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Exclusive: Rayner votes against Beckett as vice-chair of key NEC committee

Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) is meeting today and on the agenda is the election of officers to key NEC subcommittees. According to Labour sources, Angela Rayner has just voted against the left’s Howard Beckett as the vice-chair of the Organisational (or ‘OrgSub’) committee, which sets the NEC’s course.

In doing so, she has surely sided factionally with the right and shredded whatever remained of her own left pretensions.

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    1. Raynor is a product of bourgeois tick box culture…….aka quota systems.. What’s the problem, she ticks all the boxes?

  1. I doubt that any of us are surprised. It appears her left-credentials have always been for personal advancement. Now that she serves with an extreme-right leader, then she’s doing what benefits her career. Sad.

    Is there anyone left in the Labour hierarchy with actual Labour principles, or is it just a club for Blairites?

  2. There was rumours going around about 3 years ago that Angela wasn’t that left wing and with this revelation her credibility has decreased more so.

  3. One by one, those we supported and trusted are spitting in our faces. Although I did warn about Rayner, RLB and others, a long time ago.

      1. Wrong answer. Here’s the question again.

        WHO did you warn about stammer, jackanory?

        He’s responsible for this shitshow, and he’s the figurehead the centrists have rallied around, as was predicted by meself and others – but NOT you.

        Because when he was plotting against Corbyn with his referendum shithousery, you thought the sun shone out of his arse; and anyone telling you different was a neo-nazi ukip knuckledragger, weren’t they?

        And now he’s sold you down the river on brexit everyone who was a nazi back then is now a zionist, aren’t they?

        So, while you remind us about all those warnings abour stammer you never gave; perhaps you can remind us who it is handing the zionists as much influence as they please these days?

        Or, you can continue to employ the shithouse tactics of the right and cry ‘troll'</i. when asked a simple but inconvenient question…

      2. Toffee troll, we already know you are a Brexit fanatic, you don’t need to awake from your slumber to tell us again.

      3. The only relevance brexit holds here, jackanory, is MY warning YOU of stammer’s ulterior motives for which you castigated me and others who warned YOU…And you pathetically continue to do so.

        That, and the fact your unwaveringm fanatical support for stammer while plotting against Corbyn has led to this point.

        Your bragging about warning others about bit part players like rayner, long-bailey and anyone else is wholly negated by your previous (And your doubling-down on your previous) support for stammer – the ringleader and the person ultimately responsible for the entire shitshow.

        It does nothing more than show you up as the hypocrite you are; and your whining about me somehow being a troll for pointing out a few home truths shows you up for the infantile cretin you are.

      4. Toffee troll, the only warning I need from you is to let me know when you are about to say something sensible in case I miss it.

    1. All those who spat in your face eh,jackanory…

      Did you leave out stammer because he hadn’t spat in your face… but shat in your porridge?

      The one person you didn’t warn about, but dismissed outright when you were repeatedly warned about him…if the situation weren’t so dismal, people’d be pissing themselves laughing at the irony and schadenfreude resulting from your idiocy.

      I mean there you are, bragging about warning folks about rayner and the likes, but ridiculing and smearing those who warned you about stammer…

      No kudos in warning someone might have a gun when you know someone else definitely has, but do nothing about that.

      At the risk of godwinning the thread it’s like trying to claim credit for calling out von ribbentrop but dismissing the repeated warnings about hitler.

      1. Toffee troll, as a Brexstremist you are now stuck in a corner and no amount of squirming will get you out YOU OWN IT.

    1. She’s about three months away from turning into MARGARET Beckett. Watch for the appearance of pearls and a designer smirk.

      1. I get them all mixed up. Is M.B the one who sleeps with her head in a vice? I know that she isn’t the children’s friend. Is she stilleto?

  4. I left the labour party when starmer was made leader i always thought raynor was a scab i got an email from scabby nandy this morning to rejoin labour and asking for donations they must be scraping the barrel now the new labour israeli party

    1. Well now I feel a bit insulted that I haven’t had a begging email.
      Maybe I’m blacklisted for that email that told the fuckers what I thought of them 🙂

    2. I got that too despite unsuscribing a while back (or so I thought) They are desperate.

    1. No Mark Francis, Angela Rayner promised a Labour Friends of Israel event that she would expel 1000s and 1000 of antisemites from the party. Statistics show that there were at most 550 antisemites in the party (0.1%) so the 1000s and 1000s of members that she was referring to are those of us who support and campaign for human rights of Palestinians and their Arab brothers and sisters in Israel and Gaza. No other interpretation of her comment is possible.
      The event at which Angela made her promise was held on a day designated by the United Nations as Palestine Solidarity day and clearly showed her and other attendees’ ( such as Starmer’s) contempt for the United Nations and for Arab human rights – a shameful position for them to put our party in. However their arrogance and stupidity in doing so should surprise nobody.
      As Angela is antagonistic towards those who campaign for Human Rights for Arabs living in Palestine Israel and Gaza it follows that she condones the human rights abuses Arabs suffer . So strongly does she feel that campaigning for Arab human rights is unacceptable that she is willing to expel 1000s and 1000s of us for standing up for what we believe in – human rights for ALL people including these Arabs whose living conditions are dire. Shame on her.

  5. Her ‘left wing credentials’ were only positioning and branding when she thought that was what she had to be to get on in Corbyn’s party for the Many. She’s no more a socialist than (say) Margaret Hodge or his lodship Peter Mandelson.

    1. I remember many years ago chatting to Ricky Tomlinson ex building worker who went to prison in the early seventys in the building strike along with many others.He was unemployed when released,but forged a better life as a actor and comedian and kept his socialist beliefs to himself and his family.He had very little time for the so called working class Labour party and now I know why.,,Many more decent people keep out of the Labour party and support other ways of furthering their beliefs and socialism.I do not believe that the Labour party are anything more than a distraction to furthering the lives of the working-class people of the UK,and would even say the Labour party are a obstacle to the lives of ordinary people just has much as the Conservatives and unionist party.are.Very sad to say this but I truly believe it is the only conclusion any rational person and socialist could make…We need a Opposition party to all of these parasites that waste our money and time in supporting the working-class of the UK and we need it like never before.

  6. They turned their parachutes into ball gowns but the prince desetered them and left(not) them in a pantomime that isn’t at all funny.

  7. Not that surprised at this betrayal of her supposed socialism sadly!

    That must be why I imagine Cyndy Lauper’s ‘True Colours’ playing, as we’re talking about this….

    1. Angela Rayner…the carrerist like nintey .point nintey percent of the establishment Labour mps does not vote for millionare lawyer from N.Ireland after sharing a flat with best friends RLB,and working for another millionaire millionaire…Lawyer the knight.Well its becoming increasingly obvious that shes becoming bored with the bottom feeders of the establishment Labour party and now realises that shes just a dish rag to help millionaire lawyers progress up the greasey pole of the establishment Labour party….The worm might have had a hissy fit and turned.Another one of the rabble feels let down after realising she cant ever be accepted has “one of us” in the rarafied atmosphere of the establishment lawyers of the Labour party.Now how about that other hero of the left the honourable mr Burgon that I voted for?

      1. He’s decided to go chasing the zero-Covid fantasy that’ll drag this lockdown on for months more yet. Still, when we emerge blinking in the sunlight to the social and corporate-dominated economic graveyard that awaits us, at least we’ll be germ-free!

        Till the next time…

  8. Can people just ignore the “Labour party”
    It is no longer relevant.
    It is dead.

  9. Why can’t Squawkbox photo shop Rayner instead of the cold hard stare of a good looking woman.After looking at that photo I wouldn’t want to mess her around.Should I withdraw my criticism now and wave the white flag 2now

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