Live and exclusive now: Ian Lavery talks to rising left commentator Cornish Damo now

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    1. Sir Saboteur Keith Starmar, exactly as warned will always be bad news. Contaminating infiltrator proves it again.
      Defunct DPP sticks his badness into free speech re the vaccine being promoted as safe and effective re Covid-19.

      People should be allowed to express concerns. It is up to those with alternative views to respond with evidence and reason. THAT is the “Scientific Method”. We subject all claims to scrutiny. We do not shut down questions.

      Science is all about testing, questioning , refutation, then more analysis… quantitative and qualitative analysis and more refutation. There is no such thing as “The” science. It was once accepted by the authorities – the Church – that the earth was the centre of the universe. And, some still think the world is flat. We laugh at such now. The laughter used to go the other way, with an array of torture thrown in to enhance the fun.

      When, especially despite a vast PR / Spin budget, this government tries to silence scrutiny, they should be condemned.

      When a pretend “Opposition Leader” is a sinister rear guard tool of a corrupt government, the pretender should be condemned by us, even more than the government. Endorsing saboteurs encourages them to remain unchanged and perpetuate the self-serving mess. The mess from two cheeks of the sane backside.

      Things do not have to be this way. Don’t be discouraged by anyone who finds tons of time, energy, passion and determination to repeat the drip drip drip of nothing can be done, no choice, no alternative, etc. Don’t fall for their discouraging paralysing putrid fumes. We do have the power to act differently … to choose differently. Any drip committed to repeating “can’t” “can’t” “can’t”, drip drip drip, can’t be a force for change. Change is good so drips can’t be forces for any good.

      We need to change and we can🌹🌹🌹

  1. My old town of Bolton Lancashire was once a dynamic thriving town with a population of just under 300..000 people..Lavery and co would be better off taking a letter of apology from the Labour party for having ignored the plight of the town for over half a century.Another clown knight of the realm lost the town to the Torys having been Labour for over half a century.Who but an absolute half wit would put a knight of the realm to run in a very working-class town that was falling apart with a totaly incompetent and corrupt Labour council…2Tory mps now and Tory council and lost for a very long time to anyone but Labour voting town now.The town is an absolute shi…hole and its all down to the Labour party.

      1. Shows ..your ignorence Howard ,Thatcher was still studying chemistry in the late 50s and early sixties Numpty.Like you the Labour mps waved the white flag and along with a sleeping 😴 council let the town die…

      2. Oh, that’s right Joe, cite the ‘White Flag’ platitude/falsehood like the good little propagadist shill you are. Needless to say, the last thing you and your fellow shils want is have someone draw readers attention to the power and the influence of the corporate MSM and the BBC.

        As for Bolton, well No, I’m not familiar with the politics of Bolton over the years, but what I DO know is, that just like your shill buddy signpost, you make things up so as to discredit whoever you want to discredit. And what I ALSO know – because I just checked it out – is that Bolton was part of the Greater Manchester Metropolitan County Council that Thatcher and Co abolished in 1986, along with the GLC and the five other Metropolitan County Councils, ALL of which were controlled by left-wing administrations.

        And needless to say, if a Labour run council was even half as bad as you claim AND for so long, then surely the local electorate would have voted them out. But they DIDN’T, and supposedly – according to YOU – they just kept on voting a totally incompetent and corrupt Labour council in again and again and again.

        It doesn’t add up OR make sense Joe!

  2. Having noticed how often signpost and SteveH are first to comment in a thread, I just quickly brought up the last twenty articles posted by skwawkbox/Steve Walker, and in fourteen of them, one or the other of them posted either the FIRST comment or the second! But perish the thought that they are paid shills who monitor the site all day long every day who keep a high profle (amongst the skwawkbox readership) by regularly posting right at the top of the comments section!

  3. Lavery makes sense………time to represent communities where people take a shower after work, not before. Too many bourgeois smugs control the Labour Party, who have never earned a penny in their life by the sweat of their labour.
    I have a mate who’s a psychologist & constantly tells me that all I ever do is argue (which I don’t). He reckons that I am O.D.D. & suffer from oppositional defiant disorder, because I have a problem with authority. He’s right, too many bourgeois idiots in power, you have to become a solicitor B4 you can become a Labour MP.

  4. Off topic, sorry.
    BBC is hailing the good news that relatives will be able to visit their loved ones in care homes at Xmas, thanks to the new fast testing that can be used to weed out infected visitors and stop them entering the premises.
    OK, so if the test is 100% effective, assume no visitor actually infected with Covid will get through.
    Strangely though, no mention of the previous advice that the virus can be carried on surfaces and on hands, despite recent reports of Covid still infective after 28 days on surfaces – much longer than previously believed.
    I don’t know what measures care homes take to prevent staff bringing in the virus externally each time they come on shift – I assume there are effective measures – but will visitors be as diligent with PPE and washing?

    Modena today proclaimed its new vaccine to be 94.5% effective – vs Pfizer’s 90%.
    Look out, here comes capitalism, back with a vengeance.

    1. and despite the SERCO G4S “fast testing” Dido Harding style, BloJob is isolating again and will do PMQ’s remotely ¿zoom?
      Covid-19 is being used as a cash cow for the Tory few. A bonanza for the usual bandits subsidised by the state – big corporations at the expense of the small enterprises … unless they are part of the chumocracy crony cabal. That’s why you will never hear Sir Saboteur Starmar ask any sustained questions about these persistent outrageous scandals. Sir Saboteur dare not dash offers of directorships or other rewards for allowing HIS Tory bandits to run riot♦️

    2. Don’t think I can face watching the rest of the Ch4 programme “Lockdown Chaos: How the Government Lost Control” knowing full well that it won’t lead to a revolution or even the execution of Johnson, Cummings, Harding or any of the other murderers – or so much as a question or even a demand for more information from Starmer.
      Just too depressing.

      1. We can all be certain of one thing, they’ll all come out of this in profit.

      2. “…they’ll all come out of this in profit.”
        Not all – massive unearned profits for the Tories’ best mates of course, but those will be offset by many, many losers.
        Even the biggest winners can’t vote twice and the Tories always had their votes anyway – but they’ll likely lose lots of votes from their less cherished friends – all those newly bankrupted small business owners.
        On the other hand, if they bail out smaller businesses that compete with their donors they could be in even more trouble.

  5. Dan Norris has been selected as Labour’s West of England mayoral candidate

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