Breaking: workers told to isolate by Tories’ contact-tracing app are NOT eligible for financial support

Food bank use is increasing because of COVID-related hardship

The government has now confirmed that users of its contact-tracing app who receive an alert warning them to self-isolate because of exposure to a confirmed coronavirus case are not eligible for financial support if they lose income as a result.

Those who are told to isolate by human contact tracers are not affected. The government has been aware of this gaping hole in its support package for weeks:

Boris Johnson is expecting everyone to follow instructions to stay at home to slow the spread of the virus. He has spent billions in public funds to set up his grossly-overpriced app and on massive advertising campaigns on TV, YouTube and social media to encourage people to install it on their phones, with around 18 million doing so up to now.

Yet in doing so, Johnson has lined them up to be told to stay at home with no support at all, plunging millions of working poor people who do comply into desperate hardship – and forcing many to break isolation, driving the spread of the virus and putting millions at increased risk.

Yet another way in which Johnson is making a mockery of his sham 3-tier system supposed – and failing – to suppress the second wave when a national lockdown is needed.

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    1. No matter what, be it Covid-19, 20, 21, an earthquake, a flood, a meteor strike, ANYTHING, Tories Blue, Red & Co will ALWAYS clink champagne glasses to celebrate yet another chance to exploit the poor and scrounge from the public purse.

      Blue Tories and Starmer’s cabal ALL believe in privatised banditry, while all costs, all losses and all expenses to maintain society are socialised. That is their core scam, their core crookedness.

      We want to dump the same old same old. They wish to keep the status quo. Suits them just fine. More £BILLIONS for repeated obscene deadly failures. SERCO, CARILLON, G4S, A4E, … just follow the money.

      NB, You will NEVER hear Sir Starmer the thief of justice from Julian Assange and many others… Sir Starmer the tumescent gelled obstacle to truth, Sir Remainer, Sir Cesspit of deceit… Sir Traitor, Sir Parasite, Sir Coup Resigner, Sir SABOTEUR… you will NEVER hear Sir Starmer give ANY sustained meaningful criticism of the CORE CRIMES and ACTS of his Tory chums. NEVER‼️‼️‼️

  1. “For you, the class war is over’ May I suggest that in a Sociologists’s Rule of Thumb logic, that it is only the ‘working class’ who cannot work from home. who work zero hours contracts; are self employed or sole traders & cannot afford to self isolate.

  2. In the ‘pandemic society’ it can be seen that the function of the working classes is to serve the needs of the bourgeoisie, who can stay at home & self isolate. Society will still function as everything is ‘DELIVERED’ by the poor. Society has not changed in hundreds of years. Life for the downtrodden is still in the gutter!

  3. It looks like Cummings getting rid of the civil servants that used to think through details like this isn’t working out as he hoped it would.

  4. I wonder what the uptake is now? How many will have deleted the app on hearing this?

    The government can’t say exactly who has and hasn’t got/deleted it, else they’ll grass themselves up for using the app to spy on people; so they (by logic) won’t be able to stop people from claiming if they haven’t got the app.

    if they stop people from claiming for NOT having it then they’ll have lied about the app not being compulsory.

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