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Video: Rayner admits what Corbyn said was true – but it was ‘unacceptable’

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner has said that Jeremy Corbyn’s comment on Thursday about the very low incidence of antisemitism in the party is ‘unacceptable’ even though it’s true.

Speaking during a TV interview, Rayner seemed to acknowledge the accuracy of Corbyn’s statement – but considered it unacceptable to say it:

The idea that it’s unacceptable to say something true because some would find it offensive is an interesting interpretation of the EHRC report’s clear statement that the right to express opinions about the level of antisemitism in the party is legally protected because free speech is not forbidden because it might offend.

What the EHRC report said about free speech under human rights law

Still, her statement was a step up from Keir Starmer’s triple misquotes of Corbyn’s comments on Friday.

Within hours of the publication of the EHRC report this week, Rayner was one of several MPs and dozens of others targeted in a 72-page complaint by the controversial group Campaign Against Antisemitism.

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    1. Watched the entire interview on Iplayer it got worse.
      She apologised for AS increasing over the last 4 years in UK (It went down in LP) and for Jews scared to go to Synagogues for fear of attacks ( Nothing to do with labour) and promised her an Starmer would root it out.

      1. I’ve realised she’s never been trustworthy. I hear she’s been appearing all over MSM stabbing Corbyn and the membership in the back.
        As you say everything she’s apologised for are either untrue or nothing to do with the Labour Party.
        If she thinks carrying on like this is going to appease her accusers I’m afraid she may very well be wrong

    1. “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell

      1. Approvingly quoting that infamous quite open lifelong hater of Jews, Henry Ford, FFS ! The serial troll, Terry Alderman, has now outed himself as an open anti-Semite . How about quoting some old headlines from the Nazi’s Der Sturmer too ?

        Henry Ford was a lifelong , vicious , quite open obsessive anti-Semite, a Jew hater of the old school – much admired by Hitler in his youth for his steady output of anti-Jewish tracts. . He used his newspaper and even his car showrooms to distribute vicious anti-Semitic tracts, including the infamous, Czarist forgery, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion ! Yep, in the 1920’s and 30’s you could drop in to a Ford showroom for a car – and or, some anti Jewish pamphlets ! Ford was a great admirer of Hitler , an enthusiastic Eugenicist, and his Ford factories in Germany actively contributed to the pre war and wartime Nazi armaments programme – including the eventual mass use of slave labour. This Wikipedia article details the anti-Jewish madness and open fascist sympathies of Henry Ford , though surely most educated people on the Left are well aware the man was an anti Jewish conspiraloon.

        Disappointing that three people have ‘liked’ Alderman’s anti-Semitic post . Hopefully they are simply visiting Nazis, not gullible socialists.

        Skwawkie – do you really want to provide a continuing platform for this now quite open promoter of anti-Semitic nonsense ? What does a poster have to do on Skwawkbox to be banned ? By providing a platform for anti-Semites like Alderman you are in danger of making the Labour Right and BOD’s case about claimed ‘widespread Left anti-Semitism’ for them – as do the numerous other intemperate posters with their constant obsessive posts about that slippery, dog whistle term ‘Zionism’ on here , week in, week out.

  1. Question for Angela Rayners- Since clearly you must have offended a number of people too at some point (otherwise your name wouldn’t have been included in a complaint) shouldn’t you be suspended from the Party too? If you aren’t suspended immediately, wouldn’t that be proof of favoritism or partiality?

  2. Has she actually read the report?

    I doubt it!

    [I like all of the above comments.]

    1. More to the point Richard, does she actually knows how to read? By reading I mean understanding what you read rather than parroting.

    1. I refuse to switch off my adblocker to read anything the MSM has to say.

  3. I think free speech is central to a free society . That is why the comments of the ERCH in this regard are important. If we are afraid to speak the truth because we might get kicked out of a political party then that party is not worth a fig.

    1. (Smartboy) (Maria) Yes indeed Smartboy. Starmer’s has done away with free speech if it interfere’s with his plans. And Maria rest assured Rayner is fully aware of the situation and fully on board with it. She said nothing when her friend Long-Bailey was ousted, so her mealy-mouthed position on JC is really par for the course. This is McCarthyism pure and simple. As I posted yesterday:

      ‘Snake-like writhing by Starmer. Interesting that he tends to either hide or to appear offering his agreement and support for Boris (The Beast) Johnson, but when it’s a matter of trying to crush a loyal decent left-wing Labour colleague he’s out and about with high energy and enthusiasm eager to perform his grim task and willing to twist the facts to suit his purpose. I wouldn’t be surprised if his next move was to suggest that JC, as with witches in the middle ages, is thrown in a pond to establish once and for all if he is an anti-Semite: If he sinks he isn’t, and if he floats he is. It’s very apt indeed, as Starmer has ushered in a new era of McCarthyism, where bizarre unfounded accusations are selectively levelled at anyone he wants to get rid of. First it was Long-Bailley. Now it’s JC. Who next?’

      Starmer is a player. He’s been taking the temperature in the Labour party for a long time, and concluded correctly that it’s a sick patient and the left will always capitulate if pushed, as they are doing now. Rayner is a perfect example. His crucifixion of Corbyn is appalling, even for Starmer. But on the other hand, why would we not expect him to do this? I looked at his question in the post below:

  4. Rayner is not a priority
    Make it clear Blair will be kicked out of the party at first opportunity, frame the story to our advantage
    Think Sean Connery in ‘The Untouchables’

    1. Different Frank……judas H is filing is end of month report to HQ and obviously spending is end of month peices of silver from HQ..I think hes getting worried 😟 that hes backed the wrong horse like rayner.Scum will always rise to the surface,ask Angela Rayner even if thats only half true…?

  5. “Yes it does look big in that” is the only example of an unacceptable truth of which I’m aware.

  6. Obviously I haven’t seen the full interview going on the clip shown here I foresee another complaint from the CAA winging its way to Starmer about her.

    Admitting the number of Antisemitism incidents are low in the party and Corbyn was right they are not going to like that.

    It remains to be seen if Starmer has the guts to suspend her and Reed. I don’t know if Amesbury is in the shadow cabinet or he’s on the left of the party. Anyhow when it comes to disciplinary procedures it seems Starmer guts are only used against perceived Corbyn supporters or left MPs.

    Angela really should be ashamed of herself Corbyn gave her a chance and this is how she repays him. She’s a female version of Watson

    1. Readers may know I’m not Corbyns greatest supporter but his treatment for uttering a mild explanation of his understanding of the scale of anti semitism in the party recently is a disgrace. Keir has obviously found a new hero in Stalin. We must look out for more examples of sinners being made to pay for not towing the Starmer establishment line and the normalising of party ‘show trials’.

      1. Plain citizen…IT would seem Corbyns crime and many other members crimes has been “The ability to add up and work out percentages” ..Stating the obvious truth is now a criminal endevour…Good comment by the way (like)

      2. Agreed Joseph and Plain Citizen on that. I’v heard even Tories one who worked in #10 say openly, exactly that. Openly and promptly including on this very day on LBC which of course should be switched off now at 13:03 as a ghastly nasty BROW BEATER is now on for 3 hrs. I switch to Talkradio now or music or silence.

  7. You know my preference, give the electorate clear Red Water, let’s see what happens under FPTP when there is 3 choices
    Labour Centrists Tories
    Win the unions and NEC then force Blair and his Cockwombles out
    GE slogan would be the immortal words of Maximus Peake
    If your not voting Labour then your a Tory
    What is profoundly anti democratic is the idea there is room in the Labour Party for those who prefer a Tory government and are Prisoners of the Israeli Lobby
    Methinks not

  8. Watch out ange, your name was mentioned in complaints
    She boils my goat, a real careerist
    Hopefully we’ll see our day with these dreadful charlatans

  9. I think this shows that Rayner is out of her depth and I as many thought her backstory would’ve been positive for the party. I didn’t vote for her or Starmer which shoes I was right to vote against them. The party is being run by incompetents and Boris must laughing at the moment as Starmer has once again taken the heat off Boris and Labour is once again being shown to be disorganised, dysfunctional & desperate.

    We need an opposition and we’re just not getting that!

  10. So when your a gutless and spineless politician or journalist you sell out to survive and parrot the party line, FFS tell us something we dont know
    JC for all his weakness is what you see and was therefore a breath of fresh air in the swamp

  11. The Cunning Little Vixen. It’s quite topical for me atm, I’m enjoing Janáček’s opera of the same name, and this cunning little vixen is creaming her jeans to have a shotgun wedding with the Wolf, Sir Keir Rodney Starmer. A plain uninspiring politician, she’ll do anything to keep the Wolf and his approbation intact.

    There’s nothing wrong with plain uninspiring politiciabs (the SCG seems to be full of them), UNLESS they seell the sould they pretended to have to a billionaire-backed and promoting Wolf!

    1. WOW qwertboi😃😃😃 You would appreciate this :

      Only BBC i recommend. Though as i posted ytdy, it helps to hypnotise people into thinking the current affairs political output is the same quality. NO it is not! But i too LOVE Janáček. ps To be pedantic, the emphasis is on the 2nd syllable, but please put me right anyone esp native speaker. U have lifted my mood in a flash.😊😊😊

      1. ps it is Record Review of The “Cunning Little Vixen”

      2. Thank you SnotW. It sounds like a truly fantastic recording. Many thanks.

      3. Inightful observation SnotW- the excellence of BBCR3 helps me skip the liberal anti-workingclass news and propoganda slots of the BBCR$ schedule (Woman’s Hour included, fecking hate it!), Iam a FT radio-listener at home. I now love the talk-radio parts of R3 (e,e ‘The Essay’) and the ‘through the night’ and ‘night tracks’ slots.

      4. totally agree qwertboi. spoilt for choice on radio 3. and again fully agree č u re the vvv high quality of R3’s talk content. Complete opposite of the R4 or 5Live news progs. Quite a scandal really. But so many things which should be addressed get zero attention from our so called Left MPs

      5. I’m sure we are all suitably impressed that you are both people of culture and we will now add due weight when considering the veracity of your assertions. (I must confess to preferring blues and soul music myself)

  12. We should be deselecting MPs that don’t represent the views Members of their constituencies.

    We tried being tolerant of MPs selected by an unrepresentative faction who were parachuted into our constituencies, it was a strategic mistake. The safer the seat the more right wing the candidate and the more aggressively they have attempted to marginalise the majority for their sponsors.

    There is no appeasement possible so why attempt it?

    Rayner and Starmer should face a vote of confidence now.

    1. ktmrichard – I agree it is really disappointing that despite all the promises and pledges the membership never got the power to choose their PPC through mandatory reselection using OMOV. Who should we blame for fobbing the membership off with ‘Trigger Ballots’?

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