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Labour sets up special site for staff to report members who criticise EHRC report – and emails members ordering them not to

Party machine clamps down on free speech again

The Labour Party has set up a special ‘rapid’ link encouraging staff to scour social media for members daring to criticise today’s EHRC report or Labour’s response to it. A message sent to staff today informs them of the facility and encouraging them to ‘escalate quickly’ so the party can use its ‘open communication channel’ with Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks to censor comments it doesn’t like:

At the same time, general secretary David Evans has emailed members warning them of dire consequences if they depart from the party line of uncritical acceptance of the report:

Evans even demands of Facebook group moderators – who are voluntary, unpaid and not answerable to the Labour Party – that they must ‘closely moderate’ or even suspend access to their group.

This is not the first assault on free speech that Labour, under Starmer and Evans, has mounted. In August, Evans sent an email banning local party groups (CLPs) from even discussing the party’s pay-out of an estimated £600,000 to a group of ‘whistleblowers’ in a case Labour’s lawyers expected to win.

It is indeed a day of shame for the party.

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  1. Comrades, the best thing you can do today is send a contribution to the Skwawkbox!

  2. Can someone point out any differences there are between Starmer’s tactics and those of Johnson, because I can’t see any.

    1. Ask steve h.

      According to him there ,i>is….But he’s yet to tell us what they are.

      You’ll notice there hasn’t been a peep out of him while stammer’s being rightly lambasted on here.

      And on a day like today that’s barely a coincidence.

      1. Toffee you and many on here will be on the SH hit list including me though anyone with a ounce of nonce would realise that the establishment knight would prefer the witchunt for the publicity it would generate.Keep up the good work exposing the scum.

    2. The reason why it’s difficult to distinguish between Starmers and Johnson’s tactics is Johnson is Starmers mentor

    1. Thanks for the sleuthing. How do I find out? I know how to bring up the page code and I understand HTML but which part of the code am I looking at if I want to find this out?

      1. I don’t have concrete evidence I’m afraid. It’s just that I can’t envisage a scenario where Evans emails admin to do alterations to front and back ends today and have it up and running so soon.

  3. Honestly just tear Starmer apart over his involvement in police brutality and high profile noncery cases while head of the CPS. Don’t be nice, every left wing news outlet needs to pick up every tiny little thing he did while head of the CPS and break it down to the Nth degree. There’s plenty in there to prove he’s a horrible, nasty little racist and a misogynist. Starmer is the reason we got so much stick over Muslim Grooming Gangs, because it was him who called the victim “not credible” and threw charges at her for assisting in the crimes she was a victim of. He’s honestly trash. Rip him apart. Do not stop until there is nothing left.

    1. Never were truer words spoken, Mark Richardson.

      Never forget stammer also let TWO toerags off the hook and spared them jail; both became prominent cabinet ministers – one still is. Added to that his open bragging of his support for toerag policy.

      Never forget. NEVER FORGIVE.

      1. Hullo Toffee. I am in the dark with all this stuff. Been looking at a few other things. Please tell me more. Best to you and yours. ☮️

    2. How about calling Starmer to task for the 1000s of rapists that escaped prosecution and subsequent prosecution because of his changes to the Charging & Referral guidelines which served to make CPS look good by relying on a misleading statistic.

      He even admitted but tried to blame police.

      It is well documented

      1. Prefer a system of ‘Guilt by Accusation’. If you have ever been falsely accused you would know what I mean. Complainant remains anonymous as accused loses job. As a lone parent, that was difficult. How many prosecutions for false & malicious accusations did Starmer conduct?
        If you just want to increase convictions deny any defence. My advice to my son, who is now 21, do not have sexual relationship until you obtain written permission.

    3. I didn’t know about the grooming incidents and his involvement. How is that not a scandal? Great post. All skwakies with any info please post. ☮️ Wobbly X

  4. I have supported the labour party all my life, on 2 occasions i was a member. However, after today’s events, particularly the unjust action against Jeremy Corbyn, I will never support it again, I will never vote for labour again! I remain a democratic socialist.

  5. Model Resolution
    Motion for October Meeting
    This meeting welcomes the report of the EHRC into anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. We are particularly pleased that the EHRC did not find that the Party was institutionally anti-Semitic and call upon those members and ex members of the party who claimed it was (See examples below1) to now apologise for besmirching the good name of the party.
    We further note that the report criticises the involvement of LOTO in some disciplinary investigations. We further note however that the examples provided in the report all show instances where LOTO intervened to either speed up the process or suggest stronger action than that being proposed.
    We are pleased to note that the report recognises that once Jennie Formby was appointed General Secretary the processes for dealing with disciplinary cases and in particular allegations of anti-Semitism improved. In particular the EHRC found
    1. Since 2019, there have been improvements in the rate of determining cases. (Page 71)
    2. the EHRC’s report shows that ‘following an increase in NCC membership’, it dealt with 51 cases in 2019 compared to only 18 in 2018 an increase of nearly 300% (Page 71)
    3. Labour NEC panels heard 274 cases in 2019 compared to 80 in 2018 (Page 71)
    4. “The Labour Party has recently introduced reforms which improve the ability of the NEC & NCC panels to decide cases” (Page 76)
    5. It states in the EHRC report that “45 members were expelled in 2019 in relation to antisemitism, compared to 10 in 2018 and 1 in 2017”. (Page 82)
    6. The EHRC criticises the policy of not investigating complaints about Social Media activity. We note that this policy changed when Jennie Formby was appointed in 2018 (Page 84)
    7. In relation to the ‘leaked report’ the EHRC states “If the scale of informal handling of complaints portrayed in the leaked report is accurate, it fundamentally undermines confidence in the fairness of the antisemitism complaint handling process”. (Page 69)
    We note that the MSM have used this report to attack the previous leadership of the party, whilst in reality the report shows that problems with the party’s disciplinary processes predated the election of Jeremy Corbyn and only started to improve once Jennie Formby was appointed to General Secretary and her predecessor left office.
    We therefore welcome the improvements started by the previous leadership team and call on the current leadership to ensure that these improvements are maintained.
    1Rosie Duffield 14th July 2019
    Joan Ryan 22nd November 2019
    Luciana Berger 18th February 2019

  6. Various MPs & other leading right wingers accused the party of being ‘Institutionally anti-Semitic’. In view of the EHRC report which does not make such a finding such comments bring the party into disrepute. Such people should be reported to the Party.

    1. Try telling that to MSM they’re not interested in listening to that sort of logic. It’s far more important to peddle the false accusations of Corbyn and his supporters are all guilty of AS

  7. Dare I say it, this idea of scouring members social media to find out if members are daring to stand up and have an opinion opposite to theirs seems very similar to what a few groups who were involved in reporting members for antisemitism.
    Surely this is against the right of a person to speak their minds. It also means if I were asked by the BBC to put an alternative view to today’s outcome I could be suspended for doing so. Which theoretically is crushing members independence
    I fear the next announcement will be the JLM BOD and CAA will take over the Party’s disciplinary procedures.

    1. This explains a lot about the General Secretary who reportedly was being the Corbyn suspension

      “[The Labour General Secretary David Evans] was appointed on 26 May 2020, after twenty of the thirty-eight National Executive Committee members voted for him. His appointment was seen as a victory for Starmer, as Evans was described by The Independent as Starmer’s “first choice” candidate.

      The Jewish Chronicle described Evans as a “staunch opponent of hard left politics” and a “fierce critic of anti-Zionism””

      Labour members currently have a week left to vote for the new NEC candidates. Several right wing candidates think they have a great chance due to Left members leaving. They want Corbyn supporters to scream and shout, and probably get expelled, rather than vote, So if you have stopped subs in the last year check your delete folder, or insist on a form and VOTE.

      I suggest ranking Labour Left Alliance slate first, since they are most committed to fighting unjust accusations of AS. followed by the powerful Grassroots Voice slate who have more to lose, and could yield to Starmer.

      If you can, place the Independents next, then Tribune, Open Labour with the 5 right wing L2win slate last, remembering to OMIT the Israel lobbyist Luke Akehurst altogether.

      1. Thanks 4 this info jrchappell. Need to do my union votes too. 🌹🌹🌹

  8. I shall be reporting myself & have a t shirt made with “Expelled from The Labour Party & Proud”

  9. incredible sint it, this unknown man is possibly the most powerful man in Britain. He is the man tasked with destroying the left for the Tories by the tories (not labour which is a ghost of its former self). Starmer doesn’t particularly want to win an election. That isnt his job. This is what labour members (even anti-corbinites) need to understand.

  10. Cannot see the link above on any of my browsers.

    Which, in the context of be latest thread on this site about the GS calling for extra staff help is a shame really.

    Because,same younger readers may have to consult older comrades to understand the following reference, I recall what is now a very old Hollywood film production starring an actor by the name of Kirk Douglas about a chap by the name of Spartacus, and was about a slave rebellion in Roman times.

    The film ended with the defeat of the slave rebellion by the Roman Legions with every single slave standing up declaring they were Spartacus and it seems such a shame to waste all that staff time following the request of the GS for more hands to the pump by not being able to report myself – alongside many other would be Spartacus’s – for acting as a citizen rather than a loyal drone.

    So come on Skwawkbox. Give the members the tools to swamp the system bypublishing that fast track link. Make the managerialist buggers do some proper work.

    Dave Hansell

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