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‘Starmer allies’ plumb new depths of denial with easily-disproven smear of working-class MPs who are demanding apology to voters

Even a glance at record destroys Starmer apologists’ reality-denial

‘Allies’ of Keir Starmer have resorted to laughable reality-denial in an attempt to deflect a demand by working-class MPs for a public apology from the Labour leader for the centrist betrayal of voters before last year’s general election.

Ian Lavery, Jon Trickett and former MP Laura Smith spent ten months touring thirty towns talking to working-class voters about why they abandoned Labour last December – and were told emphatically that those voters felt Labour had turned its back on them by showing contempt for their votes in the 2016 Brexit referendum.

The MPs have demanded a public apology – both to leavers for that contempt and to remainers for misleading them – from Starmer as the only chance of winning back the more than fifty leave towns Labour lost last year.

And ‘allies of Keir Starmer’ have tried to dodge the blame by claiming that Lavery and Trickett did not object to the party’s u-turn on its 2017 manifesto commitment to respect the referendum result:

But the claim is so laughably easy to disprove that it betrays both the desperation and the delusion of those who want to rewrite the history of the betrayal that sabotaged the 2019 election campaign and led to Labour’s defeat with the loss of more than fifty leave seats.

Northern working-class MPs fought constantly to drag Labour back on track and away from the centrists’ anti-democratic push:

So clear was Lavery’s determination to stand up for his constituents and others like them that the Labour right tried to force him out as party chair because of it:

And that stand did not change or diminish. Months after Lavery’s ‘rebellion’ – and just two months before the election – both he and Trickett were warning Labour’s leadership of the 2017 manifesto promise and the consequences of abandoning it:

The working-class trio will launch their ‘No Holding Back’ report tonight at 7.30pm with a Zoom rally broadcast on their Facebook page and the SKWAWKBOX Facebook page. Don’t miss it.

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  1. Unsurprising. They don’t hide hoping it will blow over. They realise that you MUST put your case forward or lies will take root. They repeat their lies. We act as if putting forward truths, are beneath us, then complain.

  2. I note the Skwawk tells us that Lavery and Co spent many hours talking to people in thirty towns, I wonder how much listening has been done? I’ve seen Lavery live in concert and the way he booms out his opinions it didn’t sound to me that listening and thinking are high on his achievement list, merely repetition of trendy dogma to the already converted. If you read accounts of his performance on the stump at the last election it’s not good. Not sure he is the icon we are looking for to retake the ‘Red Wall’ (now a shade of blue). He might be yesterdays man.

    1. Lavery didn’t have the courage to stand up to those in his constituency who had been convinced by Farage’s attacks on immigrants. It would have been ‘inconvenient’ for him to go against them.

  3. Ian Lavery is showing himself to be an incisive and confident player. Cometh the hour…

    I hope his self-assurance and authority transmutes to other people in the Socialist Campaign Group, which, disappointingly, is failing to grasp the centrist nettle or publically oppose their party leader’s aggression against them, democratic socialism and us.

    I’m looking forward to zooming into Ian’s Report this eevening (7.30 at the SKWAWKBOX Facebook page

  4. Will “the more than fifty leave towns Labour lost last year” still be “leave towns” by the time of the next election – is the question we should be asking.

    Are a majority of Brexiteers still totally convinced it’s going to be such a massive success that we’ll all be celebrating it in a year or two?

    Will I be the red-faced fool showing his arse in Burton’s window or will you?

    Is Brexit already going much better than even Farage & Johnson dared to predict?

    Are new trade deals exceeding even BloJob’s expectations?

    If not for this dastardly virus would we already be celebrating a booming economy and a jobs bounce-back?

    Or is the virus the only reason all roads to all ports aren’t already solid with abandoned trucks with empty diesel tanks for thirty miles?
    Maybe we’ll find out next year. My arse isn’t worried.

    1. McNiv, u have missed the point. U r obsessing over what might happen after a process of years instead of what has happened up to the election.

      U r fixating on what was always a TORY fight instead of what was at stake for us NOW ie the plight of the core voters, the decimation of their jobs and our industries EXACTLY as Clement Atlee predicted.

      But most obscene of all u r concluding that people are racist and stupid for not voting as u wanted them. U know, as if u r some omnipotent overlord. There was ZERO reason to get involved in overturning a legitimate democratic vote. The arguments were made. The people voted. END OF.

      It was obvious. Many here predicted it. And Right Wing Starmer and Iraq Blair have BOTH said along with their gang that the “Brexit argument is NOW settled”. YET despite all of that, YOU, a perfectly inteligent man STILL fetishises over EU membership as if all life depends on it.

      Meanwhile Starmer has his grubby paws all over our party, breaking every rule, will break more YET you McNiv fret over a democratic vote because people took a different view to you. Your conviction is – Don’t fret over what the Right Wing has done and IS doing. Fret and fume over what MIGHT happen re Brexit. THAT is your embarrassing sense of priorities, sequencing and focus.

      Yours is another viral strain of wonky virtue selecting and signalling. An out of touch metropolitan brigade CHOOSE and COMMAND that EU membership is a VIRTUOUS be all and end all.

      They scorn people they consider the great unwashed. They could not give a toss about the feelings and LIVED EXPERIENCES of people they despise. They are sooo smart, that despite TONS of money and “celebrity” CLAQUES, they FAILED to convince the many. They trotted out ever dreadful scenario which were nothing more than HYSTERICAL SPECULATION. But sooo smart they failed to convince and STILL don’t get it even while our party is now RE controlled by verminous Sir Starmer. What sort of “smartness” is that McNiv❓❓❓

      1. The worst catastrophes are war, famine and plague.
        War is the only one entered into with premeditation by people who knowingly and deliberately kill countless numbers of their fellow humans.
        The cause of that form of madness and the thing which has caused every war there EVER was – is NATIONALISM.
        Quenching our nationalist tendencies was the reasoning behind the ECSC > EEC > EU.
        The Tories, the far right and every populist authority figure up to and including Farage and Trunt foment nationalism either in the appempt to gain, or to remain in power.
        You people are fucking idiots

      2. TOSH McNiv‼️ Are you calling Jeremy a nationalist racist❓ Tony Benn❓Clement Atlee, Dennis Skinner❓ George Galloway❓ Ken Loach❓

        You still don’t get it. Extraordinary. U r yet another self declared champion of virtue and saving the world from wars and famine. Yes McNiv count your successes over the last decades until the last four years, have been a Nirvana of peace and security for the exploited nations all over the world in your observation.

        Others see the facts that UNTIL the “nationalist” Trump, the USA and the UK in collaboration with EU super powers Germany and France have been in a state of CONSTANT invasions, occupations, bombings and inflaming strife abroad.

        Year after year we have seen famine and suffering within the STATUS QUO. Pull your blinkers out McNiv. Unplug your ears McNiv. Get a grasp on reality you have seen before your eyes and you see NOW with Starmer abusing Jeremy and the members in the party he has parasitised McNiv. Get your priorities right. Instead of fretting over speculation, focus on what’s happening before your very eyes. Starmer & Johnson are doing as Cummings and Carrie direct. Jeremy was suspended from the Labour party by the Starmer to whom he gifted a shadow cabinet position pre coup AND post coup. GET YOUR PRIORITIES RIGHT McNiv🆘

      3. Oh – and I’m becoming more embarrassed by the day to be associated with you people just by my presence here.
        Steve W, I’d like nothing better than to be part of a revolutionary mob informed by socialism, but not a rabble roused by a populist fucktard like Farage.
        And yes, I do know I have another option, thank you.

      4. aaand, that would be “attempt” for those of you perusing your dictionaries.

    2. David
      When you’ve got nowt, you’ve got nowt to lose
      They dont object to the likes of you shitting on them, but they do object to it being done from a great height

    3. Even if there had been a socialist case for Remain-no one ever made one- there was no good reason for the Remainers to not be satisfied with Corbyn’s “second referendum after the election with the leader neutral in the referendum” and, instead of that, to keep pushing for a position they knew Corbyn couldn’t take- trying to get a second referendum BEFORE the election with Corbyn pledged to fight for the antisocialist, pro-austerity Remain position in the referendum. Why even bother pushing for that position when it could only cost Labour even MORE seats in the Red Wall without having any chance to gain any anywhere else?

  5. Labour has never had a better opportunity to build and take power at the next GE. We couldn’t wish for a more inept idiot in charge of the govt than Bojo the clown (but apparently key decisions are made by his current girlfriend). BoJo is a poor debater, scared of confrontation and can’t take decisions.
    With Brexit (which BoJo will surely fuck up) and Covid this govt will be toast at the polls. Get ready.

    1. Were you able to post that with a straight face? Knowing where Keir has led the party to in the polls?

  6. Socialist campaign group…if ever a name as been misused and abused its the group of mps who couldnt see a campaign if it was spelt out in capitals.The Labour party is dying and socialists are leaving a sinking ship.And what do the gutless crew do….wave the white flag and go looking round towns like Bolton,when they could look in the mirror and see why they lost the vote and now its the blame game..whilst decent human beings struggle in a decaying dying town like Bolton and most of the old Labour mill towns and mining areas.Bloody disgrace and pathetic..And the hour will not cometh with bullshiting mps and councillors.looking after party interests and their own careers first.The working class deserve better.

  7. No wisecracks from you-know-who about how it was: ‘Only three MPs; and therefore unrepresentative of the party as a whole’ – or other such pitiful, unadulterated tripe..

    …Wait for it…

  8. other such pitiful, unadulterated tripe..

    Oh, sorry – I forgot to include ‘irrelvant’ in that list

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