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Johnson quietly bins his shady £100 billion ‘moonshot’ testing project

Cowardly clown: Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson’s grand (if something blurted out unplanned and backfilled afterward can be grand) ‘Operation Moonshot’ rapid coronavirus testing plan has been quietly dumped. 

After a number of organisations sent a ‘letter before action’ threatening judicial review, the Tories have agreed to absorb ‘Moonshot’ into the existing test and trace programme – and have abandoned Johnson’s ludicrous plan to spend £100 billion on his vaporous project 

But the threat of legal action has not receded, with its instigators demanding transparency over the Tories lack of due decision-making process and of competitive tendering for the project and threatening to resume the action if answers are not provided.

Johnson’s habitual attempts to funnel billions into the pockets of his chums and backers have hit a major snag – and his grandstanding has been exposed as the nonsense it always was.

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  1. And as Rishi k keeps telling us, it all has to be paid back – by us, of course. By the kids who he refuses free meals in the holidays, and the elderly and disabled who have suddenly been denied care under the Corona virus act. ‘One of the cruelist parts of the corona virus acts is that it allowed councils to stri back social care’- Liberty. May account for some of the filgures for deaths in the home, awiay from public gaze during the lockdown.

  2. Johnson’s “grand stand” is corruption. Covid-19 is been politicised to the hilt. The job loses we are experiencing are been blamed on Covid-19 rather than the economic downturn that was already looming in the horizon before the Covid-19 pandemic even began.
    Never to miss an opportunity to make money, Covid-19 is been used by the Tories to divert tax payers money into their private pockets without any sort of transparency or accountability.
    To make sure that they can shout the mouths of dissidents, they are supporting the introduction of the Covert Human Intelligence Source Bill. I wonder how many solicitors firms are already in the list of organisations worth to infiltrate?

    1. Interesting that minor capitalists are leading the charge against major capitalists and a corrupt Tory government.
      Best run as fast as you can, Starmer, or you’ll be shouting “Follow ME!” from the rear. Again.
      Thought for the day: If we explain to the owners of SME’s that we fully acknowledge our dependence on them – and that we only want to control the market and its manipulators who oppress them at least as much as they oppress us – maybe we’d get somewhere.

      1. Sorry, my 1:33 was intended to follow BackofBeyond’s comment.

  3. At last companies have threatened to take the government to court over him and Cummings giving contracts to their cronies who are unsuitable and have no experience in health services. Even so I’m surprised it’s taken them this long

  4. Would giving insanely lucrative contracts to your mates and donors be classed as misfeasance in public office or malfeasance?
    I vaguely remember being roundly criticised here for getting that one wrong.
    If life imprisonment is available for one crime and not the other, let’s pick that one please.
    I’ve no objection to building a special prison for them if they think mixing with lesser criminals would be cruel and unusual punishment.

    1. Think it’d be classed as racketeering as they’re creating a problem or making it worse by exacerbating a problem that wouldn’t be as bad if they’d taken the correct course of action, thereby manipulating, with specific intent, further “business” for themselves .

      1. Gruinard – “Anthrax Island” – is supposedly safe now.

    1. Allan, I’d only take issue with the writer’s implication that the only valid culture is historical and that revolution must be informed by, and bow to it.
      We trap ourselves into an elitism only slightly different to today’s if we go down that route. It’s another dead end.

      1. I think you’re reading into it something that isn’t there David. It’s the World Socialist WebSite! They don’t bow to anyone or anything!

      2. I didn’t read anything that wasn’t there:

        “For the revolutionary socialist movement, the fight for the full political emancipation of the working class and its cultural enlightenment are inseparably connected.”

        I find the ‘strictly Essex on ice’ culture intolerably shallow so I don’t watch it – what I don’t do is insist that enjoyment of Beethoven is essential to revolution.
        That’s what “inseparably connected” means.

      3. ps Allan, replace ‘cultural’ with ‘political’ and I’ll have no complaint.

      4. As I said David, you’re reading something into it that isn’t there! The whole point is that it SHOULDN’T be perceived as elitist, which is precisely what YOU are doing!

        Anyway, I’ve still got the steamroller ready and waiting!

  5. Making ‘a Clockwork Orange’ non fiction? It all has to be paid back & those with the broadest shoulders must be the 1st to put their shoulders to the wheel! Oh & by the way, thank the chaps for the additional £3K.

  6. none of the money spent is taxpayers money but rather is public money spent into existence by political decision (tax doesnt fund services) and none has to be “paid back” nor is debt held over for our children or grandchildren nor can the UK ever go bankrupt … There is no benefit at all to anyone in balancing the budget nor should the Left regurgitate Tory lies about austerity or ever be deceived by thinking upon these lines. When it does it accepts all Tory demands about costing its plans where taxpayers believe they will have to pay. The UK economy is not a household and should and can spend until there is full employment.
    In doing so,it is not printing money nor tempting inflation.

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