Video: ‘LABOUR’ Shadow Foreign Sec Nandy praises Biden – for supporting Thatcher over Falklands war

shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy praised Joe Biden this morning on Sky News – among other things citing as his pro-UK credentials that he stood with Margaret Thatcher over the Falklands war.

No, really. That’s what Labour is under Keir Starmer:

Meanwhile,Biden looks increasingly like losing the US presidential election, or at best scraping through, in another object lesson in how centrist sabotaging left-wing candidates is a gift to extreme right-wingers.

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  1. Tories wage endless wars to grab other countries’ resources AND to distract from their domestic failures.

    1. Signpost, I know what you mean, but in this particular case it was the Argentina Junta that waged war on the UK to distract from their domestic failures.
      The Junta was under pressure for all the protest at home. Mothers of young people that have disappeared without trace (now we know they were tortoured and murderer) were day after date with a white head scarf with the name of their children marching in silence, walking in a circle at Buenos Aires Plaza de Mayo.
      The Argentina Junta no the UK started this unnecessary war, the Argentina fascist wanted to stop the protest at home by diverting the attention towards a nationalistic war effort.
      Hundreds of young Argentinians died in the process and the sinking of the Belgrano was unnecessary, from my point of view.
      But to be clear, the UK responded to an unprovoked act of war from the Argentinians and the responsibility for the Faklands/Malvinas War lies with the Argentina Junta, no the UK

      1. Yep.

        Let’s not forget that the Argentina junta was turning it’s dissidents into corned beef. Don’t think for one second galtieri would’ve had reservations about doing the same to the would-be subjugated UK citizens

        While I despise thatcher and piss on its memory, retrieving the Falklands was absolutely the right thing to do. We should never abandon our own.

      2. We were “retrieving” the Falklands from conscripts who were I’ll equipped to do any corned beef manufacturing of the 650 expats. In fact, Galtieri was fighting a political marketing battle for his own survival which depended to a large extent on garnering international support against British last gasp imperialism. The question of “abandoning our own” would never have arisen if the government had their eye on ball. It turned into a needless exercise in the use of modern weaponry in the air and the putting of vastly superior professionals against poorly equipped amateurs on the ground exploited by two manics Galtieri and Thatcher supported by the monster Murdoch.

      3. Thatcher precipitated the invasion of the Falklands by withdrawing HMS Endurance the protection strip.

        While talks to end the conflict peacefully were being arranged, she ordered the attack, some say to boost her ‘Iron Lady’ credentials.

    1. That comment betrays your lack of knowledge of the lead up to the Falklands “war” Walsh.

      1. The simplistic non-analytical sloganised Ultra-Leftism we’ve come to expect from from John Thatcher as usual. It is yet another of those ironies of history that Margaret Thatcher’s, very near-call, skin-of-the-teeth, recapture of that old redundant coaling station for coal-burning Imperial battleships, at the time of the Argentinian invasion entirely run by the Bolsover-based Coalite Company, (a victory massively US-assisted – via the most up to date air to air missiles and intelligence – and lots of hep from Pinochet’s Chilean military/fascist Junta), led directly to the collapse of the then actively murderous/mass torturing military/fascist Junta in Argentina – saving the lives of tens of thousands of Argentinian Left wingers, then in their jails and torture chambers – and restoring democracy to Argentina. The Junta would have been much solidified and lasted for many more years of tyranny if it had secured the capture of the Falklands/Malvinos. On the downside of course it probably won Thatcher the next UK General Election. Still, what’s a few more tens of thousands of dead and tortured Argentinian Lefties against that ?

        The UK radical Left then, as I vividly recall from a letter from an old Trot comrade of mine at the time, generally chose to view the Right Wing Tory,, Thatcher, as the ‘real fascist’, not the murderous Argentinian Junta ! This is the same simplistic western Left ‘anti-Imperialism’ doctrine that considers ONLY US imperialism (along with its allies) as worthy of criticism and opposition – whilst every other dictatorial, mass-murdering, minor imperialist nation, from theocratic Iran, to Gaddafi’s Libya, to Asaad’s Syria, or Saddam’s Iraq, or China , were, and still are where they still exist, , wrapped up as beyond criticism, into that great ultraleft and stalinist political con trick, inherited from the old Soviet Union’s Foreign Ministry’s global alliances , ie, the ‘Axis of Resistance’ !

        Nothing has changed to date in the juvenile, simplistic , politics of the western Left , sadly. If anything, with even madder Left Liberal identity politics now added in, ensuring that UK radical Left politics strays ever further from any possible connection with the millions of ex Labour working class voters the Left needs to capture to build any political alternative to both Toryism and Tory-lite Starmer/Blairism.

      2. You take the biscuit Wolfie. Twisting our history to make Thatcher the good guy rescuing Argentina from the evil junta we supported diplomatically until they caught us knapping is beyond the pale and an insult to all the merchant seaman who lost their limbs/lives in a pointless bloodbath to sustain Thatcher and British imperialism. Your rambling nonsense is becoming increasingly decided.

      3. “whilst every other dictatorial, mass-murdering, minor imperialist nation, from theocratic Iran, to Gaddafi’s Libya, to Asaad’s Syria, or Saddam’s Iraq, or China , were, and still are where they still exist, , wrapped up as beyond criticism, into that great ultraleft and stalinist political con trick, inherited from the old Soviet Union’s Foreign Ministry’s global alliances , ie, the ‘Axis of Resistance’ ”
        Proof if ever it were needed, you are a shill.

      4. Thank you bad penny, condemnation from you is praise indeed.

      5. Looks like I’ve been released from the sin bin!

        jpenney could do with a spell in there. A self-declared Trot without a home so trolling here is the next best option. Actually has the nerve to demand censorship of other commenters on a site he/she doesn’t belong to. Never a short, snappy commenter, but afflicted with chronic case of dogmatic verbal diarrhea, yes lundiel, you are correct. A dictionary-definition shill.

    2. Absolutely yes. The Junta has long gone but we still pay at least 10 billion pa on maintaining the outpost… we could really do with now we’ve screwed the economy for our children for the next 50 odd years.

    3. Where Shropshire, Kent, Bethnal Green, Surrey, Bristol or anywhere else in the UK is the Argentinian Junta David Walsh?
      You are obviously IGNORANT of facts eg the same Tory Government were determined to keep shafting poor people with the Poll Tax… and snatching milk from children then.

      Now, Tories are claiming they can’t afford to provide ONE hot meal for poor children, pay nurses and care workers a decent wage, and councils are begging for cash to care for vulnerable people??? Are you Walsh ignorant by nurture or morally impoverished by nature?

  2. We nearly had a brilliant government in 2017 with policies that would have put people first… I can’t see that ever happening again. I’ll never forgive politicians like Nandy who preferred to suppoty the Tories.

    1. I don’t know, but doubt Jeremy supported the Falklands Tory arms sales boosting distraction. I expect Jeremy voted against EVERY war by British governments since an MP. He would have been 100% correct. ALL the Tory wars have been UNJUSTIFIED. Blair’s Tory INVASIONS were NOT Jeremy’s or Dianne Abbott or Dennis Skinner et al’s INVASIONS of other people’s countries. 🌹🌹🌹

    2. Yes. Jingoism was rife and the working class were fully behind Thatcher but the war only happened because of British inaction which caught us on the hop and truth told, we only won it because of help from Reagan and the dictator Pinochet. That said, Labour were scathing of Thatcher at the time.

      1. Reagan? You having a tin bath? Hed have preferred we did piss al, and preserved save the fascist junta.

        So much for the (one-way) ‘special relationship’ (again)

        And I seem to recall our NATO and EEC “allies” – the french- sold the argentinians their Exocet missiles…

        So much for their idea of “liberate, egalite, fraternite”

      2. We were completely dependent on American satellite technology without which those French cruise missiles would have prevented the landing of British troops.

      3. And Reagan was entirely supportive of the fascist juntas in continental S.America that kept the Commie menace minimised.

        Put it this way, they hedged their bets rather than giving us outright support – combative or non-combative.

        As for your conscripts case…. Rather disingenuous, as you know as well as anyone else the disappearances were ((and would’ve been) carried out by secret police types rather than conscripts

    3. Thatcher was in a precarious position and in the historic Saturday afternoon emergency debate, but one man rose to face the dangers of the situation.
      In a barnstorming speech, the Leader of the Opposition, Michael Foot that put steel in the spine if the waverers. He demonstrated real leadership and devotion to honourable national values and sentiments , unlike the cheap, cost-cutting Tories who had created the circumstances that facilitated Argentina’s invasion.
      It’s funny how history generally overlooks this.

  3. Fuck’s sake – the antisocialist Jo Coburn, one of the BBC’s trained attack dogs, was just humiliated by a US polling pundit.
    Total blank look when he referenced Thomas’ “Do not go gentle into that good night” – despite his modest assumption that next to an ‘educated’ Englishwoman on the BBC he was just a poor uncultured American.

    1. I would like to see that. Where could it be. Further proof that the lapdogs are precisely that, yet they throw scorn and derision upon the working class as if we are animals. ☮️

    2. How dare you attack Coburn, that shining example of ignorant bourgeoise entitlement like that.

    1. Well, you only need look at what the ‘rags have put up as foreign sec…And he didn’t know where Dover was ffs!

      The qualification process must’ve been dumbed down to the point where having a non-english wine or a foreign foodstuff at least once a week gets you the post.

      There’s more talent in the bottom of a hamster cage than there is in Westminster these days.

  4. Bad enough as this is can you imagine her comments if she had been Shadow Home Secretary talking about the Hillsborough and what the families of the 96 were put through for decades under the Tories and the even worse Tony Blair. If she had got on to the miners strike she would probably have talked about the cruelty of the miners towards the horses during the cavalry charge and the cost of cleaning the miners blood from the saddles. With people in the shadow cabinet like her we have no chance of winning the next election. She should do us all a favour and retire to the back benches where the amount of damage she can do is not so great.

    1. The party is almost totally compromised. 5th Columnists, agent provocateurs and foreign agents. As with wealth when is treachery enough? Regards.

  5. I am not suprised that nandy pandy likes joe the child molester and trilateral member.Trumps a lone wolf and the democratic party and most of the Republican are signed up like our lot for the gravey train world government for the elite.Biden is a seriously dangerous politician and having had a small amount of political experience in Texas hill country helping democrats in the Obama 1st win .IT took a few years to catch on that the political system is even more rigged for the elite than here in the UK.Trump will do what a old fashioned capitalist will do and thats lining his pockets first and the crumbs will fall down to the american working class.(yes they still have them).I hope that someone like Bernie sanders whom most ordinary people like will one day rise from the swamp.and give the most powerful nation on earth a do something other than bombing people into the stone age.My daughter and grandchildren are all registered democrats and like most people,politically nieve.

    1. Democrats = the security state these days and as you say Trump’s a lone wolf who won’t start another war on purpose, the next 4 years will be devoted to making him “a great president”. If Joe Dementia wins the security state will have free reign to press ahead against Iran, Russia, China, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua etc.

  6. I reckon Trump’s got it. Was just looking at an exit poll on the economy, 35% said it was good while 13% said bad. As ever, the economy is top of people’s concerns.
    Goodbye creepy old Joe, hello another 4 years of Trump lunacy.

    1. Whoever they get, they deserve. Just like here, if stammer contests the be GE as (alleged) labour leader.

      It’s the rest of the planet gets my condolences.

  7. This is a massive neon sign in the new management’s shop window. It say’s “Corbyn – we’ve desecrated and deviled him, vote for us, we’re just billionaire-loving tories with a smile”.

    It also says to Corbyn-supporting members “Feck off! We don’t want you destroying our new better-than-New Labour party”

    So, of course, we shouldn’t (but neither should we support the billionaires’ lackey leader of Labour or campaign for his people, CSG or nothing).

    Why do they fear us so much?

  8. Interesting comment from a Latino voter from Miami on Ch4 news. He said “we want the law, we want freedom, I came here from Cuba and I served in the military, my wife is a serving policeman and my 3 children are in the military, Biden is a Socialist”. Says a man who’s whole family depends on employment by the government. Americans are mental.

  9. Is she doing a Farage then? Trying to get into Biden’s good books because he is winning the Presidential election?. I too went to bed last night (3rd) thinking Trump would win it. However, Biden will bein the cockpit as President without a plane to fly as he has already lost the Senate. No actual policy he wants will get through. Trumpism still lives on, in a country turned literally half fascist by this orange man, this narcissistic loser creep, who pretends he loves his supporters but he only loves himself and craves adulation. His is petulant cry baby and unstable. Such irony. But then the lumpen proletariant in America ,so long disregarded by the establishment democrats would not understand irony. Lundiel says that a Latino voter from Florida said something interesting. Of course the Cuban expats experienced Castro and deeply fear socialism and the word socilaist. Biden is no socialist as Trump tried to paint him, (unfortunately), The Democrats now need to up their game and recognise that they did not lsiten to the rust belt, and they are part of an establishment elite that neglected a vast working class demographic. Also they need to realise that ‘Latinos’ are not one homogenous group. How out of touch is that? Cuban ‘asylum’seekers and their descendants are not Latino like Mexicans are, who live in Texas or California and Arizona and are treated so badly by locals, treatment fanned by Trump. And,while I am about it. That Rudi Guliani needs to be locked up in a penitentiary for a long long time. He is Trump’s vicious, poisonous accolyte terrified he is not goig to get his wages of sin from Trump. Thank goodness Borat captured his venality on film for alol to see.

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