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NW Durham CLP calls on Evans to end Labour’s attack on member democracy

North West Durham Labour party (CLP) has condemned Labour general secretary David Evans’s assault on member democracy and free speech – and called on him to end the attack. The motion passed this evening reads:

To General Secretary, Keir Starmer and NEC

This CLP believes that guidance to CLPs, issued by the General Secretary (12 August, 29 October, 5 November and 26 November) undermines local party democracy by placing restrictions on the areas of Party business that members can discuss in their meetings.

The guidance conflicts with the Party’s long-standing custom and practice and tradition, whereby both affiliates and CLPs have the right to engage in discussions and adopt positions on matters across the full range of party business and policy. The Labour Party Rule Book, quite correctly, makes no reference to ‘competent business’.

This apparent break with that democratic tradition within our Party is a matter of significant concern.

Therefore this Constituency Labour Party calls on the General Secretary to withdraw his guidance restricting CLPs’ rights to political debate.

The motion passed overwhelmingly, despite public attempts at intimidation by right-wing figures. Other CLPs have this week voted no confidence in Evans – and in party leader Keir Starmer.

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  1. All those on the left managing to stand up to the intimidation should look on it from a learning point of view, it gives a taste of what Jeremy goes through and how to deal with ALL future opponents.

    1. And? Ohhh we will send in motions but keep on paying subs for a cult of new Labour 2.0 that will ignore you at best and at worse will expel you. Nope this all is achieving nothing, get rid of Starmer and Evens and another 2 clones will take over the left is shrinking rapidly in Labour until they get the nerve to stand up and say this isn’t Labour it’s a dam name with none of the ideology I wish to support as a socialist.

      The only way forwards is toi split but I honestly feel they will stay silent and comply hope to change and all the other lies you tell yourself to appease a bully. While the socialism gets weaker and weaker.

      Nope until we have a socialist Labour party that I can support, vote for and help support I will not support a dam cult of blairism. Been there done it and won’t waste my remaining time on earth on them..

  2. It’ll be fascinating to see how long the MSM can keep up the news blackout on the revolution in Labour.
    “Starmer Quits” or “Starmer Crosses Floor” might be the first the general public hears about it.

    1. … and if it is raised below the line by anyone, “left-wing” newspapers wipe it. It is far more worrying than merely ignoring the woes within Labour. They are actually refusing to allow discussion on a topic vital to democracy.

  3. The more the merrier,and its onwards and upwards towards a fight that’s been coming for over thirty years and more.Socialism or bust…and no negotiations only surrender.

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