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UK C19 rate hits highest in 129 days – within a whisker of 3,000 daily new cases, as Tories wilfully throw away control of pandemic

Number of cases rockets, even compared to recent sharp upturn, as Tories continue to pursue ‘herd immunity’

The number of new coronavirus cases in the UK has shot up – even compared to the recent sharp increases seen since hospitality venues and schools reopened – reaching its highest level since 1 May, a period of 129 days:

As the SKWAWKBOX exclusively revealed yesterday, public health experts have been expecting the infection rate to soar, based on international scenarios showing new cases taking off within weeks of indoor hospitality venues re-opening – and the government expects the ‘R’ rate and infection numbers to climb still higher, telling health chiefs to reopen COVID ward capacity and plan for managing the ‘second wave’ of the pandemic from the beginning of next month.

And today’s numbers – again obscured on the government’s coronavirus data page – show a huge increase compared to the last few days, even though the numbers on those days were approaching the 2,000 mark:

The total number of cases for the last 24 hours has been 2,988 – the highest since 1 May, when the number was 3,049. As schools in England reopen, even the government admits it will drive the infection rate higher still.

The Tories are again losing control of the pandemic – or more precisely, are wilfully throwing it away in the pursuit of their murderousherd immunity‘, knowing full well what the consequences of their actions will be.

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  1. Maybe the Tories have calculated that a few extra deaths are a price worth paying for the distraction it causes away from their f’wit Brexit policy. Also another lockdown may prove to be a handy place to hang the blame for the post Brexit economic meltdown.

  2. CDC puts the Global death rate from this at 0-03% and that counts that 93+% OF THOSE DEATHS HAD 2 OR MORE OTHER SERIOUS HEALTH ISSUES ,,,, But NEVER allow facts to get in the way of controlling the population hey

    1. Terry – Do you mean like the inescapable fact that tens of thousands of the recently deceased in the UK would still be alive today if they hadn’t contracted Cpovid-19.

      1. Yes, just like thousands of deceased wouldn’t be dead if they hadn’t caught the flue.
        And while we’re at it, Brexit hasn’t affected the economy yet but lockdown has caused four times as much damage as the 2008 financial crisis. Wing nuts like you were predicting the end of the world if we left….it turns out we’ve left in the worst possible circumstances but the world still won’t end. Also, we’ve saved ourselves paying to keep poor European countries afloat because they are to all intents and purposes bankrupt.

      2. And as socialists we think the poor in the South need to fuck off, get a job and stop asking us hardworking Brits for free stuff, right?

      3. Newsflash!

        There is no fighting a war against death. And only fools would try.

  3. Covid deniers remind me of the FBPE crowd for some reason.
    Maybe the way they troll like a bunch of wives all hating the pretty girl at the bar.

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