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“Even a war criminal like Blair didn’t attempt to stop internal debate in the party” – South Thanet Labour passes Jewish member’s motion for Corbyn’s reinstatement

Motion passes overwhelmingly and was supported by all three Jewish members

Last night, South Thanet constituency Labour party (CLP) passed a motion for Jeremy Corbyn’s reinstatement to the Labour whip, in defiance of the party’s ban on discussions and votes on the topic, after Keir Starmer withdrew the whip for comments the EHRC report confirmed Corbyn had a legally-protected right to make.

Graham Bash, the Jewish member who proposed it, told the SKWAWKBOX he wanted to send a message to Labour’s general secretary David Evans about his claim to be ruling the motion out of order on the grounds that it would undermine the party’s ability to provide a safe space for Jewish members. Bash said::

Once again Jewish members are being used as a political football in what is a blatantly factional manoeuvre.

As one of three Jewish members present at tonight’s GC [delegate-based CLP meeting], perhaps we should be asked what we think about this attempt to speak in our name.

I have fought against antisemitism all my life – ever since at the age of six I was told at school that Hitler should have finished the job and put us all in the gas ovens, or that you Jews killed our Jesus. I heard at football grounds the appalling chant: “I never felt more like gassing the Jews”. I fought the fascists on the streets of Lewisham, Blackburn, Welling and Dover – like my dad fought against Mosley’s fascist thugs at Cable Street in the 1930’s.

It was the fight against antisemitism that made an anti-racist and which brought me into the Labour Party 52 years ago – and the Labour Party is the one place I have never had to fight against antisemitism.

So, David Evans, I can do without your lectures on antisemitism or your offensive references to the Jewish community. Jewish people, like all peoples are diverse. We do not speak with one voice – we are religious, and we are atheists, we are Zionists, we are non-Zionists, we are anti-Zionists. 

So how dare you tell me what is and isn’t safe for Jewish people. Even a war criminal like Blair didn’t attempt to stop internal debate in the party.

The motion passed overwhelmingly.

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  1. Now I wish I’d listened more carefully to what Craig Mackinley, Tory MP for South Thanet, was saying on BBC News this morning – instead of being obsessed by how much like Del Boy Trotter he sounded.
    Spooky that South Thanet should suddenly be famous for two things instead of none – on the same morning.

  2. Neither Starmer, nor Evans have learned one of the first rules of democracy. You stand up and tell people YOUR beliefs, but you don’t tell them what are their beliefs, as individuals or groups.

    So maybe Starmer can tell us what his beliefs actually are, because I for one don’t know what he believes in. An Owen Jones article from today tells us that Jones asked a Starmer-supporter in the Labour Party what Starmer wants, and reports that the response was “He wants to be Prime Minister.” Not really what Jones was asking, but a similar answer that would have been given by Cameron (“I thought I’d be rather good at it!”) and Johnson, who as a youngster decided that he wanted to be King of the World ….

    So tell us, Keith, what is it you actually want to achieve, and does that involve democracy in the Labour Party?

  3. It is appalling that the proposer of this motion Mr Bash and the two other Jewish members who supported it are now deemed not to be part of the “Jewish Community”. Any Jewish person who supports Jeremy Corbyn and his lifelong quest for Palestinian human rights is not part of it according to Starmer and Evans and is denied a voice and an opinion in our party.
    The Board of Deputies which is elected by synagogue going members (40% of British Jews) are the only people who represent the “Jewish Community” according to themselves, Starmer and Evans. Apparently the other 60% consisting of secular , socialist and Charedi Jews aren’t part of the “Jewish Community” and don’t count.
    The number of Jewish people expelled or suspended from the party for antisemitism- hated of Jews- is unbelievably disproportionate. It appears to me that Jewish people like Jo Bird who is a clever articulate and totally sensible Jewish woman is considered a potential anti-Semite on the grounds of her support for Jeremy Corbyn and his views on human rights for all including Palestinians. This is a vile slur which is bandied about willy nilly against anyone who supports Jeremy so don’t be at all surprised if Mr Bird and his two Jewish comrades are suspended from the party and investigated for antisemitism in the near future.

  4. I would love to see Evans reaction to this letter. This should also be published as an open letter in the Guardian or Independent so righteous centrists can actually hear the truth!

    1. There are no righteous centrists and centrists wouldn’t recognise the truth if it jumped up and bit them on the backside. They are good at waging illegal wars and making loads of money however.

    2. Oldandgrumpy, forget the Guardian most probably would refuse to publish it. However, we can print the letter and send it in the same envelop as our Xmas Cards, to family, friends and neighbours, asking them that after reading Graham Bash’s letter to make a few copies themselves and include the letter on the same envelop as their Xmas Cards.
      It could get the country talking.

  5. If that doesn’t get you off your fat arses and back into the party then WTF does

    1. What party? I see a cult of new Labour 2.0 where the membership has no power and no matter how many nice motions, pretty speeches and motions of no confidence. Will change it not one inch and this will carry on as long as members keep on allowing themselves to believe in a dream never to happen in this so called big tent. More like festival portaloo INHO.

      Sorry I will not waste my assistance for this right wing party that uses the word socialism then attacks the left. That abuses long standing anti racist MP’s like JC and treats them with complete contempt. so no I won’t rejoin the cult and until we split and have a socialist Labour party these same arguments will be happening in 20 years. I remember this shit under Blair and I am not sticking around for round sodding 2! The only difference will be there will be NO left wing MP’s then hey will be all new Labour 2.0 clones. If that’s the party you want then all power to you.

      I will not support or assist a non socialist organization like this zombie with a name tag. Just because it has a red rosette and calls itself Labour it sure as hell isn’t Labour I recognise! So stop calling for unity the cancer is to deep, stop with we can vote them out! We can change BS the PLP and the party structure you can do bugger all about who is there.

  6. Wish Folkestone & Hythe had the same integrity. Yes Laura Davison et al., I am talking about you!

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