City and metro mayors press government into making Liverpool the pilot for new city-wide testing

But locals will be uneasy at Tories sending military into city

Liverpool city and Merseyside metro mayors Joe Anderson and Steve Rotheram have succeeded in pressing the the government into making Liverpool the pilot for a new coronavirus testing programme that will result in everyone living or working in the city being offered regular coronavirus tests, with both standard swab tests and rapid turnaround tests being used.

Anderson said of the announcement:

During negotiations with central government, myself and Steve Rotheram have always highlighted the need for enhanced public health intervention measures in Liverpool and the wider city region, and we were keen that we should be considered for any new strategies to tackle the worrying rise in Covid-19.

We are pleased that our numerous conversations have resulted in Liverpool becoming a pilot for mass testing, which will help to quickly identify people who have the virus and reduce transmission substantially.

We are seeing a slow reduction in figures in Liverpool which shows we are on the right path and residents and businesses are working together and following guidelines for the greater good.

We hope this new initiative boosts our efforts, and we will continue to see the numbers of positive cases drop across the city.”

The city council will give details of the arrangements in the next few days. However, the move will mean the military moving into the city in numbers to administer the programme. With Liverpool’s proud history of resistance to the Tories, the idea of Boris Johnson sending in troops will make many uneasy, even for a positive programme with the prospect of bringing down the rate of infection.

The scheme is only likely to help if local experts are also put in charge of contact tracing of those testing positive, as the Tories’ nationally-organised version has been a shambles.

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  1. With Liverpool’s proud history of resistance to the Tories, the idea of Boris Johnson sending in troops will make many uneasy, even for a positive programme with the prospect of bringing down the rate of infection.

    In which case Liverpool’s politicians have a responsibility to reassure the people of Liverpool.

    1. And stammer….with his unconditional support for de piffle’s measures, affords him exemption, does it?

      But I suppose that the city being predominately labour, translates to it giving the same unconditional support to stammer as his unconditional support to the rags, to you.

  2. Mismanaging the Covid19 threat to make it a gold-plated Opportunity for exploitation and profit is primarily what Boris and hmg are doig. Anderson and Rotherham, alternately, show a people-centred strategy that once was available from left-leaning liberals, but nowadays seems solely a socialist option

    Sending the army into Liverpool is not the most threatening or frightening or repressive thing that this Government is doing: Giving £9billion to the spymasters at GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) to develop the Joint BIOSECURITY Centre (JBC), an “alert” system that portends to be concerned with health, but is actually yet another development of the surveillance system that provides Mass Indiscriminate Surveillance to a level that even the East German STASI thought impossible.

    Meanwhile, in the real world, Liverpool and Merseyside show how a national government should be behaving, instead of using this situation to develop a state-control machinery for the benefit of their friends and class.

    1. Normalising of troops in uniform is not the first answer to solving problems.inside the citys.I didn’t like it in any situation and I would not trust this government in any way to using forces in what needs to be a civilian operation.Remember the past if you wish for a future,Conservative and unionist party troops are the first responders in oppression of the working-class.Do we never learn?

      1. Joseph – I think you are being ridiculous. Why would you wish to delay the start of mass testing when we’ve all seen the importance of acting quickly in this crisis.

  3. After TEN MONTHS the Tories think it MIGHT be worthwhile to BEGIN to TRIAL mass testing in Liverpool.
    Careful now BloJob, don’t rush to judgement.

  4. ”Careful now BloJob, don’t rush to judgement.”

    Dunno why, but that procured a mental image of going all ‘Sgt Hartmann’ on de piffle’s Private Pyle

    Someone needs to, ‘cos stammer’s incapable.

  5. Mass testing? Currently, anyone who wants a test can get one, so why have the army here? Good that the under 20’s have already flagged this up through social media here in Liverpool.
    . Good that they’re more tuned in than many political commentators; and why the same young people have a healthy suspicion of anything the Govt do and what the apologists of capitalism offer.
    Given the Tory changing policies re the virus (and Sir Stormer) their lack of concern for millions of working people, their brazenness at handing out lucrative contracts to their mates, we’re now expected to believe that soldiers on the streets are there to look after us.
    We’ve seen the discussions of these pages Sqwarky, highlighted by yourself. The Tory lies, incompetence and greed being obvious. Their priorities have been bunging their friends billions while depriving children from poorer families of a dinner. So I’m surprised that you think the establishment won’t use every opportunity to gain an edge in their plans. This is a Govt that makes Thatcher look like Mary Poppins.
    Don’t forget, the young people of this City have seen the police, with dogs, horses and helicopters, batter peaceful protesters who turn out to successfully stop fascist scum marching here.
    This generation of teens are seeing, and suffering terrible hardship inflicted by the same Govt that we’re now expected to trust, according to some. The younger generation have a very healthy lack of respect, and trust for the class that views us in the same manner as a farmer does his livestock.
    They’ll never vote either for the pale imitation of the Tories; the class politics becoming very obvious to them. As they say, ‘An ounce of experience is worth a ton of theory’.

  6. I’m curious to know whether the army on civil deployment in the UK would typically have their individual weapons with them.
    I doubt they’d be carried openly but who knows with this shit show in office.
    Something tells me they’d probably have them close by, possibly in protected vehicles, but that’s based on nothing more than distrust of the establishment.
    After 1981 and 2011 I just wonder if the Tories see Liverpool as another Belfast.

  7. Three days of Crown forces inside Derry city and Seven armoured vehicles with troops and police people removed without arrest and interogated Zip tied and thrown into the trucks.News blackout and unable to be told why the Lockdown Tory style.Sinn Fein councillors ignored and told to get inside or else.And these people are not dangerous terrorists so why.Bank accounts wages and benifits frozen no reason given and no judicial oversight and you SH and your misfits wonder why we dont want troops loose in Liverpool the city most hated by the conservative and unionist party after Derry Strabane Do you knight supporters realise whats happening to the country.?

    1. Joseph – Thanks for the history lesson, I was there too, off and on throughout the seventies. I am though struggling to see the relevance to todays situation. Surely you must realise that NI is a very different place today.

  8. The point is Ste H, we don’t need troops here. So why are we getting them? This Govt has no regard for working people, proven, and will use every opportunity to ratchet down what little democracy that remains. And, like in Ireland, once they’re here, when will they be removed?

    1. potatoclock – If the intention is, as it appears to be, to test the whole population periodically Liverpool is going to need all the boots on the ground it can get. Listen to your Mayor I would be very surprised if he voices the same objections as you when he appears on CH4 News tonight.

  9. The ruling class across Europe have attacked wages,, conditions and general employment rights, using the pandemic as an excuse. It’s an attack on democracy too. They know capitalism is in deep trouble.

  10. Well if the army are needed there is something else going on. Why is the Mayor pushing for this? and with the government in agreement I’d say ‘they were all in it together’. Strange times.

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