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After months ignoring warnings that schools and hospitality would drive second wave – and saying he took full responsibility – Johnson blames YOU for it

Arrogant and cowardly PM wants to shift blame yet again, in spite of record of consistent and wilful failure

Boris Johnson says it’s your fault that the UK is suffering a massive ‘second wave’ of the coronavirus pandemic. Speaking to the BBC, the Tory PM claimed ‘everyone’ became ‘complacent’ over the virus and this ‘fraying of people’s discipline’ led to the second wave.

But Johnson was warned for months – including by his own SAGE scientists almost half a year ago – that re-opening schools would drive up the virus’s spread. He was warned for months, with evidence from multiple countries that had seen it happen, that re-opening indoor hospitality would do the same.

The Tories’ instructions to the public have been so confusing that even Johnson gets them wrong when questioned, giving the public little chance of following them properly regardless of motivation.

And he took no action whatever against Dominic Cummings, whose repeated trips to the north-east, including a 60-mile round trip to ‘test his eyesight’, destroyed public confidence in anti-pandemic measures.

Not only that, only a month ago he told MPs that he takes,

full responsibility for everything that has happened under this government.’

Well, the second wave comes under ‘everything’, yet true to form, Johnson now wants to blame the public for the consequences of his decisions.

This is the same Johnson who refused even to express regret for the tens of thousands of needless deaths his delays and arrogance during the first wave caused. Is anyone really gullible enough to fall for his cowardly excuses and blame-shifting any more?

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  1. Inevitable second wave and 3rd……
    Some eminent (sic) classic graduate once said “e…rr Just take it on the chin”

  2. If PM Corbyn had overseen the deaths of 60,000 Jews, I can guarantee the MSM would demand more than he apologise (Phillip Schofield, anyone?). Their hypocrisy knows no limits. Boris Johnson is just as prepared to sacrifice us little people as Joseph Stalin.

    1. Ah, but they were mainly old, unwanted, useless eaters…… those unwanted by the paymasters. As in any genocide, you have to prelare the ground carefully. In this case, the ground was already filled with 200 000 dead disabled and sick people. Odd how that truth has been ignored and now totally buried?

  3. “Is anyone really gullible enough to fall for his cowardly excuses and blame-shifting any more?”
    Fucking millions of ’em apparently.

  4. Today’s coronavirus numbers aren’t on Worldometer, unusually – generally they appear by late afternoon.
    Clicked here and found today’s UK case numbers almost doubled from yesterday’s at 12,862, 10,806 of which are in England. UK deaths are shown at 49. Post-weekend revisions may cause that to rise.
    The future’s still unclear but denying the risk still looks stupid, particularly as hospitals will soon likely be filling up.

  5. After years of MSM promoting intergenerational warfare, don’t be surprised.

  6. Rodney Knight and the pipsqueeks are playing tonight in tribute to the Conservative and unionist party virus agenda….All donations to the working class oldies home ..body bags etc most welcome….face masks and ppe discretionary.

  7. BloJob’s latest focus-grouped magical mystery soundbite is “Behave fearlessly but with common sense.”
    Fearlessly get back to work or school, but sensibly dodge the virus when you see it.
    Most importantly, if you get sick don’t blame me – you clearly either weren’t fearless enough or you weren’t sensible enough.
    Hide bravely, boys!

  8. The group is the Behavioural Insight Team (Nudge Unit) with a touch of ….medically rational to the point of doing real and unnecessary economic damage, then at that moment humanity needs some government somewhere that is willing at least to make the case powerfully for freedom of exchange…. from the countries very own “Oven Ready” TURKEY .
    Forgot to mention Dom (The Ends Justify the Means) Cummings.

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