‘Strategic genius’ Starmer, who needs to win back working class, calls in elitist who said appealing to working class is waste of time

Peer Mandelson was ‘intensely relaxed’ about ‘filthy’ amounts of wealth – and said worrying about working-class voters was a waste of time. Now Keir Starmer hopes bringing him in will appeal to voters who deserted Labour over Brexit

Keir Starmer has called in former Blair adviser Peter Mandelson to get him out of the hole he has dug for himself, completing his headlong rush back to the worst of ‘New Labour’.

Starmer has no hope of getting near power without winning back the working-class voters he drove away from Labour with his 2018 sabotage of Labour’s promise to hold a new EU referendum with ‘nobody… ruling out remain remain as an option’ – and has embarrassingly draped himself in the Union Flag, as if that’s what working-class people want to see. Unsurprisingly, working-class people see right through the ruse and both Starmer and Labour have fallen sharply in the polls.

So now ‘Forensic’ has decided that the way to save himself is to bring in Peter Mandelson, the elitist peer who infamously said that worrying about working-class voters was a waste of time because ‘they’ve got nowhere to go’:

Mandelson has also said that he was ‘intensely relaxed’ about people becoming ‘filthy rich’ – a guaranteed vote-winner with millions in poverty and approaching another million people out of work because of the Tories’ mishandling of the pandemic crisis.

The same Boris Johnson Tories leaving Starmer flailing in their wake.

Not satisfied with that, Mandelson went on to ‘shake UK politics’ by meeting Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska on his ‘superyacht’, where he chatted cosily with Tory then-Shadow Chancellor George Osborne – and subsequently gave trade concessions that benefited the billionaire by an estimated $50 million:

And, of course, Mandelson was at the heart of attempts to overturn the Brexit referendum result as a director (until 2019) of Open Britain, which promoted the so-called ‘People’s Vote’ campaign – exactly the way to the hearts of the leave-voting towns Labour has to win back to have even a sniff of getting into Downing Street.

Senior Labour back-bencher Jon Trickett recently mocked the ‘strategic genius‘ of Starmer’s disastrous tenure so far. It will be interesting to see what he and other working-class MPs make of this latest fiasco, but it’s a safe bet that working-class voters will be ‘intensely unimpressed’.

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    1. A few hours ago i posted about Starmer being “helped” by SteveH’s “Mandy”, that’s how they call the creature. How did it come to this???
      Will be fun to watch though. davidh’s “Mandy” also “helped” Gordon Brown. I must read up, but i think the creatures Bliar & “Mandy” also “helped” Mo Mowlam.

      I’m sorry for Mo. She did not deserve such dreadful betrayal. But of course SIR Max Headroom deserves his “loyalty” he gave to “Jeremy” for justice sake🌹🌹🌹

      1. So in this one thread alone ‘signpost’ has posted twelve comments so far (out of 52 at the time of writing). As I said a day or two ago, he posts around 150 or more comments a week, week after week after week, month after month after month, posting ALL day long. And the reason he does is because he’s a shill, a black propagandist for the Establishment posing as a left-winger whilst he trashes the left every single day. No ordinary person posts five/six hundred or more comments every month, month after month after month! Of course they don’t!!

  1. I see Skwawky a Brexit fanatic, is still pushing his favourite ‘second vote’ excuse as a reason for Starmer’s failure to make any headway with the Labour Party. By doing so, Skwawky is letting the Israel Lobby off the hook. They were the real reason Corbyn was underminded, resulting in a loss of support for the Party. Starmer is an out and out New Labour right winger and whether he wanted a second vote or not he will never be able to unite a Socialist Party with his Zionist links and anti-Socialist actions.

    1. Jack T, as a fellow remainer although no a supporter of the People’s Vote, I disagree with you. It was mainly the “U” turn on Brexit that derailed us.

      1. Maria, there was no ‘U turn’ as you put it. Brexit was achieved through the far right in UKIP and elewhere pushing racism at the electorate, saying jobs etc were being stolen by incomers from Europe. If anything, it was a distance selling excercise where many people didn’t fully understand the ins and outs, which is now obvious with what’s happening in Northern Ireland and in the fishing industry with more to come.

        Under distance selling rules you are allowed to return the goods if once you’ve examined them, you don’t like them for whatever reason. The second or confirmatory vote was a way, negotiated at Conference, to give the electorate a democratic way of ‘returning the goods’ once they’d seen them if they wished. The far right and Lextremists because they feared they would lose, tried to make out that this was in someway anti-democratic and whipped up leavers to protest against this second chance. There was no way they wanted this extension of democracy.

        Meanwhile, the Israel Lobby were undermining Corbyn, with Zionist MP after Zionist MP coming out against him. We therefore had fanatics on the left and on the right demonstrating to the electorate that the LP was split.

        Is it any wonder therefore that the ‘soft’ Labour seats in the mythical ‘red wall’ areas which had already been got at by Farage and the Sun, voted Leave? Whereas the true Labour seats in Liverpool etc which vote Labour out of conviction rather than habit and gave Farage and the Sun the boot, voted overwhelmingly to Remain.

    2. You’re the only fanatic here. A self declared EU entryist who was going to change the neoliberal technocrat run construct from within. Hahahaha.

      1. Lundiel, you’ve been hanging around that blue Labour site, falsely named as ‘Labour Heartlands’ for too long.

      2. As I have pointed out before lundiel, changing the direction of the EU was and is a monumental task, but clearly not monumental enough for you. You want to change the whole world in one mighty effor, because that is what leaving the EU means. Or are you arguing that socialism can be built in one country?

    3. JackT
      By definition then Temporary Embarrassment would be sticking to his 2nd referendum guns
      How’s that going

      1. And what would be the point of that Doug. By the way, how’s Brexit going?

      2. JackT
        The neo liberal EU is still intact, so celebrate fact we wont have to fuck about implementing our manifesto

    4. The Neo-Liberal Globalists of Thatcher; Blair & Starmer depend on cheap labour to drive down manufacturing costs in the EU, we manufactured more during the 3 day week than we do now. Service industries replaced manufacturing as wages & the standard of living in ‘working class’ communities has collapsed since entry into EU. ‘Remoaners’, so quick to scream racism & ‘Little Englanders’, as the bourgeoisie are safe in the knowledge that cheap labour doesn’t affect their job opportunities, but working class kids remain at the bottom of any table measuring social mobility.

      Outsourcing manufacturing to areas of cheap labour & becoming dependant on Doctors & Nurses, educated & trained in other countries, like a super parasite, while claiming to be ‘Liberal’, is a tribute to the vision of those who have nothing but contempt for the working class people of Britain. Even the working class game of Football ; in the ironically called ‘Premier League’ we have a system designed to exploit the working class & maximise profit at the expense of other leagues. It is no coincidence that the BBC; Sky & BT only cover elite football as 75% of managers & players are ‘ready-mades’ from overseas. Young British kids can only watch ‘the match’ down the pub on Sky as working class families are priced out of ‘live’ football.

      Why should this country educate & train our youngsters when other countries (often the least able to afford to lose them) can do it for us? It is no surprise that many Tories (& Blairites) want a return to secondary modern education & to replace education with skill training, after all that’s all the working class are fit for.

      1. Quite true, Steve Richards. Though not a popular view with the Left Liberals , not socialists, who comlose most of today’s ‘Left’. The four ‘big ideas’ of that ‘child of Thatcher’, Blairist Labour , was 1. ever greater deregulation of the banking sector, and ever greater deindustrialisation of our economy in favour of that parasitic sector, 2. continuing the Thatcher mission of comprehensive privatisation of state assets and services, 3. Retaining all the oppressive anti trades union legislation , to keep the unions shackled, and , very importantly, 4. encouraging and supporting unlimited labour supply – whilst hiding behind that liberal mantra of ‘freedom of movement’ . It worked a treat for Blairite Labour – until it didn’t, and the globally important UK bit of the 2008 great financial crash, fucked over the economy – and revealed how vulnerable a service industry/financialised economy was.

        And now the hubristic , triumphant, but policy-empty, Blairite true believers in the PLP majority, bring in the key architect of the Nulabour Blairite disaster (which oversaw the collapse of both Labour’s membership AND total vote), Peter, dodgy crook, and PR man for numerous of the world’s oligarch dictators and billionaire kleptocrats though his secretive PR company, to supposedly re-run the ‘triumph of the Blair era ! You couldn’t make it up – for blind hubristic folly !

        If any socialist seriously still thinks the NuLabour PartyMk2 is the vehicle for working class Left advance they need to wake up and smell the coffee ! (pause for the seriously paranoid nutter , Allan Howard, to go into splenetic abuse overdrive in his predictable response ! Socialists pointing out the dead-end NuLabour represents are merely telling the TRUTH, Allan . Suck it up lad). The ONLY way forward is a new Left Party – supported by key , Left-led, trades unions.

  2. Peter Mandelson?! Chuckle!!

    If he’s the answer, what the hell was the question?

      1. I hope that his chum keeps his job. Good chauffeurs are hard to come by as opposed to pr advisors which are one in a million?

    1. George, you’re chuckling now😅 Get the popcorn😂 Oh, and gird your middle section for joyous laughter ahead ( if you are not a saint ) 🤣 I give Starmer MAX four months … ok four months and four days
      😁😁😁 Watch out for the Mandelson ian smirks and winks behind Max’s max bollard head. Every wink = “Mandy’s” fangs sinking into the maggot Starmer. Every smirk is the ejaculation of the toxin into bollard headed tool. GOOD 📛📛📛

      1. It leaves me wondering – was his presence asked for, or was it imposed.

        We all have the – not so – sneaking feeling, Starmer is only a figurehead. The leader, but not the real leader.

      2. not sure if it was invited George, but Keith IS under pressure and a certain well placed snake said “Mandelson is ALWAYS the answer” because it is one of the best understanders of political know how. The well placed Tory in no disguise … swings both ways defending both Johnson and Keith with much shameless fervour, urged Keith to listen to the money grabbing war criminal Blair and the thuggish Arsetair Campbellend who instructed people to put full pressure on D David Kelly before his body was moved snd propped up against a tree with a penknife and a few painkillers set as props to give the impression that he was not murdered by someone else. … That Arsetair Campbellend. ps to date NO inquest into the mysterious murder of Dr David Kelly nor of Diana the now very dead wife of Charles now living with Mrs Parker-Bowles at VAST tax-payers expense. Not sure re Diana Spencer but re Dr Kelley certain forces not only REFUSED to have an inquest which should have been done by law, BUT hid that refusal with an injunction and if i remember correctly hid that sinister injunction with another ie a SUPER INJUNCTION effective for SEVENTY FIVE YEARS. Why? Excuse given – because it would be too upsetting for his family. QUESTION – How do millions of other families endure inquests???

        But as ever, i’ve gone off on one BUT it indicates the type of creatures we are dealing with. It is not easy but it is IMPOSSIBLE if we don’t ask what can we do better. Those who have no suggestions for change ie how we can improve are worst than surplus to requirements. They are a distractions, drains and part of the problem. They helped to cause this awful situation of the “Left”. The others are frauds or they would not use so much energy and time to tell us don’t try yet offer ZERO ideas.

    2. Mandelson is a disciple of the black arts. Either that he just likes black silk & smoke.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if they haven’t come to the same conclusion and have brought in Mandy to negotiate a deal with Wee Jimmy Krankie.. . It’s the only road left to them.

    1. “Managed decline” indeed.

      The very second that Sir Keir Rodney Starmer’s victory in the leadership election was apparent, this became inevitable.

      Sir Keir Rodney Starmer’s ‘new management’ is, for Labour, like when a failing company is put into the hands of the Receivers – who, in this case, is there to protect the interests of the Trilateral Billionaires and sponsoring multi-millionaires (like Trevor Chinn) first, i.e. to destroy Labour and the hopes of the Many, not the Few.

      1. spot on qwertboi. Rodney did not see it as “inevitable” though. But it is and it serves the parasitic tool right🎉🎉🎉 oh ps i posted some hours ago i think that Rodney is pleading begging possibly on his knees to “Mandy” SteveH will know if Rod was on his knees but SIR STARMER was begging and pleading – ” i STIIL feel i’m the right person to lead the party ” 😭😭😭

    2. lundiel, the only road left to Scottish Labour is the Independence road.

      They may as well, join the procession and plan for post-Independence. Otherwise, they’re going to find it very lonely, in Holyrood – stood outside with their noses pressed against the window.

    3. lundiel, no “deal” will be “negotiated”. Keith’s time was up once he deceived the membership. He was always a space filler. Of course he did not realise it. People like him believe the spin of the MSM. steveh, SteveH, davidh, RH, McNiv, WFM, the Smart but Right wing plant, Mandelson … all the Right Wing SHs do not negotiate with their tools. When Mandelson hisses to Starmer to sling his hook, he slings his hook. They will throw him a bauble of a peerage as he still has decades of dirty stuff he will be desperate to do to please the 1%.

      Speaking of desperation… the war criminal IS acutely desperate to be at the centre of attention. Merkel thought the creature was the weakest self-serving link fighting to be The most glittering creature of the EU superstate with INCREASED powers. Sarkozy was willing to oblige but thank dog for Frau Merkel. We should always celebrate mutter Merkel for that. She saved us from the sick making nightmare William Hague described in Parliament. Hague painted a picture of the Killer of more than a MILLION Iraqis – Blair the liar, sweeping up and down the Mall with the longest motorcade possible.

      Which reminds me, when the vile creature was bending in back rooms … bending the ear of Sarkozy … and i think Bunga Bunga man, the war ponce was denying it. But DAVID MILIBAND, when the truth leaked out, told the world why a war criminal Bliar would be the ideal choice to be supreme EU superstate leader. Guess what. Miliband said the war criminal “would stop traffic”. He said we need that. You could not make it up. The interviewer said nothing.

      At least the French are prosecuting Sarkozy. But us when we had a chance to prosecute the repugnant WMD LIAR ❓ ❓ ❓

  4. It may work, no for nothing Mandy is known as the “Price of Darkness” Perhaps he will find dodgy enough material to persuade Tory candidates no to campaign effectively and lost to Labour candidates or else.
    Another matter would be persuading the average Joe in the former Red Wall to vote Labour, But them perhaps he could offer a £100 per vote and see how many take the offer?
    Only problem if the Tories find out, they will be offer £150 per vote or more if necessary, the Tories have the money when we not longer do thanks to Starmer.
    Seriously, I don’t think is going to work: Mandy isn’t going to save Starmer.

    1. Maria, “Mandy” would hiss “i come not to praise” nor save Starmer, “but to bury him”. 🌹🌹🌹

      1. You could be into something here, signpost, given the choice Mandy could prefer someone like Stella Creasy to Starmer.

      2. Maria – Apologies 4 late reply.

        “given the choice Mandy could prefer someone like…” itself. The creature to whom SH affectionately referred as “Mandy” prefers money and itself and to be entertained …

        The myth surrounding the creature was demolished but so hypnotised people are, even those who rail against the MSM swallow the spin hook line and sinker. And the “Left” with international platforms and opportunities to demolish the spin treat defence of reputation and NORMALISING ideas of how to transform the world as above them.

        But back to slimy Mandelson and Arsetair Campbellend, the war criminal Bliar. QUESTION – How was their People’s Vote such a lamentable failure? They had TONS of money… MILLIONS. They had the MSM at their beck and call. They had the FULL support to the Eurocrats in France, Germany and Brussels … just think of all the champaign drunk and caviar scoffed and the oh so sophisticated representation of the EU standards – FOIE GRAS – produced with ruthless industrial cruelty… and as if that was not heartless enough, they would have dined on animal which were transported LIVE for slaughter… BUT as ever, i digress, so much that needs saying… BUT if they were really so successful at winning, why did they lose with the omnipotent MSM, the money and MILLIONS of metropolitan elite votes???

        Because Mandelson, Campbellend and Bliar are failures. They lost Scotland long b4 i had even heard of Jeremy. Votes and membership were declining throughout until Jeremy became leader. Any idea of integrity was flushed down the sewer with scandals. Mandekson was dismissed TWICE. Bliar was the first sitting PM to be INTERVIEWED BY THE POLICE UNDER CAUTION….

        The truth is Maria, when you read you may conclude that ANYONE and ANYTHING could have won against the out of steam Blue Tories in 1997. Brown would have won, a baby would have won, a parrot, a bathroom bin would have won against the Tories. The only person who would have lost to them is SIR Rodney Starmer best known as Keith. We have the evidence, for those who believed the Right Wing MSM spin. Many are pulled along like blinkered donkeys by the same MSM they feel are all powerful do we should just sit back and moan.

        All those “winners” were defeated by what they see as the great unwashed. Mandelson epitomises the scorn… the obscene disdain for those without excess money. It is said that Mandelson told Peter Hain that he should not fuss about the poor… the working classes… the red wall … because


        Yet some STILL say we should “work together”, “unify” to bring about a “Labour” government , with creatures like that.

        That is the incomprehensible and disgraceful key matter… actually two matters.

        1 – Where is the integrity and decency in that?

        2 – How many decades does it take to learn?

        3 – For how many more DECADES must those who need change wait?


      1. Singpost, I am being ironic, Mandy is known as the “Prince of Darkness”. It was rumored that he would find dirt on Labour MPs opposed to Blair to keep them loyal or their dirty laundry would be leaked to the MSM.
        I don’t believe it’s going to work unless Mandy finds dirty secrets among the Tories. The type that affects national security, rather than having a secret mistress or a chateau in La Loire.
        Besides, the Tories are even more nasty that he is, have more money that Labour does and not scruples at playing tic for tac. So should Mandy try his tactics with the Tories, very soon he will find out that some Labour candidates aren’t saints either, the MSM would publish Labour’s candidates indiscretions and will end in a Labour electoral disaster.

  5. Calling in Tony Blair’s former chief strategist, Peter Mandelson, to inject his flailing party with a “winning mentality” suggests that Keir Starmer is as clue-less as he is single-handedly responsible for Labour’s Poll Collapse (being at 33% to the Tories 39% )

    It is clear (at least to me) that Starmer’s is demotivating party members, fostering disunity and distrust amongst them, and is failing to communicate a Labour presence, and even, a Labour Vision.

    His failure to communicate a sense of purpose and initiative,is, for a new-ish party leader, gormless to say the least.

    Clue-less and gormless, Starmer is robbing Labour’s membership of its hope and purpose and the electorate of a meaningful choice in the future.

    Downing Street gets farther away every day he is leader.

  6. Back again to new labour it wont be long before TB wants back in fuck labour

    1. BRIAN61, sadly and strangely, there are many, even on despite everything will go door knocking with TB installed. They would lick stamps for the devil if the devil claimed to be Labour. If u ask them why they will say the devil leading “Labour” to do devilish Tory acts is better than Tories doing the same Tory acts. Such is the effect of what i detect as generations of near ZERO reflection on the “Left”.

      There is a mist… a haze of displacement, distraction, and activity fuming about everything they are unlikely to fix here and abroad. That way the “Left” can continue to feel self-satisfied, being correct re many aims but ZERO investment bringing the doable to effect. Enough of the “Left” LOVE being told that they are so decent because they speak about this or that noble cause. When it comes to using a precious opportunity, it is trampled underfoot. Starmer is for the chop, yet again we see no one ready on the “Left”. The whole world has largely been stitched up and betrayed not just by the Right but by itself. Quite bewildering. Adults with an appetite only for white bread soaked in water… pap = only say nice untruths.

      1. Reply to John Thatcher. I’m not sure about that. Of course somebody may be pulling Blair’s strings ( or some of them) and we all know that he would do anything for money but I think the driving force is his own ruthless ambition and greed. However there is nothing that man could do which would surprise me so you may well be right.

    2. Blair never went away Brian61. He was always there in the background orchestrating things. Although his adoring fans in the PLP want him to take front of stage he can’t because he is detested by so many people.
      I remember when Jeremy was running for leader the first time, every time Blair spoke out against him, Jeremy’s popularity level soared. They then took to wheeling out Peter Hain David Blunkett or some other old has been but that didn’t work either because their association with Tony Blair totally discredited them in the eyes of all decent people.

      1. it is frauds like u Right Wing Smartplant that allows Bliar, Hain, Blunket to do as the do. U r a burden and a curse on the “Left” Very good at what u do but u cannot fool all the people all the time. Go celebrate your deceits with White Flag Man the Shill Hunter Supremo. Go play with McNiv’s boats. U have been found out.

      2. I very much doubt it is Blair himself Smartboy, much more likely the same people who ran Blair.

      3. John Thatcher My reply to you today at 1.19 pm is out of sequence – sorry about that – don’t know why it happened

    3. Are they both still in the party? Do they still attend branch meetings, pay subs? Doesn’t the party kick out members for bringing the party into disrepute as if that possible. Oh I forgot AS is all that counts. The old CPGB have a lot to answer for. Ladies and gentlemen please enjoy the future of your party.

  7. An excellent, if a lengthly, book on the horrors of New Labour is Lewis Minkin, The Blair Supremacy (Manchester University Press: 2014). Lots of ammo!

  8. I joking call this cult of new Labour 2.0 but it’s not it really is just a rehash of the same stupid idea’s of Blairism Tory-lite middle-classed obsessed drek and who cares about the plebs?

    Ignore the members it’s only the right-wing Tory-lite genius MP’s that know how to appeal to the voters…

    OK, hows that working out for you..? Oh, record members leaving, Pooling numbers embarrassing against the Torys in a fucking pandemic WTF. Now bring back that scum Lord Mandleson I am so glad I want nothing to do with this party.

    I am embarrassed to have ever voted new labour and I certainly won’t be repeating that mistake!

    I am a socialist like my parents you walked away from my ideology! So don’t expect me to come running back as a member and certainly don’t expect my vote!

  9. New Labour were lucky to face the worst opposition from cheap and nasty Tory party last century
    In every election 97 02 and 05 they won less seats than we have now
    Which also screams out how did Labour manage to lose 5 million votes between 97 and 10, simple answer is no matter who people voted for the same fuckers got in
    Red Tories or Blue Tories

  10. What’s going on in the party. Most know the reason why the Blair/Brown years lost around 5million voters was because of their attitude towards these traditional supporters. Now Starmer’s at a dead end the best he can come up with is Mandelson.

    On the other hand the reported loss of revenue from nearly 60,000 members leaving the party. To be replaced by wealthy donors hasn’t worked out.

    Maybe Starmer thinks Mandelson’s connections with the ‘filthy rich’ he could persuade them to donate to the party. If Mandelson does take up this offer watch the left Labour MPs being sidelined when it comes to candidates for the next GE.

    Then again my moneys still on the return of D Miliband to a safe seat.

    1. I find the figures interesting. Labour still claim about 550,000 members. Only 400,000 voted in the leadership election.

      So 150,000 full members all decided not to vote in the most significant party election there is, even though they are all so political that they join a party and all (one presumes) voted for Labour in December 2019 ….

      I strongly suggest the party figures were 150,000 down last April, and almost certainly down that many again.

      1. What is certain Joe is that the “official” figures are a fantasy. The only question is, which is worse, party headquarters issuing them and believing them, or issuing them knowing that they are lying.

      2. Even those figures add up to a lot of subs. I doubt that the return of the Mince of darkness will fill that ever deepening hole. Flogging passports won’t cut it.

    2. BackofBeyond, the super rich aren’t going to donate to the Party, Mandy or no Mandy, because to them donations to political Parities are an investment and Labour right now would be seen to them as a bad investment. No a chance to getting to government will Starmer still leader.

  11. When the so called centrists want to go back to new Labour, they think 1997 and Blair’s landslide victory. Where they’re really taking the party back to is 2010.

    1. It isn’t even that good Ben. The world has moved on a long way since 2010. They really are completely dislocated from the real world.

      1. I think people forget that the 2005 win, was down purely to FPTP and Charlie Kennedy taking seats off the Tories. Blair gained a vote of just 35%, yet a working majority …..

  12. Nobody seems to have read the Sunday Times article written by Gabriel Pogrund (hardly a friend of Labour) and SB has not given a transcript, so most people are lashing out in the dark., Stripped down of all the hyperbole all it can turn up is an anonymous briefing given to it by some creature that “Mandelson, 67, is understood to have held online calls with members of Starmer’s team and the shadow cabinet” Not even confirmed – instead the vague phrase “understood”. The real target if you read the piece are those members of the Shadow Cabinet seen as “under performing” which tells me the source of the story were people not in the shadow cabinet, but who feel they have the entitlment to be in it. Nothing more, nothing less.

    1. “The real target if you read the piece are those members of the Shadow Cabinet seen as “under performing”
      That’d be the lot then, Doddy and Ashworth in particular.

      1. From the Sunday Times; “Privately Starmer has also been warned by allies that certain members of his team are under-performing and “near invisible”. Among those who have been identified are Anneliese Dodds, the shadow chancellor, Andy McDonald, the shadow employment secretary, and Kate Green, the shadow education secretary.

        The lack of experience is telling. There are very talented people within the party (including “me”, the source) and there is a sense that he is not fielding his top team.”

    2. Come on now, David Walsh ! Enough of the rather sadly desperate attempt to rubbish this story and support the Starmerites – as usual. . Mandelson and Blair and Campbell have never been away from conspiring with the NuLabour PLP loyalists. They have been actively taking a leading role in the anti Corbyn plotting and action ever since he won the leadership – from helping to line up potential funders for a split-off party (under Stephen Kinnock) in 2017/18, to funding and organising the deliberately highly divisive ‘Peoples Vote’ campaign – which was always targeted as much at splitting Corbyn’s Left supporters as stopping Brexit. Of course you yourself are a fanatical anti Brexit, proponent, so Mandelson and Blair and Campbell’s toxic role in Peoples Vote isn’t a concern for you. But to try to pretend that Mandelson isn’t pulling the woodentop , Starmer’s, ideological and tactical strings is pretty rich – even for you.

      Mandelson and co promised the dim . but treacherous, Labour Right that once Corbyn was gone they would be waaaaaay ahead in the polls, Instead Labour is disappearing up its neoliberal electoral arsehole, with members flooding out , BUT no big backers coming in (because with no prospect of a future Labour government , why would billionaire backers come on board again ?). So utter panic has set in,(in the Guardian and New Statesman offices too ) and it is quite likely that their puppetmaster, Mandelson, has indeed been asked to be even more hands-on, asked to ‘do the policy stuff’ for the dim, careerist crook, Starmerites. Unfortunately for NuLabour, re-heated Thatcher/Blairism has all the appeal of a bucket of cold sick electorally in 2021. Smart suits and union jacks just wont do the job.

  13. I think Mandy’s aim is to get plenty of money into the party from rich donors so no reliance on union finance which comes with a desire to include manifesto policies which won’t be attractive to traditional working class Labour voters. Like the far left obsession with Palestine, transgendarism and weirdo wokeness. Rich people pay a lot of tax and are big donors (the lady from Stoke who built up the big betting company paid over £150M in personal tax last year, pays a lot of nurses salaries). So lots of money in the party coffers, pays for big GE campaign and may even form a government. But obviously not acceptable to the wine bar socialists as better to be out of power for ever than lose the purity of a crackpot ideology.

    1. Plain Citizen, “Like the far left obsession with Palestine”

      It’s an obsession with justice and fairness and a reaction against the way the Israel Lobby is determined to silence criticism of Israel’s barbaric actions against the Palestinians. An ‘obsession’ any Socialist should follow.

      1. Funny we dont hear about the far left obsession with justice for the Muslim people in China or for democracy in Hong Kong (supposedly guaranteed by the PRC treaty). Looks like pro Palestine is a convenient proxy for anti semitism – supporting Hamas and other murderous regimes is just another stick to beat the Jews with.

      2. Plain Citizen, there are plenty of left groups fighting to oppose injustices all around the world, you just refuse for your own purposes to recognise it.

        Maybe I have missed it but I don’t see China or any other oppressive States, apart from Israel, with footsoldiers installed in the Labour Party with the intention of undermining any criticism of it.

    2. OK to PLP
      Not OK to members, unions and supporters
      Centrists are like drunks trying to walk the white line in middle of the road
      Only matter of time before they get wiped out by bus or fall flat on their arse or get lifted by coppers

    3. Rich people pay a lot of tax and are big donors (the lady from Stoke who built up the big betting company paid over £150M in personal tax last year, pays a lot of nurses salaries). So lots of money in the party coffers, pays for big GE campaign and may even form a government.

      If memory serves me correctly, Labour finances were in the red before the surge of membership and their additional donations under Corbyn put them back in credit by some margin.

      Which then begs the question, where were the big money donors before then for the party’s finances to flounder so badly?

      You only need take a look at a list of big money donors — they all donate to the Tories. Why would they donate to Labour instead?

    4. I think your cowardly type of politics is already being filled by the Conservative and unionist party…nothing new just a crowded stage of left behind loosers trying to infect the Labour party..a little bit like your slithering pal mandy and the knight…neo libers with a smattering of little englanders buried in the wastelands of failed ideology.Plain citizen..plain ugly politics

      1. It was a nasty post. There’s the Headroom party in black and white. Probably got a staff position and friends in low places. Thank heavens that gambling is paying for our nurses. Unbelievable!

    5. Believing in justice for the Palestinians is not an obsession it’s a desire to see justice done. What does that have to do with wine bars. So those ladies who tried to get medical supplies to the Palestinians and were viciously assaulted by commandos were wine bar socialists?

  14. The idea that Mandy has been “called in ” is ridiculous. His fingerprints have been all over the Labour party’s tiller since the day Corbyn won the leadership. He happily admitted on the BBC2’s Daily Politics to trying to do something to undermine Corbyn every day, confident that such a candid confession would receive no further scrutiny.

    Which it evidently didn’t.

    1. timfrom, that’s when i posted it several hours ago, said “officially” or something like that. Mandelson as u say was absolutely boasting openly that he was waking everyday thinking of new ways to undermine Jeremy. How did Jeremy and hus team respond❓ Did it help him and us or did it bring about what we see now❓

  15. Re David Walsh’s comment ‘Among those who have been identified are Anneliese Dodds, the shadow chancellor, Andy McDonald, the shadow employment secretary, and Kate Green, the shadow education secretary.’

    I think it is quite simple: they are too circumscribed to speak freely or independently. (Did people see the cruel sketch of a Shadow Cabinet meeting on Spitting Image?)

    Keep a watchful eye open for a retreat on trade union rights, including the right to take industrial action.

  16. I think it is quite simple: they are too circumscribed to speak freely or independently

    Careful now!! Someone could quite easily make allegations of antisemitism hearing you say that…

    …I’ll get me coat.

    1. sharp as ever Toffee😅😅😅
      Not funny this though – someone who was in Johnson’s Bullingdon Club admitted that the club was “Nasty” and looks down on people from another class. He said he is “now” “ashamed” to have been a member. Get this – He will be “HAPPY” to serve in a Labour government⚠️⚠️⚠️

    2. Toffee, because i laughed when i read your post, it knocked the Ex Bullingdon Club members words from my memory.

      Here are a few snippets. His description includes “Men” dressed up in funny “tail coats”. The people in the Club became politicians they did not join the army. They did not share his definition of “public service”. When the person joined Parliament, they found it lacked “idealism” and “standards”. The people met in parliament “did not seem like humans anymore. They were polite and charming etc but… did not seem like humans anymore”.

      That bit struck me. You may realise that i refer to the Blair creature as the creature it is. Quite something for me to learn that an EXTREMELY establishment person … though definitely a bit different says with remarkable openness that he feels the people in parliament he has met “stopped being humans” etc. though charming.

      (Think Johnson and Cameron. Charming to some but nasty pieces of work. Cameron probably does not know how much money he has. Johnson possibly no idea if he has 6, 66 or 666 children with a multitude of women who were not repulsed by his Bullingdon proclivity of “interfering” dead pig’s heads.

      I’m sure the women who betrayed each other and the “sisterhood”, as mythical as “The Left”,… i think all Johnson’s women were /are Tories. Thus frequent enjoyment of porcine necrophilia … where Johnson was the active participant, is clearly nothing to put one off.

      But back to the Bullingdon Club –

      Bullingdon Club members were “behaving aggressively to other people” “a nasty aggressive setup”. Despite all above the person became a politician and worked with Gordon Brown and Milliband D i think. (Seems like genuine hope trumping his own observations).

  17. At least Keirco the clown is being honest. Not even pretending not being Tory light, neo liberal New Labour all the way

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