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Manchester young Tories delete tweet calling for Johnson to go for lying about helping north, after media attention

Account’s history appears to be genuine, but tweet has been deleted after media attention

Manchester Young Conservatives have tweeted calling for Boris Johnson to resign for ‘l[ying] about helping us in the north’, after he imposed a tier-3 lockdown on Greater Manchester without a proper package of support.

The account, which appears to be genuine and has a lengthy pro-Tory Twitter history (click here for sample in case the account is deleted) tweeted:

However, the tweet has been deleted since a number of media outlets featured it. Happily, it is now preserved for posterity. The tweet’s authenticity is further supported by the follow-up tweet that was posted by the same account:

Which of the following is funnier?

  • the idea that Boris Johnson ever gave a toss about the north
  • the thought that there are ‘young’ Tories, especially in the north
  • the concept that Johnson and his band are capable of ‘competency’
  • the fact that Manchester Young Tories apparently didn’t realise their tweet would garner attention or that they’d be told to take it down by their Westminster masters

Add your own options in the comments. The chair of MYC was contacted for comment.

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  1. Yep 8 or 9 Bojo will be stunned that there are that many in Manchester.

    1. I think you will unfortunately find plenty of Tories in Cheadle , Didsbury, Withington, and sundry other well-heeled middle class Manchester suburbs – complete with their over-privileged ‘Young Tory’ subset, exiledinardmhaca !

  2. Fine young chap in the blazer & tie! Pip, pip Chaps! Bully, bully, bully!
    – not like our CLP canvassing teams with their scruffy Che Guevara vests & their Primark “3 for £5” T shirts. Come along now, comrades – spruce up! What ho!

  3. It would seem the Hitler Youth had a rush of blood but like all Tory rebels quickly fell into line again. Perhaps they’ve been snorting a bit of Uncle Govey’s cocaine.

  4. That they thought Johnson & Co. give a t**s about anywhere north of M25 circle.
    Not surprised that Young Cons in Manchester as it has always been a centre for Facist’s, in 30’s Mosley’s Facist’s had large support there.

  5. They look like sixth formers who’ve had a class poster design competition.
    The one called Connor Short (arse?) looks like he came up with the brilliant Workers2Win (see what he did there? Like R for are, geddit?) Genius. This is how the Tories will win the working class vote.
    A nice bit of alliteration.
    I think he thinks he’s channeling and following in the footsteps of that other 16 year old who went on to become an MP and a slaphead in Short order (see what I did there?)
    He’s channelling Hague’s hair alright.

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