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Breaking: 7 major UK unions issue joint call for Corbyn’s immediate reinstatement – still not told what rule he supposedly broke

Seven trade unions have issued a joint call for the immediate reinstatement of Jeremy Corbyn to the Labour Party, following Corbyn’s suspension on Thursday for comments the EHRC report specifically said any Labour member is legally protected in making.

Unite, CWU, FBU, TSSA, BFAWU, ASLEF and the NUM have all signed up to the demand.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn – who learned of his suspension from the media and had not been contacted by Keir Starmer by the following day – has still not been told what rule he is supposed to have broken to be suspended.

The shoddy behaviour of Keir Starmer and the Labour Party machine has seen steep falls in the public’s opinion of them and rightly so.

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  1. Glad to see my union, Unite, on that list. If I had my way Starmer and co would not get a penny.

  2. That Corbyn learned of his suspension from a cameraman, rather than from the Labour Party – and indeed from Starmer himself – shows a distinct lack of professionalism, and ignorance of basic human decency in dealing with people, that would shame the proprietor of the proverbial whelk stall.

    1. I disagree, Joe. There is NO decency about stammer; let alone professionalism…unless it’s professionalism in the sense that it will advance himself. But he’s reached his zenith now, only the plebs can further his advancement to where he really wants to be; only de piffle or the toerag PM of the day can shift him onto the red benches to enjoy his retirement (At further taxpayer expense)

      Basic human decency in dealing with people? Pffft! Only applies to stammer if you’re a toerag; then he’ll bend over backwards to make sure your requirements are catered for.

      Nope. It’s nothing more than a manifestation of the yellow streak running right through the reptile.

      Too terrified to front the toerags on ANYTHING, too shit-scared to front Corbyn with the news; leaving it to a cameraman…

      The gutless, spineless, establishment’s eunuch.

      1. Toffee – That would be all well and good but for the fact that the leadership of the party was specifically excluded from any involvement in party’s disciplinary procedures during JC’s tenure.

    2. Though rebels fight and leftists struggle,
      And fascists hold hard in fear
      You’ll keep your yellows spines hiding behind
      the City of London golden veneer.

      ☮️ Mostly.

    1. Yep. Nick Georgiou. IF the so far totally supine Socialist Campaign Group of MPs , plus this hugely important
      bloc of Left-led unions, finally said ‘enough is enough’ and established a new radical (but not revolutionary) Left Party with the Campaign Group as its MPs , and Jeremy as Leader,, initially on the policies of the 2017 Manifesto (2017, NOT 2019 – as the pro EU stuff would be as appealing as a bucket of cold sick to the Northern and Midlands Heartland working class ex Labour voters we need to recapture) , such a Party would have a 100,000 members immediately . And contrary to those here who claim the FPTP electoral system would block its electoral growth, au contraire, the political degeneracy and electoral unpopularity of Starmer’s re-heated neoliberal Blairism (with a major covid-caused economic crisis looming in the UK and globally) , means all existing political stuctures everywhere are now up for grabs. And so far the Radical Populist Far Right are the most flexible and best placed to benefit, not the Left.

      But do the trades unions really mean it ? I doubt it – It’s just sabre-rattling, they just want an accommodation with Starmerism, not its overthrow. Hopefully Starmer WILL trap himself into expelling Jeremy, (after he hopefully refuses to grovel) AND a raft of similarly accused other Labour MPs , and then the fantasy of ‘working with Starmer to safeguard the Corbyn legacy policies’ will be surely shown to be a self-serving delusion of the Campaign Group poseur careerists.
      The hubris of the triumphant Blairites under Starmer, may yet make them overplay their hand , and drive the ‘Left’ out of this now politically and electorally defunct reborne NuLabour Blairite Party to do something much more politically useful.

      1. Absolutely
        Except for the not revolutionary bit!
        So liberated since leaving.
        Putting energy in to real socialist thinking,
        No more bureaucratic bollocks.

      2. I think that Stalin Starmer has no intention of reinstating Corbyn. He has personally taken the decision to suspend him and have the whip removed despite no misconduct of any kind. He will expel Corbyn from the Party which will make him a darling of the BOD, the MSM and the BBC – which is all he wants – he’s a coward, a fake, an autocrat and a dishonest liar.

  3. GMB and Unison
    The Left candidate should make this their red line, with them on board then the worlds our lobster

    1. If the LW candidates stand on the platform you suggest then hopefully it will encourage more union members to engage in the process and increase the turnout..

      1. SteveH
        One point we also agree on is there is currently no outstanding candidate to take on your man, which makes it even more important to make TE a lame duck and sweep the board in the NEC elections
        My prediction is he will bring back Cockwombles which will open the door for Chris Williamson and then its game on

  4. The Unions should not only be calling for the reinstatement of Jeremy Corbyn, they should also be calling for the suspension of Starmer and his accomplice David Evans.

    1. And what about SH trying to swop allegiances at the drop of the hat.Too late stevie boy your cards been marked by your friend from the mersey.Along with your check ✔from the knight this month expect a grilling from your Corbyn era support for Palestinian rights and some of your AS comments that are a little unsavoury to the knight led Labour party.You deserve a prize for the shortest misfit knight supporter in the short story of the knight and his team…of right wing destroyers.

      1. Joseph – I don’t have a side to swap as far as the union votes are concerned, I am no longer a member of any trade union. However I do think that higher turnouts add legitimacy to the outcome which is a good thing. I am simply hoping that recent events encourage more union members to get involved, nothing more nothing less.
        eg Len got elected on a 12% turnout and <6% of Unite's membership voted for him,

    1. One of the few left with any sense of tradition and self respect. Best wishes brother.

  5. “Labour says Johnson should have acted sooner, when Sage and Labour called for a two-week “circuit breaker” over half term.”

    But that’s not really true is it?

    The scientists advised a lockdown at a sage meeting. THREE weeks later, that advice was leaked. Only after that information was in the public sphere, and after Sturgeon had imposed a form of lockdown, did Starmer say that Johnson should follow their advice. It hardly makes him the sage (npi) that they’re trying desperately to insinuate now. He was a follower, not a leader.

    1. Joe – Your accusations just don’t make sense. Starmer wasn’t even aware of the existence of this advice from SAGE until it was leaked. He immediately took action when this ignored advice was exposed and supported the SAGE advice. What else do you think he should have done.

      1. Oh, you missed the point!

        This afternoon/evening, his acolytes are saying that HE suggested a short lcokdown of two or three weeks. All his own idea.

        As you’ve noticed – it was never his idea.

    2. Right, now we’re all going to die but you can still get a good mortgage or insurance plan. Bring out your masks.

  6. When has Labour ever required illegal acts to suspend membership?
    I appreciate this is different but “bringing the Party into disrepute” has been enough of an excuse up to now, hasn’t it?
    If this increases the pressure on Starmer & Evans it’s worth doing obviously.
    Maybe it’ll even work, but if any degree of apology from Corbyn is demanded by Starmer in return for reinstatement Jeremy should reject that offer out of hand and use it to support the case that the EHRC determination is pure antisocialist lying criminally-corrupt free-speech-restricting Tory-supporting BOLLOCKS.

    1. I agree totally with McNiv here. Wonders never cease🌹🌹🌹

    2. David, in an interview for Middle East Eye some months ago now Corbyn said the EHCR was now part of the Government and he couldn’t find any reason why that should be the case but it was the case. I think therein lies the ECHR’s remit.

      For me, Jeremy’s been through enough with the sustained vicious, malicious, vitriolic quite frankly Hate Campaign against him by the MSM, the TV Broadcasters (all of them) and from within his own Party. This really is an extension of that Hate Campaign – Starmer has done what the BOD has asked him to do. Jeremy deserves so much better.

  7. You have to admit that Stalin’s actions, if premeditated, are an attempt to empty the party of Socialist members. Although I left the party a while ago over the second referendum which ultimately cost Labour the election, I’m unsure what the best course of action is now. The thought of leaving the name of the party and it’s history to Stalin’s clique pains me and unless all Socialists to a woman/man up and leave along with a substantial number of MPs start a new party any break will only help Stalin consolidate his hold.
    On the other hand, if all those members who already left rejoined and worked with those Socialists remaining we could make a difference. Unfortunately, it’s too late for me, under the IHRA definition, I’m antisemitic and probably wouldn’t be allowed back in.
    What do others think?

    1. Lundial…get a claim in and have a early Christmas.Some sort of class action for damages caused to your upstanding reputation…ITs about time these clowns at HQ felt the wrath of the membership for the cruelty and damage handed out by a pill popping illiterate NEC kangaroo court…good luck comrades and all who have felt the jackboot of the AS scam.

    2. lundiel, I dispute your assertion “On the other hand, if all those members who already left rejoined and worked with those Socialists remaining we could make a difference.”
      I dispute it on the basis that we were unable to “make a difference” last year when we were undeniably in a stronger position – with Jeremy leading – than we are today with the right wing back in total control.
      If you have something solid to support your statement lundiel, I’ll rejoin if they’ll have me.

      1. DM – “we were UNABLE to “make a difference” last year when we were undeniably in a stronger position” NO.

        I maintain that we WERE EXTREMELY able. But the MIRACULOUS opportunity was SQUANDERED at every single point. Every single one. Every effort and fixation was to “keep things calm” and appease those who were KNIFING us ALL in the front‼️‼️‼️

        Those few, valiantly defending Jeremy like George Galloway, Ken Livingstone and Chris Williamson were DISGRACEFULLY abandoned… thrown under every stinking Right Wing bus. Everything suggest that ZERO has been learnt.

        Allan Howard the White Flag Man and SHILL hunting prized ferret is celebrating with his nuts… or whatever ferrets munch.

      2. lundiel, for those of us who hoped the shock of a mass exodus might lead to a reversal of the drift to the right or the formation of a new party there was no thought of capitulation – and I’m still here plotting their downfall aren’t I? I’m not up for surrender of any kind.

        Signpost, we were “unable” to succeed in taking control of the party away from the parasites.
        That’s incontrovertibly a fact.
        Disputing the meaning of the word ‘unable’ is pretty thin gruel.

      3. Perhaps if our Union tops were paid more they might remember what it means to be a stalwart trade unionist? God I loathe fifth columnists of all stripes. Words, words , words. Camera inaction. God help us all. ☮️. Skwakie, why do I have to re-register everyone I post? I know I can’t tick like but after all of these years to have to continue typing my details becomes irksome. Nonetheless I remain a loyal Boxy. X

    3. Stay out. Labour is dead. I get your point but how low do they have to sink? Get to Derby next year and always be careful. ☮️

    4. We need to increase the membership, ideally double it, and ensure bottom up control of the Labour party.

      Evo Morales Ayma
      Expresamos nuestra solidaridad con @jeremycorbyn en momentos en que es injustamente suspendido de su partido. Jeremy es un líder político y luchador social que defiende las causa justas en el mundo.

      1. We express our solidarity with @jeremycorbyn at a time when he is unfairly suspended from his party. Jeremy is a political leader and social fighter who defends the just causes in the world.

    5. Lundiel, I say any self-respecting socialist or remotely left wing person leave the Party and that the Unions supporting Corbyn remove their funding to start a new Party. There’s no point staying because Starmer remember, not many weeks ago reopened investigations into cases in which their lawyers said they was no evidence to support anti- semitism. That’s what he’s after,, appeasing the BOD. It’s no longer the Labour Party. Just listen to Stalin’s Conference Speech about the working class wanting family blah blah blah. No they want affordable transport, affordable housing, jobs, decent and free education etc. Starmer wrote them off as just people who wanted old fashioned values and family.

      There is no Labour Party under his Leadership, there isn’t even any Opposition to this Government under his Leadership, he’s a Tory whose only been an MP for five years and has no inkling at all about Parliamentary politics.

      1. Jo – I have my doubts that Boris will agree with your last paragraph. Johnson used to mock Corbyn, he’s not laughing now.

    6. Couldn’t have anything to do with a mob that accepts torture and child murder.

  8. The Labour party and the knights leadership are in serious trouble today with writs flying round HQ if jackie walker and other victims of the Labour kangaroo courts act on advice from lawyers….The truth is coming home to roost…Now wait for the blame game with both the knight and the previous leadership having some embarrassing questions of throwing loyal colleagues including the membership under the bus.

    1. I assume that you are correct as newspapers were going large on this story, when all of a sudden articles were stopped, responses from contributors were stopped, and by and large no comments BTL have been allowed.

      I think Starmer has got himself backed into a corner, and hasn’t a clue how to get out with threats coming at him and the party hierarchy from all sides.

    2. Joseph okeefe 31/10/2020 at 3:27 pm
      “The Labour party and the knights leadership are in serious trouble today with writs flying round HQ if jackie walker and other victims of the Labour kangaroo courts act on advice from lawyers….The truth is coming home to roost…”

      Which explains Keir Starmer’s insistence that the current system is replaced with an independent one. I suspect that Keir is all too aware that the party is going to have to deal with the fallout from the deeply flawed system that he inherited.

      1. What about the deeply flawed system that Corbyn inherited? Much more deeply flawed! Indeed, as a senior member of the Shadow Cabinet, if there was a “better” way of dealing with it, and with his legal background, surely Starmer should have suggested it.

        But he didn’t. I wonder why?

      2. Joe – How do you know he didn’t speak up in Cabinet. Much more to the point why didn’t Corbyn and his team get a grip of this.

      3. SH, What system did Jeremy inherit❓❓❓ Pray tell.

      4. windchimes – One that was unfair and also not very efficient at chucking members out of the party, but they have boasted that they’ve fixed that so that, despite the ongoing problems with fairness and justice, at least it is now really efficient at chucking people out of the party.. It has taken a long time but it looks like we may finally end up with a system that is independent, transparent and fair for all.

      5. You lot SH it is clear really have no shame. Maybe thats part of your success. Incredible to think how much effort i have expended trying to convince people that appeasing you all was destined to fail.
        Plus even when your lot are crushing opposition, you keep working, defending your view.

        What do we have? White Flag Man saying nothing could be done differently. McCluskey with his limp threats and damp pleas that “we could sort this out”. As if Jeremy’s suspension is some blip. Just apologise and carry on as usual. Why i bother is a mystery to me.

        Why you work so hard is another mystery as there seems to be very little resistance. How odd that your lot work to put your case when you break every rule. My lot when right, take days to appear in public and when they do, the call to arms is “STAY CALM”.

        You all must be laughing your Gorgon heads off. Serpents flaying about. Would not be surprised if White Flag Man Allan Howard brings you all flowers and champagne to placate you. Then you say bring a bigger bunch!!! Not big enough!!! More champagne!!! I can only dream that he will remain with you but of course only those dedicated to defeat will seek his services.

        Do us a favour. Get him to give you all the full saga of his Shill Hunting exploits. Please. You already have a considerable advantage.

      6. windchimes – Well ‘thanks’ for the diatribe but I haven’t a clue what you are talking about.

      7. It is not the system of chucking people out of the party that is at fault. It is the lack of a binding constitution on the aims and direction of the movement. The Labour movement and it’s political wing, the Labour party is in the hands of people who have a very different objective to the historical roots of the party and it’s working class membership. They, the members, never gave their authority to the globalist, neoliberal, light touch, small government, western imperialist, inverted totalitarians we are stuck with. The party has been usurped and no amount of propaganda will change that. Labour is finished.

      8. lundiel – You could try reading Chapter 1 of the Rule Book. It is freely available on-line.

      9. Steve H…your boss and the rest of you misfits added to the AS scam to rid the party of loyal comrades that are desperately needed to fight the Torys.You can never be forgiven or forgotten for what you’ve contributed to the demolition of the Socialist revival and the pain you have unleashed on the working class.

      10. Joseph – FFS Get a grip, who was in charge when the majority of these people were thrown out of the party?

      11. Ha! It says on the membership card that Labour is a democratic Socialist party which is clearly untrue.

      12. Clause IV.
        Aims and values
        1. The Labour Party is a democratic socialist Party.
        It believes that by the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more than we achieve alone, so as to create for each of us the means to realise our true potential and for all of us a community in which power, wealth and opportunity are in the hands of the many not the few; where the rights we enjoy reflect the duties we owe and where we live together fre ely, in a spirit of solidarity, tolerance and respect.

        2 To these ends we work for:
        , serving the public interest, in which the enterprise of the market and the rigour of competition are joined with the forces of partnership and co n to produce the wealth the nation needs and the opportunity for all to work and prosper with a thriving private sector and high quality public services where those undertakings essential to the common good are either owned by the public or accountable to them

        B – A JUST SOCIETY, which judges its strength by the condition of the weak as much as the strong, provides security against fear, and justice at work; which nurtures families, promotes equality of opportunity, and delivers people from the tyranny of poverty, prejudice and the abuse of power

        C – AN OPEN DEMOCRACY, in which government is held to account by the people, decisions are taken as far as practicable by the communities they affect and where fundamental human rights are guaranteed

        D – A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT, which we protect, enhance and hold in trust for future generations. Labour is committed to the defence and security of the British people and to cooperating in European institutions, the United Nations, the Commonwealth and other international bodies to secure peace, freedom, democracy, economic security and environmental protection for all.

        3 – Labour shall work in pursuit of these aims with trade unions and cooperative societies and also with voluntary organisations, consumer groups and other representative bodies. On the basis of these principles,

        4 – Labour seeks the trust of the people to govern

  9. The only lockdown Starmar supports is a lockdown of truth and democracy when dealing with the membership and socialism.,Bury the membership inquiries with complaints about procedure and harassment of CLPs by the knight and Digger Evans….get these right wing crooks into a corner and lockdown the witchunt…..Attack …Attack and let the Rage against the Labour machine have both barrells of the left wing revolt.

  10. Unbelievably schools and universities are to stay open during the new lockdown of England according to the BBC.
    Lockdown is to last until 2nd December apparently.
    Schools open shoots lockdown in the foot.
    You wanker Starmer.
    SAGE keeps being mentioned – I’ll bet they didn’t say the schools should stay open.

  11. BloJob keeps delaying the lockdown announcement – there could be some serious emergency like ‘nine-eleven’ or Suez – that would be understandable.
    It could be a sudden new scientific discovery that changes the whole complexion of what he has to say. Maybe there’s a vaccine ready to go.

    Or it could be that they’re still brainstorming their excuses for the blizzard of press questions, their eyes glued to the news channels for clues on what those questions might be so BloJob can look as prepared and unwankerish as possible.
    Or maybe he just keeps forgetting his lines or the earpiece prompter is on the blink.

      1. Lundiel Same could be said for the knight with is flushed face contemplating whether to have a “swift one” before PM Qustions. I am told by my Reigate lawyer friend that drinks always been his crutch and thats probably the reason for the lunatic decissions.And beer is off the menu for the knight ,he prefers the spirits I am told.

    1. The possibility we might be waiting on a last-minute knockout tournament of rock-paper-scissors by a bunch of failed and fired brewery piss-up executives – is just too scary to contemplate.

      1. I expect the supermarket shelves are going to be as empty as they were in March tomorrow, dammit.
        Being an antisocial old git I like to shop when it’s quiet – like Sundays or the middle of the night.
        Bugger. Nevermind, I need to lose a stone or three.

  12. Reading The Middle Eastern Eye analysis it won’t take many legal cases to bankrupt the party, those behind the Class Action have effectively cleaned up
    EHRC have underwritten their case
    Labour Party shares

  13. ‘EHRC draws unsubstantiated conclusions from highly selective, anonymous sources’. No direct nor specific reference ever made.

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