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Johnson laughing stock after congratulations to Biden show Trump’s name

Knees-up and brewery…

Boris Johnson has become a laughing stock after sharp-eyed social media users spotted that you could still see the name of Donald Trump in Johnson’s message of congratulations to US president-elect Joe Biden last weekend.

Changing the brightness and contrast of the message exposes reveals a very different message in which Trump’s name can clearly be made out above Biden’s name:

The original message in black and white.
The residual text can easily be made out when the image balance is tweaked.

The government has admitted that the text is really there, but has claimed it was a ‘technical error’.

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    1. Might be worth changing the brightness & contrast on just about every statement since 201 that theyve put out in that format.

      … I suspect there could well be a fair few more examples

      1. 2010*

        Wish me phone’s stop removing or adding things off it’s own bat ffs.

  1. Well thats just about delivered the knockout punch to the UK USA trade deal Apart from the Irish insults from Johnson and the Indian comment from the lords current racist bigot.Taylor of the sister party DUP everything is good?..OH just the good Friday international agreement that we told the Irish and the rest of Europe to “get stuffed” …just a little bit of public schoolboys having a laugh at Johnny foreigner…apart from that everything coming back on track…apart from?well?the knight likes us and we agree on everything?…and not everyone is coming down with cv19except them cloth caps up North with the ferrets down the trousers..Rule Britannia and god save the queen…That’s always impresses them Yanks….well tomorrow gets even better…maybe a tear and sober reflection,looking all serious and Churchillion.Things can only get better soon?.And as the country falls silent and the ancient monarch waves from the balcony…with the two knights and the public schoolboys pantomime is over..what of us the cannon fodder,the downtrodden masses..its back to the future for us…Amen!

  2. Looks like subliminal messaging which in the UK is highly illegal. Despite being illegal the Tories have been previously caught using it and got away with it.

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