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Number of local parties signing letter demanding democracy and free speech rises to a quarter: 230 officers from 160 CLPs

When the SKWAWKBOX broke the news of an open letter signed by secretaries and chairs of local Labour parties (CLPs) to the party’s acting general secretary yesterday, 130 officers elected by local members had signed it.

The letter reminds Evans of the strains placed on unpaid volunteer officers by his ban on free speech on the topic of Jeremy Corbyn and Keir Starmer’s interference in disciplinary processes by withdrawing the whip from the former Labour leader – and demands that Evans respect members’ democratic rights and end his persecution of officers who put the rights and wishes of their members first.

In just a single day since the letter first became public, the number of officers who have signed it has almost doubled, to 230 – and the number of CLPs they represent has shot up to 160 and still climbing.

A quarter of all local Labour parties.

The letter remains open for further signatures.

Update: as of 10.30pm on 10 Dec, 241 offices from 169 CLPs have signed.

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  1. Starmer’s Great Purge will sort them out! Only 25% of the Party. Mr Abrahams will plug the financial gap. Anybody else feeling Bolshy? Just raise your hands!

    1. Starmer & Evans must stand down. They are unfit for any office🔴

    2. Yep, Paul – there is no ‘poor leadership ‘ , orindeed ‘confusion or carelessness’ from either Starmer or Evans on display here unfortunately. Both neoliberal creatures are driving forward decisively (what a contrast to the timidity of the Corbyn circle 2015 to 2019 !) to implement the quite clear Labour Right gameplan – which is , long before the 2024 General Election, to root out , comprehensively the Labour Left – on a scale dwarfing the clear-out of Militant and other sundry socialists by Kinnock and co in the 1980’s – (after the failures of the Michael Foot Left leadership and ‘Bennite Surge’) .So the attitude of Starmer and his corrupt Right Wing colleagues to all these CLP motions (many of the motions actually being pathetically grovelling in tone – mirroring a letter from a habitually abused battered, but helplessly loving, wife – yet again begging the abuser ‘to be less horrid’ !) , is simply , not “oh dear” , but instead , “GREAT – mission progressing well “.

      Starmer , his Trilateral Commission backers, and the now returning old billionaire Labour funders, the corrupt Right Wing Trade Union bosses, and the hordes of old Blairite members still there across the CLPs, are all very happy for a huge purge of Left Wingers, even if the Party numbers fall to circa 100,000. Certainly Starmer and co will be quite happy to permanently suspend umpteen local CLPs from operating , as happened in some cases for DECADES, in the past.

      At what point in this ruthless Right Wing massive rolling purge of the Left – the remaining Leftish members grasp that there is no place for socialist in the totally restored neo-Blairite NuLabour2 Party, will be interesting to watch. Certainly the craven careerists of the misnamed PLP ‘Socialist Campaign Group’ will just keep their heads down, eat humble pie, kiss the Whip, and keep taking their fat salaries – including Jeremy Corbyn if the bourgeoise courts get him reinstated. Tragic stuff ! But in the long term the enforced removal of socialists from the swamp of Labourism will be to the good – for future socialist revival OUTSIDE that dead-end ‘broad church’ swamp.

  2. What sort of “Leader” is Starmer when this happens? We never had this chaos while Jeremy was leader. Not even before Jeremy. Starmer is a disgrace. He should stand down NOW🔴

    1. This % will probably increase over the coming days as most reasonable people are disgusted by the vindictive actions of the leadership and will want to register disapproval one way or another.

      1. Smartboy – .Really, 58% of UK voters thought Starmer had done the right thing.

      2. The people expressing no confidence are Labour members not the general public and the public’s perceptions of Starmer as Labour Leader are not relevant at this stage. You seem to be making the same mistake the PLP made during the coup in 2016. You will recall that several of them referred to the mandate they had from the electorate forgetting that without a Labour party nomination and without our activists canvassing and campaigning for them they would not have that mandate. Unless Starmer can secure the confidence of the members the 58%will never get the opportunity to vote for a government under his leadership as he will be long gone before the next election.

  3. Every single day, Starmer shows he’s got no idea how to lead anything. He only does as told by people who could not care less about helping victims of the heartless Tory outfit of exploitative chums.

    Hancock’s friend with no experience re PPE was given a contract worth millions £££. Hancock claims he played no part in agreeing contract for his neighbour friend. Has Starmer asked any relevant questions about this? No!!! Why? Because Keith is only obsessed with telling Johnson how much he supports him. A complete disgrace as was obviously predicted🔴

      1. I listened to PMQs on radio. Starmer was dreadful as expected. His obsession is telling Johnson how much he agrees with him. Keith is afraid to upset his 1% masters. Toe-curling to listen to him . He’s s laughing stock… except to u of course🔴

  4. Starmer and Evans need to start making life difficult for the Tories not their own party members . They are a disgrace.

  5. Hancock said he played no part in agreeing the contract (he saying he wasn’t involved in agreeing the contract) saying nothing about him pulling strings, nods and winks etc. It’s just a coincidence that the benefactor was an old pal of Hancocks who lived next door to him.
    Open Democracy is exposing these contracts with FOA requests and now court action (crowd funded).
    Isn’t that what an opposition is supposed to be for, to challenge and expose this sort of corrupton?

    1. Carlene – You will find that Hansard tells a different story. The opposition have been methodically putting the Tories failings on the record.

      1. ”The opposition have been methodically putting the Tories failings on the record.

        Whoopie-fooking-do! Eveyone join in the circlejerk….not.

        Here’s a bit of hansard for the layman.

        ‘Sir keith’ once again told de piffle that he was wrong…Right up until his very next sentence, when stammer freely confessed (Almost to the point of bragging) that he was in full agreement with whatever de piffle decided on next.

        Their job is to oppose so they’ve failed every bit as much as the ‘rags.

        Tell me, how come when your stammerites: ‘Put tory failings on the record’ it has to be some sort of formidable victory, worthy of the headlining annals of all-time political history.

        When YOUR failings (ie stammer’s, seeing as he does your thinking for you) are put on the record (By everyone and anyone) on here, they don’t count?

        Could it be simply because you’re an infantile little cretin, with an unhealthy man-crush on some picasso-style polygonal-headed poster boy for axle grease?

      2. And not only your own failings, but any sort of victory; any sort of plus points Corbyn actually had or can be credited for where stmmer simply cannot (Like the ability to OPPOSE the toerags, for starters) don’t count, in your unhealthily obsessed mind?

    2. He,Hancock will also be absolving himself from the testing and legal responsibility that comes from unleashing a illegal vacine on the public using fear and propoganda.Phizer have been giver a indemnity from prosecution for supplying and not ensuring proper saftey checks….youve been warned

      1. Joseph – What a disappointment you’ve turned out to be, I didn’t think you were stupid enough to be a f”wit antvaxer.

      2. David who SHOULD we follow? Who should lead us if not Corbyn, and what is the path to electoral success for socialism?
        Not having an answer to these questions presents you with a bit of a problem.

  6. 160 is good, but less than 300 and the wankers can still claim majority support, baffling as that is.
    Wankers backed by wankers, obviously, but still a problem.
    Even if a majority does force them into conceding free speech, will a majority then vote no confidence?
    I doubt there’s the support for a leadership change just yet, but it’s anybody’s guess.
    My guess would be that if a series of related court actions by Corbyn succeeded, bringing condemnation down on the Quislings, Jeremy might be in a very strong position in the party and in the country.

    I know. I don’t know what came over me, sorry. ;-(

    1. Jeremy’s ‘court actions’ are NOT part of any co-ordinated campaign by Corbyn and the wider PLP Left (or indeed Momentum, to ‘take down’ or even challenge, Starmer and co. Jeremy ONLY wants back in the PLP, to resume his pre 2015 ‘business as usual’ , ie, as a tame Leftie MP – who will in future be careful to ruffle no feathers in his pronouncements !, After all, he will be nowadays thinking of retirement and handing on his Islington seat to his son – currently being groomed for inherited MP status in John McDonnell’s Office as a gofer – as is the practice nowadays across both Left and Right PLP. The sooner the astonishingly gullible Left grasp the fake radicalism of the ENTIRE ,actually careerist, craven, PLP Socialist Campaign Group’ , the sooner they can stop pinning any hopes on this bunch of Left fakers . The Left will have to carry out any socialist revival alone (but also with some Left-led trades unions- or it ain’t gonna happen) – without help from Labour’s Left-faking lifelong comfy job careerists.

      1. Read my comment again, jpenney, and this time try not to add your own favourite seasoning.
        I didn’t state or even SUGGEST that JC’s action was part of anything wider – I THEORISED that IF there WERE such a series of actions they might have great effect.
        I didn’t even imply that there MIGHT be such events in the future – I think it’s as remote a possibility as I imagine you do.
        The thrust of my comment was that IF the RIGHT KIND of complaints were brought against our enemies the political position could be changed radically in our favour.

      2. Nope, McNiven, I have just read your, disjointed, post again , to which I was commenting,. Particularly:

        ie: “My guess would be that if a series of related court actions by Corbyn succeeded, bringing condemnation down on the Quislings, Jeremy might be in a very strong position in the party and in the country.” Just a series of questions, but no analysis.

        I did grasp that your comment was merely empty conjecture – but real action ain’t going to happen, not maybe, it just isn’t , hence my comment . Which nails the actual role, now and historically, of the PLP ‘Left’ and Jeremy. Whilst your disjointed series of statements simply doesn’t . Its as basic as that. You have failed to get across a clear argument – if indeed one is lurking in your post. My comment does just that – since Jeremy’s pathetic, self-obsessed, ‘court action’ is limited to getting HIMSELF, and himself alone, back in his beloved PLP – and Fuck the rest of the victimised and purged and , as stated , there isn’t, and wont be, any serious concerted action by the tragic ‘Socialist Campaign Group’ of careerists ,OR the Left Liberal careerists of Momentum, to take on Starmer and the Right through them taking a LEADERSHIP role to mobilise the remaining Left membership, before they drift away and/or are expelled.

        We are back in some ways to the Purge-filled late 1980’s after the failure of Michael Foot’s leadership and ‘Bennism’, and the Labour PLP ‘Left’ went into effective hibernation throughout the dire Blair era . The BIG difference today being that the triumphant Right are determined to implement a comprehensive scorched earth purge this time around on the Left. The joke is that, contrary to the Right’s arrogant, media-fed, belief that this neoliberal NuLabour2 will be electable , in fact it will be yet another unelectable PASOK or French Socialist Party disaster !

  7. Why would a socialist proclaim the death of socialism – and blame the only socialist leader in a generation for its demise – in every fucking comment?
    Really – every single comment of yours that I can recall harps on the same subject – the inadequacy of the left and of Corbyn in particular.
    It’s almost as if you mean to hint that it would all have been different – sunlit uplands – if the left had not been so stupid as to follow Corbyn when it could have followed you.
    Why does such a king among political analysts apparently have not a single fucking clue how to achieve the electoral success it claims to yearn – and why does it think electoral success comes from dismissing as inadequate every left wing figure in history?
    Isn’t that Starmer’s job?
    Not one of those Quisling trolls are you, here only to sow doom and despondency?

    1. ps for at least the second time of asking – who SHOULD we follow? Who should lead us if not Corbyn, and what is the path to electoral success for socialism?
      Please include a brief outline of your strategies to overcome the major obstacles of world neoliberalism, five thousand years of capitalism and a wholly-owned media.

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