Breaking: UK quarantine Hotel system allowing no bookings

System goes offline for ‘maintenance – then comes back up with no rooms for the first two days of its

The UK’s booking system for returning travellers to reserve compulsory quarantine hotel rooms mandated by the government’s new coronavirus rules is not working.

An attempt by am ITV news producer to book a room on either of the first two days of its operation next week returns zero availability:

UK travellers face being stranded abroad and unable to return, as Tory shoddiness again throws lives into chaos.

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  1. *Rolls eyes*

    Doesn’t do to get it right first time, every time…. Or else them public funds don’t go to the right people.

    I wonder how many ‘rag MPs have their fingers in this particular pie?

    Any info on which MPs set it up and who the beneficiaries are?

    1. The Toffee exactly. Tory MPs friends, acquaintances and donors are probably trying to get govt contracts by buying up hotels around the airports.

      1. Yep. Let ’em all get their empty 2nd, 3rd & cunteenth homes on that site as air b ‘n’ b residencies/vacancies; it’ll soon work properly then, and they’ll all cop for their £1750+ per week.

  2. This should have been set up a frigging year ago. How many covid deaths could have been prevented if a simple effective quarantine was in place. The airline scum complains and lies with were go out of business!!! Isn’t it strange how every other sensible country has this system?

    But there you have it, folks, money is more important to the Tory scum that why we have 100,000+ deaths in this country..

    Now, this system is borked nothing new here. Every single computer system they commission is massively overpriced and useless!! Not one system has ever worked or not cost millions to sort out FFS!!

    Let me guess it’s made by Crapita using Indian programmers at way below market rate so it’s obscenely profitable and buggy as hell because you employed the worse programmers in the world. Then have massive mission creep and micromanaged to the system is just toxic mess..

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