Corbyn legal crowdfund appoints trustees

The crowdfund set up to fund any legal expenses incurred by former Labour leader fighting attacks on him announces who will manage the fund

The crowdfund set up by a Labour supporter to pay for any legal expenses incurred by Jeremy Corbyn in fighting the incessant attacks on the former Labour leader has appointed three trustees to manage the fund.

The successful fundraiser, which like Corbyn has been frequently smeared by disgruntled right-wingers, has announced the appointments in a new update on its page:

I have received a couple of enquiries about John Ware’s threatened legal action. At this point we don’t know whether the case against Jeremy will proceed.

There has been some progress in terms of setting up the Trust for Jeremy Corbyn’s Legal Fund. I can now tell you the names of the three Trustees; Liz Davies, who has known Jeremy for more than 30 years. She works as a Barrister specialising in housing, and will be undertaking the role of Trustee in a personal capacity. The second Trustee is Andy Gregg. He is an experienced trustee and company director and has known Jeremy through human rights activity and community work in Islington for over 30 years. They first met when Andy was the General Secretary of Islington Voluntary Action Council in the late 1980s. Both Liz and Andy have worked with Jeremy in the political sphere over many years . As you might already have guessed, I will also be a Trustee and I am delighted to be joining Liz and Andy to ensure that your donations are kept safely within the Trust until such time as they are needed by Jeremy to fight the legal battles ahead.

In terms of the Trust itself, as I mentioned in my previous update, this remains with Counsel and I hope to have more information on progress by the middle of next week. The aim is to have the Trust set up before the end of September. Of course the legal process needs to take whatever time is necessary to ensure that the Trust is legally watertight. Given the hostile reception our Fund received from the right wing press and anti Socialists within the various political parties I feel that this is particularly important.

Any who wish to donate or to view the whole update can do so here.

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  1. Good to see Liz Davies on the trust. She wrote an excellent book – ‘Through The Looking Glass’ about her time as a dissenter inside New Labour.

  2. I made a small donation to the fund (and will do so again if necessary ). I am absolutely delighted that many thousands of others did likewise and there will be money available to fight Jeremy’s case if John Ware decides to follow through on his threat to sue Jeremy

    1. I’m convinced Jeremy, given that Starmer was too cowardly, should countersue if Ware is foolish enough to throw away his future, those of his collaborators and possibly the rest of the MSM’s on this futile and duplicitous attempt at self-exoneration by the mere threat of legal action.
      In Jeremy’s place I’d initiate a suit myself to avoid the weasel weaselling out of his responsibility as his endless delaying tactics suggest is his intention.
      Admittedly it can take decades but like Grandma always said, “Truth will out.”
      Anyone with any kind of social media profile should be linking to all four parts of the documentary “The Lobby” on YouTube at every opportunity – and anyone with the skills should be downloading them or uploading them to file sharing sites it in case Larry Page decides to suppress them.

  3. Tell me this fund will be used to defend other socialists facing the same vexatious litigation, ot least the class action, which is the only case that has a realistic chance of giving us our day in court
    United we stand

    1. This fund was set up fort Corbyn, so legally it could not be used for other’s facing the same actions. This is exactly as it should be as I donated specifically for this to be used for the purpose stated. There are other crowd funders for others fighting legal action

  4. Richard Millet’s libel action against Jeremy Corbyn is in its first stages.

      1. The only one I can find is a French author and fascist,who thought that Breivik the mass murderer was “helping save European civilisation”

    1. Though the case can proceed, permission to introduce five other publications has been denied.
      The potential damage to Mr. Millet’s reputation (ie his reputation as a militant activist and heckler) may be determined to be so slight that he ends up paying Clive Lewis many tens or hundreds of thousands to win £1.

  5. As one of the thousands of donors I welcome the trustees and look froward to seeing them swiftly take good charge of the fund. Could JC use it to challenge Starmer’s decision to payoff those highly paid party traitors with members’ £600,000? I also think JC should offer help to the socialists he helped to victimise through the politically motivated witch-hunt (see the Leaked Report). Shame on you Jeremy Corbyn

    1. You have a very warped interpretation of Corbyns role in the witch hunt. Shame on you!

  6. John Ware, the other people mentioned in the report, and the BBC, are not going to come out of any court action very well at all, win or lose. But like others, I have donated, and will add more should the need arise.

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