Sheffield Labour group unanimously calls for Corbyn’s reinstatement

The executive of Sheffield’s ‘Local Campaign Forum’, the city-wide elected body that runs election campaigns and oversees candidate selections, has added its voice to the many calling for Jeremy Corbyn’s reinstatement.

The group has unanimously passed the following motion:

The Sheffield LCF Executive stands in solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn, fully supporting his statement in response to the EHRC report, and calls upon the Labour Party nationally to reinstate him to full membership and the Whip without sanction.

Labour had been so flooded with member resignations over Keir Starmer’s action – because of a comment the EHRC report explicitly said he had a legally-protected right to make – that party general secretary David Evans has had to plead for help dealing with them from other departments and regional offices.

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  1. I’d be more impressed if Labour’s official bodies would do more than just call for Jeremy’s reinstatement – if enough of them would unite to demand the leadership reinstate Jeremy, reject the EHRC’s findings AND reverse the party’s acceptance of the IHRA working definition.
    Maybe then we might make some progress.

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    2. Even if they DID ‘unite’ David – and you are obviously referring to Labour bodies controlled by left-wingers – there is no way on this planet that Starmer and Co are going to reject the EHRC findings and reverse the partys adoption of the IHRA definition on account of them making such demands, so it would just be a completely pointless exercise, and would of course provide copious amnuition for the corporate media and the rabid right et al to attack and vilify and demonise the ‘hard left’ again, who are of course all ‘Corbynistas’.

      And just futher proof that they are all anti-semites!

      But none of that occured to you I take it.

      1. That will happen anyway. The best defence against lies is the truth.

    3. David, how did Evans reach such heights? Someone must have liked him. Anything to do with block votes. I don’t seriously know. If so , then plus CA change. We never learn, I mean the left. Me, I just heckle. ☮️

  2. Off the issue but I’m amazed that the handing out of £10,000 fines hasn’t attracted more attention. The only details I’ve read is that three such fines were handed to students after a Halls of Residence party. I£10,000 a lot of money. I imagine some Tory figured that it was the sort of size that might deter them with no idea of what ordinary people can afford. Will the Courts intervene to say that some Siri of financial enquiry should be made to ascertain whether the person fined can possibly afford it? The principle that fines should be payable is long established. In which decade do tthe Courts think such Appeals will be heard? What happens meantime to people with £10,000 fines hanging over their heads and impacting their credit availability and everything else including job applications? Maybe the 3 students have wealthy parents who can pay but say they don’t? Will they get the opportunity to fight the fine on the basis the facts as presented by the police are incorrect? Normally that can’t be done for Fixed Penalty Notices for offences involving parking.

    1. Paul – As I understand it (as a layman). Those issued with an FPN under the Covid-19 legislation can refuse to accept it and fight their case in the magistrates court. (Good luck with getting much sympathy there for holding a party whilst there is a deadly pandemic sweeping the country).
      BUT if they are convicted in the magistrates court they will have a criminal record whereas accepting the FPN would not give them a criminal record. Given the severe impact that a CR could have on the rest of someone’s life I anticipate that most will just quietly pay up.
      As for the levels of the fine I have absolutely no sympathy for these ‘party animals’, they were knowingly putting other people’s lives and wellbeing at risk, they deserve everything they got.

    2. Huh. Ten grand. Some people get that for doing something or other at home.

    3. Some of our MPs could hand over their ten grand holiday spending money.

      1. alexanderscottish – Those fined deserve the FPNs they received because they knowingly put other people’s lives, health and welfare at risk. I have zero sympathy for them

  3. Good for them….And our socialist Mps..they might as well try because they are in a very precarious position with the knights witchunt.Sort of Hobsons choice as far as the gravey train being at maximum risk.for these small group of individuals.Go on do your own extinction rebellion or bow your heads in shame.

  4. Good for Sheffield and Blyth ( as reported earlier) Now come on the rest of you!

      1. And Rawnsley’s a smunt. (it’s called a portmanteau word Allan)
        And my previous post was sarcastic. Sadly there’s no emoji for that or for irony so I can’t help you out with a clue, sorry.

  5. Funny, isn’t it, how the CAA (and JLM) waited until July 2018 before making a complaint to the EHRC, just four months after Jennie Formby took up the position of GS, and just TWO months afer she announced that she had completely over-hauled the disciplinary process regards dealing with A/S complaints.

    On the day she took up the position as GS on April the 3rd 2018, Jennie sent an email to every single LP member in which she said the following:

    This week I will be moving to ensure the full implementation of the Chakrabarti report and introducing new procedures to deal with complaints and disciplinary cases.

    Within a matter of a couple of months at the end of May – and you can be 1,000% certain the CAA and the JLM knew it! – she announced that the whole disiplinary process for dealing with A/S complaints had been over-hauled and that there was a completely new process in place, as reported by Skwawkbox at the time:

    ‘Formby’s impressive new disciplinary process gives cause for confidence’

    Two months later on 31st July 2018, Campaign Against Antisemitism formally referred the Labour Party to the EHRC (it then took the EHRC a further ten months to decide that it was going to begin a formal investigation, and it then took them a futher sixteen months to complete their investigation and publish their report, whilst all the while the ‘moderates’ via the MSM endlessly reiterated the fact that the LP was being investigated by the EHRC – and the ‘shame’ of it -, along with the Jewish newspapers and the CAA and the JLM et al).

    1. Yes, we are well aware that it was just base factional politics, allied with defence of Israeli racism.

      1. I am drawing readers attention to the timing John, NOT the factionalism, which everyone on the left has been aware of for at the very least since the faux outrage and demonisation of Ken for alluding to an historical fact.

        Funny how you’ve come on this page, and all you’ve done is post a ‘Reply’ to each of my three comments, and done so in the space of five minutes. .


      2. Oh fuck me, not another conspiracy. Stop picking on Allan, you lot – he’s doing his best given his limitations.

      3. So someone stalks you over and over again on numerous threads, and every time they do they are saying something to try and undermine what you said, and all McNiven can do is pretend that there aren’t fucking paid fascist shills on the site monitoring it every single day and doing whatever they can to control what readers think and believe.

        Oh, and Mr McNiven is always so quick to jump to the defence of the shills as well by attacking me. As I’ve said before, this site is infested with shills, each with a main persona who posts regularly, and probably several or more other personas that they each use occasionally when need be.

      4. Allan – As far as I’m aware non of the people you accuse have trawled back through comments up to 2 years old to try and sneak in the last word.
        As you are one of the most prolific posters on these pages is it childish self dilution that prompts you to accuse others of this nonsense or is it a cover for you being the only paid agent provocateur on this site.
        Your apparent lack of self awareness is a wonder to behold.

      5. What more proof does anyone need that SteveH is a paid shill who monitors the site 15/16 hours a day than the fact that within 25 minutes of me posting a comment at 1.00am in the morning he posts a reply. And he has of course done so on numerous occasions when I happened to post a comment in the early hours of the morning. And usually within a matter of a few minutes.

        As for getting the last word in, well the irony of THAT is that the only person likely to ever see it was SteveH!

      6. Allan – Do something more constructive, like playing with yoursel

    2. Once I thought about it, which I only just did for the first time, it occured to me that it’s very unlikely that the MSM in general informed their readers or viewers or listeners about the fact that Jennie Formby had completely over-hauled the disciplinary process for dealing with anti-semitism complaints, so I then did a search, and as far as I can ascertain, it looks like the Huffpost was the only main news outlet that covered it.

      Now given all that had been going on in relation to A/S as of from about six months after Jeremy was elected leader (which first took off with the Oxford University Labour Club episode in the February of 2016), one would have thought that the MSM would have welcomed it (along with the Jewish newspapers and the JLM and the CAA and LAA and the BoD et al), and not only covered it, but given such news a prominent position. But they didn’t!

      I wonder why not?!!

      1. Allan – How many members did this wonderful new disciplinary system that Jennie created unjustly throw out of the party, how much misery has this wonderful system that Jennie created caused?

    3. Once these guys smell blood then that’s it. It’s called bloodlust and it will never, ever stop. No one is safe even those who take the knee. Something that is truly despicable has been unleashed. Good luck with a new NEC, leader and winning the next GE. ☮️ Comrades.

  6. 4th September, 2018 – Labour Party NEC decision to adopt IHRA definition ‘in full’. Jeremy Corbyn’s attempt to mediate results in MSM (especially the Guardian) accusing him of having contempt for the ‘Jewish Community’.

    The IHRA definition is a self-inflicted wound which must always mean that members of the Labour Party are racist by definition of our own Party. Any Palestinian flag waving @ any future Convention would be adequate proof that the Party is institutionally racist & any support for Palestine a threat to the ‘Jewish Community’.

  7. Steve , correct and doesn’t that translate to mass expulsions? Don’t despair because Labour are going to win the next GE because everything will be different. Good luck mate.

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