfare state hand out to buy Govt Bonds so instead of paying a fairer share to the community they were now gaining extra interest – A TORY TRIPLE WHAMMY! So John Trickett is going down the correct road as Starmer stands for nothing. Perhaps Starmer has to demonstrate to the rich and poweful that HE AND HIS LABOUR ARE ABSOLUTELY NO THREAT TO THEIR POWER. All he asks for is some crumbs for working people yet cushy, yummie, and well rewarded careers for him and his co-political lightweight Right Wing Labour MP mates then cosy consultancies on retirement or the Lords. Diverse working people deserve better than Starmer’s New New Labour. Either make Labour Left Wing Democratic Socialist (kick 100 plus Right Wing Labour MPs out) or those who have left and no longer wish to fund the Right Wing Labour nincompoops set up a Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party.

    1. beatles66, Starmer and Co don’t have to ‘demonstrate’ ANYTHING whatsoever to the ‘rich and famous’, as they know he/they are on their side. And just WHO exactly is going to ‘kick 100 plus Right Wing Labour MPs’ out of the party? And how would they go about it?

      Why would you post such asinine nonsense when you know there is no way on the planet it could happen?

      But please feel free to explain how you think it COULD be done given that you’re contending that it SHOULD be.

      1. Allan Howard
        How do you think most of the PLP were selected for their seats, there is nothing set in stone that means we cannot get rid of them by using the same tactics
        Then putting in place the ‘Pantomime Dame ‘ clause that would treat them like employees and allow us to sack them on the spot for Gross Misconduct
        Same applies to MSM and toilet papers, regulate them out of business after bleeding them dry

  8. Starmer’s speaking style is apologetic even pleading in a sad way like a lawyer with a guilty client. He doesn’t believe what he’s saying and nobody will see him as a leader so he’ll depart quietly to the lords and bore paper.

  9. Along with his 10 point plan, Jon and other SCG MP’s should be reposting Starmers 10 point plan, ya know, the one that has got his signature on that he promised the members he would pursue and ask when it will be built upon. Nothing has changed, in fact socialism is needed now more than ever as Covid has exposed !

    Starmer has had very little scrutiny. He’s having a very 1st class easy ride. CLP’s need to start scrutinizing him; Do motions stating Starmers 10 point plan is the way forward and request to know when expansion of it will be published, if not why not and make public the response or non response. Scrutinize, scrutinize, scrutinize

    Starmer is piss poor under scrutiny. That buttock chin of his twitches when he’s under pressure and lying ( you could almost see Blairs legs dangling from that bum chin yesterday).

    Johnson bluffs his way through it. The public know it, he knows it but he doesn’t pretend to be something he isn’t, he laughs it off with morose words wrapped in humour.

    JC knew his brief because it was ‘his’ brief of of true socialism and he was only caught off guard, to my knowledge, once and that was when Starmer went rogue at conference and declared Labour the party of remain ( back stabbing shitbag).

    Scrutinize !

    1. indeed ! scrutinise +++ It’s what’s desperately needed. plus dump the idea that we can progress by staying silent or only speaking to those who already agree with us. what’s the point of that ❓❓❓

  10. I have been lucky enough to rescue 2 Asian mynah birds from a palm tree that fell over last year,I have managed to teach one of them to speak.Now I know Dougs dog 🐕 has more chance of getting elected than Stammer,but I now believe my birds have more dynamic policys than the knight and delivered in a more forensic style…. “Whos a cheeky monkey 🐵” seems to be a winner in the strange world of mr knight.

    1. Starmer is definitely foreskinsic. That’s his forte. Lucky for him he has what the Shill Hunter Supremo values above everything else MSM support and Zionist support. Trump had Zionist support too. How did that work out for Trump? How are those POWERFUL forces working out for Starmer. And if those forces are so powerful, then what is the purpose of

      P.S. we need people like John Barnes who speaks up. He does not whimper. I’m listening to him now taking on a dreadful Right Wing nasty on Talkradio 17:46.

      Listen again. (just ended 14:51) Talkradio. Barnes is demolishing the racist presenters myths. The presenter is for once up against someone who present analysis. That is a step towards progress. SCRUTINISE and CRUSH myths.

      Please listen to ALL of this interaction of John Barnes with Ian Collins. Barnes is wiping the floor with him!!! We need a TRILLION JOHN BARNES and Marcus Rashfords

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