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Breaking: even Murdoch poll finds Corbyn best PM UK never had

A poll by Rupert Murdoch’s Times Radio has found Jeremy Corbyn is the best Prime Minister the UK never had, ahead of stars of the Labour movement such as Tony Benn and John Smith as well as an array of Tory also-rans

Corbyn beat the late Charles Kennedy, winning 57.7% of the vote in the final round.

Times hack Matt Chorley, who published the poll, appeared to try to influence it with a tweet, before his own poll on Corbyn and Kennedy closed, of a poll claiming Corbyn was unpopular – and was castigated for doing so:

Sky News had to draw attention to the same right-wing poll to try to discredit the result, but even the Murdoch media can’t fully obscure what the UK lost when voters fell for 5 years of media smears and centrist sabotage on Brexit last December – or even earlier, when right-wing MPs and staff prevented a Corbyn-led government in 2017.

Thousands of people would be alive today who instead were killed by Tory arrogance over the pandemic or Tory cruelty in austerity and the country would be a kinder, more decent place with a more functional democracy and media.

But the truth can’t quite be fully hidden and even the Murdoch Times has received a no doubt unwelcome reminder.

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  1. I am in not doubt that history would be kind to Corbyn, his principle stands over the years; a man of integrity that stood for democracy, even at the cost of winning a General Election in 2019.
    By contrast history isn’t going to be kind to Blair, the fate of Neville Chamberlain awaits him. Blair isn’t going to be remembered for the Good Friday Agreement but by Iraq, in the same way that Chamberlain isn’t remembered by his successes in the domestic arena, but by appeasing Hitler.

  2. Murdoch, who has probably done more than anyone via his newspapers to subvert democracy during the past fifty years or so. As I related in a post a few weeks ago, when I did a search on the Sun’s website re >corbyn anti-semitism< there were nearly 1,100 results, and although some of the results – the articles – were non-related – around 90% of them were. That's an average of four a week over a four year period!

    1. A media research group ciunted 13,236 articles over 5 years. Thats SEVEN PER DAY. And one actual prosecution of an ex member ot of half a million. Some crisis

    The Breadline is shooting up the pay scale faster than people can react to it, We WARNED THEM about this, now we have 172 Neocon “Centrist” Tories to vote out, and another 10/15 years before Labour is Parasite New-Labour Tory Free, by that time most of those who laughed will be scrapping in the dust with us, The Peasants!

    1. WHO exactly ‘warned’ WHO hatehate (and ‘laughed’ when ‘we’ did)? Could you elaborate? Cheers

      1. Did you already forget 2015 to 2020? I’m going to have to label you a boomer! 🙂
        The enemies of Change were:
        Elite Connected New Labour Tories, MSM and Pollsters.
        Zionist ANYTHING, FOI, BOD, JLM aka LikudHerrut UK HQ, Zionist run EHRC, MOMENTUM, etc, etc!
        USA, UK and Israel Governments.
        FOOLS who fell for Blair’s FPBE, PV, 2Ref SCAM when they FULL WELL KNEW Labour’s Policy was a Confirmatory Vote!
        FOOLS who ran after George ‘Pied Piper’ Galloway and Jester Farage, screaming VOTE BREXIT AT ANY COST for what for this wonderfully DICTATED Fuck Up of a BREXIT Disaster! I wonder how many of them would now welcome the opportunity to reject the “deal”/dodgy dealings!
        Just think if they trusted Corbyn and US, THOSE who WARNED, we would have had a great BREXIT deal done and dusted, vote probably won. FBPE++ was nothing more than Scaremongering, Hysteria and very SMART PR, Propaganda and Spin Doctoring from Blair Mandelson and Campbell!
        WHO exactly ‘warned’ WHO?:
        We warned THEM! How many of them mocked and laughed when we were sincerely trying to wake them up for a better and brighter future for ALL of us! ALL the above with their Very Specific and Targeted Anti Corbyn Hysteria, Fake Claims, Lies, etc, etc, etc! They had the Luxury of STILL floating in their comfy FLUFF bubbles, blind to the suffering all around us, BLIND and DEAF to the suffering, we wanted them about, the suffering that is fast heading for their fluff bubbles as we speak! They don’t know suffering like we do, soon they will.I can’t help but wonder how many of them are already among us scrapping in the dirt for scraps from above, living hand to mouth, day to day!

        GE17/19 we had HOPE & CHOICE!

        NextGE what do we have the Saboteur TORIES, who infested the UK Labour Party and prevented GE Victory GE17&19 or CP TORIES!

        Many Socialists would rather vote Con TORY in New Lab TORY Seats! Starmer is FAR MORE DANGEROUS than JOHNSON, Julian Assange alone is enough to freak any Socialist out COMPLETELY! Not to mention the Conniving and Sabotaging of the New Labour Party Tories!
        We suffered TORY Misery for 41 Years, I am hoping that by 46 years enough Fluff Bubble have popped to rid the UK LP of Neocon “Centrist” TORIES!
        I have a feeling People are so under the spell of MSM, Consumerism and Materialism that we will need another 10/15 years to FINALLY wake enough people up!

        The danger is that Blair, Thatcher and Reagan’s Neoconservative “Centrism” dragged what was at one point Centre scale voters (THE THEM) so Far Right that they are NO DIFFERENT to Conservative Tories. THEY are so Far Right that they see Corbyn, et al (Centre Left) (THE US) as Far Left Extremist, which is a very dangerous prospect if we consider the current MSM Ultra Focused Targeting of Socialism and “The Left”! “First They…..”

      2. Well THAT was a very long-winded non-answer hatehate!

        Anyway, thanks for answering my question about who ‘we’ is. Yes, I should have guessed…. it’s ‘WE’!

        So HateHate thinks he can pull the wool over readers eyes by citing all these various things such as BoD and JLM and Zionist this and Zionist that. Anyway, so WHO was screaming and swearing and begging hatehate? No-one of course, and yur just spouting hyperbole B/S!

        God, the amout of shills on this website is really quite staggering (but bear in mind that each and every shill can have several or more ‘personas’ – ie one regular every-day all day long poster/persona, a few occasional posters/personas, and several just now and again posters/personas).

        Oh, and through what medium were ‘we’ doing all this screaming and swearing and begging hatehate?!!

    2. HateHate, are you there?! So who was it that ‘SCREAMED’ and ‘SWORE’ and ‘BEGGED’? Can you post a link to one or two examples of this screaming and swearing and begging. And how do you know that these people that ‘we’ warned – whoever ‘we’ is supposed to be – laughed at these warnings. And through precisely what medium did ‘we’ do all of this warning and screaming and swearing and begging exactly?

      Needless to say, hatehate is just spouting B/S hyperbole, and IF his two Likers (at the time of writing) are genuine Likers (as opposed to the shills on here giving him Likes), then you REALLY need to develop your critical thinking, because it’s glaringly obvious that what hatehate is saying is just total B/S. And THAT of course is why he hasn’t responded to my questions!

      1. Ah I see Alan Howard, Mr Perfect Human, and everyone else a B/S or wrong, however it appears Mr Perfect Human does have comprehension issues, memory issues, Classic New Labour TORY “Socialist” Dual Personality Disorder, One moment he thinks he is a Socialist the Next a Tory!
        I will not spend my time justifying my comments to the “critical thinking” likes of you, if you don’t like my comment move on, I can’t see ANY Benefits in conversing with someone who “knows my mind better than me”!

      2. Yet MORE B/S from hatehate! God, you fucking shills are so blatantly transparent!

  4. Tony Benn would have topped my list; I don’t believe he would have allowed the enemies of socialism enough rope to hang him and, where necessary and within his power, he would have dealt with them ruthlessly. Above all he understood that the enemies of the people were just as likely to be found inside the Labour Party as without – and were all the more dangerous for that.

    1. Oh, right, so the right-wing fascist owned newspapers labelled him ‘barmy Benn’, but HE wouldn’t have allowed the enemies of socialism enough rope etc. Jeezus, you do spout a lot of garbage in your quest to put Jeremy down as often as you can on this blog doncha!

      But perhaps you’d like to explain how Tony Benn would have prevented ‘the enemies of socialism’ from smearing him (even though they DID all the time!)? And would I be right in thinking that the implication of what you’re saying is that had Jeremy ‘fought back’, the forces ranged against him would have all stopped their smearing and character assassination……. The ONLY reason Tony Benn tops your list was so that you could make a FALSE comparison between HIM and Jeremy!

      Anyway, given that you think so badly of JC, why the feck do you come on to a JC supporting blog and post? And just WHEN exactly did you ‘develop’ your negative atitude/feelings towards him?

      1. PS Was it BEFORE the 2017 general election which Jeremy came so close to winning, or AFTERWARDS?

      2. The very first chapter of Mark Hollingsworth’s book The Press And Political Dissent (published in ’86) is entitled ‘Tony Benn – The Socialist Threat’, and it begins with the following two quotes:

        ‘It is because Tony Benn believes you can’t change the nation without rocking the boat that he has been turned into an ogre by a right-wing press, devoted to defending the status quo.’ Philip Andrews, political correspondent of the Sheffield Star, 20 January 1984

        ‘Bent on the destruction of Britain as we know it.’ The Sun on Tony Benn, 7 June 1983

        Needless to say, the whole chapter is full of examples of their character assassination of Tony. Perhaps you should invest in a copy Labby!

      3. Allan, in what way is Labrebisgalloise, thinking badly of Corbyn? She is simply stating a preference. That she prefers Tony Benn to Corbyn isn’t the same as her not liking Corbyn. It is simply expressing the view that she would have preferred for Corbyn to have more of a back bone and stand up to the Labour saboteurs in our mist.
        You can disagree and believe that Corbyn did everything right, but others have the right to believe that he could have done things better.
        However, it isn’t right to attack and label people “right wing” or “anti-Corbyn” when they are pointing out in good faith, what in their opinions are Corbyn’s deficiencies. It is called tolerance, a basic ingredient for a democratic system to work.

      4. Timfrom, I don’t know as to whatever labrebisgalloise is a woman or a man. I am a woman so in doubt, I favour feminine pronouns. It is a choice that I made.

      5. Do shut up Allan,unless you prefer to carry on making a complete tit of yourself in public.


    1. What do you want to know for?

      it’s closed by now, and stammer’s not on either…

      1. I just wanted to look at it for myself instead of relying on second, third & fourth hand reports. Is there a reason that I shouldn’t see it.

  6. Gang of Four and General Galtieri saved the milk snatcher
    You can bet your bottom dollar Thatchers greatest creation was behind Cockwombles

  7. It really angers me that after Jeremy’s character had been maliciously and unjustifiably torn to shreds by the establishment, MSM, the Tory party, the Lib Dems his own party and Uncle Tom Cobley and all, Murdock readers have voted Jeremy the best PM we never had. Skwawkbox readers already knew this and what makes it so awful is that those who combined against him knew it too. They just did not care about the suffering the Tories would inflict on ordinary people so they lied about him – nothing was too bad to say about Jeremy – and unfortunately many voters in the so called red wall seats and elsewhere swallowed the lies and voted for “Boris”.If I was one of them I’d die of shame when I looked round me and saw the loss of life caused by the the Tories mishandling of the covid crisis, the universal credit fiasco etc. Shame on them all.

    1. Why would, or SHOULD, anyone feel shame – let alone ‘die of shame’ – for being lied to and duped and misled by the MSM Smartboy?

      1. Many people are so insular and ignorant that they fall for double-speaking direct salesmen, high priced shopping channels and anything in the S*n/Mail.
        Many are so ill-informed and so greedy they even fall for ridiculously transparent ‘African Prince’ scams.
        That requires premeditated, willful, determined stupidity.
        Stupidity with aforethought.
        Shame is the LEAST they should feel.

      2. Oh, I see McNiven has chimed in with his tuppence worth, backing up the B/S – ie the ‘attack the victims’ B/S – that gets posted on here time and time again.

        So according to McNiven, they’re ALL stupid, and what does he come up with! Double-speaking direct salesman, and high priced shopping channels! Oh, right, and they’re ALL ill-informed (as opposed to being misinformed) AND greedy! God, you REALLY scrape the barrel don’t you McNiven in you attempt to discredit the people who were duped and misled, as hundreds of millions ARE around the world by totally corrupt news organisations.

        Anyway, so who were these ‘leaders’ you referred to in a post several weeks ago who force their employees to trawl through social media etc? Needless to say, you were just talking out of your arse, and THAT is why you didn’t answer my question at the time AND why you never will!

      3. I used the word “many” TWICE and you claim I said ALL, bitch.
        Get a life.

      4. Little tip – prefacing your feeble ‘challenges’ with
        “Oh, right…” is a serious sarcasm fail.

      5. Oh look, it’s the resident full-time shill again. Funny, isn’t it. how when someone spouts complete and utter B/S, and I call them out, SteveH isn’t the slightest bit interested in why they won’t, or don’t, answer my question, and yet he knows full well that the reason McNiven DIDN’T, and doesn’t, is because the ‘leaders’ he was referring to are non-existent. But seeing as how MvNiven refuses to answer the question – as he has yet again just now – perhaps YOU could tell us Mr H given that yur so quick to come to his defence with a putdown (seven minutes!), as you have done on numerous occasions.

        No? Thought not!

      6. Message to all Skwawkbox readers: Please. please understand that these people are hate-mongers, and they are as vile and despicable as the hate-mongers who infest the MSM.

        Oh, and just out of interest Mr Mc, how is it that you appear to do nothing but post comments on this site all day long every single day, and have been for yonks? There’s hardly a thread that you don’t post comments on. It must amount to about 25 to 30 comments a day (and often into the early hours of the morning!) on average. I’ve often come across you posting at 3.00am to 4.00am in the morning, and then yur off AGAIN at EIGHT or so later that morning. So that’s around 200 posts a week, and 800 a month (and is probably nearer 1,000 a month!).

        But then such is the life of a paid shill!

        PS So who were these leaders then!!!?

    2. Sadly I think they don’t give a #@*k
      Tories have been killing people for years with so called austerity and welfare reforms, enabled by many in other parties

      1. helsbells you get it, including a substantial number in Labour’s PLP..

      2. Yes they have for 41 Years and by the time we voted out EVERY Parasite New Labour TORY by voting Conservative Tory in a New Labour TORY seat it will probably be 51/56 years of non stop TORY Hell!
        By that time most of those who did EVERYTHING in their Power to prevent a UK Labour Party Government in 2017 and 2019 would have their Fluff Bubbles popped and be scrapping in the dust with the rest of us ‘peasants’ for crumbs from above!
        Even IF Starmer was a safer option to Johnson do you really think THE PEOPLE who had REAL HOPE, REAL LASTING CHANGE, would for one moment entertain giving those who snatched it from us the satisfaction of a victory to further humiliate us and Corbyn!?
        You are very much mistaken! Starmer and Johnson are both EQUALLY SHIT, BOTH ELITE OWNED TORIES, but Starmer is an extremely Dangerous Man who should not be in charge of a piss pot never mind a Nation!

  8. ‘Times Radio’, not to be confused with Radio Times, or perhaps it could be? Isn’t John Pinaar a presenter on Murdoch’s ‘Times Radio’?

  9. Allan, I post nowhere near as many words as you, and far fewer than a quarter of the comments you claim.
    Exaggeration is one of your more juvenile characteristics but begging readers to share your delusions – that’s a new low even for you.

    1. My comments on this thread – 4 (now 5) – out of 29.
      Allan Howard’s comments on this thread – 11.
      Nuff said

  10. Have I missed something? The poll appears to say the exact opposite of your headline…

  11. Yeah I think you have
    The poll was a times radio poll on twitter
    the pic of the poll Matt Borely posted when he didn’t get the result he wanted is apparently who would have been a good pm times yougov 25 26 august, but I can’t find it to show how many specially selected (after all it’s a Times YouGov poll)people were asked

      1. HateHate – You appear to be very blasé about the suffering that another Tory government on many who I suspect are much more vulnerable than yourself.

      2. Oh my Stalker Magnolia SteveH, Which TORY Government, New Labour TORIES or Conservative TORIES? I am down there with the Vulnerable People Magnolia SteveH I am not “Blasé” whatsoever, I know suffering, I know those who are suffering, that is EXACTLY WHY we need to FUMIGATE the UK Labour Party of the Sabotaging Parasite New Lab TORIES if we are to stand ANY CHANCE of EVER having another Party FOR THE PEOPLE and NOT THE ELITES AGAIN, nothing Blasé about that!
        Taking into Consideration that this New Labour TORY Party is led by a man Equally SHIT, Equally ELITE Controlled, but FAR MORE DANGEROUS than Johnson,removes the luxury of CHOICE!
        WHAT CHOICE is there in:

        What would be the Benefit of voting New Labour TORY!?
        NONE! Unless you are a Greed Monger or ELITES connected and not of THE PEOPLE!

        What would be the Benefit in voting Conservative TORY in a New Labour TORY SEAT!?
        Cutting the Cancer of Neoconservative “Centrism” OUT Tumour by Tumour!

        THAT is the ONLY GIFT for THE PEOPLE who are faced with NO CHOICE and NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE, Courtesy of those same Bastards who Snatched REAL CHOICE AND REAL CHANGE From the Most Vulnerable People when we actually had a CHOICE in 17/19!
        We are used to suffering Magnolia SteveH if more of us have to suffer or even die to wake more of you up our suffering will not be in vein!
        We had an opportunity to end the Suffering 17/19 but the ELITE owned and controlled New Labour TORY Saboteurs, their MSM and Pollsters made sure that did not happen, so you should not be saddened Magnolia SteveH for another 10/15 Years of Con TORY Hell, you fought so hard 17/19 to achieve just that!
        Is that bread line creeping creeping up to your pay scale yet? It sill soon!

      3. HateHate – I appreciate all the effort you’ve put into responding to my short comment, but.

      4. My little stalker Magnolia SteveH: Like all your other comments on here nothing but fluff very confused fluff, one moment you’re talking left the next right, a bit like Allan Howard are you the same person or is that mood/shift dependent? I have a feeling you are a Luntzspeak Office based Team, which would explain the MAGNOLIA, at least!

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