Scotland: 12 local authorities to enter ‘Tier 4’

Schools will remain open as restrictions tighten

Twelve local authority areas in Scotland are to be moved into Tier 4 restrictions, with an announcement set for this afternoon. The increased restrictions will close the following:

  • hospitality venues including pubs and restaurants, though food can still be served in hotels
  • non-essential shops and offices
  • gyms, hairdressers and beauty salons
  • entertainment venues
  • tourist accommodation
  • stadiums and event venues
  • public buildings and visitor attractions

Schools, childcare, accommodation for work purposes and places of worship (with a 20-person limit) will remain open.

Northern Ireland, which saw coronavirus cases fall sharply when its schools were closed for the holidays, has seen cases rise again once they re-opened in spite of lockdown measures, so there are fears that a move into Scotland’s highest ‘tier 5’ will follow soon.

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  1. Gemma Bolton
    Calling Israel an apartheid state is not anti semitic
    Adam Wagner Campaign Against Antisemitism
    Quoted on Labour List
    There is no charge to answer

  2. Doug – Thanks I’d missed that. Here’s the link
    The human rights barrister tweeted in response: “There is nothing – it’s not antisemitic. Certainly doesn’t fall within the IHRA definition. On what is quoted in the JC article, there is nothing there – nothing.”
    I think the quote deserves to be heard in full.
    The human rights barrister tweeted in response: “There is nothing – it’s not antisemitic. Certainly doesn’t fall within the IHRA definition. On what is quoted in the JC article, there is nothing there – nothing.”

  3. We know why NIreland cases started to rise.because that bunch of end of times Bible punchers wanted to make more ordinary people suffer when Sinn Fein pleaded with them to show some mercy on the children.Now the DUP have turned the virus into a secratarian issue.with Republicans wanting to follow the medical advice and the lunatic DUP leader wanting to make everone suffer especially has the Catholics areas are the highest infected Only could this happen in Ireland were the country is desperately trying to get the Northen loyalist population out of the 1800s.and into the 21st century.Scotland of course has a much more progressive government compared to the DUP,but thats not really saying much.being has they live in the 21st century nowadays.

    1. The DUP are getting concerned that the changes in demographics are working against their interests.

  4. Maybe the DUP can rectify the demographics problem and bang em up in care homes…very popular in Britain so my brothers found out….only one was a Catholic but when it comes to demographics they all count don’t they

      1. If that is what the majority want then who are the UK to stop them. Nations have a right to self determination.

  5. £10,000 covid fines not worth the paper there written on, in court defendant is means tested
    ‘You cannot squeeze blood out of a stone’
    Sky news

    1. Correct Doug. The fines will stop immediately and quashed. They have been found unlawful.
      NB it crossed my mind earlier that i’ve not heard any comment about we “the many” being robbed blind by Deloitte, G4S, SERCO & Co by Starmer & gang, except one question last week by MaxHeadroom at PMQs.

      BUT has anyone heard any word about same from our band in the PLP, the unions or Jeremy who has been Unsuspended❓❓❓

      As said b4 expect more, including even a CW debacle of suspend, un suspend, re suspend, expelled. BUT it matters not now to me. To say something has been exaggerated based on % facts, then a few weeks after say the polar opposite… as “clarification” is TOTALLY inconsistent with what even I believed. We have been all “knifed in the front”…
      slowly and with a twist

      1. signpost
        Corbyn and fines were practically unenforceable
        Corbyn is another example of AS Scam NOT going to court
        We still want our day in court

      2. FULLY AGREE Doug. Often people miss the point that almost every single major shift in social and political understanding comes through persistence… pursuing things to the end for clarity, to set things in stone. Even then the stonework must be maintained.

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