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Two Tory MPs have submitted letters of no confidence in Johnson to 1922 Committee

“He just can’t lead and this can’t go on”

Dangerous and grotesque: Boris Johnson (image: YouTube)

Two Tory MPs submitted letters on Monday to ‘1922 Committee’ chair Graham Brady expressing no-confidence in Boris Johnson, after his late and chaotic u-turn on schools and a national lockdown. According to the Financial Times, one of the pair – both of whom reportedly owe their election to Johnson – said:

I’m completely fed up. He just can’t lead and this can’t go on.

Johnson was attacked on Monday night by leading medical adviser Adam Hamdy, who condemned Johnson’s decision to encourage parents to break children’s Christmas holiday isolation by sending them back to school – only then to announce his school closure after fuelling the pandemic by mixing children in classes, putting vulnerable relatives in grave danger:

Johnson has already been blamed for the needless deaths of tens of thousands of people – 25,000 in the first wave alone – yet refused even to express regret.

If enough Tory MPs submit similar letters to Brady, it could trigger a full no-confidence vote among Tory MPs that, under the party’s rules, could topple him.

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  1. I don’t take much interest in Tory infighting, so this is just a superficial wild arsed guess – but I’d imagine Tories with serious ambitions & at least some hopes might be Sunak, Gove & Hunt – not necessarily in that order.
    Current and future events being somewhat unpromising though, will any of them want BloJob’s job just yet, or is a sacrificial lamb candidate more likely?
    If so, who’d be gullible enough to fall for ‘friends’ urging them to stand there like an Aunt Sally in a shooting gallery and take the flak until fury at the death tolls of Brexit and Covid fades to sullen resentment?
    The idea being that the party’s real preference swears undying support, bides his time, then does a Gove and slips the knife in once the death threats from the public have reduced to a trickle.
    Wiwwiamson or Hangdog would be my bets for the Aunt Sallys.
    That’s if the Tories don’t decide on another snap election, throw it and let Starmite think he’s in charge for a few years – then he can take the blame for all of it.
    Wouldn’t be the first time.

    1. Out of the three you suggest, Hunt would be the best — mainly b/c he really does have some understanding of how NHS/NHE actually works. OTOH, he is another Tory multi-millionaire.

    2. Death tolls from Brexit. We shall be wanting to see graphs and stats for that. Could merge all of the graphs and give us some easy to read answers.

  2. Steve H will be delighted, Labour have a 5 point lead over the Conservatives today. The Daily Mail seems happy: “Sir Keir Starmer was on 26, the best of any Labour leader at this stage of their leadership in the past 35 years – apart from Tony Blair”. I doubt they care whether it’s Johnson or Starmer in power but the electorate still believe that Labour ‘can’t be trusted with the economy’….Johnson’s going to have to virtually dismantle it before the public change their opinion on that piece of programming and if it looked like getting that bad, I think they’d hand it to Starmer on a plate so he could finish the job of destroying the nation’s trust and the economy.

  3. The Conservative & Fascist Party have not apologised for the some 100 000 deaths caused by Austerity, so why would they not be bothered by another 80 000 or so deaths from C19? Then there’s the Child Poverty Disgrace, The Homeless Disgrace with 25 000 empty properties in London alone. The Zero Hour Contract Disgrace and my favourite; this from EVERY political party, my years as a nurse, The NHS Disgrace, staring as a student at 40 hours a week, then, 37.5 and up to 48-60 hour weeks. As you can imagine this as an ITU nurse was the back breaker. Thankfully I am no longer a nurse.

  4. 2….from 300-odd. Both probly newbies, too. Tell us when it’s about 75-80.

    Meanwhile, the muculent one has zero MPs no confidencing him, and seems to be laughing at CLPs who do NC him. It doesn’t matter just who the toerags’d put up next (If anyone) the useless milksop won’t oppose them, neither.

    To all those who supported him over brexit, you lumbered the nation with the opposition YOU deserve.

  5. Don’t worry starmer his calling to “deal with the antivacers” …And I have continually warned that the right wing will use the virus to remove human rights and normalise draconian measures that will take us back more than a century.Trust our knight to be in the thick of it.Next it will be the “pass laws” and people taken away..You will start to see the results of a fascist murderous state and no doubt some of you will support it….because its the new right thing to do and its loyalty to “ones country” ..ITs looking very dangerous place to be the UK and Europe.and it is not a left or right issue,its about freedoms trampled and never returned from a titled fascist regime.

    1. Not convinced the French would allow their freedoms to be trampled — and I seriously doubt Macron would dare put that to the test.

    2. They did it through the ballot box and what do we hear? The sounds of a million pins dropping!Are we meant to cheer Two Tories for rebelling. How did the dynamic duo vote on other matters? It’s red herring time. Shows us what a broad church they are. They aren’t going to cross the floor and cuddle Max, or are they?

  6. Johnson is incompetent. He also couldn’t care less about equality social justice or the debilitating effects of poverty. If he did he wouldn’t be a Tory. If he steps down it will be at a time of his own choosing and because he wants too – I read somewhere that he is envious of Theresa May and the huge amount of money she has earned since leaving office ( like Tony Blair before her) and wants to do likewise.
    Whoever takes over in the event of Johnson resigning will be a Tory too so we will not be any better off. In fact some of them are even worse than Johnson if that is possible- the untrustworthy ambitious Gove , Patel the bully, Raab who didn’t know Dover was the important Channel port and Williamson whose childish reaction to the Salisbury poisoning made him (and the country) a laughing stock.
    In 4 year time it is possible that we may elect a “Labour” government led by Keir Starmer . I doubt if this would change much. He and his shadow cabinet supported and/or failed to oppose much of Tory policy and the shadow cabinet and front bench is full of people who are similar to the Tories named above – Phillips Reeves Streeting Coyle etc. They represent in my opinion all that is rotten in our party and are a complete turn off to most of us .
    Many people share my view so a future Labour government is far from certain and as I said wouldn’t change much anyway.

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