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Exclusive: parrot-email to resigning members betrays political nature of decision to suspend Corbyn

Rote message is non-responsive to concerns raised and breaks party’s rules on discussion of suspensions

The Labour party’s parrot-like, non-responsive reply to resigning members gives away the political nature of the party hierarchy’s decision to suspend former leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The emails, with the same wording sent to many and probably all those resigning, regardless of the reasons given for the resignation, ignore concerns raised about process or the way in which the suspension was leaked to the media – Corbyn only learned of it from a press photographer and had not been spoken to by Keir Starmer even a week after the event.

They also contradict themselves, claiming they cannot comment on Corbyn’s case, but referring to Starmer’s commitment to ‘zero tolerance’ of antisemitism, even where those resigning made no reference to it – or stated correctly that his comment was in no way antisemitic.

And they hide behind the EHRC report, even though the EHRC report explicitly said that Corbyn (and other members) have a legally-protected right to say what he said about the level of antisemitism in the party:

Dear ___________

Thank you for getting in touch. I am sorry that you would like to end your membership of the Labour Party, and I would like to thank you for all the support you have given previously.

In May 2019, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) launched an investigation into allegations of antisemitism in the Labour Party. This investigation has now been concluded and the EHRC published its report and recommendations on 29 October 2020, which can be found here: You can also find more information about the EHRC’s report on the Labour Party website here:

The Labour Party will be working constructively with the EHRC, the Jewish community and Labour Party stakeholders in the upcoming months to implement the EHRC’s recommendations made within this report.

The report’s conclusions are clear and stark. The EHRC has found that the Labour Party has breached the Equality Act in terms of unlawful harassment and indirect discrimination towards the Jewish community.

We are absolutely clear that the Labour Party accepts the report and its recommendations in full. It is up to all of us to change the Labour Party’s culture and make sure that we are once again, an open and welcoming place for people from all backgrounds and all communities.

Under Keir’s leadership, zero-tolerance of antisemitism will mean precisely that. There can be no more denials and no more excuses. We will repair the breach and we will restore trust. We know it will take time and hard work, but we will do it.

All Labour Party NEC codes of conduct can be found in the Labour Party Rule Book 2020 and here:

You have also referred to the decision taken by the Labour Party to suspend Jeremy Corbyn MP pending investigation. Whilst you will appreciate that the Labour Party cannot comment on any individual case, I hope you will agree that it is important for the Labour Party to investigate possible breaches of our rules, irrespective of the particular member’s status. An investigation will now follow in accordance with the Labour Party’s rules and procedures.

If you wish to make a complaint about an incident of antisemitism, or have been subject to anti-Semitic abuse yourself, please do not hesitate to report this using our online form at All complaints are taken extremely seriously.

If you have been paying your membership by Direct Debit, please get in touch with your bank to ensure this payment has been cancelled.

I can confirm I have processed your request to leave the Labour Party. Thank you again for all that you have done as a member. I hope that I can welcome you back as a member once again in the future.

With best wishes,

The Labour Party
Sent by email from the Labour Party. Promoted by the Labour Party at Southside, 105 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 6QT.

Non-sequiturs, self-contradictions, hypocrisy and cowardice. It’s hard to imagine a clearer admission that Corbyn’s suspension was political and opportunist, short of printing it on a banner and hanging it outside Labour’s ‘Southside’ HQ.

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  1. The Right Wing break every rule over and over to get their way. Apparently they have been breaking rules long before my time, but Weirdo White Flag Man – Shill bore man and tool wipe insists we all beg: Oh please don’t upset the big baddies or they will get big and bad. We’re doomed no matter what we do, so keep doing what ensures we remain doomed. They’re kicking us so White Flag Man screams: don’t kick back or … they will kick us😰😰😰

    1. If that has been sent to every resigning member then I am sure it not only breaks the rules, but is also counter to the recommendations in the Report. If you have resigned because, for instance, you disagree with the Brexit stance, then you are given a load of stuff that does not refer to your reasons, and goes on about a matter regarding AS that you have never suggested, or implied, and likewise about Corbyn.

      What a dreadful organisation the Labour Party has become in just 7½ months.

      1. White Flag Man Allan Howard the Shill hunt, are u not satisfied that your appeasement advice led to Jeremy being suspended??? Why are u so determined to destroy the “Left”.

    2. I don’t claim to know much about the argument between you, but here’s something for you to consider; if the hectoring, namecalling way you address Allan Howard on this page is typical of how you normally address him, I don’t think I blame him for not answering you.

      1. Correct Martin, you don’t. If you go back to when i first started posting here, around the time of the Open Selection CLP meetings, Allan Howard’s immediate response was just as you see now. His uninvited responses to my posts and to others were just as you see today here. It was and is a definite attempt to discourage and frustrate. Howard succeeded in bullying others. I don’t give in to bullies. Do however make your own searches of interactions here. Do not rely on Howards cut and paste twisted extracts. While you do your search you will find that my posts are ALL polite and encouraging except to vile perverted lying discouragers like Allan Howard, who has to date failed to make a single positive suggestion. But as you say accurately “don’t claim to know much about the argument”. There’s something for you to consider. And do have a look at the way Howard addresses others, then you will see why others address him as we do. Nothing has worked. Do your research before assessing blame. That is always the excellent way to proceed. Then you will understand why Allan Howard is regarded as of no use re positive suggestions.

      2. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz……..So anyway, as I say, I don’t blame him for not answering you, because you’re rude, and hectoring. You could just ignore him, but you don’t, and that makes me very skeptical about your motives.

      3. Sounds like you are describing Allan Howard. “Zzzzzzzzzzz…..” so why bother trying to contribute if u intervene, pretend u are asleep but bother to reply??? Is Howard digging up reinforcements ie you??? What is more rude but to intervene without knowledge as you confess??? What is rude and ridiculous as to claim just like Howard that he does not read my posts yet notes them round the clock and misquotes them. How desperate for Howard to drag you out to bat for him. Go back to “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz….. ” 😂😂😂

      4. None of those is the case. I’m simply responding to that tedious, one-sided lecture. My only point was the one I made, which is that if you stopped being so hectoring and accusatory, he might respond to you. I was not apportioning blame to anybody, and the fact that you so insecurely assume I was blaming you serves only to make your position look more suspicious.

      5. ps Martin “You could just ignore him,” Precisely the AH dictum. Allow Howards lies and discouragement to take root. NEVER‼️‼️‼️ Pull another one. That is precisely the pathetic mantra Allan Howard persuaded Jeremy to adopt, re the anti-Semitism lies. The public sphere is not a domestic dispute. You cannot “ignore” lies and hope they will stop. From the get go, LIES and LIARS must be REBUTTED clearly and as soon as they are spotted. The failure to tackle them head on from the start, made them appear INCREASINGLY true to the general public.

        Similarly with Allan Howard, it is unwise to ignore his deliberate campaign to discourage as many people as possible. And he twists posts and lies repeatedly. He is one of only a few posters who badgers others for info to identify them. He gas done same repeatedly to Joseph O”Keefe in particular.

        Before you comment do your research.


        Grow the fornication up.

  2. Now WHY – if you were writing to someone who had just resigned from the LP – would you think to say the following:

    ‘If you wish to make a complaint about an incident of antisemitism, or have been subject to anti-Semitic abuse yourself, please do not hesitate to report this using our online form…’

    They are of course just amusing themselves and having a laugh!

    1. AH White Flag Man the Shill hunt, are u ashamed or satisfied that your appeasement advice led to Jeremy being suspended??? Why are u so determined to destroy the “Left”. Why have you not made a SINGLE suggestion of what you would do?

      How come your posts NEVER suggest what you think SHOULD be tried❓❓❓

    2. As far as I’m aware, very, very few of the complaints of alleged A/S are in respect of person on person (alleged) A/S, and most of it is down to certain groups trawling through social media platforms to find anything they can going back years that they can report to the LP, however tenuous.

      The problem is relatively non-existent in the LP either now, or during Jeremy’s time as leader, and Evan’s and Starmer and Co know it, and suspended Jeremy for pointing it out, and they know that probably not one of the thousands of people who have been resigning from the party during the past ten days has ever been subjected to A/S (if they’re Jewish) or witnessed it.

      1. White Flag Man – the shill hunt and Appeasement Tsar. What are your SPECIFIC positive suggestions, Howard❓❓❓ POSITIVE suggestions AH. Point out at least three POSITIVE suggestions you have made since you started posting on Skwawkbox and WHEN did u post your last POSITIVE suggestion❓❓❓ Come on Howard the shill hunt, Tell us . . .

  3. Raise an Official Complaint and put in Freedom of Information Requests.

  4. Dear Skwawkbox, Labour has been purging socialists out of the party for decades, with an entire section of socialists purged out in the 1980s, called Militant, and now the Socialist Party.

    The parrot-like letter sent to resigning members, is what us 1950s born pension campaigners suffered, whatever letter we sent in to Labour party (most of us not party members). Exactly the same letter sent to us, not dealing with any particular issue raised by us. This standard reply was wrong in many technical details about the state pension, which we told them again and again, to no avail.

    I even put in a formal complaint about this wrong standard reply, only to get a complete runaround that never answered the complaint.

    Then at a Labour conference, Debbie Abrahams (when Pension Minister) made an entire speech based on this standard reply, which made the 1950s ladies go ballistic between us online, and WASPI to go ballistic at the conference.

    Afterwards, I was at a Labour event out in rural England, and tried to help Debbie Abrahams, to tell her why her speech had errors in it, but she literally ran away from me, when learned I was a 1950s pension campaign lady.

    It was not til the end of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership, that I began to look deeper into what us pension campaigners knew right wing Labour had done against the state pension worse than the Tories, to see right wing Labour has been a greater enemy of the working class pensioner than the Tories.

    Lib Dems just did everything worse and faster when in coalition with the Tories.

    Chris Williamson (man, former Labour MP purged for being socialist / Corbynite) is in the process of starting his own party, and it is to his movement that ex Labour party members who were Corbynite are joining. He has published support for Grey Swans pension campaign’s groups pension aims that will bring his party the vital Grey Vote.

    Google search Resist Fest Join to help Chris Williamson start his new party, to get a fully socialist Clement Attlee like government in 2024 general election.

  5. Read read read. What ACTIONS do you propose White Flag Drag and Shill hunt Allan Howard⁉️⁉️⁉️

    1. Why do you listen to the radio so much signpost? JVL took a lot of time and energy to put their submission together, and all you can do is try to denigrate reading assessments/articles that are informative and enlightening. But as an anti-reader, what actions do YOU propose?

      You made it very clear from shortly after you started posting on skwawkbox posing as a Jeremy Corbyn-supporting left-winger, that your agenda as a paid shill working for the Establishment was to discredit Jeremy every-which-way you could, as well as the left in general, and also your own alleged CLP (which one is it by the way?) and CLPs in general.

      And who were these presenters – the ones you said were hostile to Jeremy – who you claimed couldn’t understand why Jeremy hadn’t sued any of the people who had called him an anti-semite? When I initially asked you who they were, your response was that you would tell me in good time, but you never did of course, despite me reminding you about it several times in the following couple of months or so. And the reason you never DID tell me is because it was complete and utter B/S that – yet AGAIN – you concocted, in this case so as to try and make Jeremy appear weak and indecisive and unwilling to challenge his detrators in the minds of people who read skwawkbox.

      And it’s odd how in a thread just yesterday, in which I posted links to three very good articles, you were kinda complementary, albeit in a condescending ‘I’m superior to you’ kinda way. Yeah, but that’s shills for you, no consistency, and say whatever they want that suits their purpose at the time, even if it’s the complete opposite of what they said the day before.

      1. And by the way, who was this ‘super complainer’ you referred to in a post about ten days ago, who you also referred to as ‘the individual’ – ie the one you said the following about: ‘There were several days when I heard that individual touring the MSM studios as if on a mission UNTIL the election’? I asked you at the time – and couldn’t of course understand why you didn’t just name the person instead of repeatedly referring to them as the super complainer or the individual – and your response was – as with the ‘presenters’ in effect – ‘Be patient AH. All will be revealed.’ and then shortly after in a PS you said:

        ‘ps i did not just name the person for a few reasons. 1 – When an individual is unsavoury, it is useful to describe characteristics to see if people recognise the person.’

        And finished by saying: ‘Patience is a virtue’

        Needless to say signpost never DID tell me who he was referring to, and the reason he didn’t of course is because it was all fabrication, as I knew it was. The post in question is somewhat convoluted – and deliberately so – but his objective in concocting it all was so that he could then discredit Jeremy and his team. This is what signpost says at the end:

        Finally, just as I heard and remembered this remarkable interview. Surely Jeremy’s team must have heard it too. That must be in the job description of a media person. No? Alas, response? ZERO… let alone a robust one. This is an example of just one of the basics we ignore at our peril.

        Odd, isn’t it, how signpost waited until ten months later to tell us about it, and didn’t mention it at the time!

        Apologies for pushing in David

      2. What do you propose White Flag Man❓❓❓ Many including me make suggestions. You then bring on your full weirdo triggered tantrum – No point!!! Not worth it! It would have failed anyway etc, NO ALTERNATIVE to APPEASE appease OR Jeremy would have been attacked. Tell us what SPECIFIC actions YOU recommend instead of the appease fest.

        Tell us Allan Howard. You, at very ODD times suddenly wave Julian Assange’s name. Yet you insists there was no alternative to appeasement DESPITE the cager of Julian is SIR Starmer appeased by TWICE gifting him a place in the Shadow Cabinet. Then, appease Hodge, Jess Phillips, Twatson, Ashworth, McNicol, etc etc PLUS promote Starmer’s Remainiacry.

        Tell us Allan Howard, what YOU suggest rather than being a tossing shill hunt while waving your white flags

      3. I was pointing out fact ie the evidence and argument was impeccable. If i wished to be petty i could have said, if it crossed my mind then, that you were reporting the obvious, i could have said so. And that you still failed to offer a suggestion as to what could or should be done.

        Your mantra to date has been “no use”, “nothing could be done differently”, “if anything were done differently, the MSM etc would attack Jeremy. You pretend not to notice they were already attacking Jeremy. They have not stopped DESPITE your PATHETIC appease “strategy”. Your interventions are meant to discourage, snuff out hope, make us give up on action, adopt a defeated victim state. You may deceive some Howard, but never all.

  6. Farrago of lies unworthy of the Tories, much less Labour.
    Given that they all knowingly colluded in and many of them fomented or made up the fake antisemitism smears themselves they know the truth of Jeremy’s and our innocence as well as we do.
    That any part of Labour can employ such duplicity and naked fascistic propaganda is beyond comprehension and beyond the pale.
    No fate is too unpleasant, too painful or too terminal for such evil, evil fuckers.
    Die screaming, you vile bitches.

  7. 25 years ago: Nigerian junta hangs nine oppositionists

    On November 10, 1995, nine members of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) were executed by the Nigerian military dictatorship of General Sani Abacha.

    The victims, including playwright and author Ken Saro-Wiwa, were convicted on trumped-up charges by a secret military tribunal on October 31. The junta upheld their sentences November 8 and ordered the executions to be carried out immediately to forestall further protests…..

    Both Shell and Chevron had extensive oil exploration operations in the Niger Delta region, where the 500,000 Ogonis live. Saro-Wiwa and his companions set up MOSOP in opposition to the tribal chiefs, puppets of the junta, to demand a greater share of the oil revenue for the Ogoni people, and restoration of agricultural land laid waste by the oil companies.

    1. What POSITIVE suggestions do you have to help us here White Flag Man❓ To get our party back Howard❓ Other than appeasement what ideas do you have AH❓ What do you suggest to BRING change ie a TRUE Labour government❓❓❓

      1. Can you stop this ridiculous argument between you two? People don’t come on here to read two grown men ( I assume) slagging each other off, if you don’t like each other just ignore each other , I’ve seen better behaved infants just GROW UP

      2. Paul, I’ve only just seen your post, and there is no ‘argument’ going on between signpost and myself, just me calling him out for his falsehoods, AND, signpost in turn doing the ‘attack is the best form of defence’ number. If, as you imply, you are a regular reader of skwawkbox – although I don’t ever recall you posting on here before – then you will know that signpost regularly concocts falsehoods so that he can then discredit Jeremy, or the left membership, or his alleged CLP. So HOW do you equate exposing someone for their falsehoods with having a ridiculous argument etc? Are you REALLY trying to dismiss me doing so as just part of some ‘infantile’ exchange! Get real!

        Signpost is a lying little shill who concocts things on a regular basis, as in what he said in the following post about five months ago – ie that Robin Lees – the guy who spotted Dominic Cummings in Barnard Castle during lockdown – taking legal action against Cummings. It was a complete falsehood, and only paid shills who have an agenda do that, but either you couldn’t care less OR you are trying to make it look to readers of skwawkbox that my exposes of signpost AREN’T exposes! And WHY would you do THAT!!

  8. I am encouraging Starmer to expel me & I am moving “no confidence” at my Branch.
    My son resigned & told Starmer to (quote) “Go fuck yourself”but has yet to receive a patronising acknowledgement. My membership is L1781566. Go fuck yourself Roger Evans

  9. David Evans (apologies to anyone called “Roger” (you probably get this all the time)

  10. “I hope you will agree that it is important for the Labour Party to investigate possible breaches of our rules, irrespective of the particular member’s status”

    – Unless your name is Alistair Campbell, Margaret Hodge, Keir Starmer or anybody on the right of the Party, in which case the investigation will either go straight into the round filing cabinet or take so long the compliance unit 2016-18 will look positively rocket-like by comparison.

    One cannot help draw comparisons between Corbyn being suspended in a matter of hours whilst those detailed in the leaked report prepared for the EHRC have yet to be dealt with, months later, despite compelling evidence.

    It is clearly a purge, stoked by “the Jewish community”, with the tacit sanction of the MSM, and just as shocking as the 2017 election saboteurs.

    By “the Jewish community” I do of course mean the Board of Deputies, Jewish Labour Movement, Campaign Against Anti-Semitism and Labour Friends of Israel, not all Jews. They joked Corbyn should be sacrificed for all the trouble he had caused and Starmer took the hint.

    Human rights and Labour Party membership are not compatible.

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