Funding curve exposes sham of Tory claims they’re keeping schools open for the sake of kids’ education

A chart published by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has exposed the dishonesty of Tory claims that their determination to keep schools open, in spite of clear scientific advice that they are fuelling the coronations second wave.

Evidence has linked schools to almost ten times the number of outbreaks connected to hospitality, which the Tories have closed for the new England-wide lockdown and the government’s own SAGE scientists admitted months ago that opening schools would push up the ‘R’ rate.

Yet the Tories continue to claim they are keeping schools open for the sake of children’s education, in spite of the known higher risk among older chdren.

However, even a glance at the real-terms school funding curve since the Tories came to power in 2010 exposes that claim for what it is:

Sixth-form colleges, the IFS notes, have seen a 23% real-terms cut per pupil in that period, with stand-alone sixth-form colleges have lost 12%.

Tories don’t give a fig for the education of our kids – but they’re perfectly willing to pretend for a while if it serves their purposes.

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  1. “Tories don’t give a fig for the education of our kids – but they’re perfectly willing to pretend for a while if it serves their purposes….”

    Well said Skwawkbox. And their real purpose?

    1) To provide parents with Holding Pens for their children so they are available for work when and if required, or, for those able to work from home, so their homwworking is not compromised by their noisy, attention-needing children.

    2) To protect City-based large corporate property speculators’ financial interests which, since financial capitalism’s 2007 haemorrhage have been vulnerable and caused them to put hundreds of £millions into developing student accomodation facilities.

    Deliberately causing education to become the major infection pathway. Could they be so callous?

  2. The Tories would still be sending youngsters up chimneys to clean them if they could get away with it.

      1. They keep telling us that the best way out of poverty is work…

  3. And what will the Official Opposition do?…Ouote “Theres no longer any official Opposition party in this parliament” a comment in the morning star regarding the US ,UK…stagnation in politics.

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