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Video: Hancock dodged Trickett’s question whether Tories really diverting half north’s vaccine stocks to south. They are.

Health department spokesperson unable to say whether government will also prioritise most effective vaccine for south

On Thursday, Health Secretary Matt Hancock squirmed out of answering northern Labour MP Jon Trickett’s question whether the Tories were really planning to divert half of the north’s coronavirus vaccine stocks to the south.

They are – and even the BBC has now reported it, at least on its website:

The BBC’s UK website is reporting the diversion simply as ‘claims’ raising ‘concerns. However, the corporation’s global site reported it as simple fact:

Researchers at the University of East Anglia have also now found that for effective communal immunity, the government’s current vaccination plan is inadequate and that vaccination must concentrate of providing the more effective Pfizer vaccine rather than the Oxford variant.

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson was unable to confirm whether the proportion of the two vaccines taken for the south will be the same in the stocks that will remain available for the north. The DHSC has been asked to provide a firm answer by Friday morning.

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  1. Ah, but the beeb DOESN’T say vaccine is going to “the south” exclusively.

    They say vaccine is being diverted from the north to the rest of england.

    It’s now the north and everywhere else, in England, instead of North & South.

    Expect this latest ambiguity to become the norm.

    1. For clarification…

      There’s never been any East/West divide, or South/West etc; it’s always been a North/South divide.

      From now on it will be the North/Rest of England (Inc. Londinium).

    1. Caring responsibilites, mate. Wasn’t a particularly easy night, last night. Had far worse, though.

  2. With respect I would suggest that were the figures the other way round and that %68 of over 80s in London had received the jab and only %43 in York there would be an outcry in the north west that it was been badly treated and calls for diversion of the vaccine. Vulnerable people are vulnerable wherever they live. The real question is why in such a small island is there such disparity,I thought we had been told the army had been bought in because they are world beating at logistics. Hard to believe but it seems possible the Government may have cocked it up.

  3. IF vaccines were the protection that Pfize, BionTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Emergent BioSolutions, Inc, Merk et al were promising. then I’d be horrified – but not surprised!

    But as things are, I’m not.

    Do you feel safer taking an untested vaccine, or risking getting a virus with a survival rate of over 99%?

    But Yes, the tohries are still reprehensible.

    1. qwertboi troll, do you not understand what your bogusly stated ‘survival rate of 99% ‘ actually means , you mendacious fool ? The actual , specific cohort, survival rate for the vulnerable, ie, those over 70 in particular , and those with pre-existing health conditions, is VERY low indeed , when they contract covid19 – never mind the scourge of ‘long covid’ for even previously quite fit people. Your misleading figure of 99% of course wraps in the very young and under 30’s fit and healthy – who indeed do mainly shrug off covid 19 – but , whilst asymptomatic, still shed the virus and spread it to the vulnerable.

      Your entire despicable post is just another example of the slippery misuse of stats by the disgraceful covid denier conspiraloon brigade. For those in the very large cohort of the vulnerable – and that includes pretty much all NHS staff – such is the intensity of covid 19 viruses that they encounter, day in, day out, the possible side effects from these vaccines is a much better risk than remaining unvaccinated. So fuck off with your dishonest anti vaxxer , conspiraloon bollocks, qwertboi. You and your mad co-thinkers have blood on your hands every time this mad propaganda discourages vulnerable people from getting vaccinated. .

      1. Bad Penny
        And how many people have you killed today
        5 million waiting for hospital treatment
        200,000 for over a year
        Pre Covid19 it was 20,000
        Economy and Education up shit creek
        What say you

      2. Doug22/01/2021 AT 1:44 PM
        Bad Penny
        And how many people have you killed today
        5 million waiting for hospital treatment

        Had there been proper preventative measures implemented – those of the kind you dismiss at every fucking turn, there wouldn’t be so many waiting on hospital treatment for total, complete and utter fuck’s sake.

  4. “Do you feel safer taking an untested vaccine, or risking getting a virus with a survival rate of over 99%?”
    VACCINE, sucker.
    1. It’s not untested – testing was accelerated and abbreviated, but that was done in the public interest.
    2. Survival rate, even if 99% were true for all cohorts, isn’t set in stone – mutation sees to that. The second wave of the 1918 influenza killed far more than the first.

    1. “1. It’s not untested – testing was accelerated and abbreviated, but that was done in the public interest.:”

      Yes indeed, of course it has been tested. that is of course it has undertaken a three-phase testing process, but many scientists and even the AstraZeneca licence documentation, register caveats and warnings about the extreme cutailment of the phase II and phase III testing and the lack of any documented results.

      “in the public interest”?

      I am not an anti-vaxxer and have indeed worked with at least two of the chemists who developed parts of the vaccine and one other who worked on the test (NCT04368728), but I personally will not take this particular vaccine or recommend it to loved ones or patients, and suggest that you go to the AstraZ site and read the reasons yourself or at least investigate further before glibly using phases like “in the national interest”.

      1. In what capacity did you “work with” those chemists? Are you claiming to be equally qualified? If not you worked FOR them or for your employer, not WITH them.
        No need to use their names, just state their qualifications and yours or, based solely on the “quality” of your comments here, I CALL BULLSHIT.
        I say you’re a lab assistant at most.

        By stating that you “won’t recommend it to patients” you’re claiming to HAVE patients – therefore claiming that you’re not only medically qualified, but that you are currently practicing.
        If you are currently practicing I’d suggest you shouldn’t be wasting your valuable time commenting here.
        I think you’ll find that giving “medical advice” when not qualified to do so can be a criminal offence – not that I’d claim any legal qualifications of course…

  5. If it gets more than its fair share of vaccine the South East will become Covid-free well before the rest of the country.
    Good fucking luck explaining that, Doris.

  6. The Chinese vaccine has been used here in Cambodia free.The government have chosen the chinese one rather than mixing vaccines from Russia..This is a country of 18million people with infected of four hundred and no deaths.Quarantine of the population has been strict but not as strict has the UK whos whole shambles of a government reflects everything that shouldn’t be done in handling any vaccination programme anywhere in the world.IT would seem they have already made significant mistakes in vaccination delivery and mixing of vaccines,and are only interested in delivering propaganda and contracts all helped by their friends in the media,and friends like Lord Ashcroft ex tory chairman and tax dodging exile whos companys in the healthcare sector have already received nearly 2billion of our money for his company medacs and many others he owns in supplying cheap labour Blue Arrow,corporate services,etc etc all hoovering up money that should have gone to the NHS.Whilst the propaganda medicines seem to be working,the vaccination programme is a shambles.remember this whilst tearing strips of each other and remember whos paying for this Tory givaway…The Working class again.

    1. Joseph, it’s not just vaccines – they’ve screwed up everything they’ve touched from leaving borders open too long, not isolating travellers long enough and not locking down soon enough, to total incompetence on testing, tracing and vaccination.
      The Americans have an expression – ‘a day late and a dollar short’ which I quite like – sadly even that doesn’t come close to describing the cosmic vastness of their failure – I think it might be beyond the capacity of the English language to express.
      We need a word equivalent to ‘lightyear’ or ‘parsec’ – but for astronomical incompetence not distance.

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