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Starmer finally tweets support for a union – then deletes it

Keir Starmer finally broke type today and supported a union and its members – then snapped straight back to his habitual form by deleting it.

The Labour leader has a sorry record as Labour when it comes to unions, most disgracefully when he and Kate Green opposed teaching unions on face masks in classrooms.

But today, Starmer actually tweeted support for Unite and its members fighting yet another ‘fire and rehire’ scandal, as Heathrow Airport tries to drive down workers’ terms and conditions:

Not only that, but he actually mentioned a policy when he said he wanted to ban the practice.

But sadly it couldn’t last. Within a short time – no doubt after his panicked handlers scrambled to take over his keyboard, or perhaps he remembered that Labour’s in the process of sacking 12 community organisers in the middle of the pandemic because they might be Corbyn supporters – the tweet was deleted:

Back to business as usual at Starmer Central.

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    1. Keir Starmer @Keir_Starmer
      Today I met @unitetheunion reps at Heathrow who are fighting against fire and rehire.

      They told me about the devastating impact this awful practice has had on them, their families and communities.

      It has made me even more determined to outlaw fire and rehire.
      Quote Tweet
      Unite the union: join a union
      @unitetheunion · 3h
      Many thanks to @Keir_Starmer for taking the time during his visit to #Heathrow today to meet and listen to the concerns of Unite members striking over the airport’s brutal fire and rehire tactics.
      5:25 pm · 11 Feb 2021·Twitter Web App
      88 Retweets, 22 Quote Tweets, 404 Likes

      1. SteveH is back again. “Quote tweet…”

    2. ON the advice the BOD(new committee)the objectional tweet on advice from propoganda desk chief “Kaplan” salaried employee Kaplan has approved removal of said tweet and apologies for the breakdown in communication at HQ likud.

      1. Was there a picture we could see of comrade knight of the realm shoulder to shoulder defending comrades in the ” Struggle “at Heathrow airport.

      2. Joseph – Oh dear are you resorting to making stuff up again

  1. I love the last sentence:

    ‘It has made me even more determined to outlaw fire and hire.’

    It’s very interesting. Mr Starmer appears even now to think that despite actually losing ground in the polls to a man who has killed over 100,000 UK citizens, he is one day going to be prime minister. Remarkable.

    You have to hand it to him, what he lacks in ability, insight, integrity and vision, he certainly makes up for in self-belief! Go get ’em Floyd! (Hah!)

      1. Seriously wee stevie, if you carried on like this in a face to face conversation, you’d be renowned as a punchbag.

        Your mental aberration manifesting itself as an unhealthy stammer obsession wouldn’t grant you any clemency from a drubbing, given your thoroughly nauseating condescension and infuriatingly sanctimonious attitude.

        You are exactly they type that even pre-covid, didn’t have much of a social circle.

        Were you an only child?

      2. Toffee – You are the loser indulging in personal attacks whilst running away to avoid dealing with the answer.

      3. The ‘polls’ do not only quantify opinions, they are also a tool to shape it.

      4. Knobhead… There isn’t anyone on this site you’ve refused an answer.

        Here’s proof…

        Give us the difference between stammerism and conservatism?


        Name a single policy stammer has opposed as opp leader?

        So there y’are…answer them or off you pop…

        Oh, and the reason you get abuse is that I’m openly aggressive instead of being a passive/aggressive Ponce, and I’m not remotely arsed about pathetically and hypocritically claiming any moral high ground.

        But also because you deserve every bit of ‘abuse’ you get.

      5. SteveH
        How much does it cost to buy a poll, more or less than a politician, journalist or scientist

      6. Doug – I’ve no idea, have you? Given the results of the only poll commissioned and published by Leave Means Leave it was more than they could afford.
        It is also worth bearing in mind before throwing around your assertions that all the polls are/were fairly consistent for both Jeremy and Keir right across all the polling organisations. Corbyn and Labour’s polling results were confirmed as accurate by the 19GE.

      7. He was up to % ahead in some polls and ahead for many successive weeks. Don’t come out with fake news ta, in the hope that people don’t check your BS. I didn’t even have to check. Now, run alonjg, check it out, and then come back and be a big boy an admit your were not just wrong, but idiotically wrong.

      8. My number lock wasn’t on, so to spell it out to you once more Corbyn was TEN % ahead on some polls, nine %, 8%, …. And for weeks on the trot he was ahead in EVERY poll. That is why Blair, that man that pulls Starmer’s strings, had to come out with the BS that Labour should be 20% ahead in the polls. God, talk about (as is mentioned above) political discourse at the level of “My dad’s bigger than yours….”

        And as for actual votes, Corbyn in BOTH elections commanded more votes than Blair (2005), Brown (2010), and Miliband (2015).

      9. I wonder if there will be rejoicing in Oxted Surrey,this home of Harrods former owner and the temporary home of ex sloane ranger wife of prince Charlie farley princess Diana (RIP)….and of course that socialist working class lad 👦 Sir Rodney keir knightly.leader of the Labour party.?

      10. Joseph – Please don’t forget the middle class kid whose family’s lifestyle was interrupted when they were forced to seek their fortunes down south after a global trade induced recession hit his home town. Unfortunately he still carries an enormous and debilitating chip on his shoulder from this traumatic experience.

    1. SteveH
      Read analyses of 19GE by Truth Defence that’s what we are up against
      The polls are part of that misinformation when reported by MSM and toilet papers

  2. When I first saw the headline I thought, ‘Blimey, have the IDF got a union?’. Then I saw he’d deleted it, so it wouldn’t be them. But now it’s back again…

  3. Starmer has the attention span of a goldfish. Once round the bowl and he thinks he is in a new place! I am certain if the IOF has a union, Haredim Kier would be forwarding monies from the Labour kitty.

      1. Domestos’d be a better bet.

        …Round the bowl, and clean round the bend…

  4. Can someone remind centrists that 5 million votes were lost and practical bankruptcy of Labour between 97 and 10, its not called a race to the bottom for nothing
    JC gave us clear Red water and brought us back from the dead, 600,000 members, 14 million votes
    The only sense Temporary Embarrassment makes is that he is determined to finish the job Blair/Brown started and completely destroy the party

      1. Miners joke from 1984- Kinnock Kinnock, whose there? Ramsey McDonald!

  5. Alright then…. Which one of you shower hacked the dear leader’s account and tweeted support for union(s)?

    1. Fully salaried Labour party employee “Kaplan” imported from Israel defence forces black ops intelligence specialist…counter intelligence move,as we need the money to pay for new BOD approved employees for HQ …unfortunately we had to fire and not rehire under new policy of “approved employment opportunity for minorities in the Labour party” Comrade kaplan said IT helped me get on the ladder “.being a unemployed member of the forces….

  6. Quick! Quick Evans. delete that smarmy-macsmarmy chuffing tweet before one of the Rockefeller Billionaires sees it!

    Sir Smarmy MacSmarmy Face Starmer – anti-democrat and anti-socialist for the billionaires.

  7. Controversial (on here at least) but I think Starmer has a plan and is sticking to it, as much as you like to fulminate, he isn’t going anywhere soon so I would celebrate signs that he’s moving in the right direction.

    1. Looks like foodbanks aren’t going anywhere soon, neither.

      Should we celebrate that, too?

    2. No, he isn’t going anywhere soon for that would require a policy or two… (other than negatively not opposing the Conservatives).

      We don’t have to like or support him or campaign for his candidates or even vote for any of them.

      A proper leader would know that and try leading his party and its members, not Sir Keir Rodney Starmer.

      1. qwertboi – Many were very critical of the RW when they employed similar tactics.

      2. “qwertboi – Many were very critical of the RW when they employed similar tactics.”

        Not really, only those of us who believe Labour should promote and build Democratic Socialism were critical

        The entryist perpetrators of which you speak boasted of their knavish intention to confound the party’s leadership and membership – and also – to be doubly sure – conspired with the most vile, people on the planet who believe that the land that (come think) was promised to my people should become a testament to apartheid, racism and sectarianism (disgusting likudist types no different than Farage and his British Union of brain-dead Daily Mail readers aspiring to be fascists), to tell horrendous lies about one of the most ethical and honourable people ever to take a seat in the HoC – and all for fear of the Many who are Legion.

        We’ve got a long way to go before we become anything like the repulsive people who call themselves the Labour Right.

      3. qwertboi – So you say.

        but the outcome is just the same, you become just another Tory party enablers.

    3. I think we all agreed a while ago, his plan is flags and patriotism for the working class and Tory economics for the middle class It won’t work on either count.

      1. lundiel – polling indicates that 75% of the electorate are proud to be British and that most believe the Conservative party are far more patriotic than Labour.

      1. charming64 – You obviously see what you want to see, there’s none so blind as those blinkered by their own dogma.

      2. SteveH

        Perhaps a moment of self-reflection would be in order at this point…

      3. timfrom – Perhaps you’re right. If that’s how you feel then you should take all the time-out that you need to reflect on your behaviour.

    4. Terry hands… “Starmer has a plan” Yes and that’s why hes nearly bankrupted the Labour party and members are bleeding away.Einstiens theory in this case mr “Hands” off. “

  8. Off subject but important

    Forde Inquiry report delayed indefinitely, chair tells Labour Party – LabourList
    The chair of the Forde Inquiry looking into the ‘Labour leaks’ report has announced that its conclusion is now delayed indefinitely as it has “recently been made aware” that the Information Commissioner’s Office is investigating the same leaks.

    1. SH “it was back again.” SteveH “Quote tweet” = instruction from controllers SH❓❓❓

    2. How “convenient” that the ICO has had almost a year to start an investigation, and to complete it, but decides now that the Forde Inquiry was about to publish so jumps in to ensure the Forde Inquiry doesn’t see the light of day.

      Justice delayed is justice denied.

      Well it’s certainly been delayed …………….

      1. All the commissioner can do is issue fines for breaches of data protection. This is a red herring.

    3. It’s got fuck all to do with the information commissioner other than from a data protection point of view ie was the data stored correctly.

      1. lundiel – The ICO obviously think there is something that lies within their wide remit that is worthy of investigation.

      1. Joseph – I wonder what was unearthed by the forensic IT experts that the Forde enquiry engaged.

    4. “Any suggestion that I, or my Panel, have been subject to pressure from the Party regarding the DELIVERY, CONTENT AND CONCLUSIONS of our report is entirely refuted. In fact, the Party and its officers have not sought to influence its CONTENT in any way.” (my emphases)

      “Content” must mean the facts – already known so could hardly be “influenced.”

      QC’s in charge of official inquiries don’t make mistakes in phrasing – if Labour List’s “full text of Martin Forde QC’s letter to David Evans” is accurate the implication is inescapable and can hardly be other than deliberate – “the Party and its officers” HAVE in Forde’s opinion “sought to influence both the delivery and the conclusions.”

      1. Couple more thoughts:
        1. “… following the leak on 9 April 2020 of the report … the Party quite properly informed the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) of potential significant security breaches.”
        “Following” could mean any time between 10 April 2020 and whenever Forde’s “recently been made aware” was – possibly last week.

        2. Labour List writes: “Labour set up an internal investigation at the time to look into potential security breaches and made a disclosure to the ICO. The Forde Inquiry says it has only now learnt that the ICO is investigating the potential breaches as a result.”
        (my emphasis)
        “at the time” if you read carefully, refers to “set up an internal investigation,” nothing else.
        If it had been intended also to refer to “and made a disclosure to the ICO” it would have been written thus:
        “Labour set up an internal investigation to look into potential security breaches and made a disclosure to the ICO at the time.”

        Nothing in these statements actually says Labour approached the ICO earlier than last week.
        Yes, I know I’m splitting hairs – but extremely precise or intentionally imprecise language is one way they achieve plausible deniability.
        Precise language is central to many disputes in court.
        It’s the bread and butter of lawyers, and the actors here are very experienced lawyers.

      2. From the Guardian ….

        “Labour’s then general secretary, Jennie Formby, reported the leak to the Information Commissioner’s Office to look into potential security breaches.”

        She left office on 26th May 2020. So NOT last week.

      3. Hadn’t seen the Guardian piece JoeRobson, only the piece I referred to, so thanks for the clarification.
        Happy to concede my suspicion on the possible timing of the ICO contact based solely on their imprecise language disproved.

        The wording of Forde’s ‘denial’ letter still leaves interference by the party open to question though.

  9. Perhaps Starmer’s big idea to court the wealthy into donating to the party hasn’t gone according to plan. Hence the need for him to be dispatched to striking Unite members at Heathrow.
    Meanwhile as Skwawkbox points to the party being caught out sacking their own staff to be replaced by a more compliant lot to the Starmer way of working.

  10. Wee stevie….you complain about others running away and failing to deal with answers… but at least we offer some. Were all STILL awaiting the answer(s)to these innocuous questions from you, though..

    Give us the difference between stammerism and conservatism?


    Name a single policy stammer has opposed as opp leader?

    You gonna answer them, or you happy to live with the eternal embarrassment of wearing your arse for a hat?

    (Anyone taking bets??)

  11. Toffee – You continue to mistake me for someone who cares what you think. As I’ve told you before, if you can’t work that out for yourself then that’s your problem. You’ll just have to be satisfied with going back down your rabbit hole and playing with yourself.

  12. Happy ☺☺ Chinese New year comrades..Holiday here.four days of dragon dancing ,puppets and sideshows…you could learn a lot davidh if you wernt “Locked in”

    1. Happy Year of the Ox Joseph

  13. Joseph – Thanks. I’m sure we’d really enjoy ourselves, we love Carnival time. Have fun.

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