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Breaking: more than 6,000 left-wing votes disqualified by Labour hierarchy – in an election where 12,000 was the quota to be elected

More than enough left-wing votes to have increased left’s successes

The publication of the voting tallies in Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) elections, whose results were announced today and included three right-wingers, have revealed that more than 6,000 votes were invalidated:

The vast majority of these are likely to have been removed by the party because members resigned from the party before the end of the contest.

To put that number into context, the ‘quota’ for candidates to be elected in the first round of the new and controversial ‘single transferable vote’ system was just 12,955. Around 6,000 votes cast in the first round would have had a massive impact on the first-round result – and on the ‘surplus’ votes transferred to left-wing candidates in subsequent rounds. At least one more left candidate would be likely to have won a place.

The election’s rules said nothing about having to remain a member until the results were announced – yet the party drafted in extra staff and delayed the results today to give it more time to remove left-wing votes from the count.

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    1. SteveH
      Some times you dont help yourself
      Red Tories Blue Tories
      Cheap and nasty and corrupt

      1. Doug – I’m simply pointing out ‘the left’s’ monumental stupidity.

    2. Maybe Squawkbox can explain mr Steve H and what he described a shit with the results of the NEC .from Labour Hq with Evans name on the production.and Quickly withdrawn by him?

  1. The Party keep telling us that it has over 570K members ages ago, but less than 500K were elegible to vote. Even counting the 6K that have their votes declared invalid it is a massive disparity.
    What it is also clear is that the majority of the membership wasn’t inspired enough to bother to vote. The silence from the GV6 candidates over Corbyn’s suspension, could have affected their resolve to vote and decided that it didn’t matter.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Starmer doesn’t do a U turn soon and reinstate Corbyn into the Party that more are going to leave soon.
    What I would like to know is how many votes each candidate received in the 1st round. Only two candidates were electe Laura Pidcock and Luke Akehurst if would be interesting to see the difference between both.
    What it is clear too was that Labour to Win was betting on only 2 candidates Luke Akehurst and Joanna Baxter. Clear too that the left is unable to hold the line and vote in a discipline fashion.

    1. ‘The Party keep telling us that it has over 570K members….’

      Well I don’t know about the Party telling us Maria, but SteveH has repeatedly argued and insisted on this blog that the membership is 560,000! And has done so quite recently, BUT, if he WAS telling the truth, then a hell of a lot of members – left-wing members – have left the party in recent weeks.

      1. I have simply reported what I have read and provided links to back this up wherever possible.

    2. Steve H you are simply a paid liar to nobble the left wing revolt against your knights and you misfits.Constant deflection politics and now cheating and a labour runt….why you get paid for the knight bullshit is one of life’s mysterys?

      1. Joseph – and your evidence for these accusations is? Or could it be more a case of baseless accusations and playground insults is all you’ve got left given your inability to put together a cogent argument that extends much beyond your weird obsession about Knighthoods.

      2. What’s the difference between stammer ism and conservatism, little steven?

        And what tory policy(I’d say policies, but I’m yet to hear of a single one that) stammers OPPOSED?

        When you answer them maybe you might garner a shred of credibility. Until then, you’ll remain a stammer obsessed weirdo in the majority’s view.

  2. Are they conflating every instance of their censorship activities with voters’ legitimate decisions not to use all (9 in this case) voting options?

    They reeport ‘total number of votes found to be invalid or blank’ to be 6,097. How many of that 6,097 are sets of votes (up to 9) from an individual whom the new management’s GS has chosen to exclude from the vote-count for the reason explained by SW, and how many of that 6.097 are simply the number of ‘”empty spaces” that legitimate and valid voters deliberaately chose to leave on their ballot of up to nine people/places?

    I do not trust David Evans or Keir Starmer and need more information to subdue my growing distrust.

      1. And?

        I still don’t trust the man who caused the GE Respect the Referendum U turn and affiliates with a billionaires interest group The Trilateral Commission), and who argues that promoting billionaires’ capital interests is good for my people and our party, or David Evans either.

      2. qwertboi – I’m not asking you to trust any individual or group within the Labour Party, I’m asking you to trust that a reputable independent voting organisation acted with complete integrity.
        You may not realise it but you are emulating Trump.

      3. SH – ” I’m asking you to TRUST that a REPUTABLE INDEPENDENT voting organisation acted with COMPLETE INTEGRITY . ”

        SH, we can only trust that YOU hope we “trust” CES. Your other claims re CES are unsubstantiated. Furthermore, your undiluted praise for them, makes me even more concerned than i was b4 reading your endorsement … esp vouching for their “integrity”.

        Monopolies are dangerous especially ones with international tentacles like CES. Any data processed in the USA, puts us at the mercy of their authorities and laws. IT companies can do EXTREMELY dangerous things re politics, elections and manipulating people.

      4. windchimes – Unless you have some evidence to back up your conspiracy theories then you are just emulating Trump.

      5. Civica Election Services have been used for every single ballot i’v done these last 24 mths at least, for diverse organisations. A DANGEROUS monopoly i feel.
        Does anyone have any info on their integrity❓I’m increasingly curious. Last year in particular, when i had to use them to select candidates for some UK organisation, a survey popped up after submitting my votes. A million and one questions were mostly about how i would vote in the USA elections and my priorities there. Seems because i was just back from DC etc, CES was able to extract location data even though location services were ALL switched off on my device. We have sleepwalked into a state of being at the mercy of any government or group of individuals. Paranoid? No just extremely concerned. And in any case, even a stopped clock is correct twice daily. Better dafe than sorry.🌹🌹🌹

      6. windchimes – I’m guessing they got your location from your IP address.

      7. but i had already returned to the uk…It is wrong to use any info except re specific ballot, methinks.

      8. Windchimes, SteveH is exactly right when he surmises that CES obtained location data (about you) from your IP address. Even before NewLabour and Theresaa May’s numerous and regressive Mass Indiscriminate Surveillance legislation, this is the bigbrother hook that the digital capitalists use to identify and track us.

        Point is – START USING A VPN immediately. Every liberal and socialist should be championing the issue.

      9. ps qwertboi, yes u r absolutely right. I was highlighting that CES was accessing deep info though i was already back in the UK from DC and Biden’s Wilmington DE.
        An organisation should not have used private data in that way to do firmly assume that i was American and had a US vote. I don’t. It is definitely an area for great concern / alertness. IT companies are way too powerful and and being allowed to seize more power everyday. Then you have the “revolving doors” through which parasites crawl round and round, in and out of moneyed directorships. They are a form of FRAUD LAUNDERING. ie laundering bribes, favours, promises. Plus being called a “director” is better than being called a crony or crook📛

      10. SteveH: “qwertboi – I’m not asking you to trust any individual or group within the Labour Party, I’m asking you to trust that a reputable independent voting organisation acted with complete integrity.
        You may not realise it but you are emulating Trump.”

        SteveH, that is patronising beyond belief. Very rude.

        (My turn) You might not be a chosen one (despite your zionist instincts), but you should learn to Kvetch – distrust and resist any and every agent that has power over you (and as a consumer/customer, aprt from the nano-second when you transfer your money to them, you are TOTALLY POWERLESS). (FWIW, although I am “unobservant” (except for yom kipur and the occassional sitting shiva) I believe thaat Jews’ instinct to kvetch is what made us the early developers of orrganised class politics and socialism)

      11. The ballot finished 12pm Thursday and results were due 12pm Friday
        They were 5 hours late
        We are not so green as cabbage looking
        Still waiting for charge sheet against JC
        No matter
        Winning 3 major unions now key to future of the LABOUR Party and clear out of Red Tories

      12. The ballot was run and administered by Civica Election Services.

        This irrelevant comment was brought to you by someone desperate for a job a portland communications, but wouldn’t even make char wallah

    1. There must be legal action against the Labour party.IT cannot be allowed that this type of cheating is normalised,it puts the whole idea a political system of representation and the election machine in jeopardy…The knight has been caught red handed and not only his this corrupted Labour party is dying ,but the whole stinking swamp has to be investigated and dealt with.Members have paid good money and now even the assets of the Labour party at risk from this greasy ex lawyer and his misfits.

      1. Joseph – Could you please explain to me how it is cheating for the party to refuse to accept ballots from people who had resigned from the party before casting their vote.
        It really isn’t a difficult thing to get your head round, they had resigned so they weren’t members and therefore not entitled to take part in a ballot of the membership. Where is the problem.

    2. My distrust of Starmer started on the very day of his election when he sent the obviously pre-prepared grovelling letter to the BoJD’s. Coincidentally my membership, now lapsed, was due for renewal on the day of his payoff to the so called ‘whistle blowers’. Had I carried on with my membership it would certainly have stopped when Jeremy Corbyn was suspended. Utterly shameful.

      Trust is not a word I would use in relation to these two and I don’t think you should bank on getting any information that would subdue your mistrust. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that Starmer would stoop so low and the Labour Party would end up utterly divided in so short a time under his ‘leadership’. (I know, I know I should stay and fight but in my 70’s and bruised and battered from Brexit, I am just so weary).

  3. How do we know those voided votes actually belonged to people who left the party before voting rather than the votes of 6000 carefully selected members who had advertised their voting intentions on social media?
    Careful selection could easily swing more seats for the right.

    The names need verifying to ensure that did not occur!

      1. But easily checked
        We urge those who left party after voting opened to check their vote was registered

      1. Maria
        Have made enquiry with civica asking why result was late, was my vote registered and did resigning members lose their vote
        However the Left on NEC should be fighting our corner
        Sounds like a job for Wor Laura

      2. ie good advice. Hope peeps can do some deep research re CES. 🌹🌹🌹

      3. SteveH
        27 hours
        Methinks they are set up to run it in 27 minutes
        Why are the the so called moderates so fundamentally corrupt, is it because you believe in nothing but the Gravy Train and at what stage do we get the pitch forks out or better still Madamoisellel Le Guillotine
        Can you answer a simple question, what’s the last thing that goes through your mind as your head drops into the bread basket
        ‘Oh shit, i thought we were in charge’

    1. Iain, “who had advertised their voting intentions on social media?”

      Got a fleeting glimpse earlier of David McNiven suggesting that people should reveal everything about themselves. I hope people are not naïve enough to do that. It obviously leaves oneself vulnerable to all sorts of nefarious stuff & sorts. Promote candidates yes but at all times especially with Starmer, Evans, Mandelson et al in control, NEVER leave yourself unprotected.
      NB only ONE other poster keeps on demanding people divulge personal details. Which CLP etc etc. Very suspicious. How is it that no one else carries on like that???

      POSITIVE ADVICE: Do not disclose any info about yourself that leaves you open to any unwelcome machinations. Remember even Liz said to Paul Burrell something like – “CAREFUL, there are forces more powerful that you AND I”. If Lizzy in our vast council palaces, overflowing with anti-Semitic paintings and sculptures, and stolen jewels and other loot from peoples all across the globe … if she can be cautious then so MUST we. Betty the Queen Scrounger can flee back to Germany. We on the other hand, have nowhere else to love and call home, as much as this place🌹🌹🌹

      1. I agree that people should take steps to protect their identity but considering the numbers who were thrown under a bus when Formby was in charge I think your fears are misdirected. She even showed off about it FFS

      2. Jeezus h christ on a fucking bicycle do I REALLY have to spell EVERYTHING out for you wingnuts?
        In my comment open banking and open everything else was conditional on a socialist society because those things are ESSENTIAL to keep the rich from rising again – we have to sacrifice our privacy so that we can deprive them of theirs.
        If you don’t get it or don’t like it tough shit. It’s necessary.
        If you leave one chink in the wall the rich will stuff their loot in it and you’ll never see it again.
        That’s assuming they’re alive, obviously, but you all seemed reluctant when I suggested the steamroller option. It really has to be one or the other.

      3. David – The point you are wilfully ignoring is that not many share your fantasy of a dystopian Utopia.

      4. I second that. Security is vital these days. I look around and see such basic flaws everywhere. People should have paid attention to the Miners Great Strike and militant. I don’t want to be paranoid but we were knowingly tapewormed what don’t we know? ☮️ If people thought that they’ve used all of their big guns,they haven’t begun. Regards

      5. No such thing as a dystopian Utopia, any more than there’s a black shade of white.
        “Security is vital.” Well, yes, today of course it is – because of scammers – but they only thrive because we DON’T have open banking and accounting.
        ALL financial crimes rely TOTALLY on having somewhere to hide the money, ie banking secrecy – not even secrecy of the Swiss kind – the ordinary High Street kind is enough for a half-decent crook.
        With open banking there is NOWHERE to hide money – ergo, NO POINT STEALING with discovery guaranteed.
        Drug dealers’ and other crooks’ accounts are opened by the courts – when they can’t explain where they got their money, cars, houses etc. the courts can confiscate it all.
        To apply the same principle to Tories, their donors, Russian and Chinese oligarchs and everyone else that’s stealing from us, we have to accept ALL accounts being open.

        I understand it feels wrong – I really do – but follow the logic and the advantages become obvious – as does the fact that the disadvantages to our oppressors are a MILLION times greater than the minor disadvantages to us.

      6. David – I have absolutely no problem with tax authorities worldwide knowing what is where and owned by whom. We have assets in two countries and both tax authorities know about all our assets. Rightly or wrongly though I really don’t see a need for my neighbour to be able to see my bank statements. Openness has its limits

      7. I wouldn’t expect you or any other privileged Tory to accept the need, or accept that the Hoi Polloi should be able to see the extent of your privileged position.
        Don’t tell me, I’ve heard it a hundred times – you worked very, very hard for what you have.
        Just like every other hard-working Tory hod carrier.

      8. David – Why does it have to be an all out assault just because someone’s opinion differs slightly from yours. You must be a very difficult person to know.

      9. Half-measures – what you think of as ‘centrist’ – have to be ditched to win wars.
        We’re at the beginning of an existential battle between the super-rich and everyone else – not the rich vs. the poor, you’ll note – it’s the super-rich vs. the whole of humanity including the merely rich –and the planet itself.
        The super-rich are the ones hiding their assets to avoid paying even the minuscule taxes remaining after they’ve blackmailed governments into massive tax concessions and neoliberal ‘freedoms’.
        Even the wealthy who pay their taxes are as screwed as the rest of us unless we plug all the loopholes only the very richest can afford.
        Much more than open banking is needed but it would be a start and its success would set the precedent for further regulation – most urgently of the markets, company law and environmental renewal measures.

      10. David – Please don’t let your zeal run away with you. Remember that we need to actually win an election first and anyone who thinks that Corbyn is going to do that for Labour when he has already lost the trust of the electorate is sadly deluded.

  4. There’s probably going to be legal action taken against the party for this shambles. If the votes were invalid because people left, surely they knew who they were before voting started? This stinks!

    1. Christopher – I’m guessing the party weren’t even aware of what was going on until the self appointed guardian’s of ‘the left’ in their infinite wisdom thought they would top up their hubris by showing off to their mates on public forums how clever they thought they were.

  5. Soooo sad. But I can’t really whip up a huge amount of outrage about this, Skwawkie. Those 6,000 Leavers are now no longer members of the now fully restored neoliberal Starmerite ‘Reserve Party of UK capitalism’ , so why should they, or the rest of us who have also left and given up on Labour as any sort of potential vehicle for Left advance, give a monkeys that a few pseudo-Left, careerist, Momentumite types have failed to win seats on the NEC of a totally bankrupt political formation ? The Momentum/Grass Roots Left types who both won NEC seats and those who failed to win, are the very same supposed ‘Lefties’ who fully supported the electorally suicidal 2nd Referendum and Remain position , alongside the Right, want unlimited Freedom of Movement, and utterly failed to use their once control of the NEC to tackle the Right’s constant sabotage in any way at all – over four years of Corbyn’s timid Leadership.

    Caring about the ‘Left’/Right balance on the NEC of the now totally in control Starmerite, neo Blairite, Labour Party, is now only of concern to ‘Lefties’ who are either careerists now feeling left out of future career upgrades by the Right’s triumph, or sad rank and file ‘Lefties’ who will apparently stay inside the Labour Party even if Head Office edict rules they can from now on only attend future branch meetings (when they happen) wearing sackcloth and ashes for daring to have once supported ex-member non-person, Corbyn.

    Time for socialists to write off Labour – a broken, discredited Party , with no chance of gaining afuture Parliamentary majority – akin to Greece’s broken PASOK, or France’s Socialist Party. The ONLY chance the Starmer crooks and careerists have of entering government is via a German-style coalition with the Tories – quite possible in the economic turmoil ahead – but do socialists REALLY want to assist this type of pro capitalist lash-up ? Time to build a new radical Left Party – but where are the Left-oriented class forces , particularly the working class ones, to achieve that ? The entirely middle class, identity politics-saturated, UK ‘Left’ showed , over Brexit in particular , that it had nothing but lofty contempt for the poorer, blue collar, working class , and most working class ex Labour voters are all too well aware of that.

    1. “… with no chance of gaining afuture Parliamentary majority” is putting it too strongly – ditching Cumminge is an attempt to reset the Tories and give BloJob a fresh start minus the sacrificial goat.
      The BBC is pushing that hard, but there’s no guarantee – it could be that Covid and Brexit combined will finish off the Tories even if they do replace Johnson with Gove.
      I hope it won’t happen but Starmer could fall into Number 10 by accident.

      1. SH, did u tell that to your SIR Starmer❓ That u want we wanted a true Labour Government since Jeremy was REPEATEDLY selected by INCREASED votes as leader❓❓ What did your Starmer do? We need to return his “loyalty” “loyally” to him… and generously+++ Nothing less🌹🌹🌹

      2. David – Although there is no compulsion for political parties to lodge their Annual Reports with the parliamentary authorities when they do lodge them (as all the major parties do) telling porkies in the report is a big, big no no and is breaking the law.

      3. SteveH, I want a labour government too, but while Starmer behaves as he does, I am very afraid we aren’t going to get it.
        Starmer needs to do a U turn quick, sack David Evans and restore Corbyn to the Labour whip. It is the only way to stand a chance of no losing more seats at the next General Elections but, actually winning seats and maybe stand a chance of creating a hung Parliament.

      4. Yes, we all know you don’t care whether your Tories are blue or red as long as they’re Tories. Nice of you to remind us again of course but it’s really not necessary.

      5. David – .and yet you are the one that seems to prefer Boris to a Labour government.

    2. That was a great post. You put it out there. Who cares about pole climbers in a wretched,CORRUPTED NEC? There is a coaltion now! You nailed it Regards. ☮️

  6. 135,646 / 27.4 x 100 suggests the party membership is now 495,058.

    If you then deduct the 6,097 it falls to 488,961.

    If one assumes the 6,097 disqualified were 27.4% of recent leavers, membership would be 472,806.

    1. Do you, does anyone, REALLY believe the membership is as high as 470K? Elsewhere the Skwawkbox states that this election had the lowest turnout (27%) in the history of the Labour Party …. at a time when BOTH sides of the party have extremely strong views! That, I would suggest, is extremely unlikely.

      My gut feeling is that the party has lost hundreds of thousands of members, but Starmer can’t bring himself to admit this, and it is another case of instructing the Starmerite clique and careerist politicians to shut up and on no account to admit this. His, and his cliques evermore autocratic style suggests they have something BIG to cover up – the numbers of people still in the once largest political party in Europe.

      1. Joe – You’ll be able to compare the figures when the Labour Party releases this years Annual Report.

      2. And the right would never lie or cheat about a thing like that – would they?
        Antisemitism yes, Corbyn yes, rich donors yes, every suspended left wing member yes, inquiries and leaks yes, but the number of members – that’s sacrosanct, right?

      3. JoeRobson – i believe it was 430,359 apparently at time of NEC Ballot📉
        Sadly, Jeremy supporting members who gave up, allowed Starmar’s Right Wing “ENTRYISTS” to take their place.
        I argued we should have frozen membership when Jeremy stepped down to prevent OBVIOUS further parasitic infestation.
        We knew the members we already had.
        Yet assertive Jeremy supporting influential people in my CLP and elsewhere were celebrating “new” members, despite an open campaign by the Right Wing to flood us with entryist. Very sad and mind boggling🔴

      4. Unfortunately the question you really need to ask is where was the flood of new LW members. There is no point in blaming your opposition for being better organised than yourselves, that will achieve sweet FA.

    2. Or if you assume that the turnout was actually more like 50% then membership could really be about 250,000?

  7. I reluctantly left the Labour party four months ago and I am still being counted as member.I have informed them again but recieve no acknowledgment or comment.I recieve all the usual bumph and I no doubt many more are used like bolster the propoganda.I have even heard of dead members being resurected by this bunch of criminals.We should be looking closely at the official audit of the Labour party with a view to legal action against misused membership fees and false auditing…Dont rely on the so called left wing to do anything other than cling to their salary and watch former comrades thrown out of the Labour party.Cowards always run 🏃away but these rats are more damaging to socialism than the knight and his misfits have been.Socialist group of mps …Dont rely on these enablers of the knight.The much lauded report from the northern mps was an exercise in futility and a damp squib. What the left behind by Labour towns need investment and proper representation thats been missing for over half a century in many of these former mill towns and mining areas..I met a man on a empty beach picking up seawead and collecting small crabs for the pot.He was living under a palm 🌴tree and existed on what he could forage.from the land.He had rigged up a sevicible beech hut and a hammock.Listening to the mans accent I said Lancashires a long way from Koh rong island,?He replied that he was better off here in Cambodia than living on borrowed time with nothing back home only misery and isolation.and the bitterly cold weather.An ex squadie still only middle aged who was another victim of wars and false promises..Do these Labour mps realise what they have done to the working class and the old towns of the North and they wonder why the vote has gone.

    1. Joseph it shouldn’t come as a surprise, this is what it says on page 17 of the Rule Book.
      “A member shall be deemed to have lapsed
      from membership if s/he has been in arrears
      for six months and has not responded to a
      request to pay the arrears”

  8. It appears little steven’s had to work overtime on this thread…Couldn’t possibly think why?

    He also suggests David McNiven would prefer a ‘Boris’ government than a labour one – But persists in avoiding to tell us what the difference would be.


    1. Toffee – If you really are too dumb to see that for yourself then I can’t think of one good reason why I should waste my time trying to educate an obnoxious tw’t like yourself only for you to forget 5 minutes later. I have better things to do with my time.

      1. Judas H I think that toffees descriptive words on your lack of understanding of the working class and especially your enabling agends for the knight and his misfits is almost “poetry” and needs to be understood to benefit from the wisdom of his words.You of course could never understand with your blind eye on a date with your destiny of oblivion…You reap what you sow and your moral terpitude is for all to see.

      2. Oh, but we can ALL see it for ourselves….

        Isn’t anyone on here – bar you and the buttplug – bang the anti-socialist, tory enabler’s drum. You’re beyond an apologist for the rodent- you actually worship it.

        And just shouting ‘tory’ at other people makes you look like a problem child, and if anything, only serves to highlight your idiocy all the more.

        The ONLY way to redeem yourself in everyone else’s eyes is to tell us what stammer’s opposed; and the difference is between stammerism and conservatism.

        Because only the likes of you seem to believe there actually IS a difference, and that stammer HAS opposed toerag policy….But despit you calling for evidence off everyone else for anything critical of the human gastropod, you – in the myriad times you’ve been rewuired to – have constantly evaded backing up your fictitous claims.

        So until you do so, everyone who sees stammer for exactly what he is will have you down as the hypocritical imbecile that I always will.

      3. You obviously haven’t got anything “better to do with” your “time”. That much is blatant.
        WHY are you on this site?

      4. “I have better things to do with my time.”
        And yet, despite constant humiliation, you’re still here…

      5. Sorry spiderider, I hadn’t F5’d the page before commenting so hadn’t seen yours.

  9. Not only does little steven evade the question of difference between this labour party and the ‘rags, but he point-blank refuses to accept any responsibility whatsoever for his culpability in ensuring ‘boris’ got an EIGHTY seat majority last time out.

    And all the while the wee fella continues to champion the party leader who openly brags about his constant countenance of toerag policies …

    You really couldn’t make it up…unless you were little steven.

      1. qwertboi14/11/2020 AT 10:09 AM

        Indeed, ‘Querters’. Notwithstanding the 2010 campaign by arch-bliarite philip woolarse; falsely accusing his opponents of accepting ‘foreign’ donations, and the email from someone on his campaign team (IIRC) essentially saying: ”Get the white folk angry, or he’s (woolas) toast.

        And as is the way with the inseperable blairism/stammerism, it took a ‘celeberity’ (Joanna Lumley) to push through a policy that the bliarite/stammerite lot would’ve shamefully allowed to continue had it not been brought to the media’s attention (Resettling of ex-gurkhas).

        And who could forget when woolarse was publicly shamed…Staring at his feet like a naughty schoolboy and being thoroughly schooled by Lumley**? Great stuff!

        (Metaphorically speaking, that’s not too dissimilar to what little steven gets just about every time he pipes up – and rightfully so.)

        But as I’ve said before,the bliraite/stammerite/centrist/right labour party’s stance is one of racism against jews being the ONLY form of racism.

        **Shame Lumley wasted all her sterling efforts on persistently pressing for more cash for the white elephant vanity project that was her ‘Garden Bridge.’

    1. Toffee, isn’t “culpability in ensuring” overstating his influence just a bit?
      I don’t think he could influence his way out of a paper bag.
      His boss got 45’d yesterday so won’t his sub-sub-sub-sub-subordinates be unemployed too?
      Steve500’s 45 was probably in that cardboard box with the other 499.
      Just in time for Xmas. Bummer.

  10. Meanwhile, over at the Guardian ….

    “Over half Muslim Labour members ‘do not trust party to tackle Islamophobia’

    New report is latest sign that leadership is losing trust of ethnic minority supporters”

    Oh dear.

    They’re right too!

    1. Hang on just a minute…..

      I thought it was the tories had the islamophobia problem…Oh, that’s right…ermmmm…oops! 🤐

  11. A lot of people guessing at the present membership figure of the LP, what’s not be stated clearly is that the 6,000 figure is but the tip of the iceberg.

    As most should be aware, in order to resign your Membership it is necessary to communicate the fact with the membership office and your local CLP – most, I I really mean most had no idea how to Resign membership formally, meaning the majority have just ceased their regular DD payment if this is monthly, or, won’t re-new membership if they made a single yearly payment.

    So, until we are given arrears figures the true impact of Starmer & Evans remains an unknown – once I was able to get figures from the NEC itself, alas, the one point of contact has been gone for a few years – but, and judging by Labour Party FB Forums many have cancelled DD payments and this picked up greatly with Corbyn’s suspension.

    As for the input from our resident Starmerhoid, he neglected to say that many hung on to membership until the close of voting for the NEC elections in order that Management did not play fun and games once they either formally resign membership, or, as is most often the case, cease all DD payments to the Party – so, No Mr H, many members/former members ain’t stupid and were wise to the fact the anti-democratic element would do all in its power to deny democracy to the membership, JC’s suspension being timed to have maximum effect on the NEC vote.

    1. Nice one!
      Sorry to nitpick, but isn’t it spelled Starmorrhoid, as in “Labour needs a starmorrhoidectomy?”
      I thought his new photo was of his little weasel face, but when you look closer it’s his little weasel face lasered onto a haemorrhoid. Clever.
      Those surgeons will have their little jokes.

  12. SteveH14/11/2020 AT 2:41 AM
    David – .and yet you are the one that seems to prefer Boris to a Labour government.

    Once again – Tell us what is (Or rather, what would be) the difference?

    What single has stammer OPPOSED?

    Just name ONE?

    Most infantile of you to label anyone as a tory when the party you’re fanatically supporting does nothing but enable, and openly support, tory policies.

    A footballer has done more to oppose toerag policy than stammer’s labour

    A 100 year-old WW2 veteran has done more for the NHS in around four weeks than stammer has in 7 months; and deserves HIS knighthood infinitely more than the former DPP with a not-so irrational aversion to prosectuing toerags, paedophiles and killer plod.

  13. Maria V: “members could email Civica Election Services and ask if their votes were counted, here is the email….”

    BRILLIANT suggestion to Iain about his reasonable and incisive concern. Thanks!

    And even though CES are likely to refuse any response (except an automoated robot response) for “data security” reasons, maybe we as individuals or SW as SKWAWKBOX or someone could creat and template the email??

  14. Brilliant post Toffers! This is the Futility of Labour – when it is lead and managed by a billionaires club lackey. G*d Damn and blast Kier Rodney Starmer “by appointment to the trilateral billionaires”.

  15. How can this election be trusted? Single transferable votes to 2nd; 3rd; 4th; 5th choice candidates of which 4 must be women; the bourgeoisie still discriminate & ‘manage’ elections to their own advantage. I wonder if Evans has the courtesy to personally inform any member whose vote has not been counted of this fact? The reincarnation of Lord McNichol. “The masters make the rules, for the wise & the fools”. Robert Zimmerman..

  16. “resigned from the party”

    Suspending Corbyn was clearly an effort to get left wing members to resign, unfortunately many left wing member obliged in spite of requests by Corbyn, by McDonnell and by Lavery. My view of these quitters or surrenders is not favourable.

    On these pages we had many calls to do a ‘Umunna’ while the vote for the NEC was going on which we all know would take left wing members out of the Labour party and park them safely in a party that would have all the influence of Change UK.

    If you are left wing you should not only join the Labour Party but sponsor someone who may not have the money to join.

    We have to get rid of the NeoLiberals in PLP, for this we need huge numbers.

    1. We HAD huge numbers thanks to Corbyn but the parasites were simply buried too deep – and they’re buried even deeper now.

      Who is this younger, better Corbyn replacement that nobody’s heard of that you think can overcome the obstacle of 170 right wing vs. (up to) 30 left wing MPs and a 90% (probably 100% by now) Blairite staff that Jeremy found insurmountable?

      1. Democracy is the least worst system
        25% members voting is why THEY get away with murder
        For those of us who do give a shit its a lifelong struggle
        I would say next time we get control then there is no excuse there has to be a clear out and management need powers to sack the moles when they show their true colours
        You cannot run any project by committee
        Camels and horses

      2. Doug – Democracy is the least worst system
        Because of the Left’s inability to get enough votes THEY get away with murder
        The low turnout gave you a brilliant opportunity and you blew it, again. Where was the support when you needed it. Does it actually exist.

      3. McNiv – “We HAD huge numbers thanks to Corbyn but the parasites were simply buried too deep” Yes indeed “we had HUGE numbers THANKS TO CORBYN”. More over they we COMMITTED numbers. Our commitment spilt out to the general public. In recent times, we have never had huge crowds chanting with positivity, energy, enthusiasm, HOPE and TRUST.

        But McNiv, parasites were NOT “buried”, let alone “deep” nor “TOO deep”. The parasitic Status Quo preservers were openly sunning themselves while plotting on the front lawn. If you call Jess Phillips’ public threat to “KNIFE JEREMY in the front”, buried then what does an unburied threatening parasite look and sound like❓

        If a deliberately publicised “You are an F ING anti-Semite” to Jeremy’s face is buried, then what does an open expression of vile slanderous hatred sound like❓

        If W.M.D Blair and Mandelson’s dash to “advise” as many of the world’s monsters for money, and flogging info they gained from office to foreign outfits is buried then what is unburied❓

        Blunket had shares in a DNA company when he was pushing for BIOMETRIC ID CARDS. When the secret was about to leak, he passed the shares to his son. Seems as parasitic just like the SERCO, Cummings’ Johnson cronies. No❓

        While W.M.D. Blair was urging the bombing of foreign countries, the creature allowed or instructed MINISTERS in the Foreign Office and others to, as good as write the PhD theses of I think Gadaffi’s son or some other object of Bliar’s public condemnation. All the while behind the public’s back the warmonger was touting for business links with declared despots… when it comes to grabbing money, touting for business links with despots is so compulsive to the disreputable creature that even “mosquito nets” will do.

        So no, McNiv, the parasites were not buried. And we ALL have choices as to how we deal with them. We almost always have choices. A scary choice is still a choice. One choses to act or not act. Speak or not speak. Be bullied or not bullied etc. Never give in to bullies, that only encourages them.

        It is odd to think one is above rebutting serious lies FROM THE GET GO. Waiting lets lies grow. The general public are reasonable to assume that uncontested lies are true. So peeping out when the house is already engulfed in flames, throwing a bucket of water then vanishing again into a deafeningly silent DORMANT mist as far as the general public sees and hears, keeps lies aflame. It is a choice to stay silent, to disappear, to refuse to rebut assertively, and as often as often as it takes, from the get go. It is not optional in public life.

        Does anyone look back at witch burning trials and concludes – the burners had no choice? Or, that they EXERCISED a choice?
        Put yourself in the position of those accused of being witches. What would be useful to you in your desperate plight? Well meaning words or effective dynamic action. A written declaration of solidarity or robust incisive action? Symbolic words of support or using every means to get rid of the liar witch burners? Hiding from truths gets us nowhere positive. We must face them.

        Those unwilling to face facts need not read my posts. See the Avatar? Scroll down. Quite easy. But be sure, i will ALWAYS say as i find… always have. Interestingly, in no other profession or job where results are everything, have i encountered the perverted ideology of not facing facts… areas for improvement.

        That’s why we need to refresh and rebuild the party with people who have had real jobs, painting, plumbing, gardening, building, surgeons, butchers, doctors, scientists, PRACTICAL economists, office cleaners, footballers Rashford and Ian Wright in particular, dentists, market stall holders, crafts people, musicians, dancers, psychotherapist, psychologists, PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE in our vision and are prepared to BATTKE for it🌹🌹🌹

      4. If only somebody hadn’t reneged on their promises about mandatory reselection then the members could have decided who should go and who should stay.

    2. Tragic, delusional, stuff ,ktmrichard ! You are apparentlytotally incapable of learning from history, ktmrichard. If the last four years of the Corbynite ‘Left’s’ supine (‘Battered Wife Syndrome’) utter failure to confront in any way the Labour Right’s constant sabotage of the Party’s electoral prospects under an initially hugely popular Left Wing Leader, hasn’t convinced you that the ‘broad church’ Labour Party can never be a vehicle for sustained Left advance, then you are simply another Left masochist – wiling to spend your time and money in most cases working at constituency or ward level to try and elect a bunch of corrupt, careerist neoliberals , masquerading as social democrats.

      The Labour Party is dead as a dodo as a future party of government – (Like PASOK or the SPD, or French Socialist Party) – because of the permanently lost Scottish seats alone – never mind our old English Heartland seats . The ‘best’ that the Trilateral Commission’s creature, Starmer, and his cronies, can realistically hope for is participation in a future German-style coalition with the Tories – to maintain the neoliberal status quo as the looming global covid19-caused economic crisis gets into its stride. You are inviting socialists to help with that ? Foolish, naive, lad.

    3. Jeezus fuckin’H you’re hard work windbag – as even you ought to know, “too deeply buried” in the parasite analogy means too deeply buried to dig out – not unseen or unnoticed.

      Either you deliberately misconstrued my statement to mean that the parasites were invisible – despite their being constantly under discussion here throughout that whole period – or you completely misunderstood my entire comment.

      Either way, in your desperation to prove me wrong you’ve succeeded only in proving yourself an idiot.

  17. All conformism is prone to hysteria about dissidence but in addition, Starmer and his team are terrified of losing the next election. The only way to be sure of winning is to embrace much of the Tory agenda. Blair recognised the same thing. In fact, Labour has always annexed some Tory territory for electoral gain: in 1945 it supported forced transfer of Palestinians, or as we call it today, ethnic cleansing. And that was the Party of Nye Bevan. Leaving aside for a second the obvious manipulation of the vote, the first place for Akehurst indicates the mood: his broad-churchism becomes an abandonment of anything radical. The church gets broad rightwards and very, very narrow leftwards. This is the genius of capitalist democracy. Note when it came into existence: the extension of the franchise at the end of the 19th century was a response to the growing power of the Triple Alliance of coal, rail and steel. There was a real fear of revolution. Far-sighted Tories like Disraeli recognised that by granting working men the vote, the Tories could win their allegiance. But the essential point is that democracy is capitalism’s afterthought. It has granted it while tightly controlling it. The trick of “emotionally potent over-simplifications” does its work marvellously; with the result that Labour can only win when it looks more competent at running capitalism than the Tories. Corbyn came close in 2017 but the PLP and the Labour bureaucracy spavined him, let alone the Tories and their media. Labour is always in this trap: it has to look like it can run the system to get elected to change the system but to look like it can run the system it must drop the argument about changing it. Proudhon warned the French workers about this time and again: try to win political power without first winning economic power and those who have it will use to destroy your political project. What to do? Don’t believe in leaders; keep up activism; engage in as much direct action as possible; never compromise on the argument that capitalism can’t eliminate the inequality it rests on; remain irreverent and non-conformist; and play the long game. Life is unpredictable. Who would have predicted a BAME woman as US VP twenty years ago? Small beer, of course, but in complex systems small changes can have big effects. Keep the faith. Equality and true democracy are possible. Our ideas are in most people’s heads but they are pummelled by messages telling them to ignore them. Starmer will come and go. We are for the long term. Posterity will prove us right.

    1. Thanks for your very considered post.
      “Posterity will prove us right.”

      There lies the saddest observation. So laid back … so “zen” … so comfortable. That is very evident. Despite saying otherwise, too many are actually usefully detached from those who cannot wait for people with power and influence to be proved right by “posterity”. Your post is full of observations i share but your conclusion is evidence for something i detected re “Left” culture. That is, waiting for “Posterity to prove us right” is a luxury… an indulgence.

      Once in a lifetime opportunity occurs. Response❓ Treat it leisurely… not urgent. Theory trumps putting theory into practise. Ideology trumps effective REALISATION of the aims. “Championing” numerous causes but quite relaxed about choices necessary to bring aims to fruition. Those who suffer can wait for posterity to prove us right that they should not have suffered.

      It is defeatism. We’ve said what our ideals are and it is up to the X, Y or Z Tory govt to deliver. If they don’t, history will prove us right. Fat lot of good for people in need of a TRUE Labour government NOW.

      We are in a worse state now with the deceitful careerist Sir Starmer and other sabateurs. We are “caught as between the hammer and the anvil”. Red Tory Blue Tory Red Tory Bim and Bam. Worse, because this episode is fodder for SH and crew to say we can’t win. That’s a lie. We can, but as a newbie it is clear that the attitude needs refreshing urgently. It is defeatist. Change demands CRITICAL analysis rather than the strange culture of a blind cult or some dainty get together with nice “ideal” perfect people saying nice things to each other. And, what irony it is that free expression is attacked outside and inside the “Left”. If we wilt at some passion and INVOLVEMENT here on SB what hope dealing with similar passions elsewhere? If we cannot deal with people as they are here, how can we deal with them as they are… as WE ARE in the real world❓❓❓

  18. By the way, Akehurst describes himself as a “Zionist shitlord”. Look at Zionism’s record of brutality since 1948 and hold your head in your hands. He is a leader of We Believe In Israel, an offshoot of BICOM, which asserts its belief in a Jewish and democratic Israel. It was John Kerry as US Sec of State who pointed out that Israel can’t be both. Democracy is one thing, theocracy another. Any Jew in the world can move to Israel and enjoy full citizens’ rights. Arabs born there can’t. Is that racism?

  19. “We are for the long term. Posterity will prove us right.”
    Anyone reading that as “Patience is a virtue – be patient”… or … “Everything comes to he who waits” is on the wrong wavelength entirely.
    Posterity WILL prove us right, obviously.

    We are “for the long term” in the sense of permanence once we succeed – I don’t accept the idea of waiting patiently for our overlords to make another mistake like nominating Corbyn.
    The earth we inherit from capitalism will be a smoking, glowing cinder and all the generations of our descendants up to that point will have lived as subjects.

    Whatever we do we need to get ON with it. Ballot boxes or pitchforks, Molotovs and steamrollers, I don’t care – but you have to admit that the ballot box is a 100-to-one long shot until we ‘liberate’ the MSM.

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