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Exclusive: NEC expected to elect new complaints panel chair – who has serious, unresolved complaints against him

Gurinder Singh Josan failed to respond to questions about issues during last NEC election

Labour’s ‘disputes panel’ of National Executive Committee (NEC) members is a key step in the party’s disciplinary processes, with the power to suspend and even expel Labour members – and a member of the party’s right-wing pressure group is expected to be elected as its chair by the NEC’s right-wing majority when it meets today, according to Labour sources, despite ‘serious and unresolved concerns‘ about his own conduct.

Labour First-backed Gurinder Singh Josan was asked during last autumn’s NEC elections to comment on allegations including:

  • publicly bullying a blind fellow member during a Unite branch meeting. When the member complained to Unite, Josan switched his delegacy to the local Labour party to representing the GMB union instead. The member said in his complaint:
    His abuse towards me in front of 85 people made me feel extremely vulnerable, publicly humiliated, very uncomfortable, deeply saddened and under siege by Gurinder who would not stop his attacks against me until the Chair forced him to resume his seat
  • holding a meeting with a hostile blogger that was set up by a local Tory, at which he provided bundles of documents aimed at ‘bringing down’ a Labour councillor in the area
  • attempting to block a fellow Sikh’s parliamentary candidacy

Mr Josan never responded to the questions about his conduct, which he had asked be sent by email. His election as chair of one of Labour’s senior disciplinary bodies while these issues remain unresolved will raise further ‘serious concerns’.

The SKWAWKBOX called Josan to ask for comment on his suitability for the position of disputes chair. He declined to answer but expressed his delight about the prospect.

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  1. More bialirist dismissive arrogance and aloofness in evidence; reminiscent of bliar making the pederast enabler and libeller of child abuse victims – madge hodge – children’s minister.

    1. Toffee I am worried 😟 about checking out that description of life at the low end of Labour…now would anyone we know have a link to pederest enabler madge?

      1. Time limits me to go into individuals, but there’s plenty of them. All so-caled ‘moderates’ , to nobody’s surprise.

        A few (Not enough) of them are no longer MPs. It’s an affront that they even draw breath in my opinion.

  2. In other words – It’s beyond a piss take that Josan’s even a party member, nevermind a leading candidate for that position.

  3. He should be able to interact well with Labour’s new Israeli spy \army intelligence professional..The doors always open to any anti Palestinian \anti socialist thug.Are we into waterboarding at the NEC kangaroo court yet…I will just ✔ checkit out with Chris Williamson about what he missed in the kangaroo court.!.Does this new thug plan on a more enhanced witch trial?with a sink or swim test?…You really couldn’t make it up how low the Labour party have sunk.

    1. That reminds me, why was the story on Assaf Kaplan closed with only one comment?

      1. … and before I could write my comment about Starmer being the most dangerous senior politician that the UK has seen in my lifetime, bar none.

      2. Has Sqwawkbox come under pressure to leave well enough alone but has left the story up to show that they can only twist the arm so far? Maybe Assaf is monitoring us now, Turn the radio full up & leave all your taps running.

      3. Steve walker,needs to protect the Squawkbox from moderate laughingly called moderates who would love to stitch up the squawkers in socialism.Plenty of money in the pot for litigation,just a call away from the office door.IN fact its looking like the membership are funding a black ops specialist in the leaders office…They’ve already used up the subs in a giant giveaway of a mere 600.000pounds and now need a bagfull for more litigation from the “boss” in Israel…..ITs Free money dont you know?

  4. Surely the key question is whether Mr Josan is the subject of any disciplinary investigation as a result of the allegations mentioned in Skwawkbox? They would appear serious so if not why not? Has there been a complaint to the party? One would assume if he is the subject of a disciplinary investigation he could not take up his post while it was unresolved. Unless of course one rule for Starmerites and pain and suffering for the rest. Obviously Sir Kier would not countenance such hypocrisy, it being against the entire ethos of social justice that Labour now embodies.

  5. We shouldn’t publicly air such devastating information about a fellow, senior party member. He may get head hunted by the far right or Dame Angela Eagle’s Parliamentary office.

  6. Watch yourselves or a race / hate speech card may be magicked from thin air and flourished in public, in true, Imran Ahmed / Countering Digital Hate style……………………

  7. We must all stand up and start telling the truth! We can no longer support “The Party of Betrayal and deceit” AKA the labour party.

  8. Today (Thu) the NEC will be deciding on the selection process for Labour’s new mayoral candidate.for Liverpool.
    Labour members in Liverpool could pick a new mayoral candidate, replacing Joe Anderson who has been suspended from the party after being arrested, within six weeks.
    Under plans that will be put to Labour’s national executive committee for approval at a meeting on Thursday, the selection process would emulate the one used for metro mayor candidate and kick off on Friday.

      1. lundiel – That’s entirely their/your choice, but I find it a valuable source of information and that it also covers a wide range of views including from contributors on ‘the left’. Reading a publication doesn’t necessarily mean you have to agree with all the views expressed on its pages. In fact given the breadth of opinion expressed on its pages it would be almost impossible for any individual to agree with everything LabourList publishes.
        It is however worth noting that Unite and Len McCluskey are quite happy to contribute articles, finance & promote LabourList.

    1. SteveH, this is what I’m ‘obsessed’ about and you would be too if you weren’t too busy supporting the fake Socialists in the Labour Party who in turn support the Zionist animals who are perpetrating these atrocities. If you’ve any integrity at all, watch this and ask yourself if you feel ashamed for supporting a creep such as Starmer who cares ZERO about these people.

      1. Jack – Unless Labour is in power there is absolutely bugger all we can do about the plight of the Palestinians, a point you and some others should perhaps give some thought to.

      2. Oh fuck off! If we do nothing we allow perception management. The power of repetition is strong and almost impossible to counter, which makes it priceless in these days of constant propaganda. But you know that, don’t you.

      3. SteveH, stop kidding yourself, even if Starmer was in power and one day he may well be, he would do nothing to help the Palestinians. He’s in the pocket of the BOD and Netanyahu. I’ve been around a long time and I’ve seen his type come and go and in the process corrupt the Labour Party. The Zionists who fund him very rarely make the mistake of backing the wrong man.

  9. Meanwhile Nandy / Team Labour with no shame, piggybacks on Biden win to get back disgruntled Lexiters from Likud-UK:

    history has been made.

    Hope has won out over hate and Joe Biden has been sworn in as the 46th president of the United States, joined by the first woman of colour in history to serve as Vice President, Kamala Harris.

    The tide is turning on the divisive politics of the last few years, we’re looking across the water and we’re optimistic about what lies ahead. That’s where you come in, sarah. We want you with us, fighting for our future and for the moral force for good we know we can be in government.

    Are you ready to take the next step and join us?

    1. Sleepy Joe’s hands are covered in blood and corruption runs in the family. Optimistic about what lies ahead, my arse. Starmer’s a full blown Atlanticist and would happily follow Joe into more wars and misery.

      1. Also, will sleepy Joe remove the American Israeli Embassy from the capital of Palestine? I thought not.

  10. Assaf Kaplan is the reality that socialists world wide have to deal with. His colleagues scan Facebook, Titter and all media sites. They close down Palestinian media sites on a regular basis and they have closed me down several times. I tracked them back each time to their HQ. Look at the list of Friends of Israel: Conservative, Labour and Liberal parties to see who takes the shekel to lobby in the House of Commons and Lords on behalf of the Knesset. Evening that we have Haredim Kier dismantling a socialist political party from within. I would fully support the idea that the socialists should leave Labour en mass and set up a new party, leaving the crumbs to the centrists and right wing Zionists to inhale their own poison.

      1. And eddie marsan…

        “Who he?”**


        ** (yet another second rate ‘thesp’. who spat the dummy over Corbyn and couldn’t get the a-s claims to stick)

  11. ‘Barriereid’ above appears to refer to SteveH as a ‘right wing bum boy’. I find this use of what any reasonable person would consider homophobic abuse a disgrace. It should not happen in a publication like this.

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