Socialist Telly’s Damo launches Patreon. If you can, please support this outstanding left talent

One of the outstanding talents of the new left media, Damien Willey – known as ‘Cornish Damo’ to followers of Socialist Telly and of his own Twitter and Facebook pages – needs our help.

Damo, one of the most incisive and watchable political commentators on the left, has a sharp with and a knack of bringing out the best of guests he interview for Socialist Telly, the new left, working-class media platform that has brought viewers the best guests in politics, science and the Labour movement. But the former welder is also a full-time carer for his disabled wife and daughter – and has finally succumbed to pressure from his friends to set up a page on content subscription service Patreon, so that those who enjoy and benefit from his efforts can voluntarily show their appreciation and solidarity.

Here’s a short sample of Damo’s inimitable style:

And a few words from Damo about why he is asking for help and what he hopes to achieve:

When the opportunity arose to join likeminded individuals and start up our own media outlet, Socialist Telly, I couldn’t possibly say no. My show, Damo Meets goes out every Sunday night and I’ve already been privileged to speak to some truly inspirational people on the left. These remarkable people have agreed to speak to me, choose to – we can’t pay them, we’ve got no money – because they know we want to hear what they have to say and because they know that embracing an alternative media is the only way to break the iron grip of the billionaire owned press and the right wing poodles on TV news shows.

I resisted the idea of setting up a Patreon for a long time, I didn’t want to offer exclusive interviews or reviews since it kind of defeats what I’ve always strived to do and certainly what we at Socialist Telly want to deliver. But I think I’ve put some nice little offers together to make it work.

The fact of the matter is I need help – to continue and I’m asking for your help to continue to grow and develop to keep challenging the mainstream media, beating them at their own game, informing you to an extent and in a way they never will; and to support my family, not only financially in providing the everyday care that they need. I can’t achieve this without you.

There are no big money backers, there are no donors. The monopoly the mainstream media have is thanks to their billionaire owners. But what the left has in spades is solidarity and collectivism, so if you can do so without hardship to yourself, I won’t let you down.

Check out some of those offers I’ve made, you can help influence my work directly should you wish to. Ultimately this is the future of news broadcasting, certainly for the left, but we all have a unique way of doing things and if you like what I do, please help me keep doing it.

Damo’s Patreon page can be found here, along with what comes with each level.


  1. Thanks for the heads up Skwawky donating to his Patreon page every month now.

  2. Hallelujah – now I can watch Socialist Telly and support the left talent there without directly benefiting the Techno billionaires at google and youtube, facebook and twitter – or make it even easier for the benefactors of mass indiscriminate surveillance and surveillance capitalism to commodify my data and use it to increase their profit and control.

    A good move Socialist Telly. All the best..

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