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Video: month ago today, Starmer warned ‘inevitable’ and ‘known’ open schools fuel second wave. So why is he still adamant they stay open?

Starmer’s flip-flopping is giving Johnson a free ride

One month ago today, Keir Starmer appeared on the BBC to warn that the role of schools in fuelling the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic was ‘inevitable’ and ‘known’.

This morning, he appeared on the BBC’s Marr programme to insist that schools must remain open:

He maintained that insistence even after Marr challenged him that scientists and unions say that keeping schools open will prolong the England-wide lockdown that Starmer agrees will damage the economy.

It’s hardly the first time Starmer has flip-flopped on schools and the virus. In August, he warned Johnson that he must re-open schools in September ‘no ifs, no buts’ – and then in his October statement insisted they were an ‘inevitable’ risk.

And, as the SKWAWKBOX will reveal exclusively later today, he was warned by Labour’s own coronavirus policy advisers that schools would need to close.

Boris Johnson is a disaster for this country, costing tens of thousands of needless deaths and the worst economic impact of any leading nation. The lack of an effective opposition is giving him a free ride.

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  1. Didn’t watch the interview Skwawky but tell me this. Did he blame Corbyn?

  2. Corbyn didn’t come up in the virus debate. Marr questioned him about Corbyn’s suspensiln seperately. What stood out was Starmer’s repeated insistance that the whole Labour movement agreed Corbyn was wrong to say what he did, as close as I can remember it.

      You are a nasty stinking liar SIR DISGUSTING STARMER

    2. Was it true, did EHRC allow the comment, what rule did he break, who made the decision, will he apologise to the Jewish Community who support JC and Labour
      What does he think of those who make Vexatious claims of anti semitism, does he agree they are hate crimes and should be prosecuted and have any of them faced disciplinary action

      1. Jeremy broke no rule. If he sued, he would win hands down, unanimous verdict EVEN in a perverse judicial system. The case is too cut and dry.
        Alas i don’t expect him to take any action. Deeply hope i’m wrong, but based on the past and recent utterances and the failure to act despite funds re the internal report, sadly expect acquiescence, capitulation… again and again and again FACT.
        Fresh air is not enough. Intermittently or even frequently expressed virtuous intentions butters no parsnips. One must act to bring about the change.
        Jeremy must sue. The party used membership funds to pay off accusers. Jeremy must sue. The party machine has been grabbed by LIARS‼️‼️‼️
        Jeremy MUST take them to court. Our party is at risk. We can see our country in danger soecifically BECAUSE sir keith starmer, wmd blair, mabdelson, blunkett, arestair campbellend worked night and day to put BloJob Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings in power. The parasites said so openly.

        Jeremy MUST sue. Reinstatement does not cut it for me🌹🌹🌹

      2. signpost not windchimes
        I believe the Middle Eastern Eye article mentions a number of cases in the pipeline following EHRC report
        The internal report and class action have effectively been underwritten by what they highlight, Red Tories responsible for the abuse

      3. Thanks Doug!!! Looking forward to the most stringent CRUSHING of VILE disingenuous people and creatures. 70 years is more than enough for people more experienced than i to learn that you cannot pacify those whose aims are polar opposite to yours FOR SEVENTY YEARS!!!

  3. What stood out was Starmer’s repeated insistance that the whole Labour movement agreed Corbyn was wrong to say what he did

    Prick was self-indoctrinated into thinking he spoke for the nation when he shithoused his 2nd ref with remain option through.

    Now he fancies hisself as the party’s equivalent of the jewish board of deputies; convincing himself he’s speaking on behalf of ALL members.

    Talk about having delusions of grandeur; the gobshite’s a self-indulgent megalomaniac.

  4. The knight and his misfits have not done the job they are duty bound to carry out in law to be the Official Opposition.They have had every chance to be the Opposition and reneged on their duty.Under any other type of job they would be sacked Johnson’s government are on the ropes and any group resembling a proper political party would find the door open and play the Torys into the gutter were they belong.But what does our knight and his misfits do ,they attack Corbyn and start a witchunt against the Socialist neutering the Labour party and starting a civil war against their fellow comrades.And now the arrogant clown decides that not content with sacrificing the elderly and vulnerable,he now wants to play right wing politics by supporting the other clown in this parliamentary circus and sacrifice the children….I hope you still in the Labour party make sure him and his misfits days are any means possible.Get out the pitchforks and assemble outside the party HQ and the homes of these treacherous dogs that have dragged the name of the Labour party into the gutter with the conservatives and unionist partyThe Labour party need to respect and feel the power of the membership and fear for their future,The tail end has wagged the dog for too long..!

    1. Totally agree Joseph, Toffee, Carlene and exiled+++ I’m now losing my rag. Must have a walk but tis raining … metaphorically too. WHERE ATE THE SO CALLED SOCIALIST MPs and Union Leaders⁉️ Have they learnt nothing⁉️ Do people really believe these TIMID people could SUSTAIN a meaningfully EFFECTIVE government in a new party⁉️ They are pissing up wind in a pipe dream‼️‼️‼️

  5. Let’s say it clear: The only reason that Sir Keir Rodney Starmer wants the schools to stay open is so that the rentier capitalists and property developers that profit from student accommodation do NOT go bust (or struggle to pay their obscene dividends)!

    And this is EXACTLY the same reason that Boris and his troupe of clowns (HMG) support it (oh, and so the schools and colleges can serve as Holding Pens so the pupils’ parents can work).

    1. Agreed ➕ to DELIBERATELY spread the disease to maintain a cash cow for the likes of Dodo Harding and chums

      1. qwerboi and sigpost you are forgetting the money they are going to save in pensions and disability benefits with all the elderly and disabled they are managing to send to the other world before their time.
        Plus they are going to blame Covid-19 for job loses and the impending freezing of salaries, nothing to do with the government mismanaging the pandemic and an economic recession that was looming in the horizon even before Covid-19 appeared.

      2. Maria, not forgetting, doubt qwertboi either. That’s why they want as many old and vulnerable dead asap. they are already blaming it on the youth. Then they will set up an inquiry ti report in 16 years time when starmer and co will be on their 2nd yacht and 4th villa and 666th directorship. Revolving door scam.

  6. If Jeremy had been leader and has suspended a former leader such as Blair the whole of Marr interview would have been about this with suggestions that Jeremy behaved in a vindictive way towards a political opponent and the Covis issue would have taken second place to this golden opportunity to portray Jeremy as a nasty spiteful individual who behaved badly to one of his predecessors but as it was Golden Boy Starmer who behaved so appallingly he was let of the hook by Marr.
    Regarding the schools issue Starmer has displayed lamentable ignorance of the outcome of opening schools which is raised infection rates among all age groups and which has led to a massive increase in fatalities . When history tells the tale of the Covid virus Starmer’s stance will be seen as politically motivated ie scared to take a principled stance as it might offend potential voters. Keir Starmer is a throwback to the New Labour age and is already proving to be as big a liability as Blair is.

    1. Smartboy….you must remember that most people are not interested in politics and couldn’t name the leader of the so called Opposition.They will blame the Labour party for deserting the working class to get their noses in the trough…I remember that woman in Reigate Surrey when out canvassing as a Labour councillor who replied after my asking if she could vote for Labour…No and F off….you’re all the same ,pigs in the trough..The Labour party will be to blame and thats just be how the media will play it.and it will stick just like the financial crisis in the past..And that Clown knight will go on the tv and probably agree….with Rayner agreeing yes partly.

    2. Smartboy he is a bigger liability than Blair. TB at least have charm while Starmer is simply put, boring.

      1. Maria i half agree. They r both deplorable and WMD T Blair is slimy. not charm oleagenous. WMD Anthony Blair is either a self lubricating anal worm or a george bush munching mongrel, or a fume from a Cambodian cesspit or all of the above plus any other odious creature. This very day we must resolve NEVER to give even a nano millimetre to such again. We must never expect warmongers, worshipers of despots and the embodiment of LIAR to be allies.

  7. Smartboy:”Starmer has displayed lamentable ignorance of the outcome of opening schools which is raised infection rates among all age groups and which has led to a massive increase in fatalities .”

    So true, Sb!

    The outcomes of supending his predecessor from the Party, alienating affiliated trades unions (including one that backed him for leadership), supporting India’s trumpian land-grabbing of Kashmir, not opposing the vile, authoritarian ‘spycops bill’, sacking RLB for no reason at all and demotivating membership, causing large chunks of it to consider leaving the Party suggest “lamentable ignorance” too.

    Or worse. One thin’s for sure, Sir Keir looks less electable by the day.

  8. I do not know why, but it is clear that he is happy to sacrifice lives for political gain. To Blame Johnson later….. So he thinks.

  9. Excuse me sir I want to be PM. I will speak properly, politely and with respect at all times and never offend. Hell, I’ll even grovel at Johnson’s feet. Please sir ?

    1. Oops…wrong thread… (Headline picture looks similar, must take greater care)

  10. “One month ago today, Keir Starmer appeared on the BBC to warn that the role of schools in fuelling the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic was ‘inevitable’ and ‘known’.”

    So suddenly, the greasy pole-climber, Starmer is a fount of wisdom, instead of the liar that he actually is?

    As with masks, lockdowns and all the rest of the paraphernalia of Tory Miss Whiplash dominance there is, of course , no such evidence about schools and children and schools spreading infection. That’s been clear from the start, and regularly confirmed by studies across the globe. … and that’s even when misleading and irrelevant PCR results are used as the measure.

    Sweden, the country that dealt successfully with this moderate epidemic never closed schools.

    Meanwhile, of course, there is no ‘second wave’ – something that is obvious to anyone with eyes and a brain – just a normal seasonal rise in respiratory infections (not necessarily SARS-CoV-2 originated) that is in the low normal range currently.

    The ‘unprecedented’ event continues not to exist (7 worse years of mortality in the past 27 years) except in the realms of propaganda for the gullible. That much hasn’t changed, whilst the immense damage to the working population continues as the left assists that propaganda in destroying the NHS. and society as a whole.

    Get a grip instead of witlessly brown-nosing the Tories.and Starmer in the crowd of Cupid Stunts that stand back and applaud.

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